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Heroes - Latios & Latias! (M05)

Discussion in 'Pokémon The Movies' started by Serebii, Oct 24, 2004.

  1. Serebii

    Serebii And, as if by magic, the webmaster appeared... Staff Member Admin

    Heroes - Latios & Latias!

    Latios and Latias, the gods of Alto Mare are brought into dispute when two thieves steal the Soul Dew which controls the Water and it is Latios and Latias' duty to protect it. With Ash's help can they find it before Alto Mare vanishes under the ocean?

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  2. Its my favorite Movie from them all :p
    I love Altomare. It reminds me my favorite city- Venice.
    Music is very pretty also. I like "Search For The Girl" and "Stop The Water"
    the most. Also, "Secret Garden" is my favorite song.
    Story is very nice also.
    What a pity, in english version, Annie and Oakley are TR Members. Because in
    original version they are just popular thiefs.
  3. Blue,Too?

    Blue,Too? Guest

    I didn't like this movie as much as the others (probably because it didn't seem like there was any evil force and the fact that alot of it was about the love between a human and a pokemon 0_o). I liked the music, the setting (based on Venice) was good, and I like the plot, but it just didn't have the one factor that made the other pokemon movies good, a Pokemon feel. This movie felt like it was a non-Pokemon related kid's Action/Romance with some pokemon put in randomly. This movie was so-so.

    I give Pokemon Heroes a 7.9.... out of 10.
  4. Murgatroyd

    Murgatroyd Dull Manga Avatar

    I was appalled when I found out just how much the backstory had been changed for the dub. Here's my translation of the first scene of the Japanese movie, which was cut entirely in the dub.
  5. The Monsters? o_O


    I belive, it was a huge thunderstorm or something, but not monsters.
  6. Freedom

    Freedom Pokeman

    This is my second favourite movie. I really liked the water city setting of Altomare. I enjoyed the Pokemon water race at the beginning of the movie. I also liked the Master Quest song that was playing.

    The music is really good especially when Ash is chasing Latias.

    I liked the ending when Bianca/Latias kissed Ash. And finally an ending without Team Rocket in it.

    I give this movie 9 out of 10.
  7. Murgatroyd

    Murgatroyd Dull Manga Avatar

    Don't believe me? Translate it yourself. This transcription has been confirmed as accurate by my Japanese professor, a native speaker.
  8. Hales

    Hales Guest

    The ending of this movie made me cry... poor Latias :(, but I loved it when she went to Ash for comfort.

    I'm not sure who kissed Ash at the end but I love Brock's reaction!
  9. MayDrewfan

    MayDrewfan Guest

    i loved the movy i sor it todday may shoefans coming over to wach it tomarow
  10. Silver Ryu

    Silver Ryu ~Aqua Dragon~

    This one is my favorite! It's so cool, and I LOVE Latias and Latios. They're my favorite legendaries, and I loved seeing them in a movie!
    Poor Latias at the end...... ;_;

    Gotta love this one!
  11. MayShuufan

    MayShuufan Mrs Brendan Birch ^^

    Pokemon Hero's was okay but not one of my fave movies Latias was cute. This movies is not one of my faves but I could sit through it again.
  12. Gigi

    Gigi Guest

    Best. Movie. Ever.
    Really. I wouldn't normally slap a 10/10 rating on any of these movies, but this one was particularily beautiful. Altomare's design was just gorgeous and the music was wonderful; My favorite soundtrack too. :3 The three versions of Kanon's theme were my favorites. The character designs and development were equally nice. On top of all that, Hitoribocchi Ja Nai was a nice ending for the movie. :3 (Can anyone tell me what the dub's was like?)

    As for the story, it was nice and unique. The ending made me cry, but was then finished off with that particularily adorable scene with Satoshi and Kanon...or Ratiasu? :3
  13. AscendingLatios

    AscendingLatios Volcano Trainer

    End credits music

    The music used over the end credits in the dub is a compendium of songs, mostly from the 2BA Master album. While I generally prefer they keep the original music in foreign films, the music they chose actually works well over the credits. The best song is the end credit opener, "One World" (which may have been written for this purpose?), played over the moments Ash & Co is boating away from Altomare and sees the new recruits flying toward the island.

    I bought the soundtrack several weeks ago (yes, I think this film definitely has the best soundtrack also :)), and the original end credit music has been growing on me now, also. :D

    Naturally, this film is my fave :) finally knocking the first film from from my #1 spot after so many years. Much more to say when I have the time to gather my thoughts....
  14. zonic the hedgehog

    zonic the hedgehog HUR HUR USER TITLE

    I particularly don't like this movie as much as the Jirachi movie, but it has awesome music in the original. The dub really isn't too well though.
    Here's Why: They messed up the color
    The music should've been kept from the original
    They totally messed up the story! They didn't include the beginning part, they actually said Annie and Oakly were working for TR when they have NOTHING to do with them. The other thing i don't like about this movie is the fact that Misty and Brock are only featured for a few minutes in the movie >.<....
    Although there are a few reasons why i do like this movie: Latias is really cute, and i think it's cool that it can transform into people. The italian music really sounds cool.
    I loved the fact that Latias really cared about Ash and gave him a tiny kiss at the end, unless that was Bianca, but i'm pretty sure it was Latias :)
  15. Gilbertman

    Gilbertman What?

    well this movie will always be my fav for the main reason that it was the movie that made me fall in love with pokemon the other things that made this movie awesome
    1. setting- the city was beautifully done, a good change of pace from the what i think is the boring places the other movies took place in, not to mention i love Venice
    2.good storyline- i really liked the storyline, they made it for a more general audience which made it more appealing although they could have went deeper with the storyline
    3.music-what can i say about the music, i still listen to the sound track everyday, i love "search for the girl" and (this may sound wierd) every time i hear "stopping the water" i get goosebumps just thinking about the movie, and off course the awesome redistion(err not spelled right) of "I Believe"
    4. My favorite pokemon-Latias of course is SO cute
    5.Bianca-ummm no comment (i love her)

    but yeah i love it so much

  16. i luved this movie!! i have on dvd i give it two thumbs up!! i luv latios!!
  17. Hales

    Hales Guest

    I loved how Latias turned to Ash for help when her brother was captured because she knew she could trust him, plus at the end she again turned to Ash for comfort when she lost her brother...

    But what really broke my heart was when Latias said goodbye to Latios...

    Why does Latias have to looks so cute?
  18. Horn Drill

    Horn Drill ヘタリア!

    Bwah ho ho ho! Li'l Brudder! (I mean, Latios.) I hate this movie! I mean, it's a great movie and all, but it's too sad! I was cryin' all over the place after it was over. I love it, but I hate it at the same time. Y'know what I mean?
  19. Gilbertman

    Gilbertman What?

    yes it was quite a sad movie

    looks at picture of one legged dog, cries "ill be alright" says little Brudder "I can make it on my own"
  20. Best. Movie. yet!!!!!! Latios was so cute(yes LatiOs), and Latias came close. I felt so sorry for poor, poor Latios.............And Latias too, but Latios.........I honestly cried watching this movie. It was so darn sad..........I loved it though.

    Overall rating:
    10 out of 10!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So emotional, yet a Poke'mon story at the same time. Priceless....
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2004

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