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Heroes of Hoenn

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by diampe, Dec 17, 2006.


As of Chapter 6, who has it the worst, pokemon-owned-wise?

Poll closed Feb 9, 2007.
  1. Tsukiea (one original, one too playful)

    0 vote(s)
  2. Vincent (one just obtained)

    1 vote(s)
  3. Carter (one original, one disobediant, one overly-aggressive)

    2 vote(s)
  1. diampe

    diampe Groudon's enemy.

    Okay, I'm new to this, but I'm starting with three completely new chars narrowly missing Ash & co/Team Rocket/manga chars as they go and putting up with the aftermath. Its pretty much rated PG
    Tsukiea: the spoiled
    Carter: the thief
    Vincent: the traitor


    "You STOLE those badges!" shouted Tsukiea, "We can't just keep them!"
    "I already told you," Carter replied calmly, "I can't go back to Rustboro, or anywhere near Verdanturf, either. So we COULDN'T have gotten Roxanne's badge anyway."

    The two partners were in Dewford Town, at night, waiting till the next day to challenge Brawly.
    "This is why I left home," said Tsukiea, "my 'friend' Vincent was stole four pokemon from the pokemon center. He's just as bad as Team Aqua or Team Magma."
    Carter sighed. Now he just couldn't tell Tsukiea anything. About how he ran away from his home in Rustboro to compete in the battle tent in Verdanturf. About how he smuggled a rental Mudkip away when he was done. His mind slowly slipped away into dreams about before...

    "Mudkip!" squealed the happy pokemon.
    Mudkip... Mudkip... Mudkip...
    The noise echoed within the Rusturf Tunnel. Carter quickly covered the water pokemon's mouth. He thought he heard someone walk into the cave. Someone tall. He wished Emerald were here, his younger cousin, the only one who cared about him.

    "And who are you?" a voice from behind asked.

    Acting quickly, Carter thought back to the battle tent. "Mudkip, use your Iron Tail!"

    Without even blinking, this older man threw a pokeball. "Flygon, go!" The Flygon easily batted down the Mudkip as it reached the man's face. "Now Flygon, use your Dragonbreath!"

    Carter leaped in front of his pokemon. "No!!" He yelled out in pain as the Dragonbreath struck his back. The older man swiftly withdrew his Flygon. He beckoned for Carter to come outside.

    Carter could see this man clearly for the first time now. He appeared to be a sailor, though from his age, probably retired. Obviously a strong trainer.

    "You stole that Mudkip, didn't you?" The older man asked.

    "Whoa, there!" Carter shot back, "You're not about to learn everything about me, when I have no clue who you are!"

    "Okay, since you asked, I'm Drake, of the Hoenn Elite Four. And you are?"

    Carter gaped at the man. Here, right in front of him, was one of the strongest trainers in the world. And about to punish him for stealing a pokemon from the battle tent!

    "I'm Carter. I..." Drake apparently wasn't listening anymore. He walked away slowly.

    "Come with me, Carter." He put his hand up and pointed to the mart.

    This was it. He would lose his Mudkip.

    But Drake came out of the mart with three pokeballs and handed them to Carter.

    "Next time," he said, "don't steal your pokemon."

    And with that he sent out a Salamence, and flew away on it.

    Well, the Mudkip wasn't REALLY his, yet.

    It climbed right inside his first pokeball and a red light flashed. It was caught.


    Carter awoke to a shake from Tsukiea. It was still dark out. Tsukiea mentioned to him to be quiet. Out by the coast, a kid, about 13, like both Tsukiea and Carter, was standing by the shore, holding a map inscribed in Braille. He threw three pokeballs in the air, and a Crawdaunt, Whiscash, and Sealeo popped out. Carter glanced over at Tsukiea. His eyes were huge, he obviously knew the cooltrainer. Well, so was he. Carter pulled Tsukiea over to the coast. He grabbed his three pokeballs, his only three, and used the pokemon from two of them. A Marshtomp and a Lombre came out. Carter explained to Tsukiea that they were following him.

    "But I don't have any water pokemon." he protested.

    Carter continued, "You can get my Lombre to help you swim. I'll go with Marshtomp."

    And so they followed this guy for a while, and Tsukiea told his story.

    "This trainer's name is Vincent, and he's the reason I left my home in Slateport. There's a battle tent, you know, and he stole four of the rental pokemon, a Barboach, a Rhyhorn, a Spheal, and a Corphish..."
    Carter stopped listening, and began to feel guilty. He was no better than this Vincent. Or was he? Zigzagoon and Lotad had been legit captures.


    Vincent was leading them to a powerful pokemon, Tsukiea was sure of that. Those stolen pokemon didn't deserve such a bad trainer. But it reminded him of how he'd been neglecting his newest capture, Zubat. It was hard, Ivysaur, Raticate, and Metapod were all strong and had been with him from the beginning. And after all, what use is a blind pokemon? He remembered how when his parents had given him a Bulbasaur, he released it, insisting he have to catch it first. His dad gave him three pokeballs in case the Bulbasaur was frustrating. He remembered going below the bike path, and throwing all three pokeballs at once, just to make sure it went in. Except the other two pokeballs had captured a Rattata and a Caterpie, both rare to the area. Tsukiea pushed this to the back of his mind as Vincent stopped by a large cave. He recognized it from when they went by before on Mr. Briney's boat, who Emerald had arranged for them a ride with. Boy, Emerald was young, but he sure was smart. Vincent walked into the cave, withdrawing his pokemon.


    Vincent read the Braille map once more. Yes, this was the resting place of one of the Regi pokemon. As he is about to begin to proceed to the inner room, he feels a hand clamp down on his shoulder. He glances back, and finds it is the floating hand of a Haunter. That same Haunter again! He calls out his Rhydon and orders a Megahorn from it. The Haunter dodges, and before Rhydon can pull off a horn drill, two other people run into the room. One of them, the trainer decked out in red, he knows as Tsukiea, and the other one looks like an older version of a coordinator he saw at the Slateport Contest Hall, searching for his Feebas that ran away. This mystery trainer introduced himself as Carter, and calls out his Linoone to protect the innocent Haunter.

    Now what? Vincent felt lost. But then he remembered the information he had forced out of that green-haired guy from Orre...


    As Vincent pulled out an ancient flute and started playing it, a green light began to grow in the center of the cave's outer room. Tsukiea began to realize they had lost their advantage. Then, the flute shattered. A light exploded in the cave and the outline of an alien-like pokemon was visible. Then the pokemon, Celebi, absorbed Tsukiea, Carter, Vincent, the wild Haunter, and all their pokemon into a vortex with it.


    Thud! Carter landed on the floor. They still appeared to be in the cave, so what had happened? This cave would look pretty good if it had plants growing, he thought. This thought evaporated as he heard angry voices from the inner room. Carter glanced at Vincent, who nodded. They had a temporary alliance, he thought. The Haunter was nowhere to be found, so the three young trainers and their pokemon peered into the inner room. Some people, appearing as cavemen, had formed a circle around the three Regi pokemon. Their pokemon team, consisting each of a Relicanth, four Beldums, and a Wailord, were using various attacks on the pokemon. Carter knew the Regis were in trouble, so he ordered an Ice Beam at the ceiling from Linoone. All the attackers froze in place as they saw the newcomers. Tsukiea asked what they were doing, but the people just looked back at him with a confused look.

    "They don't understand English," he concluded.

    "But shouldn't they?" asked Carter, "After all, this is still Hoenn, right?"

    "Wait!" said Tsukiea as Carter exclaimed, "Celebi!"

    They both shared an unspoken thought, realizing they were in the past.

    Vincent had gotten the one appearing to be in charge to write down their goal.

    After a glance at the tablet, his eyes widened, and he removed three black pokeballs from his belt.

    "He's going to capture them!" shouted Tsukiea, leaping in front of Regice as his pokemon followed, including Zubat, finally coming out of its ball.

    Carter soon followed, protecting Registeel. Regirock, on its own, used the cave around it to form a shield from Vincent.

    Swiftly, Vincent tossed a dark ball at Registeel.

    This is really going to hurt, Carter thought, but suddenly a blur of green flew in front of him.

    "Metapod, tackle the dark ball!" shouted Tsukiea.

    The dark ball struck Metapod, and shocked him with dark energy until he turned black and fell to the floor. At that moment, something clicked in Carter's head. Tsukiea DID care about him, he would have to explain everything now. But first show him he wasn't a bad person.

    Carter ran up to Metapod, and when he turned it over, the pokemon began to glow. It regained its original worm body, and wings sprouted out on either side.

    "Butterfree!" it flew over to its overjoyed trainer.

    Vincent was furious. He tossed another dark ball over Carter's head at the Registeel. Carter's pokemon, not wanting to get hurt, dodged out of the way. The dark pokeball snagged Registeel easily and it flew back to Vincent's hands. There was total silence for a moment, then the ancient tribe broke out cheering. Tsukiea shared a confused look with Carter, and then both rushed over to Regice. Carter's Marshtomp and Lombre used their Water Guns to shoot water in the air around it, and his Linoone and the Regice helped freeze, forming an ice barrier. Tsukiea had his Raticate use Quick Attack to grab the dark balls from the floor and his belt, while Ivysaur used Razor Leaf and Butterfree used its new Silver Wind attack to blind Vincent. Raticate came back with the two empty dark balls, not being able to grab the third from Vincent's hand.

    "Now what?" Carter asked, "We can't see to grab the last one!"

    Tsukiea's thoughts from earlier came flooding back.

    After all, what use is a blind pokemon?

    Duh! Zubat used sound waves, not light, to see.

    "Zubat!" he cried, "I need you to grab the last dark ball!"

    Reacting to this command, Vincent told his Sealeo to use Sheer Cold on Zubat.

    Sealeo tried as hard as it could, but all it could perform was an Icy Wind, clearing the Silver Wind and Razor Leaf attacks away.

    "What?!" screamed Vincent at Sealeo, "You're not strong enough?!!!!"

    And with that, he raked Sealeo across its forehead with his fingernails, leaving behind two long, bleeding scars.

    Sealeo's hurt and confused look immediately changed to anger.

    Vincent felt guilty and horrified trying to apologize to the glowing Sealeo and the growing ball of ice in its mouth.

    Sealeo launched the Sheer Cold attack, while at the same time evolving into Walrein, gaining long tusks and long matted fur behind its head, while keeping the forehead scars it would bear the rest of its life.

    Vincent was instantly frozen in place.

    Zubat flew over to the frozen Vincent and began Poison Stinging through the ice at Tsukiea's command. But the cavemen, using their own language, had all their Beldums use Take Down on Zubat at the same time, to keep the Registeel pokeball frozen. Zubat was easily fainted, and Vincent's Rhydon Horn Drilled his trainer out of the ice. Withdrawing Walrein, he searched frantically for Celebi to go back, seeing his battle was lost here. Carter and Tsukiea joined in the search, although separately.

    "Bibi!" Celebi cried from the middle of the room.

    Vincent and Tsukiea rushed to the Celebi, but Carter continued searching for something.

    "The Haunter! We can't just leave it here!"

    "We have to!" cried Tsukiea, "Hurry!!"

    Carter reluctantly ran over to Celebi, with all his pokemon. Celebi flashed green, and the three trainers were vacuumed back into the present time.


    The trainers were back in Dewford Town the same night. Instantly Vincent got a look of horror and ran of to Granite Cave. Tsukiea felt a rumbling in his backpack, and opened it to find two purple hands reach out and grab his face. The Haunter lifted his backpack and dropped in the ocean.

    As it flew away, Carter shouted, "That was all our stuff! I can't believe I wanted to save you!"

    "Hey! What are you DOING out this late?"

    Carter and Tsukiea both looked at each other. Neither of them had said a word.

    A silhouette ran toward them from the Dewford Gym. You could see he had long hair pulled back by a headband, like Carter's, only more ruffled and uncontrollable. As the trainer approached them, Tsukiea thought he knew this person.

    "Hey, you're Brawly, the Gym Leader!"

    The trainer appeared confused for a moment, then grinned.

    "Oh!" he said, "You mean my older bro! I'm Khrondai!"

    Even in the dim light, Carter could begin to see the difference. He had seen pictures of Brawly, who was much taller and would never wear those purple clothes lined in red.

    "Um," said Carter, "We came to challenge the gym, well, tomorrow."

    "Well, do you have trainer cards?" Khrondai asked.

    Tsukiea and Carter shared a look. No, it never even occurred to either of them.

    "Uh, yeah. This Haunter took all our stuff other than pokeballs and dropped it into the ocean."

    It was the truth, but Khrondai looked at Tsukiea skeptically.

    "Never mind." Carter quickly replied, "Can you get us new ones?"


    Inside the Dewford pokemon center, the group had gotten on the phone with Professor Birch.

    Oh no! thought Carter, Now I have to tell about the stolen Mudkip!

    "Let me see all your pokemon." the Professor was talking over the video phone.

    Tsukiea didn't seem bothered, so he sent out his Ivysaur, Raticate, Butterfree, and Zubat.

    "They all look pretty badly hurt," Birch commented, "What exactly were you doing?"

    "Um..." Tsukiea was lost for words.

    "You wouldn't believe us if we told you." Carter suggested and grinned.

    Now it was Carter's turn. He reluctantly showed his pokemon.

    "Hmm..." Birch was lost in thought, "that Marshtomp..."

    "Okay!" Carter gave up, "I stole it from the Verdanturf Battle Tent as a Mudkip! But it just didn't belong there, I know it came from somewhere else. But then I saw Drake, and he bought me a pokeball, and..."

    The professor was collapsed on the floor, laughing out of control.

    "That Mudkip was one of my starter pokemon," he said through his laughing fit, "I was GIVING them away anyway! It ran away and I didn't really have time to look for it!"

    Carter felt like a moron.

    "Okay," said Birch, "I have your trainer cards ready, I'll send them to Dewford with Khura, he's my nephew, he's going there anyway. So you'll know him, he's about all your height, maybe a little shorter, blonde haired with blue highlights on the tips, and probably wearing darker green."


    Vincent finally found a light in the darkness of the Granite Cave. The Iron-Masked Marauder was waiting for him.

    "Did you get what you were after?" the Marauder asked.

    "Uh, a third of it."

    "Then you still owe me," he said darkly, "I want these two pokemon."

    The Marauder held up a portrait of two legendary pokemon.

    "They will be a perfect addition to my team," he said, "here are the dark balls to catch them in."

    "No!" said Vincent, "I'm through with you!"

    "What will you do about it, though?"

    "I'll battle you!" shouted Vincent, "I win, I'm outta here for good, you win, well... that's not about to happen!"

    "Sure," the Iron-Masked Marauder snickered, "I win, you get these pokemon for me, and I have another little plan, too..."

    Vincent threw two pokeballs. His choices were Crawdaunt and Whiscash.

    The Iron-Masked Marauder let out an evil laugh as he sent out his signiture pokemon, a Dragonbreath Flygon and a Salamence...



    Last edited: Dec 22, 2006
  2. Armored Zangoose

    Armored Zangoose Well-Known Member

    I like this fic it should be interesting. I don't know how it can improve but I guess someone's going to catch Haunter.
  3. diampe

    diampe Groudon's enemy.

    thanks for the comment
    now i'll add a zangoose into the story
  4. diampe

    diampe Groudon's enemy.

    Sorry it took so long, but here's the next part.




    The league at Evergrande City.

    That was Tsukiea, Carter, Khrondai, and their new friend Khura's destinations.

    On the boat to Mossdeep, the first stop, Carter was gloating about his two new pokemon, Pelipper and Dodrio, and how Tsukiea should like them, being flying type. Tsukiea shot back that he was fine with his new Dugtrio, and that his Zubat had become a major powerhouse due to its evolution into Golbat.

    Once again, they were both struck by the same thought, this becoming a fairly common event. They hadn't even asked if Khrondai or Khura had pokemon.

    "Well," explained Khrondai, "you two were also too 'busy' to ask if we already knew each other, which goes hand in hand with your first question. We got our first pokemon together."
    Khura continued their story,

    "Khrondai had wanted pokemon of his own to battle his brother with, but his brother said he needed to have the Stone Badge first so he knew his pokemon wouldn't get hurt badly. And my Uncle Birch told me he had had two groups of starter pokemon to give away, but they were all taken. All I know is that my cousin, Sapphire, had taken a Torchic from the first group, and Norman, a new gym leader, his son had taken another and ran away. So I was sent to Petalburg to try and find him. Khrondai's boat arrived the same day."

    "So that's how we both landed in Petalburg on the same day." explained Khrondai, "In the Petalburg Forest, Norman spotted two Slakoths and told each of us to go capture one."

    They then showed all their pokemon. Khura had a Slakoth, a Plusle, a Minun, and a Pichu. Khrondai's team consisted of Vigoroth, Zangoose, and Electrike.

    Khrondai was obvoiusly the battler. "My normal pokemon will someday beat my bro's fighting team!" he had insisted.

    A purple hand grabbed Carter, and he collapsed to the floor.

    Khrondai laughed, "Awesome Astonish attack! I have to catch that Haunter!"

    He proceeded to take out a nest ball from Khura's backpack. He tossed it at the Haunter, but the ghost pokemon floated closer and swallowed it. Then, Haunter vanished in a flash. As Khrondai was cheering for his new capture, the nest ball turned a purplish color and Haunter swam out from it, much to Khrondai's dismay.

    Meanwhile Tsukiea had been examining the GS Ball in his hand, the real reason why they were going to Mossdeep.

    "So we're taking this to a guy named Anabel. Or a girl? I don't know what kind of name Anabel is." he read the note that went along with it, "It says, 'If you can't learn the pokemon inside, no one can."

    "Then, after that," said Carter, "we're heading to the Hoenn League so I can find Drake and challenge him!"


    Vincent scowled. All he had to go by was a little mural and the knowledge that Latios and Latias feld from the moon and the sun. He needed a way out. Anything to get out of this rain! The Iron-Masked Marauder had defeated him without taking any damage at all. He thought to himself that if he ever captured one of these two, he would attack the Marauder with it. As a lightning bolt struck, Vincent realized if he could cause a never-ending storm, both pokemon would stay in place. But who was he kidding? Even IF he followed through, he would be no closer to his goal of the ultimate pokemon, Regigigas, than before yesterday.


    Yesterday he could have changed. Joined Tsukiea and Carter. But instead he had personally attacked one of his pokemon, and it led up to THIS mess he was in now. So now who could he go to? Carter, maybe. He stole a pokemon just like him. But he had chosen to make the better of his life. Vincent could change, too.

    He hoped.


    Mr. Briney called out, "Okay, this is a double battle between Tsukiea and Carter versus Khura and Khrondai. Each trainer may use one pokemon."

    "Okay Carter," Khrondai explained, "If you struggle against me, you're so not ready for Drake."

    Four pokeballs flew into the air. From one side, a Minun and a Zangoose came out. From the other...

    Carter and Tsukiea gaped at their new fully evolved starter pokemon.

    "Khura, you're the expert," shouted Tsuskiea, "How did that just happen?"

    "Um..." he guessed, "Have they battled any high-level pokemon recently?"

    Tsukiea shared a look with Carter. They would explain later.

    "Alright, Swampert," called Carter, "Use your Iron Tail on Zangoose."

    Venusaur's plant began glowing.

    "Minun, Helping Hand!" yelled Khura.

    "Zangoose, take the damage." said Khrondai, "It's physical."

    Zangoose looked almost K-Oed.

    "Now use Counter!" he commanded

    Khura contributed, "Keep up your Helping Hand, Minun."

    The Counter knocked Swampert way back.

    Khrondai explained his strategy, "Zangoose's specialty is physical attacks. So he should be able to Counter that damage at a much higher power."

    "Now Solarbeam, Venusaur!" cried Tsukiea.

    "Minun, take the damage!"

    Zangoose waited as Minun leaped in front of him, taking the Solarbeam. Khura withdrew his battered pokemon

    "Now Crush Claw both pokemon!" shouted Khrondai.

    Both Venusaur and Swampert were fainted swiftly.

    "That's okay, guys." said Khrondai after declared the winner, "You weren't used to having Swampert and Venusaur yet. Its no like I'm THAT strong."


    Vincent gasped as he listened to his PokeNav. It showed three tracking devices on a ship to Mossdeep. How they got there, he didn't care.

    "It sounds like this Khrondai person is the only really strong trainer with them." he said to himself, "Now I have an idea, Carter and Tsukiea will probably head toward disaster again to prove themselves."

    Vincent followed the lightning toward Evergrande City, suddenly feeling victorious.


    Reaching Mossdeep, the group headed to the Space Center, where the Frontier Brains of the Battle Frontier were meeting. They had at least known from Khura that Anabel wasn't a Gym Leader, who were all meeting in Fortree now.

    Bursting in on the Space Center through the door via Carter's Lombre using a Water Gun attack, "Too bad it didn't know Blizzard!" Khrondai had commented, "I could teach it to him later.", their meeting was interrupted.

    "What is going ON?" said Brandon, already angry, "First a short guy comes to me with a Frontier Pass, I told him to wait another month for the opening ceremony. Then Scott," glaring at him, "comes to us with this trainer named Ash. He hasn't battled me yet."

    All the others in the room looked bewildered.

    "Actually," started Tskiea, "We came to deliver this to Anabel."

    He held out the GS Ball with the letter attached.

    "Oh," said a trainer dressed in purple, "That would be me."

    Carter tried to hide his laughter with a cough. He STILL couldn't tell if this person was male or female. Anabel looked at him,

    "I suppose you all deserve some kind of reward. Here."

    Anabel held out a blue rock to Carter, looking at Lombre.

    The Frontier Brain reached out to grab the GS Ball, when lightning struck the Space Center, shaking the whole building. As they all ran out of the building, Carter tripped and fell over. Lombre instantly used a Water Gun attack to keep him safe. Getting up slowly, Carter told his Lombre to hold the blue rock for a second. They both ran out of the Space Center as it completely crumbled. Carter turned around to thank his Lombre, only to find it was a Ludicolo. Anabel grinned, "Boys never take time to look at things."

    Well, mystery one solved. Anabel was female.

    Vincent walked up, dodging Zapdos's Thunderbolts with Crawdaunt's Protect. Zapdos flew away as a Moltres and an Articuno attacked it.

    Tsukiea looked to the sky. His dream of flying on a legendary pokemon...

    But not now. He hooked the GS Ball onto his belt.

    Carter was pulling on his sleeve. "They're taking down the Articuno. It's weak against Fire AND Electric attacks. Come on, we're going to help it."

    Khura followed, and so did Khrondai, reluctantly.

    Oh no! thought Khrondai, Now I'll have to show them my REAL strength. I was lucky for an excuse earlier, but now...

    He and Khura were cut off from the other two by Moltres.

    Khura sent out all his pokemon. Slakoth was still sleeping, so he was withdrawn.

    "Pichu, Plusle, Minun, use your Helping Hand on each other." he had an idea, "Now use a combined Thunderbolt!"

    Three blinding bolts shot down from the sky, one with a plus, one with a Pichu tail, one with a minus. Moltres screeched and blew a Flamethrower on Khura's back, burning it and all the stuff in it, all the group's things besides pokeballs. As the Moltres flew away, Khura looked around frantically for Khrondai, but he was nowhere to be found.


    "Ludicolo, charge up for a Solarbeam!" cried Carter.

    Zapdos sent a Thunder flying toward Ludicolo, but Carter tackled it and they both rolled out of the way. Ludicolo's main fighting strategy had just formed. Charge, roll away to dodge attacks, then fire! The Solarbeam struck Zapdos head-on.

    As Tsukiea sent out his Dugtrio, Articuno came spiraling down to the ground. Tsukiea rushed up to it, the Articuno was badly hurt. In its beak was a steel flute. Tsukiea quickly put it into his pocket and reached for his backpack to grab a Hyper Potion. Grabbing empty air, he remembered it was at the bottom of the ocean.

    Carter retrieved Ludicolo as it fainted from a Sky Attack. He sent out his Dodrio. It shot out a Toxic from its three heads as Zapdos began glowing again. Zapdos had been poisoned, but it would take a while. As Zapdos dive-bombed Dodrio, Carter recalled the reason he caught it. "Use your Fly!" he commanded while sending out Linoone to help. Dodrio, being without wings, jumped up and flapped its tail. Looking slightly disappointed, Carter withdrew the fainted Dodrio.

    "Linoone, drive it off with Ice Beam!" he called.

    The Ice Beams had little effect on the legendary bird.

    Meanwhile, Tsukiea was huddled over Articuno. Wait! Nobody could retrieve the pokemon from the GS Ball, right? Maybe it was empty! Duh. Making his decision, he told the bird,

    "I'm really sorry Articuno, but this is the only way to keep you safe!"

    He laid the GS Ball on it and watched Articuno go inside. I'll release it after we're done, he told himself.

    Over at the main battle, Carter's Linoone had managed to imitate Zapdos and produce a weak Thunder.

    "Yes!" cried Carter, thinking the poison should set in soon, "Now use a Return attack!"

    Linoone became a black blur as it repeatedly struck Zapdos.

    Tsukiea came running up with Dugtrio. He commanded a Dig attack to drive Zapdos into the sky and off the ground.

    Being hit by the ground attack, Zapdos flew away with Moltres.

    Carter saw the GS Ball attached to Tsukiea's belt and knew not to ask.

    Khura came running up to them back at the ruined Space Center.

    The Frontier Brains hadn't moved an inch, and seeing this, all three trainers immediately lowered their opinions of this group.

    Anabel asked for the GS Ball now, but Tsukiea demanded they have to go to a pokemon center first.


    Later, outside, Anabel again asked for the GS Ball.

    Tsukiea held it out, sent out Articuno, and told it, "You owe me for saving you. Get us out of here, now!"

    Articuno Blizzarded the Frontier Brains and Tsukiea, Carter, and Khura flew away on it.

    They landed back in Lilycove.

    Tsukiea began searching for an object to destroy the GS Ball with and free Articuno.

    Alone for now, Carter asked, "Khura, where's Khrondai?"

    He replied, "I don't know. He just vanished after the battle with Moltres."

    Tsukiea came back with a sword blade. He struck the GS Ball repeatedly, but it didn't even show a scratch.

    Tears in his eyes, he said, "I'm really sorry Articuno! I promise I'll find a way to free you soon!"

    Khura explained their predicament to Tsukiea.


    Khrondai struggled to free himself. His arms were bound behind his back.

    "It'll never work." snickered Vincent, "I'll untie you, but once you agree to help me out of this."

    Khrondai glared at him.



  5. diampe

    diampe Groudon's enemy.




    The battle between Groudon and Kyogre was reaching its high point in the floating Sootopolis, and Ruby and Sapphire were beginning to lose control over the orbs. At that moment, Norman flew in on Rayquaza, knocking both orbs out of the trainers' hands and into each other, breaking apart. All three monster pokemon returned to their respective element.


    Back in Lilycove, Team Aqua's leader Archie had created a trap for Kyogre. Would it work?


    Carter was busy with his Pelipper, determined to find its talent. He discovered it knew Hydro Pump and Hyper Beam already. He glanced over at the Lilycove Contest Hall. Those attacks were Cool and Beauty Type, he knew.

    Khura had received an extra copy of the PokeNav from Devon Corp. It was Emerald's. He got an extra one when he revived an Anorith from a fossil there, evidently. Khura was using it to try and locate Khrondai's pokeball's energy sources to find where he was.

    Then, Tsukiea came swooping down on Articuno, which apparently was fairly obedient at this point. He looked nervous.

    "Guys," he started, "I..."

    "My Pelipper is a contest pokemon!" Carter interrupted, "There are five types of contests, I'm going to get at least 20 ribbons with it!"

    Tsukiea looked at him, "I found this cave I think we should check out. There's a ton of machinery outside it. It's just a couple feet off the shallow water."

    Khura shut off the PokeNav and gave him one of his here-we-go-again looks.

    At the cave, a monter-like roar came from within. Instantly, Carter jumped in the water with his Swampert, Linoone, and Ludicolo. Pelipper flew next to him. Tskiea flew in on Articuno, and Khura started swimming.


    Khrondai sent out all three of his pokemon verbally.

    "Zangoose, Slash to cut me free. Now let's get out!" he cried, "Vigoroth use Arm Hammer, Electike use Thunder Fang, Zangoose use Blade Test, don't hold anything back!"

    Vincent sent out all his pokemon, Crawdaunt, Whiscash, Walrein, Rhydon, and Registeel.

    Within seconds, Whiscash fell to Blade Test, Walrein fell to Thunder Fang, and Rhydon fell to a single Arm Hammer. Then glowing all over, Electrike's Thunder Fang toppled Crawdaunt. Vigoroth, Zangoose, and Khrondai's new Manectric surrounded Registeel.

    Vincent withdrew Registeel.

    "I need your help," he repeated.

    Khrondai glared at him, "I'll help heal your pokemon, but that's it."


    Inside the cave, there were two guards near one metal door, but the rest of the cave was empty.

    The guards were dressed in black uniforms with a red R on them.

    "Prepare for trouble!" called the female guard.

    "And make it double," said the other.

    They spoke together, "Now here's our mission so you better listen!"

    "To infect the..."

    "Are you going anywhere with this?" asked Khura.

    The man looked angry, while the girl, amused, said, "Do you know who we are?"



    "Team Rocket working for Team Aqua under Giovanni's command!"

    "Surrender to us now or you will surely lose the fight."

    A loud roar was heard from inside.

    They proceeded to send out two pokemon, Charizard and Aggron.

    Carter called to his Linoone, "Use your..."

    Tsukiea quickly shot him down, "Carter, down. Articuno, use a Blizzard!"

    Cassidy, Butch, and their pokemon were covered in layers of frost, as well as frozen to the ground.

    The trio ran past without another word, Carter looking slightly hurt and embarrassed.

    The second room was completely filled with water and a legendary pokemon chained down in it. But right in front of the door was a Team Aqua member resembling a pirate, standing next to a Sharpedo in the water.

    "Nice trick." he said, referring to the use of Blizzard, "Let's try it again. Sharpedo, Ice Beam!"


    Khrondai leaped through a wall opening created by an Arm Hammer attack. He came out on a balcony, to discover he was thousands of feet above the ground. There was a second balcony above him with people on it.

    He shouted up to them, "Help me!"

    He was ignored.

    Behind him, Vincent laughed, "We're on a blimp trip to the Battle Frontier. Those people are all tourists waiting for the Grand Opening. Although there's still a week left... Anyway, I'll dump you off there and catch a ride back to Lilycove."

    "What are you plotting?" Khrondai commanded, disliking Vincent even more than he thought possible. Hating him with all his heart.

    "I'm not telling you!" Vincent became angry, "I'll give you this much: I'm breaking ties with a former ally. I need your help. But I guess that can't happen."

    The blimp was landing. Khrondai commanded a Blade Test on Vincent's backpack. Zangoose slashed it and a mural with a sticky note attached fell out. Vincent ran to the balcony and jumped off onto the ground. Khrondai snatched the items, and followed cue. The blimp began taking off again as the people were done filing off. Vincent shoved Khrondai over, tried to snatch the mural back, instead grabbed a round object by accident, and jumped back onto the blimp at the last second. As the blimp rose into the air, Khrondai's Vigoroth came out from the pokeball in Vincent's hand and Arm Hammered him. Vigoroth threw its pokeball down to Khrondai and the blimp flew away to Lilycove.


    Tsukiea's feet were stuck fast to the floor. Carter and Khura had jumped into the water, but he had been preoccupied with how he'd snapped at Carter. If only he knew...thought Tsukiea. Articuno bought time by battling the Team Aqua member, who had revealed himself as Archie, the leader.

    Khura glanced over at Articuno battling bravely against Archie's eight pokemon, which now included a Mightyena, a Crobat, a Tentacruel, and four Walreins now. He wished he could help, but his pokemon might be needed later.

    Carter swam over to the legendary Kyogre. He ordered a Strength from Swampert and a Return from Linoone on the metal bars holding it down.

    Tsukiea sent out his Venusaur and Raticate to free himself. Their Vine Whips and Hyper Fangs would free him soon.

    Khura's trio of electric pokemon helped finally break the bars holding down Kyogre.

    The pokemon screamed and defeated the rest of Archie's pokemon with a Hydro Pump.

    "Don't touch it!" yelled Archie, "We have it here with the Manafi egg so it can lend the egg power until it hatches! Then, using Manafi, we will rule the world and cover more unuseful land with water!"

    Khura snatched a blue egg from the bottom of the water.

    "You mean this one?" he asked innocently.

    Archie ran forward and snatched it from Khura's hands, only to be electrocuted by triple Thunderbolt attacks. He swiftly tried to escape through the door, but Articuno Drill Pecked the egg from his grasp first. Fearing for his life, Archie hit a red button near the door and ran out, locking the trainers in with the angry Kyogre.

    The cave's roof began crumbling.

    Khura grabbed the egg, "Come on, we need to get out!"

    Carter gave him a look, "We have to take care of the Manafi egg now! So we have to travel with Kyogre until it hatches."

    Tsukiea was freed from the ice and contributed his bit, "We can't travel on the sea! Khura and me don't have any water pokemon at all!"

    Tsukiea and Carter's opposite opinions caused them to lock eyes defiantly. Khura brought them back to the real world, "Who-cares-as-long-as-we're-alive!" he blurted out all in one breath.

    Under his command, Swampert's Strength, Pelipper's Hydro Pump, Ludicolo's Solarbeam, and Linoone's Ice Beam were all slowly breaking down the cave wall opposite where they had come in. Pichu, Minun, and Plusle added their Thunderbolts. Tsukiea sent out his Golbat to use Sludge Bomb, and Venusaur used its Solarbeam attack.

    Kyogre looked at the three trainers and made up its mind. They weren't going to hurt it. It delivered a Hyperbeam attack, demolishing what was left. Tsukiea's Articuno flew the trainers out after Kyogre, and watched the former cave slowly crumble and disappear under the water. Khura fell off into the water, dropping the egg, too. It bumped an underwater nest of almost identical eggs, and got switched with another. Khura grabbed the new egg, not realizing the switch, and swam to the surface. Over at the beach, Tsukiea and Articuno were standing together near Kyogre. Carter was kneeling down, asking if it was hurt.

    Swimming over, Khura put together the scene. Carter and Tsukiea had pretty much opposite personalities. Tsukiea needed Carter to help him slow down and enjoy the moment, while Carter needed Tsukiea to keep him focused.

    Carter had taken out a pokeball. He looked at his reflection in it. Was he about to try and capture a legendary pokemon? They were supposed to roam free and control their element. But the safety of the coast of Hoenn was at stake.

    He held out the pokeball.

    "Kyogre, I won't make you come with us. It's your choice. We could raise the Manafi with help from my water pokemon."

    Kyogre's fins glowed blue, and then some of the blue floated onto the egg. Kyogre's body slightly shrunk, startling the pokemon. It hopped inside the pokeball without a second thought.

    "You're gonna release it when the egg hatches, right?" asked Khura.

    "Duh." said Carter, now let's head to the Grand Festival so my Pelipper can watch.

    Khura held the egg tight. Nothing was going to happen to this pokemon.



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    I love this chapter!
    Wait til the end for a great battle!



    "Alright!" shouted Vivian, "Let's start this Grand Festival! First up to appeal is Robert! He won last year, but a new coordinator named Drew still put up a pretty good fight!"

    Robert sent out his Milotic, starting with a Twister/Hydro Pump combo.

    Vivian put on a frustrated expression and went backstage.


    Drake glanced at his PokeNav.

    He shouldn't have trusted Vincent that much.

    But that was why he had his backup plan.

    Vincent was a traitor, he knew, but a selfish traitor at that.

    He glanced at the two Dark Balls hidden in a secret chamber and smirked, remembering the pokemon inside.

    He put on the steel mask.


    Backstage, Carter was arguing with Vivian that he should be allowed to enter.

    "It's not my fault I haven't had time!" he argued, "See, we keep running into legen..."

    Tsukiea clamped a hand over his mouth.

    "We're busy anyway," he said, "Khrondai's still missing, and we have two legendary pokemon on our hands, one of which you FORGOT to send with Khura and the egg because you were so excited about this contest!"

    "Yeah, Khura." replied Carter, "He got a call from Khrondai, who is in the Battle Frontier, and left to go pick him up. Everything's gonna be fine."

    He sent out Pelipper.

    "See," he said to Vivian, "this is my contest pokemon."

    Vivian glared at him, "You still have no ribbons."

    Carter ordered a Hydro Pump to knock her over, then ran out onto the stage with Pelipper.

    "Pelipper," he called, "Your type can learn Toxic, remember my Dodrio? Try one on the ceiling!"

    Amazingly, Pelipper learned how to use its Toxic technique within three seconds as well as whatever else Carter could think of,

    "Hydro Pump spinning around at the Toxiced ceiling!"

    "Stockpile then Swallow!"

    "Now shoot an Attract at the ground!"

    "Clean it all up with one big Hyperbeam!"

    Mr. Contesta had taken a picture of this last minute entry at displayed it up with a Pelipper on the screen.

    The three judges spoke their comments over the loudspeaker,

    "I don't know who this is, but he's pretty good!"

    "His Pelipper is remarkable."

    "He used an attack from every contest type!"

    Vivian sighed. She had to keep this guy in now, for the excitement of the spectators.

    "I'm Carter." he announced to the judges as he took a seat with the other coordinators for the rest of the appeal round.


    "Hey!" Khura waved to the small figure of Khrondai as his airplane landed.

    Off the plane, Khrondai explained his story.

    "The opening ceremony starts in a week," said a voice from behind, "you can enter the challenge if you want, Khrondai."

    Khrondai spun around. Oh no! he thought, not now!

    It was Brawly and his girlfriend, Camilla.

    "Oh, I'm sorry!" said Brawly sarcastically, "I forgot to hide the fact you're a strong trainer!"

    Khura stared at Khrondai, finally seeing him in a new way.

    "I still don't believe you, Brawly!" called Camilla angrily, "I could easily beat this runt."

    Anabel strode over, "We need some publicity," she hinted to the group, "two of you will have a double battle, now who?!"

    It was an obvious choice.

    "Okay!" said Anabel, being the judge, "Both trainers use two pokemon at a time, whole teams, competing for a Frontier Pass."

    Khrondai glared, she knew, he thought.

    Reluctantly, Khrondai sent out his two remaining pokemon, Zangoose and Manectric.

    Normally, Khura would have wanted to look at Khrondai's new Manectric more closely, but he wanted to see about this 'strong trainer' business.

    Camilla's first two pokemon were a Hariyama, probably Brawly's, and a Masquerain.

    "Zangoose, Crush Claw on Masquerain." Khrondai said nervously, glancing at Khura. His pokemon knew which attacks meant hide your strength, and which attacks meant actually try.

    Masquerain evaded it, and countered with a Silver Wind.

    Khrondai made his choice, "Khura I would have had to tell you eventually. Alright, Zangoose, hide behind Manactric and wait to use a Blade Test on Hariyama. Manactric, use a Thunder Fang on Masquerain.

    Both Camilla's pokemon were fainted. She sent out two more, a Crobat and an Exploud.

    Khura began to realize Khrondai could have easily fended off Zapdos and Moltres. He became angry and ran up and punched Khrondai. Khrondai had Zangoose pin him down while Manactric took care of the other pokemon, alone. Still mad, Khura watched, unbelieving, as first Crobat, then Exploud, fell to Manectic's agility and attacks.

    Camilla laughed and sent out her last two pokemon, a Dustox and an Oddish.

    "Khrondai, why didn't you tell me, or Tsukiea, or Carter?" Khura demanded.

    Khrondai glanced at the battle before losing control.

    "Zangoose, let go of him and go use a Blade Test on Dustox."

    Khura was still looking at him.

    "Okay," Khrondai gave up, "It's because I didn't like you guys at first. I just expected you all to leave Dewford the next day without another word. Instead you Vine Whip me onto the boat and ask if you're coming. I couldn't move, so I had to say yes. But in the middle of the legendary bird battle, I began to see who all you really are. So now I feel really bad I didn't show you before."

    Zangoose and Manectric had fainted. So had Dustox. The Oddish had launched off hundreds of Solarbeams and Petal Dances and didn't appear to even be touched. Scary.

    As Khrondai's pokemon were in the HP restore machine, Khura's PokeNav got a call. It was Tsukiea.

    "You have to come back!" he was laughing, "Carter got into the Grand Festival! He made it to the first battle round in second place!"

    Khrondai had one question, "That's in Lilycove, right?"

    Tsukiea nodded slowly.

    Khrondai explained, "Vincent took my Vigoroth, accidently, but still. He should be arriving in a blimp. We'll hurry over."

    The PokeNav hung up.

    Khrondai pointed at Anabel, "You!" he said, "You owe us for saving you back at the Space Center. Get us to Lilycove as fast as humanly possible."


    Vincent saw two shapes coming into Lilycove from opposite directions. Two shadows of bird-like pokemon. Two dark balls in his hand.

    Why was he doing this? he thought, Why can't I find a way out?

    He had so many questions. The Iron-masked Marauder was going down. These two bird pokemon were NEVER going to be his!

    He estimated he had about an hour once the pokemon were in Lilycove, until the solar eclipse subsided, the reason they were in the same place.

    He retrieved his pokemon from the pokemon center, but while still inside, saw a screen playing the appeal round again while the coordinators were on break. He saw Carter as one of the best moving to the second round.

    That's who would help him. Another former thief.

    As the birds rushed by, Vincent hopped on one of them and soared toward the Lilycove Contest Hall, hooking some trainer's Wynaut around his foot on the way.


    Tsukiea saw a small jet arrive carrying two passengers. He glanced at the Contest display screen, and saw Carter's second match wasn't for a little while.

    Neither Khrondai nor Khura stopped to say hi. They both ran past him to look for Vigoroth. A couple seconds later Khrondai came running back with Vigoroth, who had been at the lighthouse. Tsukiea didn't know how he had run all the way across the city within a few seconds, but shrugged it off and headed toward the Contest Hall with his friends.

    He stopped short. Something felt wrong. Turning around, he narrowly missed being hit by a large red bird, followed by a blue one, with Vincent riding it, something gross attached to his leg fell off. Khura ran over to examine it, not the least bit startled by this. Khrondai ran to go get Carter.

    Tsukiea sent out his pokemon as Vincent fell off the blue bird as it used a Luster Purge attack, the Latios.


    Carter had just sent out his Pelipper to face Robert's Claydol, showering the crowd with a Mist attack.

    He was becoming popular among the many people who came to watch the boy with no ribbons in the Grand Festival.

    The battle was stopped short by a Vigoroth's Arm Hammer destroying the stage. Khrondai yanked Carter out of the building, explaining to the complaining coordinator.

    "Vincent's going down this time!" he concluded, "he ruined my contest debut!"


    Khura took the Wynaut to the Contest Hall, but had to duck down and stop before he could get there.

    A tornado was ripping through Lilycove from Latios and Latias's Aerial Ace attacks. Khura watched the fight, it was all he could do. Carter, Tsukiea, and Khrondai vs. Vincent vs. Latios and Latias. He clutched the trainer's Wynaut tighter.


    "Swampert, use a Muddy Water to knock out Vincent's Rhydon." Carter yelled.

    "Venusaur," called Tsukiea, "use Frenzy Plant to create a barrier for the water, you can't swim. Dugtrio, get back there too!"

    Vincent became frustrated. These two were perfectly in sync with each other. How about,

    "Walrein, Aurora Beam to freeze a column of water for Rhydion to stand on!"

    "Manectric!" said Khrondai, "Swim over and knock the column over with Thunder Fang."

    Tsukiea finished the Muddy Water, "Dugtrio, soak it into the ground with Earthquake!"

    The Earthquake had fainted Manectric.

    Vincent had withdrawn all his pokemon, but he hadn't even used Walrein yet.

    "Carter," he called out, "you HAVE to join me! You're a thief just like me!"
    Carter looked disgusted, "NO!!!" he yelled back, "I'm NOT like you!! I treat my pokemon like my equal! But you don't even care!!!!!!!"

    Vincent fell to the ground, crying.

    "You have to believe me," he looked up, "I've changed. I apologized to my Walrein."

    All the trainers withdrew their pokemon.

    "Then show us." said Carter, "Don't catch these two in Dark Balls."

    Articuno silenced the storm, picked up Khura, and flew off into the sky, leaving Vincent behind, sobbing.

    No! thought Vincent, now what?

    He knew the only way out now, grabbing the dark balls.


    "You guys!" cried Khura, clutching the Wynaut, "This isn't mine! I haven't returned it to its trainer yet!"

    Khrondai spoke the shared thought, "Oops!"

    "We'll go back after a rest." Tsukiea assured.

    Articuno landed in Fortree City for a break.


    Latias fell easy to capture.

    But as the tornado died down, another figure appeared.

    As he got closer, Vincent recognized the Iron-Masked Marauder as the new arrival swiftly snagged the Latios.

    "Well done," he said mockingly to Vincent, "Or, at least, halfway well done."

    Vincent was at his boiling point.

    The Marauder glanced at Vincent again, "Hand over the other one, I must get to EverGrande soon, for the next Hoenn League. I will use these two to defeat that Tyson character early on, unlike last time."

    Vincent clutched the dark ball tighter than before. He sent out the Latias.

    "EverGrande, huh?" he called down as he commanded the controlled Latias to fly there. He could warn this trainer, this Tyson, evidently a powerful trainer, about the Iron-Masked Marauder.


    In EverGrande, Vincent was having second thoughts. This might be harder than he thought. There were millions of people gathered for the Hoenn League, and only one he was searching for. He needed to calm down, buying a Lemonade for each of his pokemon and for him. He headed to Victory Road, hopefully a little less crowded.

    The Iron-Masked Marauder was waiting for him there, startling Vincent into dropping all his Lemondades, they shattered on the floor.

    The Marauder's Flygon blocked the exit to the cave with a Rock Tomb, and the tunnel deeper into the cave with another. They were both trapped in there.

    Vincent could, for the first time, see all his opponent's pokemon. A Salamence, a Flygon, an Altaria, a Kingdra standing on its tail, a Shelgon, and the controlled Latios.

    Vincent sent out only two to start.

    "If I win, I'm out." declared Vincent, there was to be a battle, "If I lose, well... That's not gonna happen!"

    "Latios," started The Marauder, "use a Luster Purge on Registeel."

    Vincent waited for it to get close, then made his move, "Crawdaunt, Protect! Now, Registeel, Explosion!!"

    The Explosion shook the whole cave.

    Vincent checked the damage. Latios and Shelgon had fainted. The Marauder withdrew Shelgon.

    Vincent returned Registeel, and sent out his remaining pokemon, a plan forming in his head as the battle progressed.

    "Latias," he called, his mind at work, "Mist Ball on the ground, keep it up! Now everyone else, form a half circle around me."

    "You're not damaging me!" cried Drake through the mist, "Salamence keep launching Hyperbeams randomly! We have to hit them sometime!"

    "Oh, I'm not done!" called Vincent back, he had four pokemon to work with, "Whiscash, remember where he was? Keep launching Fissures in that direction! Walrein, you do the same, but with Sheer Cold!"

    At this point, Vincent ducked to avoid the returning Sheer Colds.

    "Rhydon," he continued, "Stomp out all the Fissures that miss and come back, Stomp! Crawdaunt, start Swords Dancing in front of me!"

    Crawdaunt, being a higher level, took no damage from the Sheer Colds. It also powered him up for later...

    "Keep going, Latias, with the Mist Balls, you're doing great!"

    The Iron-Masked Marauder was duumbfounded. How could ANYONE think of a strategy like this?! He had a feeling his Hyperbeams weren't even making it through the fog to Vincent's pokemon. He grunted,

    "Use the fainted Latios as a shield!"

    Vincent scowled. "How can you do that!?" he screamed, "that's just pure evil!"

    His pokemon worked twice as hard now. Vincent glanced at Crawdaunt. It must be ready by now. He launched the real killer plan!

    "Latias, clear the mist with a Water Sport across the field! Crawdaunt and Rhydon, charge in with your Megahorns and Crabhammers before the mist clears!"

    Vincent ordered Walrein and Whiscash to step back.

    The Marauder was about to launch multiple Hyperbeams and Dragonbreaths from his three remaining pokemon, Altaria had fainted, and he finally withdrew Latios, but...

    Crawdaunt whacked Flygon with an extremely powered-up Crabhammer, K-Oing it instantly. Rhydon fainted Kindra with several Megahorns.

    As his two pokemon ran back to him, Vincent realized he was already a skilled trainer, he wasn't done yet either.

    "Fill up the cave, everybody Surf!" called Vincent, "Latias carry Rhydon for a couple seconds."

    He recalled how he had countered Carter's Swampert's Muddy Water earlier, "Walrein, freeze a column of the water for Rhydon to stand on!"

    He then retrieved Latias as he had to begin treading water. He would need it to get out of the cave IF he won, no, WHEN he won.

    The Marauder smirked, "Salamence, Iron Tail to propel yourself through the water. Knock that column over!"

    "You're not very good at this, are you?" called Vincent, "Whiscash, take the hit! Now heal up with Rest. Crawdaunt, Protect. Now Walrein, Sheer Cold on all the water! Rhydon, pick me up for a second!"

    Rhydon grabbed Vincent with its horn as Walrein froze all the water, with the Marauder, Salamence, and all Vincent's remaining pokemon in it.

    "Rhydon, Horn Drill the Marauder out of the ice!" he commanded as he jumped off its shoulder, he couldn't let even this guy DIE, "Whiscash, use your Snore to break out! Crawdaunt, Crabhammer! Rhydon, now drill Walrein out, its Ice type, it shouldn't be hurt.

    He then sent out Latias again, "There's no sun, but it'll still heat up the cave enough, use your Sunny Day!"

    He continued his masterful plan, "Whiscash, drain the rest of the water with Fissure!"

    The water seeped into the ground.

    "Latias, Aerial Ace to work on breaking us out!"

    Vincent strolled over to the Iron-Masked Marauder with his four starting pokemon. He tore off the steel mask, revealing the Marauder's true identity. It was Drake, of the Elite Four! He had just defeated one of the strongest trainers in the world only taking the damage he did to himself! What did that make him now? It didn't matter, Vincent had found his way out!!

    As Drake withdrew his Salamence, Vincent walked out the hole created by Latias, leaving Drake to just lay there. He could get out whenever he wanted.



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    I don't know what to say except you need to be better at describing things. Things happen to easily for Vincent and such. Maybe you should read the stickies on the forum.
    THis part can turn reviewers off. You don't write K-Oing it. You write how it fainted. How did Flygon feel when it got whacked. Did it scream in pain or did it just collapse not breathing. How did his trainer feel?

    Well, there's realism too. Would a REgisteel get captured that easily?

    Well, good luck and work on your fics before you post em'.
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    i haven't got to this part yet. but
    the dark balls were created from masterballs supplied by team aqua, explained later on
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    meh, i have to agree with D123 and that you need some more description - seriously, you can never put to much. I suggest you start off with putting as much of the senses in as possible so that we the readers can truely feel what the character's are doing and grasp our interest.

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    oh well, love your fic, be back in a week when ur unbanned
    or a month or whatever.
    i really liked the part with the Vincent-Drake battle at the end
    agree that it could go into a little more description.
    and some more 'realism' advice:
    How can a new trainer 4 chapters old defeat Drake only taking the damage he does to himself?
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    if it had been longer this would be a good place to end it

    The group was watching a TV inside the Fortree Pokemon Center. The remainder of the Grand Festival was being shown, with Vivian, the announcer, looking like a nervous wreck.

    "Normally," she said, "this would be where we award the trophy to the winner of the Grand Festival for Top Coordinator, but, since the... Um, legendary pokemon attack, the, uh..."

    She appeared to be stuck.

    No... Maybe not.

    "The audience will vote!"

    32 pictures, the coordinators who made it to the quarterfinals, appeared on the screen. Little bars were raised as the votes poured in. Trainers way behind the others began to vanish, enlarging the others.

    Carter covered his face, "Why did I leave?" he groaned, "I could have won Top Coordinator!"

    Vivian was ready, "The real winner, Carter, isn't here now! So the trophy goes to Robert, again."

    Khura and Khrondai dragged Carter out of the pokemon center over to Tsukiea and Articuno.


    "We'll pick up our other pokemon in Lilycove from the PC once they're healed." explained Tsukiea, "Some of mine and Carter's pokemon had pretty bad wounds. We'll have to walk there if we want to return that Wynaut, so we'll have to make do with you two's pokemon, and My Dugtrio and Carter's Pelipper, which, I might add," glancing at Carter, "He didn't use to battle Vincent."

    "It was in my Contest, I thought it would be tired. And besides, its not like i control how much damage your Dugtrio takes."

    "But now he can!" said Khrondai with a smile, "I'll teach your Dugtrio Substitute right now."

    "Later." Tsukiea said, pointing to the sky.

    "Guess we have ANOTHER pokemon to deal with." commented Khura, "That's Rayquaza."

    Two people on a Rayquaza destroyed the roof of the pokemon center with an Outrage attack.

    The mystery destruction crew hopped to the ground. Both were Team Rocket members dressed in black.

    The same ones! thought Tsukiea.

    "Prepare for trouble!" said one, holding a green sphere glowing with energy.

    "Make it double!" cried the other,

    "Now here's our mission so you better listen!" they shouted together, holding up the green ball.

    There was a pause.

    Both Team Rocket agents glanced at Khura, "You're not gonna interrupt us this time?" inquired the female.

    "Oh yeah! Sure." said Khura, "Cassidy and..., you, we don't need to hear your stupid motto!"

    Butch looked mortified, "It's Butch!" he cried, "Now we've changed our mission so you better listen!"

    He snatched the green ball, "Rayquaza," he cried, "Hyperbeam attack on the PC!"

    He ran over and opened up Tsukiea and Carter's files, jammed the green orb into the withdraw button and stepped back.

    "No!" cried Cassidy, "The Green Orb was synthetic! Not like the other two! Giovanni told us there was only one!!"

    "Oh." said her partner in his rough voice.

    The PC exploded from the blast of energy released from Rayquaza's thick mouth.

    "Hah!" he cried, "Now you can't withdraw your pokemon!!!!"

    Tsukiea knocked them over with an Earthquake.

    "YOU!!!!" he cried.

    Carter didn't seem bothered. With a calm face he said, "We just go to some other town and use the PC there, duh."

    "Nope!" said Butch as he sent out his Hitmontop, "you can't because..."

    He proceeded to ramble off a long string of math equations and complicated words.

    Cassidy was dumbfounded, "YOU DIDN'T TELL ME YOU WERE SMART!!!!!!", sending out a Houndoom.

    Carter glanced over at Khura, "We can take care of these two easy. Can you run to Lilycove and get our pokemon?"

    "I'll go too!" Khrondai volunteered, "I mean, Khura said you beat them easy last time."

    Tsukiea gave Carter a nervous look.


    Almost free! thought Vincent, Now about the dark balls.

    "I'll have to destroy them." he said to himself, but then remembered Tsukiea's Metapod after it blocked one of the deadly pokeballs.

    He sent out his Latias, "I need an expert." he thought.

    Vincent flew toward Orre, a new land, he could have a new start here.

    But first to find this Greevil, who was a mastermind of pokemon caught in dark balls. But at the head of an organization far more deadly than Team Rocket, Vincent could be in for a tough battle. But with his recent victory over an Elite Four member...

    He had a long time to think, about the disbandment of the Frontier Brains, temporarily, to calm the recent outburst of legendary pokemon.

    There had too be a cause, he guessed, an idea began forming.

    "That's how I'll show them I've changed!" he shouted to the sky at absolutely no one, "I'll get to the bottom of this legendary thing!"

    But first, destroying the dark balls.


    "Hitmontop," said Butch slowly, "Rapid Spin at 78 rpm, move toward Dugtrio at 55.9 degrees."

    Cassidy groaned, "PLEASE go back to being stupid. Houndoom, Fire Blast!"

    "Pelipper," called Carter, "Hydro Pump to put out the flames!"
    "Earthquake, Dugtrio!"

    Hitmontop flipped end over end into Houndoom, grinding it into the ground, unable to stop the Rapid Spin attack.

    Exhausted, Houndoom unleashed a Smog attack, blinding and poisoning the pair's Pelipper and Dugtrio under her trainer's command.

    "Dig under the ground!" called Tsukeia, "You can use the vibrations to feel where they are!"

    Carter began to panic, his Pelipper had to way to defend itself. He didn't even remember the attacks he had his pokemon do in its contest! Wait!

    "Use Endeavor attack." said Butch.

    Hitmontop, glowing orange, leaped into the air to try and flip Pelipper down to the ground.

    "Pelipper, fly up and use Hydro Pump into the air! Tsukiea, get your Dugtrio out of the ground, now!"

    Dugtrio appeared from beneath Houndoom to launch it forward, the dog pokemon quickly recovered.

    Pelipper's Hydro Pump fell down, spraying a clean blue mist over the four trainers and their pokemon.

    The sludge washed off the six eyes of Dugtrio and Pelipper's set too.

    Soaked, and their pokemon taking equal damage, both Team Rocket and the legendary pokemon trainers continued their battle ferociously...


    "Where's their pokeballs?" asked Khrondai as Khura exited the pokemon center.

    Khura responded by throwing handful of dirt in his face.

    "We need their trainer ID's." he explained, "My Uncle Birch says we need their permission for him to give the numbers to us."

    Khrondai was gone in a flash, "Find the Wynaut trainer," he called back, "I'll finish up the battle with Team Rocket."

    He grasped his three pokeballs in his hand.

    Khura went back inside the center.

    "I have this pokemon I uh... found." he told the Nurse Joy, "Do you know who it belongs to?"

    The Nurse's assistant Blissey waddled over, took one look at the Wynaut, and Doubleslapped the Nurse Joy until she fell to the ground.

    "That Wynaut was left behind by a trainer named Benny," she told Khura, "He showed me his Likitung and said he no longer has any reason to train the Wynaut/Wobuffet species. He was looking for a girl named Jessie. The Wynaut is supposed to go to the Mauville breeding center, but it keeps wandering off."

    Khura took another good look at the purple pokemon.

    "You can take it there, if you want." Lilycove's Nurse Joy told him.

    Khura quickly assembled a grin, "At the breeding center, it would go to a traveling pokemon breeder who wanted to adopt it, right?"

    She nodded, ushering Blissey into the back room.

    "I'll just take it right here and now, then!"


    The now-appearing ghost pokemon made Khura's face pale.


    Carter awoke with a start. He must have been knocked out by the explosion of attacks, Hyperbeam, Earthquake, Fire Blast, and Rolling Kick.

    Getting to his feet, Carter noticed absently the pokemon had retrieved themselves, but couldn't take his eyes off Tsukiea.

    His clothes were black and crumbling away too...

    Khrondai came rushing up to him.

    Carter couldn't even move. He collapsed on the ground, his vision slowly closing in on him.

    Khrondai was the last thing he saw before he blacked out.


    Tsukiea opened his eyes.

    He was in the back room of a pokemon center.

    Where were his red sweats?

    And his Dugtrio?

    And weren't the rest of his pokemon supposed to be here?

    He closed his eyes for a moment, reaching out to stretch.

    He snapped his arm back as he felt the body of Carter next to him.

    Carter awoke soon after to a shake from his friend.

    Khura walked in the back, holding a laptop computer. Tsukiea noticed a fifth pokeball on his belt.

    "You two need to order new clothes." he said, handing the computer to Carter, "As soon as you buy something, the Department Store can get it here within five minutes."

    Carter rubbed his eyes, "What about our pokemon?"

    "Khrondai's helping Nurse Joy take care of Pelipper and Dugtrio. All we have to do is call Professor Birch for your trainer IDs to get the rest."

    Carter had fun shopping online for a new outfit. He loved this kind of thing.

    Later on, Carter had picked out a t-shirt with a Dive Ball across the front, an indigo-ish colored headband ("My hair is being impossible with me again!"), a hooded vest half covered by a wave outline, and jeans and sweatpants he said he would do 'surgery' on to combine them.

    "I'll let you choose, Carter," offered Tsukiea, "I'm no good with clothes."


    Later that day, the group got on the phone with Khura uncle, both Carter and Tsukiea wearing their new clothes. Tsukeia's outfit consisted of a tight red t-shirt over a long sleeve grey shirt with maroon stripes, orange pants, and a red baseball cap with a Skarmory on it, to be worn backwards.

    Khura punched numbers into the PC as Birch read Tsukiea's trainer ID to them.

    Khura hit enter, and a red X appeared on the screen.

    Birch asked him to double check what he put in.

    "Its still not working!" he cried out.

    "That Butch is a genious," remarked the Professor, "He scrambled up both their trainer IDs. It could take months to solve!"

    Carter fell to the ground.

    Tsukiea caught him, "Don't worry," he reassured, "We'll get revenge on them for this."

    "How?" Carter said, "With one pokemon each?!"

    At that point, both knew they would have to raise a whole new team of pokemon, at least temporarily.

    Khura cried out, for no apparent reason.

    Everyone looked at him.

    "My egg!" he groaned, "It's hatching!!!!"

    He tore his backpack open and set the egg on the table.

    It glowed with Kyogre's symbols, then burst open with a blinding light, losing the connection to Littleroot.

    Khura examined his new pokemon, a Mantyke sat on the table.


    It was supposed to be a Manafi!!

    "Oh no!" he cried, "I took the wrong egg somehow!! The real Manafi could be in danger out at sea! Or in the hands of Team Aqua or Team Magma!!"

    The phone rang again.

    This time, Emerald called from Rustboro.

    After introductions were made, Emerald explained.

    "I saw you on TV, Carter, in the Grand Festival!! Anyway, you must be a strong trainer now, so..."

    There was a pause as he held up a pokeball.

    "...Here, you take this. It's an Anorith some guy from Devon Corp got for me. Revived from a fossil. But it won't obey me! So I hope you have better luck with it."


    "Crawdaunt, Crabhammer! Rhydon, Megahorn!" called Vincent.

    Watching the attempt, Registeel's red eyes faded to normal as the dark ball snapped.

    The same occurred for Latias.

    Vincent was glad his pokemon had decided to stay with him.

    He didn't even care about Regigigas, the ultimate pokemon team, or anything like that.

    It was time to change

    He was free, almost.


    That night, Carter sat on the beach with Pelipper, clutching his new Anorith's pokeball, one hand across Pelipper's back.

    "Don't worry." he told his pokemon, "It'll be okay soon."

    Now he had to make a new start. Both him and Tsukiea.

    They WOULD get to the bottom of this, but only together with Khrondai and Khura.

    The moon swept across the sky as he allowed his mind to wander...

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    diampe Groudon's enemy.

    I thought a side adventure in Orre would be good for a person like Vincent, trying to change within himself. Also, check out the new poll




    Giovanni sat quietly stroking his Persian as his three lieutenants approached.

    "All of you have disappointed me in some way." he glared at Drake, Butch, and Cassidy.

    "First," looking at the pair, "You fail to sabotoge Team Aqua's base and capture us Kyogre..."

    "It was these three kids!" Cassidy interrupted, at the wrong time. Giovanni snapped.

    "Persian, use Ice Fang!"

    Cassidy fled from the room, screaming.

    The Team Rocket leader glanced at the Marauder.

    "Don't think I've forgotten you," he growled, "To start, I heard drift of your planned defiance once you capture the legends Latios and Latias. Then, you show your incompetence by failing to capture one of them. After, you are defeated by your ex-apprentice and reveal your identity." Drake lowered his head.

    Butch was shaking. He knew what was coming.

    "You!" called his leader, "I realize you were hiding your intelligence. To make up for my mistake in promoting you, sabotage this..." glancing at Drake.


    He continued, "This Vincent's pokemon, the same way you did with those other trainers, but, with the lack of $200 in my pocket, I realize you still lost a battle against them and were arrested."

    "Y..Y..Yes, sir." he mumbled.

    "Now leave, both of you! And Drake, you're off Team Rocket, leave before I change my mind and slit your neck!"


    Staring down at the shrinking ground, Vincent wondered if Orre was really the best place to go.

    Yes, he reassured himself, this was where Cipher made the Dark Balls.

    Ignoring the seatbelt briefing from the flight attendant with long red hair, did the end of it get torn off?, Vincent looked down at the clouds.

    Maybe there was an easier way to capture back the pokemon...

    A green fleck appeared on the horizon, steadily growing larger.

    The flight attendant asked for his pokeballs for safe keeping.

    The pokemon was clearly snake-like.

    Vincent stood up and went to have a better look.

    The Rayquaza shook the plane as it tore off the left side of the airplane.

    Travelers screamed and rushed to the other side. The flight attendant ran to the cockpit and sent out a Seviper to guard the doorway. A Wobuffet also appeared. The pilot glanced back, a Meowth as the co-pilot. (What?!)

    Vincent sent out Walrein and Rhydon.

    "Everybody!" he called, "get to the front of the plane! Rhydon, Horn Drill those back windows out, Walrein, try and blind it with Aurora Beam!"

    He ran back to Rhydon, peeking out the new hole, "Great job!! Now you can stop any attacks from this side with Megaho...!!"

    The plane rattled as it lost altitude. Vincent was thrown out the window.

    But still a step ahead, he flew on Latias to the top of the plane.

    An Aurora Beam struck the green dragon square in the face, limiting its vision.

    It coiled around the crashing plane to keep track of position.

    On top, Vincent's Registeel hacked away at Rayquaza's body with Metal Claw.

    Once its vision came back, Rayquaza would fly all over, Vincent knew, so he needed a pokemon that wouldn't be afraid to look around.

    Or that couldn't see around temporarily!

    He threw another pokeball, "Whiscash attach your antennas around its head, now use Rest!"

    The emerald dragon snapped back with full vision.

    The plane sank rapidly again.

    Vincent withdrew his Walrein, Registeel, and Rhydon and hopped on Latias, at the same time calling out Crawdaunt.

    Crawdaunt hopped aboard Latias's back with its trainer.

    "Latias, use your Psychic to help the plane land safe!"

    Rayquaza, with Whiscash on top, barely missed Latias and co. with a Double-edge.

    "Whiscash," shouted out Vincent, "Use your Snore to keep it damaged!"

    So it continued, The plane slowly floating toward the ground under Latias's Psychic control, with the pokemon barely dodging Rayquaza's various attacks, the dragon-snake consistantly taking Snore damage, Vincent commanding the whole operation, and his Crawdaunt waiting for the opportune time...


    Tsukiea and Carter were being swarmed by reporters.

    "Why did you leave the Grand Festival?"

    "Did anyone else know of the Team Rocket attack?"

    "How many people are involved in the Latios/Latias crisis?"

    "Do you like naggy reporters?"

    Both trainers looked to each other helplessly.

    Khrondai stepped in, quieting the crowd, "Look, they really don't have time for this, but, since I'm sure nobody will leave anyway, one question at a time."

    From Tsukiea's left, "Do you think the disappearance of Kyogre will upset the balance of power between the three?"

    Carter answered a little uneasy, "Um... I don't think so, but if that's the case, well... the Kyogre thing is all Team Aqua's fault, isn't it, so, if that happens, its their responsibility to raise an army of water pokemon."

    The next question came from a kid reporter holding a bulky camera:

    "Did you intentionally disrupt the Battle Frontier's opening's publicity?"
    Tsukiea was a little startled, "Actually we didn't mean to d..."

    Another interrupted, an ecologist freak, "You captured Articuno and now its gone, correct? Does GLOBAL WARMING have ANY meaning at all to you?!"

    Tsukiea put on an annoyed face as Khrondai retreated away from the scene with Khura.


    "You know you don't have to act like you're the leader." commented Khura.

    His reply was a brief glare, soon melting into a grin, "I know how we can cheer them up! Follow me!"

    Khrondai took off dashing toward the department store.

    Minutes later Khura had a stack of various pokeballs in his hands, "Why do I have to do this?" he complained, "I already have six pokemon!!"

    Khrondai grabbed a Dive Ball, "I know Carter'll want this one, but, I'm gonna capture someone too!!"

    Khura had a flashback, "Are you still planning on capturing that Haunter?"

    "Nah. One of them can have it."

    Khura flashed a smile at his much taller companion, "So how do we get them away from the reporters?"

    Khrondai raised an eyebrow.



    Vincent's Crawdaunt cracked down a glowing Crabhammer square on Rayquaza's nose.

    Whiscash woke up and leaped off into its pokeball as the dragon screamed and twisted around.

    Latias began powering up for a Mist Ball, but Rayquaza had had enough.

    It whipped its long tail downward and shot off into the sky.

    After withdrawing Crawdaunt, Vincent and Latias flew next to the plane, giving a big thumb-up to the passengers, telling the coast was clear.

    The Red bird pokemon made a loop around the drifting plane, still keeping up the Psychic to come in for a safe landing, so Vincent could withdraw Registeel.

    Later on, the beat up aircraft made a safe landing next to the Outskirt Stand, in the Orre Region.

    A reporter, at that point documenting a high-skill battle between two nearly identical trainers in blue coats, left the finishing battle to go seek out the plane, Latias, and the rider.

    Before withdrawing Latias safely on the ground, Vincent could clearly see one trainer owning the other with a Plusle/Suicune combination against a Gyrados and a Togetic.

    The Suicune trainer drew a Master Ball from his pocket, but the rest wsa blocked out by the newscaster.

    "I'm Ancha, you should know me off Pokemon News," she hurriedly said, "Just how did this plane accumulate so much damage, how did you acquire a Latias, the legendary Red Bird of Hoenn, and WHAT IS YOUR NAME?!"

    Vincent let Rhydon come out.

    "Move it, lady!" he was trying to get a look at the battle, was one trainer dark-ball-capturing another's?

    It didn't look like a dark ball before. He climbed on Rhydon's horn, "Megahorn!" he commanded.

    Rhydon tossed him over Ancha's head and into the direct center of the battlefield.

    "STOP!" he cried out, "Wait for me to move!"

    He stumbled to where he thought the sideline would be. Only the Milotic was left for the first trainer, while the second trainer was hugging a girl holding the Master Ball in their hand.

    The Milotic person whipped off his blue coat, revealing what Vincent thought of as a trendy outfit.

    He ran off into the desert as fast as he could.

    Vincent turned to the other two, "What just happened?"

    The Plusle-Suicune trainer looked anxious, but the girl (not too appealing, he thought) went right ahead:

    "We just caught back the last Shadow Pokemon", and held up the Master Ball.

    Vincent became furious. Another dark ball trainer!!!?

    There was no going esay on this guy!

    He called on Registeel and retrieved Rhydon.

    "Registeel, use Superpower on the Suicune! Its a dark ball pokemon!"

    The rest of the trainers team came out to defend:

    A Meganium, a Quagsire, a Flygon, and an Absol all rushed forward.

    "Flygon, use your new Hyper Beam, remember those Rare Candies?"

    "Iron Defense, Registeel! Now hit the Absol with Metal Claw!"

    "Suicune, Rain Dance, Plusle, Thunder!!"

    Registeel took a heavy hit.

    "Now Quagsire use your..."

    The girl Karate Kicked him to the ground, "Orre, I'm trying to tell you!!! It's not SHADOW!!!"


    Khrondai approached Tsukiea and Carter fearlessly.

    "Give me Anorith's pokeball," he whispered.

    Carter obediently handed it over. Khrondai tossed it at the ground, revealing the land shrimp pokemon.

    "Anorith," he called to it in the midst of the group of reporters, "You can move fast, really fast, if you alternate the motion of your legs, instead of sliding around, try it!"

    Anorith sped forward a little ways, heading toward the interviewers.

    "Great," said Khrondai, "Now your target is the reporter's shoes, bring your claw down as hard as you can on them."

    Unknowingly, Anorith launched its first Aerial Ace attack, although it missed its target.

    "That attack's called Aerial Ace," Khrondai looked at Carter, who nodded.

    "Anorith, try Aerial Ace to your left!"

    The pokemon gave him a glare, turned around, and headed straight for its trainer to try an Aerial Ace.

    Carter withdrew the disobedient pokemon. The reporters scattered in all directions, fearing for their feet and possibly their lives, except for the younger one with brown hair from earlier.

    "Hi, I'm Todd! Can I do an interv..."

    Carter turned to him, "Why are you st..."

    He dropped to the ground, as a familiar purple shape appeared.

    Tsukiea turned to Khura, "Give me a repeat ball, I think they work better on previously seen or owned pokemon."

    The repeat ball in his hand, he sent out his Dugtrio,

    "Now I'm gonna capture you!" he cried, but was quickly stopped by Khrondai,

    "Wait!!! All Dugtrio can use is Earthquake, that won't even hit Haunter, and will just knock all of us over. Let me try and teach it that Aerial Ace attack."

    Haunter swayed back and forth as it waited for its opponent to make the first move.

    Under Khrondai's command, Dugtrio made a hole in the ground with a Dig attack. The mole pokemon located Haunter, flew out a new hole, and sliced down.

    Haunter was knocked through the ground, being a ghost. It launched right back up and shot a Shadow Ball of dark energy at Dugtrio, beginning to glow brightly.

    Dugtrio evaded the Shadow Ball with a Dig. The pokemon repeated its Aerial Ace technique, only to find when a resurfaced, it was now battling a Gengar, swiftly knocked right back with a Night Shade.

    Dugtrio turned to Tsukiea for guidance, only to find its trainer nowhere in sight.

    Gengar disappeared inside the repeat ball thrown from Dugtrio's first hole, Tsukiea crawling out.

    The soft glow of the pokeball faded, and Tsukiea claimed his capture.


    "Who ARE you people?" insisted Vincent as he followed this 'Orre' and his girlfriend into the pokemon center.

    He handed his full team minus Registeel to the Nurse, who apparently in Orre wasn't named Joy, and instead of a Chansey/Blissey, this one had a Wobuffet. Ignoring the obvious connection, he asked again,

    "I think you're name's Orre, but who's your girlfriend?"

    "I'm Rui." she told him at least a little.

    Take a chance...

    "Look, I'm Vincent. I think we both think the other is evil. I'm not, how about you?"

    The man replied, "No. I'm Orre, and well, you already know this is Rui. I'm trying to stop the use of Shadow Pokemon permanently."

    So there's a real term for it...

    "I think I have the same goal as you," replied Vincent, "but I have two questions for you."


    "Okay, first, what's that thing on your arm?"
    "This is called a Snag Machine. You must not be from around here, this is how people capture other trainer's pokemon, but I only capture the Shadow ones back from the bad guys. It's compatible with any pokeball."

    "Where I come from, that Snag data is programmed into a certain pokeball called a Dark Ball, except the pokemon are forced to obey you. And my second question, I thought Orre was the name of this region, you know, the PLACE?!"

    Rui stepped in, "His real name was Wes. WAS Wes. But to avoid the obvious connection with Team Snagem, they capture the Shadow pokemon for dark reasons, we thought a name change was necessary. Orre came in with the mention of how I said his Motorcycle seems to move with the land, not on top it."

    "Just a minute, I'll be right back." Vincent took out a glowing green orb from his backpack.

    He held it up to the sky, while also offering an explanation, "This is the Green Orb. Before I left for here, I needed a way to get rid of Registeel. So, I offered my three water pokemon and Latias's Water Sport to help put out some fire in Fortree City, that's in Hoenn, before I left. And on the ground, covered in ash, was this Green Orb, Rayquaza's legendary item. Maybe that's why it came after me..."

    Rayquaza appeared calmly in front of Vincent, humbled by its previous defeat.

    Vincent held out Registeel's pokeball to it, "Now, Rayquaza, you are to take this pokemon back to Hoenn, but to a new location, this time, try that cave between Lilycove and Fortree. When you get there, you are to Hyper Beam to pokeball until it breaks, releasing Registeel inside, okay? Legendary pokemon aren't meant to be captured, and at that, not captured and KEPT, anyway."

    The sky dragon held the pokeball in its mouth as it soared off to its homeland.


    Sitting outside the weather institute having lunch, Tsukiea and Carter gloat over their new captures.

    "Too bad Anorith can't swim," said Carter, "That's a first for my pokemon, wait, no Dodrio couldn't either."

    He gazed down at the river behind him. Tsukiea interrupted his thoughts,
    "Well, Gengar is already high level, and plus, it obeys me!"

    Khrondai barely even noticed the river bank collapse, sending Carter and his Anorith tumbling down under, he was tossing his Dive Ball around in his hands. Absently he called to Khura,

    "Mantyke needs some training if its supposed to have Kyogre's powers."

    "Right," Khura replied, sending out Mantyke and jumping in.

    Underwater, Carter was losing air, but had grabbed a hold of his Anorith and frantically tried to swim to the surface. He was suddenly knocked right back down by a wild Feebas.

    Carter glared at the skeleton pokemon, he had lost hold of the fossil pokemon.

    Anorith couldn't swim! It would die, but he was running out of air too!

    Carter began blacking out, as...

    The sinking fossil pokemon glowed brightly, then shot up off the bottom with its new long tail, grabbed Carter by the waist with its new Armaldo body, and Aerial Aced the Feebas right across its middle.

    The fish quickly recovered and knocked down Armaldo with a Hydro Pump attack.

    Khura and Mantyke had arrived by now. Khura swam down to grab Carter, but Mantyke began glowing red. a heart symbol appeared on both Carter and Mantyke, and the shapes switched. Carter's eyes slapped open, and he swam to the surface, Mantyke, meanwhile, had fainted. Khura carried it up to leave the battle to Armaldo.

    The Plate pokemon shot Feebas against the river bank with an Aerial Ace, and climbed up the side with a Metal Claw. Armaldo hopped onto land and searched around for Feebas's shadow, its claws glowed for a second as it swiped the air. Rocks flew automatically toward Feebas, which blocked the Ancientpower with another Hydro Pump.

    Carter immediately saw the potential in this Feebas, and tried to withdraw Armaldo to catch it. But Armaldo refused to return itself and spun around to roar at Carter.

    Taking advantage of this momentary disruption, the Feebas launched a Surf attack. Armaldo was drenched, but threw another Ancientpower behind it at the water as it regained balance. It rushed toward the water preparing for another attack, but got knocked way back from a Hydro Pump. Armaldo flipped end over end and wrecked everybody's lunch, fainting the pokemon.

    Khura flipped out his phone to call the pokemon center as Tsukiea commanded Gengar to Hypnosis the Feebas, for safety. Carter dove into the water with a Net Ball in his hand.

    The Gengar laughed, and used Hypnosis again on Khura, followed by Dugtrio and Pelipper.

    Carter wrestled the Feebas underwater, taking hits from Hydro Pump and Surf. Eventaully he stuffed the pokemon into the Net Ball and resurfaced.

    Khrondai told Tsukiea, "I can teach Gengar Dream Eater if you want,"

    He nodded.

    "Okay, Gengar, pretend you didn't just have lunch."
    "Gen, gar!!"

    "Now imagine how much food those three are eating in their dreams, don't you want that food?"

    Gengar's eyes narrowed.

    "THEN GO GET IT!!!!!!!!"

    Gengar rushed up and drew a Psychic substance from the two pokemon and Khura.

    All their eyes snapped open, Pelipper had fainted.

    Watching this, Carter almost forgot his pokeball. It glowed, and the Feebas jumped into the water, followed by a groan by Carter.

    Khrondai spun around and sent out Vigoroth, "Arm Hammer on the water."

    The river divided in two parts for a second as Vigoroth struck the water. Carter rushed in with the same Net Ball, capturing the Feebas for good this time, as it was suffocating without its water.

    The water returned to normal, and a wet Carter held up his pokeball proudly.


    Before leaving the pokemon center, after the news report of a new Cipher leader, Orre approacehd Vincent with a pokeball in his hand,

    "That was a great thing you did back there, with Registeel," he started, "So, to fill the empty sixth slot on your team, well, I'd like you to have this Qwilfish."

    Vincent couldn't believe his ears.

    "It was, one of the Shadow Pokemon, but its normal now. But that's not it, Rui and I would be honored if you'd travel with us, just to return the Shadow Pokemon."

    Vincent had a reply ready, "Thanks. That's Great! Of course I'll help with the Pokemon."

    He approached the Nurse, "Can I have my pokemon back?"

    The Nurse called in a purple haired man, the terrible pilot, he spoke now,

    "We accidently locked your pokemon in a containment chamber, only a certain member of a um, certain organization knows how to retrieve them."

    Vincent glared, and looked at Orre, "Now not only will I help return the Shadow Pokemon, I'm gonna destroy all of Cipher! I'll catch more pokemon along the way, I guess."

    Butch listened through a transmitter, good, now he could humiliate James even more...


    The land, the sea, the sky. The untamed one will now rise...



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    "Told ya!" Khrondai said as he held up his new Clamperl's pokeball.

    Carter wasn't bothered, "How about Clamperl battles my Feebas?"

    His friend snatched the Dive Ball back, "It's not trained yet, duh."

    Suddenly, the ground shook. All eyes went to Tsukiea's Dugtrio, who shrugged with all three heads at once.

    Tsukiea rushed south, "Look! Some pokemon's attacking Mauville!"

    Khura tried to call everyone back, "We need to heal our pokemon first!" but to no avail, so he followed.

    He caught up to his friends as they were blocked by a giant rock.

    Tsukiea withdrew a fainted Dugtrio, it had tried an Aerial Ace.

    Ignoring Vigoroth's Arm Hammering away at the boulder, Khura called to them, "Khrondai, you need to teach someone Rock Smash technique!"

    His response: a glare, and, "Not MY Pokemon! That's like, the weakest attack possible!"

    There were no more possibilities with the group's pokemon now.

    Carter snatched a pokeball from Khura's backpack,

    "Okay, Khrondai, you're gonna keep this pokemon no matter what!"

    He darted off into the Fiery Path.

    The other three watched the boulder turn blue, then slowly crack. Khura sent out his Wynaut, prepared to Mirror Coat any attack that came.

    The rock exploded into bits, revealing a lump underneath and a very angry Snorunt.

    Snorunt fired another Ice Beam at the group, but Khura's Wynaut was quick with a Mirror Coat.

    Snorunt dodged its returning attack and resumed its destruction of the city.

    Khrondai's team came out of pokeball to contribute their bit.

    Zangoose, Vigoroth, Manectric, and Clamperl riding on Manectric charged after it.

    Tsukiea examined the lump that was beneath the rock. It was a Larvitar.

    Khura bent down, "I think its dead. I'm NOT touching anything dead, so you can carry it back to town."

    Tsukiea gave him a look, "Why would I carry it?"

    Carter came running back, covered in dirt and ashes, "Okay, I caught this Numel, but I didn't have any pokemon to battle it with, so I had to wrestle it to the ground, and its a good thing it doesn't know any fire att... HEY HOW'D YOU BREAK THE BOULDER?"

    Both his friends shrugged, "Well, until we can beat a rogue Snorunt, you're kinda stuck with it, and it's fire type, so..."

    Carter interrupted, "NO! Just NO! There's no way I'm keeping him, Khrondai is gonna take it one way or another, I already gave it a nickname: Rock Smash! I thought it was fitting."

    Coming out of its pokeball in tears, the Numel glared at Carter and fled.


    Vincent was trying to ignore Orre and Rui, but they kept bombarding him with how he was lucky to still have Qwilfish. They were in Agate Village. He took a deep breath,

    "Okay, since I'm stuck with you guys anyway, why don't I help return the Shadow Pokemon?"

    Rui nodded, "Okay, you can start right after we visit my grandparent's house."

    The two ran in the direction of the house, Vincent struggeld to keep up. He stopped by a place that said 'Breeding Center' to catch his breath.

    An old lady and a Mightyena beckoned him inside.

    "You look like a Pokemon trainer," she started.

    Vincent sighed, "That's kinda a long story."

    The woman shook her head, "I don't want to hear it. But this trainer stopped by a couple months ago and left a Weedle. They never came back, but since then its become a Kakuna."

    She shoved a pokeball into his hands, "I insist you take it."

    Vincent voiced his thanks and left.

    Orre and Rui were waiting outside. After explaining, Orre grinned,

    "Now you have two! See, things are looking up! Now, you're in charge taking these two pokemon back to Pyrite. There's an Aipom and a Gligar..."

    Cool! thought Vincent, It's not like I'll hang around these two more than necessary, so I'll just keep them!

    His thoughts were interrupted by flapping wings. A Salamence landed in front of the three. The rider: Drake.

    He commanded his Salamence to attack, "Dragon Claw right on that boy's arm!"

    Rui and Vincent shut their eyes, while Orre barely winced at the removal of his Snag Machine. Imediately Orre sent out his full team.

    "Suicune, Rain Dance followed by Surf! Plusle, Thunder! Meganium, Razor Leaf! Quagsire, Surf as well! Flygon, Hyper Beam! Absol, Swords Dance then Slash!"

    Drake climbed aboard Salamence, fitting the Snag Machine on his arm. Salamence whipped the ground with an Iron Tail and knocked the whole crew over. He soared toward Citadark Isle with vengeance in his eyes...


    Meanwhile, the team rocket crew consisting of Jessie, James, and Meowth, and their two traveling-outside-their-pokeball pokemon Wobuffet and Mime Jr. had all boarded a ferry at Gateon Port to go to the other side of the world, the Sevii Islands.

    They slowly watched as the distant Fiore became more distant and they passed the lands of Orre, followed by Johto, then Kanto, swerving through the Orange Islands, headed toward Chrono Island, the fifth Sevii Island.


    Khura had been given the pokeballs of everyone's fainted pokemon and was to go to the pokemon center, including the empty one, or was it?

    Tsukiea followed him carrying the Larvitar body.

    Khrondai's pokemon seemed to have the upper hand at this point, with Clamperl and Manectric's Thunderbolt/Whirlpool combo. Clamperl had a high enough defense that he wasn't harmed much by the electricity.

    Surprisingly, Snorunt froze the Electric whirlpool of doom and got away with a Protect and minimal damage. It was then knocked over by a fleeing Numel. Carter soon followed with a pokeball, trying to retrieve the rampaging pokemon. He missed and struck the Snorunt with the beam. The ice pokemon went inside as Carter realized he kept an empty one and Khura had the Numel's. The Snorunt never came back out, ending the threat here.

    Locating the Numel, Carter rushed onward.

    He came close, but the camel pokemon used an Earthquake, flipping him backward end over end. Carter began feeling sorry for it. For real, isn't naming a pokemon after a useless move an insult? But now nobody wanted it. He would do the right thing, and keep it. That's giving up a lot...

    "Rock Smash, I'm sorry!" he started, "I probably shouldn't have caught you in the first place, but we were DESPERATE! But I'm sorry now! And I'll keep you on my team if you want..."

    Numel charged him with a Take Down, but began licking him as Carter got up.


    Groudon opened its eyes, done gathering power. It called upon Mewtwo to delivre it a special report. The semi-legendary pokemon gave the vital information, listing the pokemon trainers that have influenced the world most recently, whether negatively, or not. The list: Orre, Rui, Drake the Dragon Master, Khrondai, Tsukiea, Jessie and James, Butch and Cassidy, Carter, and Khura, all for various reasons, ranging from capturing a legendary pokemon, to messing with the PC data of these legendaries, to excessive use of dark ball/snag machines.

    The cloned Psychic pokemon left Terra Cave, with these words,

    "Let it be known, that Groudon, greatest of the three, has risen on the day of Tyranitar in the reign of Groudon."

    The targets had been selected.


    Tsukiea and Carter were sitting on the shore opposite New Mauville with some of their pokemon.

    Carter groaned, but smiled at the same time, "Guess I'm not much of a water trainer anymore!"

    Tsukiea sat next to him with the Larvitar in his lap.

    "Nurse Joy said Larvitar had taken some pretty bad lung damage from being under that rock from so long. But its alive, at least."

    Rock Smash the Numel was racing along the shoreline against Feebas, who was swimming.

    Tsukiea laughed, "Carter, your new pokemon all have personality conflicts. That's why I have no idea who'll win that race. Armaldo is rebellious, Feebas is overly-aggressive, Num, I mean, Rock Smash has a jealous personality, and Snorunt is way too destructive."

    Feebas won the race, but Rock Smash stuck out its tongue at the fish and galloped up to Carter, who was still holding Armaldo's pokeball in his hand as well as Snorunt's.

    Gengar, Dugtrio, and Pelipper were off on their own. The three had been through most of the escapade of the legendary pokemon outbreak so far, and didn't intend to miss any more. Now for the cause...

    Khura glanced back down at his PokeNav, vigorously typing in long strings of numbers and letters, while quickly glancing at pokedex entries of Venusaur, Swampert, Raticate, Linoone, Butterfree, Ludicolo, Crobat, and Dodrio for help. Hopefully soon he could use these to help track fown the ID's of their PCs, allowing them, along with Kyogre and Articuno to be withdrawn.



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    While Khrondai strode over to the Bike Path to go buy them bikes, the other three sat around doing nothing, watching an old man fishing.

    Tsukiea seemed nervous about visiting his parents.

    "Don't worry," Carter reassured him, "What do you think they could be mad about? I mean, besides repeatedly being shown running away from reporters on Pokemon News all over the world, interrupting a special news report coming from Orre, I don't think they know anything about what's happened to us."

    The old man stopped fishing and hobbled over,

    "I understand you all are the ones responsible for destroying Lilycove, Fortree, and Mauville, so..."

    Tsukiea stopped listening. If you took time out to think about it, they kind of made a trail of destruction wherever they went. Tornado in Lilycove, Fire in Fortree, Ice storm in Mauville. He said,

    "None of that was our fault you know."

    Carter took over, "On the bright side, we're running out of natural disasters, so stay tuned!"

    The old man laughed,

    "Such optimism! Such a trainer would be delighted in training a pokemon that evolves on happiness!"

    He shoved an egg into Carter's hands, it was covered in hollow triangle pictures.

    The man continued, "Once that's hatched and evolved, you will take it to Chrono Island to a laborotory in the middle of a meadow, got that?"

    He whipped off an old person disguise to reveal a taller man with short black hair, he proceeded to send out a Kingler and Surf off into the distance.

    Khura spoke up, "Ten dollars says he's a Team Aqua member, remember them?"

    Khrondai called them over.

    Carter put the egg in Tsukiea's hands, "Keep it," he told his friend,

    "I already have more pokemon than you do."

    They both touched it at the same time. The egg glowed and exploded. Both stared down at what appeared to be another egg, but that too began glowing. Wings grew out of the ball, as well as feet and a tiny head.

    "Togetic!" cried the Happiness Pokemon, "Tic, Tic, Togetic!"

    It shot out two glowing leaves from its mouth, knocking both over. The egg bird didnt know its own strength, apparently, which was a lot.

    Tsukiea called it into an empty pokeball,

    "Thanks so much Carter."

    They rejoined the other two.


    Drake stepped inside the volcanic mountain. He was halted by a woman with a Farfetch'd and an Altaria, both with red eyes.

    Brake showed his Altaria, and took down the other one with a Dragon Claw. The Farfeth'd used some weird attack the trainer, introducing herself as Lovrina, called "Shadow Sky". A weird mist enveloped Altaria and fainted it. Drake sent out Flygon, but quickly withdrew him. He glanced at his Snag Machine, he would need some practice if he intended to use this later, grabbing an Ultra Ball from his coat...


    Vincent rushed Orre and Rui onto a orre's motorcycle, which had been given fying capabilities temporarily.

    He claimed to have returned the Gligar and Aipom already.

    Orre glanced toward Citadark Isle, "Time to take down Drake and get back my Snag Machine! And we just can't tell them that everyone can see Shadow Pokemon unless they saw them being made."

    They quickly arrived at the volcano. Seeing smoke, the group soared to the top.

    What they found was two bodyguards watching a red-haired boy who was tied up, a fat person Rui identified as "the mayor", an old man, and Drake.

    After a swift landing, Orre and Rui rushed over to "the mayor", pointing to the old man, that Vincent would have to battle.

    The old man revealed himself as Greevil, "Those over there," he pointed to Orre, Rui, and "the mayor", "Es Cade, The mayor, those three are rivals. Those over there," pointing to the red and blue bodyguards, and the tied-up boy, "My sons, those ones are rivals as well. Him," pointing to Drake, "He has come to ask me a question. I will deal with him later. That leaves just you... and me."

    He sent out an Exeggutor and a Tauros. Vincent saw a battle commencing between Orre and Es Cade, he understood what had to take place. But no! He would have to use the pokemon he was supposed to return! And none of his new team were very strong! Its at least worth a try...

    He sent out Aipom and Gligar. Orre had Es Cade pinned down with his Absol, he glared at Vincent,

    "You thief!! I trusted you to return those pokemon to their owners, and you stole them! You're just as bad as any of these people here!"

    The mayor's Slaking threw Absol back off him with an Earthquake.

    Greevil stared hard at Vincent, "This battle doesn't have to happen, you know."

    He took a deep breath,

    "You have demonstrated your boldness, in actually thinking you could battle me and win, and you have shown your deceit by taking those two, Aipom and Gligar, why not join Cipher and become an Admin?"

    Vincent tossed the idea around in his head. Was there a good choice? A right choice? He could join Cipher, it would be much easier. But...

    He'd made his decision.

    "Aipom, Focus Punch! Gligar, Steel Wing!"

    Greevil seemed unphased, "Very well, then. Tauros, Stomp Aipom to the ground, Exeggutor, the same with Gligar."

    Both fainted. Vincent now chose his last two, Kakuna and Qwilfish. But before he could command an attack plan,

    "Tauros, Stomp on Kakuna, Exeggutor on Qwilfish."

    Kakuna fainted, Vincent rushed up and snatched Qwilfish away before it could be harmed, ignoring the spines poking into his body. Qwilfish realized this and retracted them, leaving Vincent with only future bruises. Greevil, however, had no concern

    "Tauros, Horn Attack on the trainer, Vincent."

    Vincent turned away to protect Qwilfish and cringed as the Horn Attack struck his back, it tore off his shirt as it hit.

    "Now Tauros, Hyper Beam!"

    There went the rest of his outift.

    Exeggutor began powering up for a Solarbeam...


    Tsukiea almost knocked on the door of his parents' house, but lost the nerve to do so.

    They entered the pokemon center so he could 'get something to eat first'. An excuse.

    The Nurse Joy walked over to him,

    "You look stressed." she said, "So boy do I have a treat for you!"

    Tsukiea took a closer look at the slip of paper she held out,

    "See, I'm retiring here to go help out at the Safari Zone. See, it's right in between two of the destroyed cities, so people are flocking there to take care of their pokemon. And I got called over there to help. Anyway, this is a free pass I was given to hand out to someone for a free Safari Game. So take it, it'll get your mind off things to go catch pokemon for free!"

    Khrondai spoke up, "Let's do it! Your parents can wait, Tsukiea. Anyway, after this, since we have to go there on a boat, we can catch the next ferry to Chrono Island, we have some business to take care of there."

    Khura's eyes grew wide, "You mean..."

    "Yup! We're gonna stop these criminals!"


    Groudon unleashed a Solar Beam on the sky. It crawled out of its Mt. Chimney home and down the side of the mountain on all fours. A man dressed in black and red chased after him with a Camerupt. The Earth Pokemon roared. Being the last of the three to not be controlled, it should have expected this.

    Now Groudon had to relocate itself. It looked to the horizon and spotted the only other mountain around, Mt. Pyre.

    The giant used its Eruption attack to stimulate the volcano. Its plan worked. Ash flew high into the air, and lava slowly flowed down the sides of it. The Team Magma leaders body became enveloped in it, and rolled down with the rest of the debris, slowly burning. The man's screams filled the air, and Groudon sighed with satisfaction. It glanced to its right. The town of Lavaridge would soon be no more, but, some sacrifices had to be made. It headed slowly toward Mt. Pyre and the nearby Safari Zone...

    Basically, this could be blamed on Tsukiea, Carter, and Vincent as well, as Groudon only did this to weaken their support and go after them.

    Thus fell the fourth city of Hoenn to a lava flow.


    A Salamence stepped in to take the hit from Solarbeam. Drake stepped in front too,

    "Vincent get out of here!" and to Greevil, "Hey you! Vincent, I agree, must be killed, but I will be the singular one to take care of that! I will not kill him today, but slowly weaken him from the inside until he BEGS for death. Then I can justly give it to him, as he has requested."

    Vincent still clutched Qwilfish close to his body. That second, he made up his mind. He realized that evil was disgusting, and he could NEVER be any part of it. Ever. He also decided that no matter what Drake did to him, he would just keep fighting.

    Greevil released a Zapdos and a Moltres to do battle.

    So they got caught too? Vincent thought.

    Vincent blacked out as Drake's full team came out...


    Tsukiea sped through the Safari Zone, searching for just the right spot. The guide had told him that the area reserved for Johto pokemon had been expanded to include some from Kanto as well, to keep them safe until the Legendary Pokemon quieted down.

    He stopped near a pond, tossing a rock at a Shuckle to make it leave. Not quite the pokemon he wanted.

    He picked up a fishing rod from the nearby rack, and attached bait to it.

    Almost immediately in the water, a Dratini took the bait.

    Tsukiea prepared for a long struggle, but when he tossed his first Safari Ball, a bolt of lightning shot out of the water to stop it. A second Dratini appeared next to the first. Both rammed the river bank, the first one took out a lot more than the electric one.

    Tsukiea sent out Gengar to battle them. The first Dratini used a Slam on it but went right through the ghost pokemon. The second Dratini shot a Thunderbolt at Gengar, but Tsukiea called out Larvitar to take no damage from it. Since it was on land stranded from the other, Tsukiea threw a Safari Ball at the Slam Dratini. It was captured! The Thunderbolt Dratini shot out of the water and rubbed up on Tsukiea's leg. It wanted to be captured too!

    Tsukiea threw another Safari Ball, making his capture to the sixth member of his current team.

    He held up both Safari Balls, "Alright, both of you, come out!"

    He examined both.

    "Thunderbolt Dratini, your nickname is Initard, okay, so I don't get you confused."

    He recalled his pokemon,

    "Wait till Carter sees my two Dragons!"


    Drake shook Vincent awake. Vincent automatically glanced at the new clothes he was wearing. Blue jeans, a purple long sleeve shirt, and a green bandana. Pretty much exactly what he would have chosen.

    "Don't worry, I paid for them," commented Drake, "I saw them circled in a magazine ad from some airplane that supposedly was saved from a crash by legendary pokemon."

    That was the plane he was in, and his magazine too! What had happened back at Citadark? Maybe...

    Drake glared at him, "Now leave!"

    Vincent bobbed his head two or three times, then ran away from the Outskirt Stand.

    Back to Hoenn, he thought, back to home, right after I stop those team rocket pilots, he thought. They're in Sevii, he knew.

    Later, in the Phenac Pokemon Center, a weird person approached him.

    "Did you know that this pokeball contains a rare pokemon, a Sudowoodo?"

    Vincent guessed it must have been a Shadow Pokemon from one of the Admins given to a random person.

    "I'll sell it to you for $500."

    "I have no money." replied Vincent.

    "Grr..." said the person, "Just take it!!! It's a Magikarp, for heaven's sake! I'm the MAGIKARP SALESMAN! I rip people out of their money and give them useless pokemon! Like just recently, I stopped this idiot, James, on his way to Chrono Island, he ALWAYS falls for this. But not this time... Anyway, the talking meowth kept him away from me..."

    Vincent snatched the Magikarp. These evolve into Gyrados, I think...

    Oh well, Chrono Island's where they went, time for me to follow.


    The day of Cascoon...

    Groudon launched a Solarbeam at his first four targets.

    There will be no place left to go, it thought.

    Instantly, 19 pokemon came out to battle it.

    "It's Groudon!" shouted Khrondai, "Why is it attacking us?"

    The Nurse Joy ushered them onto the ferry,

    "I'm not going, but this ferry is headed toward Sootopolis, so it'll get you away from Groudon."

    Khura admired how this Nurse could be so calm in an emergency.

    As they boarded the boat, an explosion was heard from Registeel's nearby cave. A sound that can only come from the destruction of a pokeball.

    Rayquaza flew out and off back to its Sky Pillar, this causing a temporary distraction for Groudon.

    Registeel's dim outline could be seen by the four trainers.

    Tsukiea commented, "I guess Vincent really did change."

    Khura wasnt so sure, "He released him because it wasnt strong enough."

    The shared thought was that it didn't matter, because that was one legend they didn't have to worry about any longer.

    Groudon launched another Eruption attack, Feebas blocked most of what was heading for the ferry with Hydro Pump. A shower of Duskulls and Shuppets shot down from Mt. Pyre like a bullet, should Groudon decide to make it a new volcano.

    Another Eruption and about a dozen Chimechos descended, with one little Riishan lagging behind. An Eruption rock hit it and it fell down to the boat.

    Carter caught it and held it from trying to follow its family, so as not to let it get hurt.

    The Riishan cried out sadly and evolved with tears in its eyes. The new Chimecho diverted the ferry away from the destruction, toward Sootopolis.

    Tired, and a bit sick from using so much power, the Chimecho fled into Carter's last empty pokeball.

    Tsukiea's eyes suddenly grew very large,

    "Turn the ferry around! In any direction but this way! Please!! Sootopolis is a giant dormant volcano, and if we go there, Groudon will destroy it! Head toward the nearest place outside Hoenn!"

    The group instantly had a reason to become very, very afraid. This ferry was steered by a computer, not a person. It was programmed to go to Sootopolis and nothing was going to stop it.

    The water began boiling.

    Although this was the last seasonal day of its reign, Groudon's new reign of power and fear had begun.




    Idea: I'll post trainer cards for Tsukiea, Vincent, Carter, Drake, and anyone else important soon.
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    Vincent glared at the SS Tidal's commander. Ever since his return to Hoenn, he'd been asked for identification all over the place. Having no trainer card, there were many police searches done.

    The entire ferry system in Hoenn had been shut down, due to something or another about Groudon and 'mass destruction'.

    Maybe entering Hoenn through the Battle Frontier was a bad idea...

    The only shocking thing was the discovery of the fate of his hometown, Lavaridge. Groudon's lava flows had completely covered it.

    This was the final straw. Before he could head to the Sevii Islands, he had to save Hoenn. Alone, evidently.

    Maybe Carter's contest career got in the way, Vincent thought, Or...

    Or maybe they're dead!



    An Arm Hammer smacked the computer control system, followed by a Take Down, an Aerial Ace, and a Shadow Ball,



    "Gar, gengar!"

    Carter held his Chimecho in his arms like a baby. It looked badly hurt.

    Tsukiea glanced around quickly, but hopelessly. Swimming definitely wasn't an option, even Carter's Feebas had fainted just from trying to swim around in the boiling water.

    He lapsed into a series of flashbacks about his pokemon,

    Venusaur, Raticate, and Butterfree fighting in the Lilycove Tornado.

    Crobat as a Golbat after...

    Oh no!

    What had happened to Mossdeep in their absence?

    The Frontier Brains just left.

    What if the electric storm never quieted down?

    Mossdeep was lost too, then.

    If only they could prevent all of Hoenn from crumbling somehow...

    Turn back time maybe...

    More flashbacks...



    Wait! In its beak! Articuno was carrying what he learned to be a Time Flute, one of three in existance. Two now.

    Vincent used one to go back in time in the Regice cave.

    He could turn back time!

    But how far?

    He looked at Carter,


    He reached to his back pocket.


    Khrondai already knew, sadly, "Those aren't the same clothes as when you battled the legendary birds."

    Khura, meanwhile, had his electric mice zapping away at the boat's navigation system.

    Suddenly, the ferry came to a halt in front of a smoldering used-to-be-a-dormant-volcano.

    Nothing was left.

    "You have reached Sootopolis City" said the computer voice.


    Ruby, Sapphire, and Popo the Castform walked down to the Battle Frontier's harbor area.

    "Ugh!" Sapphire groaned, "What is Emerald's PROBLEM?!"

    Ruby nodded his head slightly, "He insulted my hair style just because he beat me in the Battle Dome!"

    The young trainer snatched the headband off his head.

    He tossed it in the trash.

    Ruby began combing his hair down as they continued their walk.

    "So what do we do now? You know, until Guile comes back with Jirachi."

    Ruby's mouth opened to answer Sapphire's question, but closed again when another figure appeared.

    This new trainer had five pokeballs around his waist, three Timer balls and two pokeballs.

    He introduced himself as Vincent,

    "I'm only staying here until they reopen the ferries to the Sevii Islands. So in the meantime, how about a battle, one of you?"

    Ruby rolled his eyes as Sapphire sent out Phadodo, her Donphan.

    This new Vincent shrugged and made his choice, a Magikarp.

    Sapphire stared at this terrible choice in disbelief. Why in the WORLD would anyone actually choose a Magikarp to lead their team?

    "Phadodo, finish this quick with rollout."

    The Magikarp flipped around on land helplessly as Phadodo approached it.

    Vincent commadned a Tackle from it.

    It bounced off the elephant pokemon harmlessly and took Rollout damage.

    "Now, Flail Magikarp!"

    The Magikarp struck Phadodo several times and Donphan's Rollout stopped dead in its tracks.

    A fat man stopped the battle.

    "Scott!" Sapphire groaned, "This was getting fun!! I've never had to COMPETE to beat a Magikarp before!"

    The Battle Frontier's owner closed his eyes momentarily.

    He began, "This fish came from the Magikarp Salesman. Although my unsuccessful brother, he is a con artist."

    Scott picked up the damaged fish pokemon. He held out a purple piece of candy.

    The Magikarp ate it, and Scott handed it back to Vincent, who had a very confused look on his face.

    Scott explained, "That Rare Candy sometimes gives pokemon enough energy to evolve or learn new attacks. Retrieve your Magikarp for today. Tomorrow, you may have a new friend."

    Scott then looked to Ruby and Sapphire, "You two are needed right now at the Battle Palace. Guile is there. Emerald and the Frontier Brains are barely managing to hold him off."

    He looked to Vincent, "You've had experience with legendary pokemon before. I can see it in your eyes, or rather, my Shedinja sees all, and told me through ESP, though it's still in its pokeball. Come with us."

    Ruby put on a serious face, "Come on then. We can't let this place be destroyed like Sootopolis, with another legendary pokemon battle!"


    From the safety of Phenac City, Orre and Rui discussed their plans.

    Orre's worried expression told it all,

    "There's something wrong here."

    Rui karate chopped his leg,

    "Suuuuuuuuuure... Actually, in case you haven't noticed, THERE'S A LOT OF THINGS WRONG! Greevil and Evice got away, Vincent the traitor made off with some of the former shadow pokemon, and..."

    Orre rubbed his hurting thigh,

    "No. I mean not like that. More like: Rayquaza was taking commands from a human being holding an item that isn't even supposed to exist, Vincent had captured the legendary Latias and lost it to criminals, Greevil captured Zapdos and Moltres... Don't you see?! There's some sort of imbalance in the legendary pokemon! We..."

    Rui silenced him with a kung fu pose.

    Orre spoke up anyway, "What is with your martial arts kung fu karate thingy?!"

    Rui replied, "I have my own style. It's called Chow Mein."

    Orre continued from earlier, "Those criminals were headed west. The only thing that way is the Sevii Islands, on the other side of the world. I say we 'take a vacation'."

    Both sighed and spoke together,

    "We have way too busy of lives."

    They laughed and Orre gave a kiss on the cheek.


    "Hi! I'm Ancha, traveling currently in the Hoenn Region.

    We've had strange happenings in the past, but this definitely outdoes them all!

    Hoenn's cities are all slowly falling.

    First, the Mossdeep storm. After the Space Center crumbled, an attack from the legendary birds has caused a thunderstorm, only recently silenced.

    What could have stopped Mossdeep's downfall?

    I'm here with the expert, Professor Oak!

    What do you have to say on this subject, Professor?"

    "Well, Ancha, The only logical explanation for the abrupt silence of the storm would be the capture of the bird Zapdos. As for the rest of the ruined cities..."

    "Um... yeah. That's my job. Thank you for coming Professor.

    Uh, you can leave now.


    Yeeeeeah... Anyway, the trail of destruction continues, with a tornado tearing the port city of Lilycove to shreds.

    Fortree City's wildfire was next.

    Then, a mysterious ice storm strikes Mauville.

    The Mt. Chimney eruption has demolished Lavaridge in our most recent disaster.

    Fortunately, no one has been killed so far. Citizens are gathering in three safe points scattered in the western area of Hoenn. While most go to Slateport for refuge, in Fallarbor and Petalburg, residents are encouraged to stay in Rustboro. Dewford citizens remain safe as of now.

    Also, the root of these disasters has been determined by the Jenny Police Force in Hoenn, a relatively new law enforcement squad.

    Here are posters of the wanted:

    This trainer identifies as Tsukiea, has been sighted at every place so far.

    His partner, Carter, we all thought we could trust him since the Grand Festival.

    Brawly, the Dewford gym leader's brother, Khrondai.

    And this kid named Khura.

    We have also received confirmation from yours truly that this trainer, a mysterious person who goes by Vincent. This guy was seen along with two others, possessing the legendary pokemon Suicune, Latias, and Registeel. Rayquaza has also been spotted with the former, although its status with them is unknown.

    However, Registeel was sighted back in its cave after Mt. Chimney's eruption.

    Speaking of legends, several of them are partially or totally responsible for Hoenn dark daze.

    These including:

    Groudon, it appears unstoppable at the moment.

    That's it for the news report.

    And remember, I'm Ancha!"


    Drake commanded another Hyperbeam from Salamence.

    The elite trainer was in the middle of a high speed air chase after Greevil and his associates.

    The old man's Moltres was carrying him much faster than Drake's Salamence.

    However, Latios was rapidly gaining on the fire bird.

    "Luster Purge!" commanded its cruel owner.

    Moltres spiraled to the ground, but not before taking out the blue dragon bird with a Sky Attack.

    Later, on the ground, Drake's pokemon team, minus Shelgon, who he kicked of because it was 'too weak', had Greevil cornered. Es Cade and the others had fled on.

    Drake glared down at the man,

    "Now, we do this MY way."



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