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Hero Ships or Rival Ships?

Hero Ships or Rival Ships?

  • Hero Ships

    Votes: 15 30.0%
  • Rival Ships

    Votes: 19 38.0%
  • Both

    Votes: 14 28.0%
  • Neither

    Votes: 2 4.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Out of these two, which do you prefer? The Hero Ships, where the hero and heroine are paired, or the Rival Ships, where the hero or heroine is paired up with the rival?

I myself prefer the Rival Ships. It gives the shipping an edge, and I love the clashing of the hero/heroine and rival personalities. They're just more interesting to me overall than Hero Ships. I support some Hero Ships, but I just like Rival Ships way more.


I prefer Rival ships for the same reason you have Chelsea. They have that kind of coolness and tension which I quite like because relationships with a lot of tension tend to be more interesting.

Hero ships can be really cute and adorable. They can have some good tension too, but usually the more fierce tension comes from rival ships.


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I have to honestly say that I enjoy both ship types. I do find that Rival Ships are definitely more fun, as they have a bit of that Slap Slap Kiss thing going on at times, and the tension and of course all that that implies.

However, I find myself feeling that the Hero Ships are more romantic for some reason, perhaps because, generally speaking, the relationship between the two heroes is often softer than that of rivals, and there's not neccesarily much of a clash or a spark betwixt them as such.

I still in the end like them both, more or less, equally though.
I like both but kinda prefer Rival Ships just the slightest bit more. I don't know why. I just think it suits haha. Youknow how a lot of those kissing moments in TV shows and movies are "I hate you!" "I hate you more" *KISS*. Hahaha. I just think their good lol.


Well, I ship both. It mostly depends on the characters/

For example: Ash x Misty is one of my top shippings, and they're a Hero shipping. Same thing with Gold x Kris.

But, conversely, I like Drew x May and Kotone x Silver.


Actually, I don't mind either. Anything's good for me... if I want some tension here and there I'd go for the HeroxRival shipping, even if it's yaoi or yuri at some point... >D But it's probably more yaoi since the Rival is usually a guy... if they could change the rival gender to yuri in the future Pokemon games, I'd be the best thing to happen... 8D

But for the calm, romantic type, heroxhero is the way to go... ;D


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Out of these two, which do you prefer? The Hero Ships, where the hero and heroine are paired, or the Rival Ships, where the hero or heroine is paired up with the rival?
Both :) I ship Hero ships like Ash x Misty & Kotone x Kazunari but also rival ships like Drew x May (not sure if Dawn x Paul would be considered rivalshipping)


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I like both, depending on the characters in question.
For example, I love Gymshipping (Brock x Misty), which is a hero ship, but CookieShipping (May x Harley) is a rival ship and it's my Pokemon OTP, you know? While hero ships are usually close and cuddly, and therefore really cute, rival ships just have that spark of tension. =3

I like both, but I prefer rival ships more. While hero ships can have their tension, I think this tension is amplified in rival ships and it makes it more fun! But then again, it also depends on the characters.
Still, when I think of my favorite ships, rival ships tend to pop up first in my mind though (Contestshipping, SoulSilvershipping, Clingyshipping, if you play as a guy, Palletshipping...) Yeah the list goes on. d:


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Hm... I like both.

For Hero shippings, there's Pokeshipping. Like, the two main characters who aer best friends. It's awesome.

For Rivals, there's Contestshipping (♥!). There's great tension between the two when they bicker back and forth, but it's great seeing how they became great friends throughout their rivalry.
Rival ships are definitely much more interesting, and I do tend to like many of them over hero ones.

Big one ..CONTEST. I love ships when they have tension in them from the start, and the denying is so obvious, and they can't hide their feelings ..but yet they still act like they hate each other. AWha. I miss this ship so much. So many good times back in the shipping days. o;
It's funny thinking back on how obsessed I was with this ship. Searching forever for fanart, SQUEALING over everything. fanfics, art, just talking about the ship in general. yeah ..it was horrible ..but amazing at the same time. <3

And Pixiv has gotten me pretty obsessed with SoulSilvershipping (Silver/Kotone) ..I love the fact that Silver is cold and a loner, kinda like Shinji's game version. And Kotone is very cheery and happy. Just the interaction those two could really have. And I'm sure Kotone would be able to make Silver open up and be a little more cheery ..perhaps. She's adorable, how can you not?
Silver doesn't like her in clothes.

COOKIESHIPPING (Harley/Haruka). this one is just made for lulz. Harley definitely likes Haruka in some way (whether it be hate, but there's definitely some spark there). Even though he's totally gay ..he has a thing for the little girl. I mean ..what wackjob gets angry and tries to ruin a little 10 year old girl's life? ...WAIT. HARLEY IS THAT WACKJOB.
And Haruka seems to like him in some way. Even though he treats her like crap, she continues to be friendly to him.

I'd mention more, but yeah. These three ships I listed, pretty much shows why I prefer rival ships. :>
I voted 'Rival ships' for reasons most already named. Mainly because of Contestshipping, of course. Although, I'm still in my obsessive stage for it--and have been for two years-- so it'd be a crime not to list that.

I don't like many hero ships because the lack of bickering (aside from Pokeshipping). It's not fun to watch a couple be happy and not have a care in the world, not for me at least. I need the drama of arguing. xD

Hero ships are cute, but I'll take rival ships anyday. ;P


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I prefer Hero ships because I just like the way that it's kind of traditional with a good resolution. And I've just been kind of "raised" that way to like hero ships. It just appeals to me for some reason. Although if I don't like the hero or the heroine's character and physical appearance, then usually I go for a rival ship. If all else fails, then I resort to CRACK.

granbull guy

Well I would say I like both


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I'd say that Rival ships are better because of the tension and because one character is out of the picture a lot of the time, the ship never really gets stale. It's interesting and great to look forward too.

That's not to say I don't support a few hero ships, I do - but I get more attached to the rival ships.


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I actually like Hero ships better XD. Rival ships are nice but I feel Hero ships are easier to work with, even if I honestly like the sparks of the Rival ones^^.


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I like rival ship more....Well, it just, more interesting. Especially when most of the ship I support are rival ship (twinleafshipping, newrivalshipping, old rivalshipping)

I don't know if Hoennshipping count as a rival ship...but, meh.

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Well neither hero, male or female ever talk. So their personality is left entirely for the player to decide. Because of that I don't see how any sparks can come from rival ships, the rival can constantly degrade the hero, and they don't ever say anything back, it's like they don't even care.

"I have more Pokemon than you LOSER!!! Stop smiling! I'm supposed to be hurting your feelings! Don't you walk away from me, I'm not done calling you names! I hate you so much."

As for hero ships, I've always despised the idea of "opposites attract", so hero ships tend to work out, since they(in more recent games where if you pick one character the other is an NPC and will act a certain way) tend to be either similar or not so different that they wouldn't like each other. So I guess hero ships work out better for me, especially since you can pretty much leave the rival behind but the player characters are a bit closer and more personal(since they are meant to be an interperitation and representation of you, hence the reason why they don't talk).

P.S. When peole are arguing or fighting with they're opposites, that overwhelming feeling you get isn't love. It's your angry, animalistic, primal instinct telling you to hurt them to relieve your own anger arguing with your rational, civilized, cautious, self-control that seperates people from animals telling you to behave, take a deep breath or just not attack for whatever reason, i.e he's bigger and stronger than you, it's wrong to hit a girl, it's against the law to get in a fight, you WILL get in trouble, etc.

I'm okay with stories that have character do the physically impossible, like fly with no assistance from a machine or outside force, and then they can try to make it scientifically plausible. i.e. he can fly because his body is specifically magnetized and he can repel and attract himslef to and from the earth due to it's magnetic core. That's fine, I love that, that's one reason why I like the Pokesupe manga or Superman. Psychologically impossible, I'm okay if it's theoretical, i.e the theory that people are born good and choose to be evil, you can reverse that and say that people are born evil and choose to be good, or the theory that you can't help anyone until you help yourself, you can make a character disregard him/herself completely for someone or something else. But I draw the line on opposites attract.
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