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Hero (K+; Pokeshipping)


shooting the moon ☆
@Turak: thank you for still reviewing the fic ^__^ the chapter will be up sometime this week! :D OH ahha necromancy.. =x
i'll make sure to review your pkshipping fic as well!


This fic is awesome!!! I love how u tie everything together and give us hints on whats gonna happen later. Especially the cute moments with Ash and Misty.

Artemis Ignitan

*~*Northwind Gale*~*
Gah! Sorry I'm so late with reviewing, but I haven't been here in ages! D:

Anyways, I enjoyed the storyline. I remember that it had much potential, and so far, I've really enjoyed it. :D This chapter was great, lots of humor, quirky characters, and so on. Sometimes, I spy run-on sentences, but they're inserted wherever a character speaks, I've noticed, so it seems to work alright. The dialouge gets clunky and awkward at times, sometimes it seems a bit out-of-character to me, but I can see where it's coming from, and after I re-read it, it seems alright.

Anyways, I'll be looking forward to the next chapter!


shooting the moon ☆
UGH What's wrong with me?! :( I still haven't posted the new chapter?? Its all my uni's fault! So much homework and I'm sort of dealing with sorority life now and payments--its all just UGH!!! :// I appreciate everyone who's sticking through it.
@Danielrod - thank you!! I appreciate it, would you like to be on the PM list?
@Artemis Ignitan - OMG hayy!! I've missed you *fanfic writer huggle!!* I'm so glad you're reviewing as well, glad to see you're back on!! I totally get what you mean about out-of-character, I'm trying so hard DX Ash's character is extremely difficult to capture because in the show he changes moods alot and it all depends on the situation!! Misty--I just have her get mad and happy quickly ^^. IDK... I've realized that my writing has gotten more in-character as I got older. haha so weird to see how much I've changed from a forum!

Anyway!! I love you guys, I'm trying to get it done (Pokemon battles are just so frustrating to write!!) I appreciate it if you would be as patient as you are with FADOF, for those of you who know what that is ^^



No worries, take your time with the fic, because i know school is important. And i would love to be on the pm list.


Aspiring Trainer
: O I just finished reading all of the chapters so far, and I'm loving it! There are times I'm so filled with suspense I forget it's a pokeshipping fic. : P Which isn't a bad thing. It's so nice to see you trying to make it into an actual story and not just a romance. I actually think you captured the characters quite well, aside from Gary. I was so used to his character development in Johto that I forgot this side of him. So it's not techinically out of character, just out of his more recent character. (Although he could've changed again as far as I know, due to the fact I don't watch any of the new dub episodes.)

You also have some of my favorite characters in there(besides Misty and Ash) such as Tracey(<3), Georgio, Drew, and May. You portray them so well. And I love it even better because of the adorable contestshipping!

So overall, 1000/10 is my rating. : D Keep the great chapters coming. But I understand with school and all, that might be a while. I wish you good luck in both writing and school! ; ) I'm so glad right now to have found so many pokeshippers. It's my OTP along with mangapokeshipping. <3

Add me to the PM list please!