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Heroica Legends: An Undesired Hope

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by SGMijumaru, Mar 18, 2018.

  1. SGMijumaru

    SGMijumaru Competitive Mijumaru

    Okay so this starts with a bit of a story from me. Last year, I spent the time writing what I considered was my best writing work ever and entered into Wattpad's "Pokémon Watty Awards" in hopes of finally seeing how far I had come in terms of writing. I landed 4th place and wasn't too happy with it, being a perfectionist.

    Naturally, I went crazy and asked a lot of people for reviews and feedback on basically everything to do with the story, and thankfully, my writing mentor gave me a very in depth review that basically touched on every last thing I did well, everything I that could be improved, and everything I did badly. There was so much to take in that I decided that simply editing the story wouldn't be enough to perfect it, and that I would have to completely remake it.

    That's what this story is. The original version is called Pokémon Chronicles ZERO. After about two months of taking and working with all the feedback, I reworked it into Heroica Legends: An Undesired Hope. This is my attempt at perfecting a first draft (although I'm changing so many aspects from the original story that this in itself is a new first draft).

    Sadly, I had gone and already announced to my admittedly miniscule audience that I would be writing Astral Genealogy this year, so I've taken on the task of finishing both fanfics alongside one another! It's working out so far. And now that I know I can have both fanfics uploaded here too, Serebii readers can enjoy it too!

    I sincerely hope that you, the reader, can enjoy reading An Undesired Hope as much as I enjoy writing it. I've truly grown to adore the characters and world I've created within this story and its brave concept, and take a lot of pride in the time and effort that has gone into its creation!

    Without further ado, let's get to the actual story synopsis and first part and all that!




    Civilisation is dependent on an ancient source of energy, Bestia, but is soon to face an energy crisis. As the Pokémon of Heroica quickly deplete Bestia from their world, they lose the power to perform Pokémon attacks and abilities, whilst nature gradually decays.

    Legend has it that in the world’s darkest hour, six heroes will shine against the inevitable ruin and restore the world’s energy. With hope in their hearts, Heroicans hold strong that the legend will come true and their world will one day be saved.

    Lucca, an idealistic young Brionne Prince, is about to learn just how much of that is true. When he is given the mission to ensure the success of the Shining Warriors, he finds himself on a grand journey that will affect more than the fate of Heroica’s energy crisis. Faced with conflicts larger than he could ever imagine, morals clash with reason and emotion as he comes to choose what is right or wrong for the world around him.


    This story contains the following material:

    Dark themes
    Foul language
    Descriptions of blood and mild gore
    Fantasy violence
    References to sexual themes

    This story is recommended viewing for users age 15+, but has been not been rated under the site's mature content rating due to being generally viewable by an audience below that age (since it is a Pokémon adventure fanfiction). By reading this book, you adhere to the above warnings and the mature content contained within.

    Do not proceed if you are not okay with any of the listed content.


    Episode 1: Heroica and Reverie
    Episode 2: Day of departure
    Episode 3: Megan and the enigmatic mother
    Episode 4: Fated meeting
    Episode 5: Premonition
    Episode 6: To the temple! Clash on Fossil Hill!
    Episode 7: Crystal's trial ~ choice
    Episode 8: Awakening
    Episode 9: The Legend of the Shining Warriors
    Episode 10: Foreboding Insecurities
    Episode 11: The Means to Survive

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    Last edited: Aug 17, 2018
  2. SGMijumaru

    SGMijumaru Competitive Mijumaru

    Latest edit: 13/09/18

    Episode 1: Heroica and Reverie

    When it comes to battle, any Pokémon knows that the first attack is the most important. That’s why when a Pokémon hunts its prey, keeping hidden until the opportune moment is the most important part of the hunt. If you get seen during your approach, the prey has all the time in the world to flee.

    This little Popplio knew that, and yet, he stumbled along the crag with an uncomfortable hop in his step, making far more noise with his walking that he should have. He was sweating a lot and kept his face screwed up, focused on keeping his grip on a heavy sword that he carried. He had to use both hands to hold it, leaving his tiny flipper feet to do the hard work of keeping him moving. The weapon wasn’t any fancier than a katana fit for a Pokémon his size, but his struggles to carry it made his weight uneven.

    Around him was a tight enclosure of canyons and cliffs, all of them reddish in colour with an unsettling river of bubbling lava running amongst them. The lava wasn’t visible from this height, but it did give the mountains a singed smell and a blue glow from below. Popplio wasn’t sure that it was lava running through because of that colour, but he liked to think of it as so because of the stagnant heat coming from it.

    He shook his head and focused, trying to ignore the fact that the heat was getting to him. His target was around here somewhere, and he had to catch it off-guard. He had to catch and defeat it without using a Pokémon attack – that was his training mission for today, why he went through with using this inconvenient weapon. He sealed that fact in his mind and strode onwards, keeping his eyes peeled.

    After descending a short slope, he found himself staring out at an open wasteland. The blue lava didn’t run through here but there were a few cracks and holes in the ground. Other than the pitch black, silently thundering sky and the dead trees dotting the distance, there was nothing out here besides himself.

    There was vegetation out here. It must’ve been a field or something. The trees are thin and not very tall, but they’re the tallest trees I’ve ever seen,” he thought to himself, loosening his grip on his sword. Its weight made him almost drop it as a result, so he used it to keep himself upright instead. “I’ve come too far out. There’s nothing out here. No living Pokémon, no plants, not even wind.

    His sorrowful thoughts were suddenly met with a jolting tingle that made him twist around. Tiny rocks tumbled down the slope beside him. Something was there, creeping up on him.

    But I’m supposed to be the one doing the creeping! Dang it, don’t tell me I failed again?” Popplio cursed in his mind, picking up his sword. He had to swing it around with a bit of momentum to hold it properly, keeping the blade pointed straight up. Ready to swing it at anything that moved, he surveyed his surroundings in search of what was sneaking up on him. Nothing moved but his eyes.

    Dang it. It must’ve been something that ran away,” he moaned. He retracted his pose just as said creature was steadily descending behind him, a paper-thin monster that resembled a star-shaped piece of origami. Its arms were lengthy, sharp, and wide like the blades of swords, whilst its feet were short and creased into a triangular shape. Complex folds of its orange and white, papery body gave it a face of some kind, and although it lacked any actual facial features, it somehow screeched to signify its presence.

    “Whoa!” Popplio yelped at the top of his voice, spinning around with a violent swing. The monster darted up into the air to avoid it and stared down at him, stretching out its arms like wings to float on the still air. “K-Kartana? That’s not what I was after!”

    It screeched again and ignored his outburst, swooping down at him with both arms pointed forward. Popplio cried out and desperately swung his sword to defend himself, having Kartana smash itself against his weapon so hard that it flew out of his hands. Kartana bounced back from the strike, continuously screeching and fluttering around as if irritated by the outcome.

    “N-no, my sword!” Popplio gasped, turning to where it had landed. The blade lodged itself into the ground a few feet away, too far away to easily reach. Seeing that, Popplio panicked, glancing back at his screeching enemy. “P-please, wait! I didn’t mean to-”

    His plea was ignored before it was even over, and Kartana came at him swinging again. He cried out and dove to avoid it, realising that he had jumped away from his sword only after he rolled further down the slope. Now that his hands were free however, he was able to run on all fours and could comfortably flee as a result.

    He couldn’t escape, however. He did a U-turn and sprinted up the slope as fast as he could to retrieve his weapon, constantly having to duck his head, cough and flinch out of the way of near miss slashes. When he finally got to his discarded blade, he only had a second to pull it out of the ground and failed to do so. He roared in pain as the Kartana sliced cleanly through the top of his arm, creating a paper thin cut that ran along it from the tips of his flippers to his shoulders. Blood gushed from the wound’s tiny gap, sending him rolling back to the ground.

    “Ah-ahh- no, please,” Popplio begged, having to catch his breath after crying and sprinting so much. He ignored the burning pain in his arm to crawl backwards and try and get away still, but all that resulted in was Kartana screeching again. It followed him, expecting some sort of attack from the Popplio. Once it concluded he could be finished off, it pointed both of its blades at him and reared back, causing Popplio to shriek and cover his face pathetically.

    A few moments passed without any kind of excruciating pain. Once he became brave enough to open his eyes and face forward, he found himself cradled comfortably by the tail of a Primarina.

    “F-Father?” Popplio gasped, gawking at him. The Primarina had a sword of his own, using it to hold Kartana back with ease. Despite the danger the grass type posed to the two of them, Primarina casually turned back to him, ignoring that danger.

    “Lucca. You’ve truly put yourself into it this time, haven’t you?” he stated. He faced forward before Lucca could reply, finally pushing himself forward. His effort knocked the Kartana off balance and into the air, allowing him to finish it off with a swift cut straight through it. It seemed to take severe damage from the direct hit, although that damage wasn’t visible. It just screamed, shook itself back into focus and then flew off. “There. See? That wasn’t so difficult, was it?”

    “I,” Lucca muttered, staring in shock. He had dealt with Kartana before, but never as easily as a single strike scaring one off. He couldn’t stop staring at the dark sky where it had flown away, half expecting it to turn back and try to cheap shot them. However, it just kept flying until it couldn’t be seen anymore.

    “You’re bleeding. Here, let me see your arm,” he ordered, holding the Popplio up. “You’re losing a lot of blood, so we’ll have to use the healing pool.”

    “Arf-urf, I-” Lucca gurgled in attempt to speak. He had words to say in his mind, but his mouth wouldn’t speak them. Now that things had calmed down, his lack of energy and the searing pain in his arm began to take over him. His eyesight and hearing were becoming blurry, and his breaths were uncomfortably heavy. “I-I want to sleep…”

    “Don’t. Don’t give in to that weakness. Stay awake,” Primarina ordered, keeping a tight hold on him. He couldn’t obey however and shut his eyes, dulling all his senses besides breathing. Seconds later he lost consciousness, and everything went blank.

    Everything slowly came into focus. This wasn’t at all new to Lucca. He was used to slowly coming to in a pool of mysterious water. His body was relaxed and his arm didn’t hurt at all, but his mind still felt groggy and tired, so much so that he could barely lift a hand to check his condition. Whatever wound he had there was no longer present.

    “The healing water. Again,” he gurgled, tilting his body so he was upright. He was submerged in a deep pool of luminous blue liquid, the glow of the liquid giving the spacious room an ethereal appearance. Everything that wasn’t in the water was dark and barely illuminated by its magical glow, whilst the water itself couldn’t be seen through at all.

    After a stretch and a yawn, he spotted the only other Pokémon in the room, the Primarina that had rescued him. His father didn’t say anything, he just signalled for him to come over with a silent hand movement.

    “Dad,” Lucca muttered as he paddled over to reach him. He was helped out of the water and onto the cold stone floor, where he immediately slumped forward and groaned. He was so hungry that it hurt to move.

    “Even now, you’re not used to it? The healing water deals with wounds, but doesn’t do anything for actual energy,” Primarina said. “Your training has been exceptionally slow, recently. We’ve had to heal you using the healing water for the fourth time this week.”

    “It’s because of that sword. It’s too heavy and it’s super awkward to hold. Why do you want me to learn to fight using a sword so badly, anyway?” Lucca complained, rolling over onto his back. His hands clutched his belly tightly. “I can’t take this! Dad I’m so hungry!”

    “Steel yourself, young prince. I’m not having you fight with a conventional weapon without reason, I’m having you fight with one because you’re the only one who can save Reverie,” he urged, raising his large hands enthusiastically. His hair seemed to flow with his tone of voice, even though there was no wind.

    “Save Reverie- you keep saying that. But what even is there to save? This place is nothing but wasteland. There’s never been anything here to save except for the beasts we keep hunting to get our meals,” Lucca argued. There was a brief pause.

    “Once you start thinking about food, you don’t stop, you know? One day your voracious appetite is going to bite you back. Come with me,” Primarina sighed, walking off. With a groan and a grunt of effort, Lucca followed him, unable to lift his head up while he walked.

    He didn’t need to anyway, he knew his way around here so well that he could navigate with his eyes closed. This castle was one of the only places that was safe and habitable in the world around them. Once they had climbed enough stairs and passed a number of lengthy corridors, there were windows showing the outside world: nothing but more of the craggy wasteland Lucca had been out in earlier. The castle was protected by a moat of the blue lava, and beyond that was a small village made up of structures one could easily call ruins. They weren’t houses or huts or any sort of substantial habitat, but randomly shaped structures made of rotted stone that would fall apart with even the slightest bit of shock or force.

    Their castle was at least more homely than that. Solid stone and brickwork made up the walls and floor, while carpets and candles were where they needed to be to give the place some decoration. But even those were very few and far in between, whilst the castle itself was seemingly empty. Just three Pokémon lived there – Lucca, his father, and Lucca’s personal retainer, a Ribombee that was waiting for them at the exit leading to the village.

    “It’s time I told you so that you may steel yourself properly. If your argument is that personal now, then I’m sure that you are mature enough to understand what is truly at stake,” Primarina began, breaking the usual silence that engulfed the castle.

    “On an empty stomach?” Lucca moaned, still clutching it to stop it from rumbling.

    “Bestia.” Primarina continued to ignore him. Ribombee folded his thin arms and cocked his head slightly, smiling to himself. He was alarmingly different to most Ribombee, mainly in that his size was multiple times that of a normal Pokémon of his species. He was taller than Lucca, had normal eyes rather than insectoid eyes, and odd markings on his forehead that resembled the letters ‘UB’.

    “Go on? What’s Bestia?” Lucca asked.

    “Our world, the world of Reverie, relies on a substance known as Bestia energy. It is the life force of everything, and the source of our powers as Pokémon,” Primarina said. “With it, we Pokémon can exhibit stunning powers and abilities. Nature can grow. The laws of life can cycle. We can flourish.”

    “I’ve only ever read about nature in those books you had me read. Bestia isn’t really real, is it?” Lucca wondered.

    “It’s as real as the nose on your snout. But Reverie has long since exhausted its Bestia energy, and nothing can survive here. There is but enough for us to live and breathe. Ask the villagers about it,” Primarina answered. “But there is hope yet. There exists another world. A world above ours.”

    “Hold on, hold on. Is this another story?” Lucca groaned.

    “Heroica,” Primarina ignored him again. “Heroica is the source of our Bestia. But the Heroicans - they stole the Bestia from our world. And they threaten to exhaust the Bestia from their own world. By learning to fight unlike a Pokémon, by using a conventional weapon rather than your Pokémon powers, we can take back what is ours. We can stop them from destroying their own world by ridding it of Bestia.”

    Primarina unveiled Lucca’s sword and handed it to him, taking him by surprise. “But until you are strong enough to fight and survive with a weapon, we have no hope of saving Reverie. And besides, since there’s so little Bestia here, you’ll never manage anything more than a Bubble attack. So either the beasts kill you while you’re training, or you will never learn how to fight.”

    “I um, do you mean those protective bubbles you taught me how to make?” Lucca said.

    “Your highnesses, I hate to interrupt, but I come bearing some unusual news,” Ribombee said, bowing slowly.

    “Alver. What do you mean by ‘unusual’?” Primarina asked, squinting.

    “It’s almost coincidental. Perhaps you should see for yourself,” Alver answered, leading the way out of the castle. Lucca shrugged and followed him, immediately spotting the cause for concern. Some kind of fight was going down in the village, evident by the flashes of light occurring amongst the structures.

    “What could be going on?” Lucca wondered, jogging towards it.

    “It’s probably some beasts going haywire. Only Poipole occupy the village, after all,” Primarina guessed, sighing to himself as Lucca left his sword behind. He picked it up and followed the Popplio, dragging Alver with him.

    As soon as they got there, Lucca froze completely and his mouth hit the floor. The conflict wasn’t simply a beast going haywire; it was the opposite, a creature he had never seen before having riled up the Poipole. Three to be exact, three creatures standing back to back and growling at everything surrounding them.

    “What? Who are you?” Lucca cried, drawing the attention of one of them. The teddy bear-like creature glared at him the moment he spoke. Its face was pink and cute but its expression was fierce, and it carried a knife tightly between its teeth.

    The other two creatures resembled each other, foxes with multiple tails each, all curly and snow white in colour. Both of them had beautiful, blue eyes and sleek figures, although one was far bigger than the other. The smaller fox had six tails that could clearly be counted, whilst the bigger one had tails that were far too tangled up and bushy to count properly.

    The bear drew Lucca’s attention to it, barking out loud. Its knife never left its mouth at all, as if it was trying to threaten him. He stared back at it, not even flinching when it decided to hop forward a few steps to try and scare him further.

    “Lucca get back,” Alver warned, standing guard over the Popplio.

    “What are they, though? I’ve never seen creatures like these before,” Lucca breathed out, trying to push Alver aside so that he could continue staring.

    “They’re Pokémon from the world I told you about. Pokémon from Heroica,” Primarina informed. Lucca’s eyes started to gleam with excitement, firmly locking onto the trio. The bear was still growling and barking at them, whilst the two foxes had taken sides to keep the observing Poipole away.

    “But these unlucky Pokémon are no greater than feral hunters. Wild monsters that do nothing but kill for food, breed, and sleep. They’re an unintelligent, lesser tribe that unfortunately inhabits much of both our worlds,” Alver clarified. “In case you’re curious, they’re called Stufful, Vulpix and Ninetales, respectively. We don’t have these species, only the beasts like the Poipole and Kartana.”

    “But they’re Pokémon, the first Pokémon I’ve ever seen come to this world. They’re just like us! They can be,” Lucca said, still breathing out loud. “They’re probably just confused and hungry. We’ve got to calm them down!”

    “Why not just kill them? They’re exactly like the beasts in the wilds of Reverie,” Alver argued.

    “No, they’re not. They’re Pokémon, just like us. If they really are just feral hunters, then I’m sure they can change. They just need to learn what’s going on,” he cried, flinching back into focus when a familiar screech echoed through the air. The three wild Pokémon spun around and started making a lot of incomprehensible noise, barking, growling and wailing at one another. They suddenly dashed toward each other and stood side by side, facing the direction where a Kartana emerged from amongst the ruins. The beast screeched at them all and came charging, forcing them into a fight that had them jumping around without a care for their surroundings, helplessly trying to retaliate against the dangerous beast’s sharp arms.

    “Stufful’s the only one with a knife – he’s the only one who can protect himself. Dad, my sword!” Lucca cried, snatching it from the Primarina.

    “You’re going to help them? Even though you can’t defeat a Kartana?” Primarina asked.

    “Neither can they! If it’s to protect others then I have to try,” Lucca argued, struggling to keep his balance with the sword. He couldn’t move as fast as he wanted to, so he held the sword up and edged his way into open space to properly weigh his options. “There are other Pokémon around. Heroica actually exists. Another world where Pokémon just like us get to live with Bestia. If I save these Pokémon, I might get to learn how to get there!

    The Kartana was more agitated than he had ever seen one, violently swinging its arms around without regard for what it was hitting. Vulpix and Ninetales did everything they could to stay out of range of it, whilst the Stufful bravely fought back, using its arms and knife to knock the Kartana back. It was much too slow to get any worthwhile hits in, but keeping Kartana this agitated was all Lucca needed. He realised that after these few seconds of observing and smiled slightly. “Hey Kartana! This way!”

    His shout had gotten the beast’s attention, so that had worked out. All he needed to do now was slash it first. What he didn’t count on was the plan the feral pokemon might have had, and that his intrusion had triggered their plan.

    After only a second of distraction, the Ninetales produced a weapon of its own from within its tails, a small bundle of firecrackers. Its cohorts were right next to it the moment it revealed them, where they wasted no time in igniting them using a stone and Stufful’s knife to make a spark. Seconds later, everyone’s focus was thrown completely off-key as fireworks flew off from them in random directions, loud and threatening to damage everything around.

    “Fireworks?” Alver and Primarina shouted in shock. They were like miniature rockets, each one flying around in sporadic curls. Many of them hit the ruins and caused them collapse, filling the air with destruction and discord with no clear end. The feral Pokémon were crying out and barking, Kartana was screeching and flipping to dodge any fireworks that came near, the observing Poipole were fleeing, and Lucca was ducking and rolling to avoid any damage. One of the fireworks headed straight for him directly from above however, and he spotted it too late to simply roll aside.

    “No!” he shouted, swinging his sword like a baseball bat. The firework flew in the direction he swung, heading directly for a shocked Ninetales. It flew so fast that it couldn’t do anything more than gawk and widen its eyes, and then a fatal, high pitched scream took over the area. Vulpix and Stufful froze for a moment and then came to its aid, leaving themselves open for just a bit too long. At that moment, Kartana had fixed its gaze on them as well, swooping down for the kill.

    “Argh, guys look out!” Lucca cried again, this time ignoring the weight of his weapon to dive forwards. He was too far away to stop Kartana right away, but his warning had at least caused the trio of feral Pokémon to scatter. Stufful had just about avoided a mortal strike, but also wound up screaming in severe pain. One paw went straight to its eye, attempting to stop the shocking amount of blood that leaked from it.

    Enraged by his slight view of that, Lucca roared at the top of his voice and leapt into the air, descending with a mighty swing that took of all his effort. Kartana had its focus on the currently burning Ninetales and was struck directly, screeching at Lucca in pain and anger.

    Lucca didn’t let it off there however, bringing his arms back up to slash Kartana in two, getting the result of no visible damage. The beast still screeched and flew off, never looking back as it disappeared into the dark sky.

    “Darn it, I messed up,” Lucca huffed, moaning to himself in slight panic. Vulpix was fretting over Ninetales, who although was no longer alight, had both its eyes shut and was still freaking out. Meanwhile Stufful was moaning and crying out in slowly decreasing volume, sat on its back with both paws clenched over its bleeding eye. Now that he was looking, Lucca could see the deadly cut the Kartana had given it, leaving a huge wound across the left side of its face.

    He was still panicking but got a hold of himself after a few seconds, dropping his sword so that he could run on all fours. “Dad, Alver, we need to get these Pokémon to the healing water, fast!”

    “They’re feral Pokémon. We can’t trust them and they can’t trust us!” Alver warned.

    “But they’re hurt!” Lucca cried, jumping over to Stufful first. He did his best to hoist the teddy bear onto his back, finding himself fighting with it despite its weakening state. “Please, just trust me! I’m here to help you, not hurt you. I promise you I’ll help.”

    Stufful could barely hear him, doing its best to fight back. Still though, it was weak enough to be carried, even though it was flinging its arms about to smack Lucca’s back. He glanced around at Vulpix and Ninetales to see them running away.

    “No wait, come back, please! Ugh, we don’t have time for this. Someone pick up Stufful’s knife, we need to get him to the healing water, now!” Lucca ordered, sprinting back to the castle as fast as he could. Alver nodded and did as he was ordered, and the two promptly left to deal with the wounded Pokémon.

    Finally alone, Primarina turned to the dark scenery and slowly smiled to himself. “I didn’t expect Pokémon to show up here. They found a way in… perhaps this will go a more interesting way than I considered it could…
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  3. SGMijumaru

    SGMijumaru Competitive Mijumaru

    Episode 2: Day of departure

    I've got four chapters of this done so far. Might as well upload the first two right away. Next two coming tomorrow.

    Latest edit: 13/09/18


    Episode 2: Day of departure

    “Here is your tea my lord,” Stufful said, balancing a teacup on his head.

    “And the bow before serving?” Primarina replied. Stufful didn’t turn to face him at all, keeping his eyes on a Brionne in front of him as he bowed his head. He barely needed to focus on keeping the beverage balanced, expertly maintaining a posh pose without spilling a drop. Brionne accepted the plate with a smile, trying to look just as professional and superior. He couldn’t stop smiling.

    “Read the database on Poipole,” Primarina instructed.

    Stufful shut his eyes and began to recite, “Docile Ultra Beasts that reside in curious habitats of ruins throughout Reverie. They do not attack unless agitated, usually emitting a cry to alert others of their kind. If a conflict isn’t resolved quickly, then they flee, keeping to groups as much as they can. We’re yet to decipher their language, but of all the beasts’ dialogue, theirs is the most comprehensible.”

    “And you fully understand what that means?” Primarina asked.

    “It means they’re the least aggressive Ultra Beast, and they normally run from fights. Because they stay in groups and live amongst us, we’ve almost been able to translate their language,” Stufful clarified. His voice was surprisingly gritty and girly, like that of a very young tomboy.

    “You suddenly detect an enemy approaching Lucca from behind, sneaking within the shadows. Act!” Primarina shouted.

    Stufful didn’t say anything but walked over to behind the Brionne, glancing side to side to scout what was there. “On your toes, my lord.”

    “I er, don’t have toes,” Lucca giggled.

    “I see. Observant, but not making a big deal,” Primarina muttered, putting a hand by his mouth. “Well, it took two hours and it was made up on the spot, but it seems that you’ve passed the retainer test. You were right about this Pokémon, Lucca.”

    “You mean-” the Brionne gasped in excitement.

    “What have you named him? He’s arguably better as a retainer for you than Alver is, to be honest. He’s quiet, observant, obedient, and powerful,” Primarina said. “It seems that his skills as a feral hunter transferred to serving you well.”

    “He was called Mimia,” Lucca answered slowly, glancing at his friend. “Throughout our years of training, he’s the one who got me to evolve, you know. He even suggested I use two lighter swords, too – the shuangdao.”

    Primarina blinked and nodded, impressed as Lucca showed off two, thin, golden blades. “Personally I’m not too happy about the whole two swords thing, since it proves to me that your physical strength is weaker, but if you’re more comfortable with them…”

    “I’m not you, father. Swords are heavy!” Lucca complained.

    “I’m aware. Still though, very well done. Your judgements thus far have been fit for a king! Your decision to take care of the feral hunter rather than executing them has proven to be for the best. Mimia is ready to serve you and not a moment too soon,” he announced, sliding backwards a bit.

    “Not a moment too soon? For what?” Lucca asked. Mimia walked back over to stand beside him, making sure that his knife was kept in a sheath strapped to his side. His left eye had a large scar on it that made his face resemble a ripped toy, and he kept that eye constantly shut. It had failed to heal even with Lucca’s desperation to save him, so he was rendered blind in said eye, even though the eye itself remained in its socket and was visibly unharmed.

    “For your mission. The grand objective I have been training you all your whole life for,” Primarina clarified, taking centre stage. Lucca and Mimia’s faces became stern. “Lucca, do you remember Heroica?”

    “Yes, I do. The world above ours that still has Bestia energy, right?” he recalled.

    “But they won’t have Bestia forever, and at the rate that they’re consuming it, they probably do not even have a year left. It is at this time that the Heroicans cling to a legend that saves them,” Primarina continued. “In Heroica’s time of darkness, an angel will descend and select six warriors who will shine in the darkness. After the completion of their trials, they will summon a sword that can restore the world’s Bestia.”

    “And this legend comes true every time they run out of Bestia?” Lucca asked, tapping his head. “I already have so many questions. What kinds of trials? Why rely on this legend? Why doesn’t Reverie have this legend? And what does this have to do with us?”

    “It is a call of desperation on our part. In order to save and restore Reverie, we need Bestia energy. As crown prince, it falls to you to travel to Heroica, meet the Shining Warriors, and request that they find a way to restore Bestia to Reverie via their legend,” Primarina instructed, going into a thought pose of his own. “Although I’ll admit, that sounds very demanding. Essentially your real task is simply to restore the Bestia to Reverie. You could help out the Shining Warriors to ensure their success, and then make your request.”

    “So I have to go to Heroica. To the world Mimia came from,” Lucca muttered.

    “Yes. As crown prince, you have a duty to ensure that the Pokémon of this world have a future, so that one day you can sit upon this throne and lead these Pokémon to greatness. Our future is in your hands, Lucca,” Primarina said.

    “How do I get to Heroica, though? I was aware that Mimia falling into Reverie was a miracle of chance. If you have a way to get to the other world, why don’t we all just use it and go there?” Lucca wondered. Primarina paused for a bit and then turned around, using a hand to signal the two to follow him.

    “I had hoped that I would never have to show you this. But as a member of the Aska family, it would be detrimental for me to hide it from you both,” he admitted, leading Lucca and Mimia through a series of hallways. None of it was new to them so they kept up and walked beside him, all until they got to a hallway that was noticeably high up within the castle. Not only had they never been there before, but it led to another path filled with deep water.

    “Mimia will never make it through this underwater tunnel on his own. But just this once, I’m going to permit it through the use of an air bubble,” Primarina said, proceeding to do just that. He hummed calmly to himself and began to blow a bubble using his nose, making the duo nervous due to the size of it. Once the bubble was so big that it was squishing against the sides of the hallway, he slammed it onto Mimia, trapping him inside of it. The Stufful yipped and gasped in surprise, quickly calming down once he realised that he was breathing and okay.

    “Whoa, I didn’t know you could do that! Is there air inside of it, or water?” Lucca gasped excitedly.

    “Are you serious, my son? The clue is in the name. Paddle, Mimia, and you can control yourself,” Primarina sighed, diving into the waterway.

    Lucca and Mimia followed him eagerly, surprised to find the water here to be clearer than usual. Not that Reverie had much water left in it, but to have a waterway within the castle that was so clean and clear that it didn’t give anything inside of it a coloured hue was amazing. Concerns started to rise when they realised just how long this waterway was, taking minutes to progress through.

    But that wasn’t all, as they passed corners and underwater hallways; the surroundings became more and more unsettling. Skeletons of unidentifiable Pokémon began to litter the corners, the water was becoming uncomfortably colder, and the stone walls and floor were becoming noticeably more cracked and marked with stains. Stains of dried blood.

    “As you know, we have access to quite a few miracles of ancient technology, such as the healing water or our weapons. Those magical works were made possible by our ancestors, all members of the Aska family, geniuses of technology that revolutionised our worlds,” Primarina began to explain as they went through the final stretch, a lengthy upwards path. Light shone down from above, but when they surfaced, said light mysteriously disappeared. It didn’t come from anything whatsoever, no matter how much Lucca looked for a light source.

    The room they surfaced in was another throne room, although this one was prettier than the one Primarina usually sat in. The actual throne was bigger, cleaner and shinier, and had its own replica moat around it. Said moat could be stepped over with ease, but it drew a pattern around the room to keep their attention on it.

    “Apologies for asking so many questions, but what is this?” Lucca wondered, scanning it all. Primarina didn’t answer him, leading them behind this throne. He pressed against the wall in order to move it aside, revealing a secret exit. Visible frost escaped from the new exit, which Primarina let out for a bit before letting Lucca and Mimia through. They wearily obeyed, stopping at the foot of one final staircase.

    “Ice?” Mimia mouthed, tilting his head. A short staircase led down into a room chock full of frozen artefacts, each item with its own individual block of ice. There were millions of these cubes stretching further than their eyes could see, all the way until the frost in the distance obscured everything.

    “Look closely,” Primarina said. Lucca did just that, having to get closer and squint to make it out.

    “Wait a minute, that’s a-” he choked. The ice block directly in front of them encased a Primarina within it, whilst the one beside it housed a Brionne. Upon closer inspection, every single one of these blocks held Pokémon within them, all of them with their arms and what not crossed as if they were asleep.

    “These are the Pokémon of Reverie, all members of the Aska family,” Primarina stated, bringing Lucca and Mimia’s mouths to the floor. “They foresaw their world’s destruction and froze themselves to potentially prolong their survival. That is why me, you, Alver, and recently Mimia, are the only Pokémon left here. It falls to us to restore our world so that we can one day revive these Pokémon and our world can see peace.”

    “If we all tried to go to Heroica at once, what would happen?” Lucca asked, speaking unsurely.

    “We would be seen as invaders and war would undoubtedly start. Heroicans are driven by war and conflict; it is thought to be the main reason why their Bestia extinguishes. That is also what makes this objective so difficult. When you travel to Heroica, you must keep your existence as prince of Reverie a secret until the knowledge is safe to share,” Primarina warned. “I myself have once been to Heroica. That is where I met Alver, as well as your mother. But as you know, I failed to save this world in my time.”

    “Wait, you aren’t going to-”

    “Calm down child, I’m not going to freeze myself. But do you see the importance of this mission? It isn’t a destiny I forced upon you, but the fate of our entire family, our future, and our world. When Reverie has hope, we can free all of these trapped Pokémon,” Primarina explained. “And when we do, they will look to you as their leader. As their new king.”

    Lucca went quiet and frowned, staring at all the frozen Pokémon sat before him. Most of the species he couldn’t even recognise, but he could make out enough features to imagine what sort of Pokémon they must have been.

    “The Aska family is all inbred as well, right? That means all of these Pokémon,” he muttered.

    “Are your family, yes. Eternally frozen until Reverie one day sees the light of restoration,” Primarina finished for him. Lucca shut his eyes and sharply tilted his head upwards, making a struggled sound.

    “My Lord?” Mimia said.

    “I’ll do it. You don’t need to tell me any more than this. I’ll do it, I’ll go to Heroica,” he announced in a dry tone, returning to normal. “To think that this is a frozen world just waiting for a chance at redemption, I’ll do whatever it takes to bring back Bestia.”

    Primarina started to lead them back, slowly shutting his eyes. “Heroicans are war hungry. If you truly mean that you will do whatever it takes, then you must be prepared to kill Pokémon, unlike what you did with Mimia.”

    “But they-” Lucca gasped.

    “Heroica exhausts its Bestia supply, correct? The Pokémon that threaten that supply must be apprehended. Anyone and anything that could jeopardise this mission must be stopped at all costs. That may involve having to take the life of another,” Primarina said, shutting his eyes. Lucca stayed quiet. “Alver is already aware of all this and is waiting for you at the front of the castle. He has a way to transport you all to Heroica.”

    Lucca and Mimia brightened up a bit at the sound of that, only to freeze up in fright when they made it back to the front of the castle. Just beyond the moat was an enormous contraption they had never seen before, a blue-green, wide-hipped, ladylike, bamboo shoot in the shape of a rocket. Its whole body was metallic in colour and shininess despite its natural texture, from its huge, disembodied, cylindrical arms to its ‘masked’ head. Said mask seemed to have hair coming from it, covering only the rocket’s small eyes. Its wide hips made up the main jet of the rocket, resembling a beautiful dress.

    “That er- that can’t be what we’re using to get to Heroica,” Lucca commented, leaning backwards. He screamed a little when the machine turned to look in another direction, casually raising one of its enormous arms as if to scratch the back of its head. “That thing’s alive?”

    “That ‘thing’ is one of the Ultra Beasts that Alver’s been able to subdue and command. Its name is Celesteela,” Primarina informed, clearing his throat as the Ribombee joined the three of them.

    “Have they been briefed, your highness?” Alver asked. He was clutching a curious sceptre with an orb and a sickle on the end of it, sitting on it whilst they were all addressed.

    “You all have your objectives. Once you leave Reverie, your grand mission starts without pause,” Primarina announced. “Your lives will be in each other’s hands. Things will be very rough at first, but always stay calm, refer to what I have taught you about nature, and survive. Remember the fate that rests upon your actions, and never give up hope.”

    “We won’t be able to return until we’ve indefinitely failed or succeeded, will we?” Lucca said quietly, staring at his father.

    “No, you will not. Lucca, I almost forgot to inform you that Alver won’t be travelling with you. In order to maximise the effectiveness of your efforts, I want you and Mimia to stay together, and for him to aid you from a distance. Alver will be gathering information and researching on the species, just like he’s been doing with the Ultra Beasts down here. Anything that can help us, he’ll report to you when necessary,” Primarina announced. “For you, Lucca and Mimia, you should start out by heading to a location in the western midland of Heroica. If it’s still there, there is an academy there that will prove to be an invaluable source of information. That, and they can serve as permanent housing. Use the academy to learn all you can about Bestia, Heroica’s current situation regarding Bestia, and the legend of the Shining Warriors. Mimia?”

    “Yes, your highness?” he responded. Lucca didn’t reply at all, staring at the floor.

    “Take care of Lucca, please,” he said. Mimia nodded and tapped the Brionne, making him face forward intently.

    “It’s okay. I’m just overwhelmed, is all,” Lucca admitted, gulping. “Father. I won’t get to see you again for a very long time. Dare I ask what your real name is?”

    There was a long moment of silence, and Primarina never took his eyes off Lucca at all. The Brionne quickly got nervous and started tugging at his ruffles, trying not to look away.

    “You are never to address or refer to me using this name, nor are you to use it in Heroica. Do you understand?” Primarina requested.

    “Of course. You have my word, Father,” Lucca assured.

    “My true name is FinVarra. FinVarra Aska,” he answered, not moving at all.

    “You kept it secret for all these years. Now that I know, I can put my heart into this. Father, I,” Lucca responded, starting to shake.

    “Lucca?” FinVarra said, squinting at him.

    “Look, forgive for this, but-” Lucca gasped, cutting himself off. He dove forward on top of his father and hugged him tightly, nuzzling his face into his father’s smooth chest. He sounded like he was crying, even though there were no visible tears and his eyes were shut tightly. “I won’t forget what I’ve seen today. Everything you’ve taught me and raised me for- I won’t forget it. I will save this world, no matter what it takes.”

    “The words of a determined prince - at the very least, I want you to truly live a life worth living, one that can currently only be lived in Heroica. Make yourself proud, my son,” FinVarra replied, lightly rubbing Lucca’s back. Lucca soon detached from him and ran off, not looking back at his father as he left. Mimia and Alver had to chase after him. “If only I could show you just how much my heart aches right now. Please, stay safe, you three.”
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    Episode 3: Megan and the enigmatic mother

    I know I said I would upload right away, but stuff happened, and I wound up deciding to hold it off for a while. Once again though, I'm surprised and impressed how much attention this story has gotten... even if the readers are silent. I really appreciate you all!


    Episode 3: Megan and the enigmatic mother

    Thunder flashed and the darkness lit up for an instant. When the scenery lit up, the figure of a Ribombee could just about be made out, a Ribombee that exceeded the height of the little girl staring at it.

    The little girl was a Cyndaquil, barely able to look out at said Ribombee since she was being possessively cradled by a Typhlosion. Rain still sprinkled all over her despite the tight clutches of the parent, helping to blur out her view of the dark scenery even more. It was so bad that she couldn’t even see anything, just the silhouettes of the terrain and the outline of the terrifying bug type.

    Both Pokémon appeared to be staring at one another. Cyndaquil’s parent could be heard breathing hoarsely, and she could also tell that it was slouched forward as if lacking will and energy. The way those arms clawed into her to keep hold of her though, it was even more painful than the ice cold rain seeping into her fur.

    “Give me the child. Give me the child, or die,” the Ribombee commanded, holding one stringy arm forward.

    The Typhlosion’s breathing came to a sharp stop. Its grip on the Cyndaquil tightened even more, causing her to squirm in discomfort. She almost screamed when her sight suddenly began to tilt to the side, twisting further than was natural. Everything was still dark and decorated with silhouettes, but she could still tell that she was twisting through the air, falling with the rain.

    She did end up screaming, but that scream came with the worst timing in the world. The very second she let out a yell; she was completely immersed by water that was even colder than the rain she had been resisting thus far. The water forced its way down her throat, causing her to cough painfully.

    She couldn’t breathe, and began to freak out as a result. She still couldn’t move because of the parent’s grip however, which wouldn’t let go no matter how much she squirmed and thrashed. Not only could she feel herself freezing up, but she was drowning, her chest tightening so much that it felt like her skin was going to turn inside out. She gurgled, cried and shook as hard as she could, finding it all harder to do the more she tried.

    The pain became too much, and she could no longer move a muscle. Everything hurt so much, and everything was going dark, darker than it already was. Just when she had lost all movement, a loud splash shook her back to reality. She still couldn’t move and was now being crushed by the soggy fur of the Typhlosion, but at least she could breathe again. Desperate coughs of breaths, at best.

    Then came the soft, motherly voice of a Pokémon that pulled Cyndaquil out from the clutches of the Typhlosion. She still couldn’t make out its features besides a silhouette, let alone do much more than barely cling to life. She could hear it perfectly however, taunted by its caring tone and slow pace.

    “You poor, tortured child. Your mother is dead. It would be best to come with me, and think of me as your new mother. Otherwise, you will die, as well,”

    “G-gah, no! Stay away!” Cyndaquil screamed, shooting up and swiping at the space in front of her. There was nothing there besides the blanket that she had kicked upon waking up so suddenly, and that became obvious after a few moments. “Oh, it was just a nightmare,”

    She was breathing just as heavily as she had been in said nightmare, as well as sweating uncomfortably. She decided to sit there and let her breathing calm, staring blankly at the floor. Unlike normal Cyndaquil, her eyes were physically open. She could open them wide and reveal their navy blue colour, which her family had told her was a beautiful blessing. She saw it as an unfortunate curse, a curse just like that reoccurring nightmare. The door suddenly flew open to steal her attention.

    “Megan! Are you alright?” the Pokémon gasped as it tripped into the room. It was a Kangaskhan, one that had the same voice as the motherly Pokémon in the nightmare. Megan slowly stared up at her in concern, still not saying anything. Locking eyes with the Cyndaquil seemed to say all that needed to be said, and she calmed down. “Well, it’s morning now, anyway. But I’ll allow you to wake up at your own leisure. Take the time to relax, okay?”

    With that the Kangaskhan walked out, leaving Megan alone again. She slowly looked back down at her front feet, managing to calm her breathing down and make sense of what was going on again. One thing was for sure: she was hungry, hungrier than she usually felt. And she always felt hungry.

    That nightmare again. It’s been ten years, but I still can’t stop thinking about it. And more so than ever now, since today’s the day I-” she thought to herself, gasping upon realising. “Damn it! How am I supposed to leave now? I was supposed to get up early.

    She sat forward and stretched, ignoring her discarded blanket and the multitudes of mess in her room. Children’s toys were scattered all over the floor as well as various messes from food eaten in the past.

    As soon as she exited the room, she was met with the crowded noise of the main room, a room with thirty other children in it. They were all babies of various species, almost all of which could barely walk or speak a word. All of them were at least fire, water or grass type, too, minus the one Pikachu they had. All of them had odd names as well, like Yellow, Ruby, or Diamond. Megan thought they were odd anyway, all except for the one child that acted her age that was approaching her right now.

    “Morning Meg! Mum said you had a nightmare. You okay?” the Piplup greeted her, waving a wing. Megan locked eyes with it and curled her forelegs into fists, resisting saying exactly what was on her mind. That would be too aggressive for a room full of children.

    “Just come back here, this way,” she hissed, pulling the Piplup with her. Once they were back in her room she breathed out and relaxed, loosening up her body. “What happened? Why didn’t you wake me up?”

    “Wake you? Why would I wake you?” Piplup replied, tilting her head.

    “Why else? Don’t play dumb; today’s the day we’re supposed to leave on our journey. But how’re we gonna do it now?” Megan said, leaning forward. “Crystal, please don’t tell me you’re getting cold feet now.”

    The Piplup looked away and started rubbing a wing. “Ahh, you’re right. I am. But what’s the point in leaving? Suzie’s taken such good care of us here. And just like she says, who knows what’s out there?”

    “The Pokémon that killed my parents and ruined my life, trapping me here. There’s a Pokémon out there that killed my family, and who knows who else they’re killing,” Megan argued, her eyes wavering at the thought. “C’mon, we talked about this already. You’ve got that inkling and your memories.”

    “You keep calling it an ‘inkling’, but it’s more of a calling, you know,” Crystal clarified, looking away.

    “Exactly! Something’s out there calling your name. There’s a killer out there I want to get revenge on. We both planned to leave today, the start of the new week. We’ve both got reasons, so let’s go already!” Megan reasoned. There was still hesitation in Crystal’s face, followed by a few nervous movements until Megan started growling.

    “Are you really going to leave?” Crystal asked.

    “Are you really considering not leaving?” Megan answered. There was another pause. “Sheesh, some sis you are.”

    “I don’t even have any attacks outside of Peck and Bubblebeam. If I used up the Bestia, we’d be in trouble, unlike you,” she sighed.

    “Ugh, you’re really thinking of not going even though we already talked about this. I can protect you, Crystal! And you’re the only other of Suzie’s kids that’s smart enough to come with, let alone has a reason to. If you’re not coming with me, then I’m leaving through the window, right now. The least you could do is help keep it a secret or something,” Megan groaned. There was yet another pause, but this time, Crystal shut her eyes and shook her head as if settling some thoughts.

    “I’ll walk you to the forest or something. Only because you’re my sister,” she proposed.

    “That’s the spirit! You do want to come with, don’t ya?” Megan teased. The door knocked before she could reply and Suzie came through. The duo silenced, having their eyes distracted by the Kangaskhan’s child who was half leaning out of its pouch.

    “Crystal, there you are. I was looking for you. I hate to interrupt, if I am interrupting something,” Suzie greeted, patting her child to put them back in place.

    “Mum, what’s wrong?” Crystal asked.

    “Nothing major. I just wanted you to do a shopping errand for me. Megan if you’re feeling alright, maybe you could tag along, too?” she requested. “It’s only a little thing, Oran berries and some water. I realised I ran out when I made berry pancakes for breakfast!”

    “Oran pancakes. I love those. But no, not this time. You’re not stopping me with a bribe this time. You were listening in, weren’t you?” Megan asked, taking a guess. Suzie’s eyes widened.

    “Listening in? To what? I’ve been looking for Crystal,” she answered.

    “No you weren’t,” Megan shook her head. “You heard what we just said.”

    “Megan,” Crystal said in a worried tone.

    “I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about. But either way, I don’t like the way you’re talking to me, young miss,” Suzie lowered her tone. She handed Crystal a small pouch filled with money. “If you don’t mind, please take care of that shopping. Just about five Oran berries and some water from the well should do. Megan can help you carry it.”

    Megan rolled her eyes and then clenched them, making them appear closed like an ordinary Cyndaquil. Deep down she hated squinting like this as it actually stopped her from seeing properly, but if she was to leave this overcrowded house and walk amongst the other Pokémon of their village, she needed to look as normal as possible. She was used to receiving abusive remarks from others, but being used to them didn’t mean they didn’t hurt. “You know what? Fine, I’ll head out, too. Let me grab my bag, just in case I see anything I want.”

    “Don’t go spending off all your pocket money now, Megan. I’ll see you girls in a short while,” Suzie said, waving to the girls. Megan grumbled something to herself and then retrieved her bag, having to push Crystal to get her to walk out.

    A few minutes later, the duo was outside amongst the quiet activities of their village. It was always the same whenever they went out. A few Pokémon tending to some fields of fruits and berries, market stalls trying to boast their wares to uninterested travellers, and the children of other families running around and play fighting together. The repetition had grown so stifling that Crystal walked with her wings tucked lazily behind her head, not paying any attention to anything around them at all.

    “So we’re leaving, right now,” Megan announced, revealing the angst in her voice. Crystal slowed down and gawked at her. “We’ve got our bags and mum’s given us some extra pocket money. This is how we’re starting our journey.”

    “Wait a minute, I know I said I’d help you leave, but you don’t have to steal from mum! We barely get much as it is,” Crystal gasped.

    “Well if you’d woken me up on time, then I wouldn’t have had to do it this way,” Megan reasoned, smiling snarkily. She stopped upon finally noticing the unusual, a crowd of Pokémon gathered up ahead in the centre of the market. “Hmm? What’s going on over there?”

    “I have the money anyway, so as long as I don’t give it to you, you can’t steal a thing,” Crystal replied, jogging to chase after her. Megan pushed her way through the crowd of adults as soon as she reached them, and Crystal hesitated with a slap to the face at her impatience before following. At the front, two news notices pinned on a bulletin board had riled up the crowd, both with large pictures of Pokémon on them.

    “RBY Academy. That famous academy is open to new students?” Megan breathed out.

    “Wait, really?” Crystal raised her voice, hopping closer to give the poster a read.

    “You’ve always wanted to go there. And on the day we planned to leave, the place is open to new students,” Megan teased. Crystal groaned. “Like, what reason do you have to not go now?”

    “What about… the other poster?” she said unsurely. She gave that one a skim read and turned a little pale, stepping backwards. “Megan, there’s a scary Pokémon nearby.”

    “That’s right you kids!” an Umbreon standing behind them interrupted. “Edvard the Bestia thief, they call him. He’s been at large for the longest time, and some Imperial Knights just came up and posted this here to warn us that he’s nearby. When it gets dark, you should head home immediately. A dangerous criminal like him isn’t to be trifled with. That especially goes for you, Megan.”

    “Eeesh, no need to call me out. Why’s he called a Bestia thief? How do you steal Bestia?” Megan replied, rubbing her face.

    “He’s called a Bestia thief because he uses Pokémon attacks without care for nature. The longer he runs free, the more areas will suffer,” another Pokémon joined in, sounding worried. “The worst part is, they say he eats children whole. So like that Umbreon says, make sure you’re indoors by dark, kids!”

    “The Bestia thief, huh?” Megan muttered, examining the poster again. It was a pretty terrifying Pokémon based on that image, sporting two black, furry heads with gaping jaws. The black fur covered its eyes in the drawing, revealing blue scales underneath. “Crystal, let’s go.”

    “Megan?” Crystal said, blankly following her out of the crowd. “Oh no, you’re not thinking of tracking down that Edvard guy, are you?”

    “Shh. If he eats children, then that means Suzie and the villagers are in danger, anyway. If he finds out that she’s there, there’s no way he’ll ever leave them alone,” she explained.

    “Aw darn it. Seriously now, leaving home is one thing, but going to fight a dangerous Pokémon like that? There’s no way I’m letting you do that one on your own,” Crystal complained.

    “Oh? Does that mean you’re gonna help me take him down, then?” she teased, continuing to walk away. It didn’t take them long to leave behind the crowd and the activity of the village. A slightly downhill road amongst the fields led directly into a forest that surrounded the village, that forest being so big, thick, and wide that they couldn’t see the ends of it from the outskirts of the village.

    “I’m not going to follow you; I’m telling you you’re being stupid now! C’mon, we should turn back. We still can!” Crystal cried.

    “You’re still following me!” Megan giggled.

    “I’m not following you, I’m going to- ah you know what? Forget it. You never listen to me, or mum,” Crystal sighed hoarsely. “If we run into that Edvard guy, we’re gonna get hurt!”

    Their bickering continued right the way until they made it into the actual woods, where they both fell completely silent. Their surroundings dramatically changed the moment they stepped inside, becoming dark and cramped thanks to the amount of trees around. All of them stood over the two Pokémon like giants, their leaves blocking out the sunlight minus a few pinholes. Strangely enough, every last tree was a different type of tree from one another without pattern, all sporting different colours, sizes, types of leaves, and even fruit.

    “I’m starting to realise… there’s a legend about this place, you know. The Misgeriom Woods,” Crystal finally spoke up, keeping in a thought pose. “They say that the children who wander in here get lost and never return, becoming ghosts that play in the middle of the woods.”

    “Huh. Why haven’t I ever heard this story?” Megan wondered.

    “You have. Suzie told it to us once a few years ago. It’s why she tells us never to go this way,” Crystal commented, half lidded.

    “Well keep believing her fairy tales like that, and we’ll never make it to RBY. I’m sure it’s through here. There’s even a path,” Megan pointed out. There was in fact a road marked out on the forest floor, but it was barely visible thanks to the low light and fallen leaves littered all over it. It wasn’t wide either, and many of the tree trunks intercepted it.

    “Don’t you get it? If that Edvard guy eats children, then it isn’t a legend, it’s true! He must’ve been eating the children that got lost in here!” Crystal cried.

    “Now you’re just imagining things. If a guy that scary lived here-” Megan joked, freezing upon hearing a sudden rustling. She stood guard over Crystal who froze up in fear, only to calm right down when a tiny Chimchar emerged from the bushes in front of them. It took a few seconds thanks to the low light, but they recognised him,

    “Diamond, it’s only you. What’re you doing here?” Crystal wondered.

    “You’re going to keep going, aren’t you?” he asked, disappointment in his voice. “Even though you’ve been told many times not to, you’re going to keep walking through the woods.”

    He ran off before the duo replied, disappearing into the bushes once again. Megan and Crystal exchanged unsure looks and then continued on in silence, running into a Pikachu just a few moments later. Once again they recognised her as one of Suzie’s children.

    “Up ahead is a gate. A gate that leads to the rest of Heroica. It’s dangerous out there. Please don’t go,” she begged.

    “Yellow? Wait, you can talk?” Megan gasped, but the Pikachu ran off and disappeared, just like the Chimchar. Knowing what to expect already, the duo continued, soon getting stopped by a Treecko.

    “If only you knew just how dangerous it is outside the gate. Mum knows best, so you should listen to her. She’s only keeping you here to protect us all. This is your last chance. Don’t go further. Head back to Lillistep Town, now,” he commanded, disappearing ahead.

    “Emerald? Okay, this is getting creepy,” Crystal admitted. Megan didn’t say anything but opened her eyes again, continuing forward anyway. Just like the three children had warned, they soon came to a large brick wall with a giant closed gate in the centre. The woodland clearly grew beyond the wall, as if separating the region of their town with whatever was beyond it. Suzie stood facing the gate with the three children around her, hanging her head the moment they arrived.

    “M-Mum? How did-?” Megan shuddered.

    “I wonder… are you unhappy here?” the Kangaskhan began. “You’ve tried to run away many times before, but now it has become so bad that you would flee with the money I gave you.”

    “I- I didn’t mean to! I just want to protect Megan,” Crystal replied.

    “You fail to understand the importance of why I keep you here. Megan, although you know that I’m not your birth mother, I have adopted you, and that makes me your real mother, you know?” she stated, clutching her chest with a single hand. “If keeping you here is no longer enough to keep you happy-”

    “It’s not about not being happy. I don’t want to sit here and do nothing when criminals like my parents’ murderer are just out there. I’ll kill them for what they’ve done to me, that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do!” Megan shouted.

    “Such violence for a child I raised. And you, Crystal?” Suzie asked. The Piplup hung her head.

    “I’ve wanted to leave too, but- I don’t-” she muttered.

    Suzie finally turned around, revealing that her hands were full of a variety of belongings, and she dropped them all in front of children. There was a bow and a set of blunt arrows, a travel bag, compass, a rolled up map, and a pink scarf.

    “I knew that I would one day have to deal with the idea that you had to leave, so I came prepared. These are things which I found amongst my children when I adopted each of them,” she explained, looking away. “You have very special powers, Megan. The power to use fire Pokémon attacks without expending Bestia - that is the kind of power that the world is not ready to experience. Crystal on the other hand, use this weapon to defend yourself.”

    “Whoa, I get a weapon? And a map and all?” Crystal gasped, excitedly scooping it all up. “But a bow? I can hardly use this thing.”

    “It’s the weapon I found when I found you, Crystal. This and the scarf have to do with your past,” Suzie admitted, making her gawk. “I cannot allow you to go to that academy. You will stay here, like the good child you are.”

    “When you found me- you know about my past, don’t you?” Crystal whispered.

    “No. I do not. All I know is that it is not safe for you to go to RBY Academy,” she answered.

    “See what I mean, Crystal? Stay here and you’ll never learn! So come with me and help me out. We’ll find out everything together,” Megan argued, raising a fist. Crystal groaned and hung her head, trying not to look at the two of them.

    “You won’t stop no matter what I do, will you?” Suzie asked, taking a deep breath. Megan and Crystal exchanged glances with each other, and then stared at Suzie with determination in their eyes. “Then show me. Show me just how desperately you want your freedom. Show you have the power to take care of yourselves and face the painful truth that awaits beyond this gate!”
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    Episode 4: Fated meeting

    Aaaaand episode 4. Episode 5 coming next week!
    Edit 31/7/18: Skits will now be added to the story. Originally, skits were exclusive to Wattpad readers. Now they're here, too!


    Episode 4: Fated meeting


    There was a long moment of silence as both parties stared at one another in the eye, not a sound or a movement coming from either of them. The wind soon came to their attention, making the trees ruffle and sway in angst, as if moaning at the oncoming battle.

    “You’re not really going to fight us, are you?” Crystal finally breathed out.

    “My children, please stay behind me. I don’t want any of you getting hurt during this fight,” Suzie ordered. The three children obeyed and began to guard the gate, giving Suzie enough space to take on a battle pose. Her tail swept rhythmically to the left and right, whilst her claws were bared and her arms were wide, like a grappler preparing to lift its foe.

    “She’s serious about this. Alright then, I won’t hold back!” Megan shouted, flaring her back.

    “Megan!” Crystal cried, but she was too late. The Cyndaquil already initiated the fight with an Ember attack, releasing countless little pellets of fire from her mouth. Suzie flinched to protect her face and block them, retaliating the moment the attack stopped by lunging forward.

    “Whoa!” Megan cried, falling backwards to avoid her. Suzie’s claw slammed into the ground with enough force to kick up soil and dust, blinding her for a moment. Suzie didn’t stop there though, she took another step and slammed her other claw onto Megan, just about missing but again, kicking up soil and dust. Her combo was finished with a spin of her whole body, which sent her tail in wide sweep across the ground. This took Megan by surprise, smacking her face first into the soil a good distance back.

    Suzie seemed surprised to be able to lift her arms back up without any threat, exchanging a furious glance with Crystal. “What are you doing? If you aren’t going to attack me, then why run away this far?”

    Crystal growled and threatened an attack, pointing her bow at the large enemy. Lacking fingers, she struggled to keep it aimed whilst trying to lock an arrow into it, failing so badly that she dropped both the bow and the arrow.

    “Crystal, get it together!” Megan shouted, standing back up. She dashed forward a few steps before trying Ember again, getting the same result of the attack being blocked. Despite guarding her face with her arms, Suzie didn’t seem to suffer even a sting of pain from the attack. “Seriously? Not even a flinch?”

    Suzie halted for a moment. “We are only just beginning. You’re going to have to try far harder than that,” she commented.

    I’ve been training all this time. Am I really this weak? I HAVE to be able to hurt her somehow!” Megan cried in her mind.

    “So I hook the arrow like this, and then,” Crystal muttered under her breath, carefully concentrating on pulling back an arrow properly. She squeaked and flinched when she accidentally released that arrow, thankfully having it aimed at Suzie when it flew off. It looked even more ineffective than Megan’s attacks however, bouncing right off the Kangaskhan’s arm without her even making an effort to brace for it. It did make Suzie turn in her direction however, and she leaned forward in anticipation for another attack.

    “Oh no!” Crystal cried once she realised. She cowered behind her wings when Suzie came charging, getting barged out of the way by Megan, who wound up stumbling away from Suzie’s wicked strikes. Each swipe of Suzie’s arms left an indent in the soil as well as releasing a brush of wind that whipped across their faces.

    “C’mon Crystal, you’ve gotta get into this!” Megan cried, falling to her side. Dirt covered front, which she brushed off in annoyance.

    “Now isn’t the time for innocence. If you aren’t going to fight me, then perhaps we should end this here,” Suzie proposed. “I have held back thus far, but I won’t stop getting more ruthless until you call for mercy.”

    “Like I’ll ever give up! We’re leaving home today, like it or not!” Megan shouted.

    “Then show me your power. Fight me and defeat me!” Suzie shouted, smacking her fists together. Megan’s pose tightened.

    “Hold on a second. My arrows are blunt, and she can block your Ember. Nothing we do will hurt her,” Crystal warned, speaking quietly.

    “Then I’ll put more oomph into it until I do hurt her! We’ve got to try something!” Megan screamed, jumping out of the way of another flurry of attacks. She refused to stop shooting Ember, but each one was as useless as the last.

    Blunt arrows won’t work and Ember is too weak. If only there was something we COULD hit that could damage her. Burning a tree could start a forest fire, and I couldn’t cut one down,” Crystal thought hard, keeping her distance from the battle. She stared at Suzie intently, impressed with the way Megan was nimbly hopping about to avoid her attacks. It made Suzie’s movements very careful and easily readable, despite a clear amount of power behind each attack. Every time she threw her arms down at the ground or swung her tail around, the force would generate wind, and the child had to hold onto her pouch to stay inside. “Wait a minute, that’s it! Aim for the child, not Suzie!

    With her plan set, Crystal did her best to draw back an arrow, growling and struggling to maintain decent aim with it. She could barely keep straight or keep a hold of it, quickly losing it and accidentally letting it fly early again. The arrow once again bounced off Suzie’s side, drawing her attention to Crystal. “Ahh! Megan, aim for the pouch!”

    “The pouch?” Megan gasped, realising the idea as well. She hastily breathed in and exhaled another round of embers, this time directing them towards the baby in Suzie’s pouch. It yelped and screamed the moment the attack hit, and then leapt out to start running away.

    “Wait! Stop, how dare you!” Suzie hissed, having to abandon the battle to give chase. The baby didn’t get far before it tripped and fell over, making it easy to catch. But now that they had a weakness to aim for, Megan and Crystal shared a smile of eagerness with each other, posing with anticipation for the rest of the battle.

    That is, if Suzie returned to it. For some reason she remained with her back to the two children, bent over as if still retrieving her crying baby. Suzie’s other children were staring in her direction too, the three of them gawking at something.

    “What’s the holdup?” Megan asked aloud, calming down to focus. There didn’t seem to be anything in front of Suzie, but she was looking up at something that had her frozen in place like this.

    “Wait a minute,” Crystal whispered in worry, tracing Suzie’s line of sight. In the tree directly above her, a dark creature was cleverly camouflaged, practically invisible besides its blue scales. “M-Mum, get back!”

    The monster finally jumped, springing everything into motion again. Suzie whipped her arms back and cradled her baby protectively, baring her teeth at the new arrival. Now that it was on the ground in front of them, they could make out its two, dirty, furry heads and blue scaled front. It walked on all fours and had thin, jagged wings sprouting from its back.

    “I was chasing that bunny for lunch, but then I spied a better, five course meal,” the left head greeted in a low, growling tone.

    You spied? Don’t you mean we spied? And besides, I’m the one that found it,” the right head snapped, trying to bite its other half.

    “I’m the one that found it you dolt! And I’m the one that’s gonna hunt it. It’s my lunch!” the left head argued, biting back. “Get yer own!”

    “That Pokémon. He’s the one on the wanted poster!” Crystal gasped. “Edvard, he actually showed up?”

    Both Zweilous heads turned to face her, and both smiled in some kind of delight. “Whatever, it doesn’t matter who found them. I’m the one that’s gonna get me a big lunch!” Edvard-left threatened.

    “Knowing who we are simply makes this all the more necessary, though. If you go about warning other Pokémon, we might not get lunch so easily,” Edvard-right added. “My other half may not think as logically as I do, but think of it as a defensive measure.”

    “A delicious defensive measure!” Edvard-left agreed, snickering to himself.

    “Leave this place at once,” Suzie threatened, trying to remain calm. She was still cradling her baby.

    “Or what? Do you kids really think you can beat me?” Edvard-left mocked, laughing aloud.

    “Remember what happened with the bunny though, dolt? We keep fooling around, and they’ll get away,” Edvard-right advised.

    “I hear ya. No time to waste. Say your prayers, kiddies!” Edvard-left replied, calming down. Both heads opened their mouths wide, generating a sparkling orb of blue flames deep within them.

    “That’s a Pokémon attack?” Megan hissed, standing guard over Crystal. It didn’t take long for the fireballs to grow to a size that scared her, a size she knew she couldn’t compete with. Yet she stood her ground and attempted to counter with Ember, but her attack didn’t stop the two heads from charging at all.

    “Er, get outta the way!” Megan cried, turning tail with Crystal beside her. Suzie coughed a curse and did the same just before Edvard fired his attack, having it come out as an overwhelming stream of storming fire. The next thing they all knew, a huge explosion took over the area, enshrouding everything in smoke. Megan and Crystal lay on the ground to keep out of the smoke, only able to hear the trees around them collapsing as a result of the attack.

    They shot to their feet the moment the smoke began to clear up, finding that the trees falling over were only part of it. For some reason, the little colour visible in the darkness started to turn into nothing but grey right before their eyes. It was like Edvard had started sucking the colour out of the world around them, replacing it with nothing but static, stone grey nature.

    “What’s happening?” Megan whispered. Fatigue suddenly hit her and she slouched forward further than usual, feeling as though her body was straining just to keep standing. She quickly fell to all fours, unable to do anything besides growl. “What? What’s happening to me? Why am I so tired all of a sudden?

    “Me…gan,” Crystal struggled dryly beside her, in the same position. Her eyesight was fading and her hearing was starting to become muffled. Soon enough, everything was a blur and they fell face flat to the ground, able to fight sleep for just a few moments longer. The last thing they saw was Edvard’s blurry figure approaching.

    It felt as though it took a long while, longer than she could put into words, but Crystal’s senses finally started to come back to her. She was sleeping pleasantly, but an obnoxious light was burning behind her eyelids and had been for a while. Only now had it become too annoying to try to continue sleeping, so she struggled to open her eyes.

    “Huh?” she gurgled, spotting a blurry flame staring back at her. She felt so weak and stiff that she couldn’t even fully open her eyelids, but once she did, she had to blink away from the flame to avoid being blinded. White walls, a few tables and a myriad of unidentifiable apparatus across them were what greeted her. Her eyesight soon settled and came into focus, and she sat up. “What, where?”

    “Oh?” another voice squeaked. Crystal was sat on a bed beside Megan, who was still sleeping. A little Oshawott was looking up at her. He quickly looked away in a petty attempt to hide a deep blush, tugging at a blue headband he was wearing. He wore it below one ear and over the other, and a leaf was attached to the middle of the headband.

    “Shelly, are they awake?” yet another unfamiliar voice called out. This one came from a tall, round, egg shaped bunny rabbit Pokémon. She rushed over the moment she saw Crystal, gasping unfathomable words to herself.

    “What’s going on? Where am I?” Crystal asked, surprised at how dry and quiet her voice came out. The bunny Pokémon took a moment to calm down, exchanging a glance with the Oshawott.

    “Hiya! You’re probably really confused and tired right now, so it’d be best to try not to stand up. Your body’s got to absorb some Bestia,” the bunny greeted, waving. “I’m Professor Azeth, but I’d prefer it if you just called me Azu.”

    “What’s going on?” Crystal asked groggily, still getting up anyway. The moment she slid off the bed she doubled over and fell onto all fours, moaning and struggling to resist the aching pain that struck her body.

    “Hey I said not to stand, your body still needs to stabilise!” Azu warned, helping her back onto the bed. Once she was sat down again she relaxed, groaning in bother.

    “Crystal? What’s going on, where are we?” Megan spoke up, springing awake.

    “You’re up, phew. Shelly, your healing works wonders!” Azu praised, smiling at the Oshawott. He moaned and scratched the back of his head. “Er, it’s a bit of a long story. You see, I was out doing fieldwork in Misgeriom Woods when Edvard showed up. I sort of wound him up and he started attacking me, chasing me through the forest.”

    “Edvard… oh right, I fainted after he used his Pokémon attack!” Crystal cried, recalling everything.

    “I ran away, but I couldn’t lose him properly,” Azu explained. “Then I heard a battle going on by the gate to Lillistep, and drew him there. It wasn’t until I was safe that I realised the big mistake I made. Pawning him off on some other innocent bystanders only puts others in danger, so I came back, dying of guilt. All I found were you two out cold in the middle of dry land, though.”

    “Wasn’t there anyone with us? A Kangaskhan or a baby Pikachu?” Megan cried.

    “Nope. Just you two,” Azu answered. “That Edvard guy is a serious threat. When he uses his Dragon Pulse attack, it drains Bestia from all around. You two must’ve fainted from lack of energy when he did that, because your bodies were so soft when I found you!”

    “I have no idea what you’re talking about, but if it was just us two, then Suzie’s in danger,” Megan warned, turning to Crystal. “But we got away from her, to- wherever we are. I dunno whether to go back or not.”

    “You’re at my lab in RBY Academy. Er, since it was my fault that you two got like that, I took it upon myself to take you back here and nurse you back to health as best I could,” Azu explained, gradually looking more and more awkward. “Erm, since you were kids too and I couldn’t find your parents either, I sorta signed you two up here as students and everything, too. Eh heh heh… heh…”

    “You did what?” Megan screamed.

    “We’re at RBY?” Crystal shouted on top of her. “I don’t know how, but we did it, Megan! We’re students at the best school in all of Heroica!”

    “Yeah but, without even asking? That’s not why I came here; I’m not here to study!” Megan cried. “Now what am I supposed to do?”

    “I- I thought- because- you mean to tell me you actually don’t want to study here?” Azu gasped. She turned around and hugged herself. “Oh my, oops. I didn’t mean to force them into this, I wasn’t trying to! Or was I? But they were kids so was I really wrong to assume anything of them? Oh you’ve really done it this time Azu, you’ve basically kidnapped them!”

    “Er,” Megan muttered as Azu lost herself into a seemingly endless ramble of mumbling.

    “It’s okay, I want to study here. That’s why we were in the forest,” Crystal informed, calming Azu down. “I just don’t know how we fainted or anything.”

    “Bestia. Your bodies had no Bestia in them,” Azu stated.

    “Huh? Isn’t that just what we use to do Pokémon attacks? It’s running out, that’s why there’s a law in Heroica that no one can use their Pokémon attacks,” Crystal explained, tilting her head. “It’s why everyone now fights with their fists, claws, or weapons.”

    Azu shook her head. “Bestia is the life force of Heroica and every living thing in it. I don’t know if you saw it or not, but when Edvard used his attack, Dragon Pulse, did you notice how everything turned all grey?”

    “I did! I saw it just before I fainted. It was like everything was turning to stone or something!” Megan cried. Azu nodded.

    “That’s what happens when Bestia is radically drained from an area. Nature withers, but we Pokémon are part of nature, too. Not only can’t we use our attacks, our bodies and stuff start to decompose, our skin weakens, and, uh, to put it bluntly, we get too weak to even stay awake. That’s why we’re waiting for the legend of the Shining Warriors,” Azu explained, stopping all of a sudden. Megan’s stomach growled loudly, and everyone turned to her cheerfully. “If you’re hungry, I take it you’re feeling a bit better? Sorry, but I don’t have any snacks here.”

    “I really need food. My stomach feels like it’s eating itself,” Megan moaned, rubbing it. She was able to get up and stay on her feet, so Crystal copied; surprised that she no longer felt any aches.

    “I’m starving, too,” she admitted, rubbing the back of her head.

    “Um, erm, I know you don’t want to be here, but you’re students now, so you’ll be expected to do work and stuff, so,” Azu mumbled, thinking. “Ah, I know! Shelly, why don’t you show the two girls around? You can get them a bite to eat.”

    There was no response for a few seconds, even when both girls turned to face the Oshawott. He was staring directly at Crystal, pressing his hands together. “Um, hello? Shelly?”

    “Eeek, ah, yes?” he breathed out, flinching and blushing.

    “Show these two around, get some food for them, if you don’t mind!” Azu giggled. Shelly nodded and bowed to the two girls, unable get rid of his blush at all.

    “Erm, u-uh, follow me?” he whispered, gesturing to lead the way.

    “Well this is going to be fun. I guess we’ll have to deal with this somehow,” Megan groaned, rubbing her face.

    What is a skit?

    Skits are short scripts of conversation that happen between chapters. They’re titled and signal the end of a chapter, so you don’t have to read them if you don’t want to. Most of the time, the skits will be idle chatter between the characters. Sometimes, they’ll have some notable plot points.

    The mystery leaf

    Megan: So you’re Shelly, right? Probably a dumb question, but you’re a student here too, right?

    Shelly: *quiet whispering*

    Megan: What’s that? I can’t hear you!

    Shelly: *even quieter whispering*

    Megan: Are you serious? SPEAK UP DARN IT!

    Shelly: Eee uh, y-yes, I’m Shelly!

    Crystal: Geez, no need to push him and stuff. Way to give us a good first impression.

    Megan: You’re telling me that? Speak up damn it, I can barely hear ya!

    Shelly: *moans*

    Crystal: I can tell that you’re just shy. But you don’t need to be, we’re both just kids. Say what you want to say, please.

    Shelly: Mmm… I… I heard I was going to start sharing my room with a new student called Crystal… I didn’t know you would be a girl…

    Crystal: Oh. Well, talking to girls is no different than talking to guys, you know. Talk to me all the same.

    Megan: Here’s a better question, what’s with the leaf? One minute it’s green, the next it’s pink. How is it changing colour?

    Shelly: My leaf… oh, that.

    Megan: It changed again! Let me see it!

    Shelly: Ah, no! Leave it, please don’t touch it!

    Megan: Why not? Give it here, I wanna see it! *tries tackle Shelly*

    Shelly: Eeeaaaahh! Please no, leave it alone, please! *runs away*

    Crystal: Are you seriously- Meg- ah… what’s wrong with you?
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    Whoa, the new forums look neato! But there's less room, and my fanfic already moved to page two! Still hasn't stopped people from reading, though. Thank you all so very much!
    Also, copy and pasting now spaces correctly and adds in formatting! I greatly welcome that change! Thanks to all the people that made that one possible.
    Anyway, on with the chapter!


    Episode 5: Premonition


    Episode 5: Premonition

    The sun was out, the wind was pleasant, and the scenery was cool and quiet. Crystal felt so relaxed that she couldn’t even be bothered to lift her head and look out at her surroundings. She could tell that she was settled down in a field of grass and soft soil, and that was all she needed to be content right now. A hand started to stroke her back, soothing her even more.

    “Be calm, Crystal. Everything is alright,” Suzie whispered. Crystal sighed in response, sinking into the soil below her. “It hurt, didn’t it? Getting into that fight with Megan.”

    “It did,” Crystal replied, speaking so slowly and softly that she could barely hear her own words.

    “Be strong now, my child. There is nothing to worry about. I’m here, and Megan is your sister. I can assure you, she did not mean to hurt you,” Suzie said, looking out at the sunny scenery. “She had a fight with you. Pokémon have powers that they can use in fights. But those powers don’t have to be used for fighting. If you stay out of fights, you won’t have to feel the pain of those attacks.”

    “The pain of the attacks,” Crystal repeated, still speaking softly.

    “You’re a good girl, you know. Thank you so much for listening to me for all this time,” Suzie stated, slowing down her strokes. “I promise that I will take care of you, my child. As long as you stay here in Lillistep, I can protect you, and make sure that you never have to feel pain.”

    “Stay here?” she whispered, trying to look up at her mother.

    “Yes. I will ensure that you have everything you need, here. I tutor a class in the village, which you will join. There are plenty of fields to run around, play, and work in. The village is also surrounded by a wall. Unless you leave that wall, you should not meet any danger from feral Pokémon,” Suzie explained. “You have your brothers and sisters, as well. You will have no shortage of excitement, living here. But I can only promise that if you be a good girl, and stay here.”

    There was a lengthy moment of silence, where Suzie resumed stroking Crystal’s back to keep her relaxed. “Stay here, and we can all live our lives in safety and happiness.”

    “Crystal, c’mon, wake up already!” Megan squealed, making her spring awake. “Finally. Geez, we’ve been waiting forever, sleepyhead!”

    “Wa-waiting?” Crystal gurgled, taking a moment to focus her eyesight. The Cyndaquil and Oshawott were patiently waiting for her, both stood in the centre of their shared dorm room. Two bunk beds took up most of the space, but there was a small chest of drawers, a mirror, and a window. The two looked like they had been awake for a while. “Guess all that was just a dream.

    “Shelly said he’ll take us to the training hall today, since we couldn’t get there yesterday. So let’s hurry up and get breakfast!” Megan announced, bouncing in excitement.

    Crystal stared for a second. “Wait a minute, training? Whoever said anything about training? What for?”

    “To get real strong so we can get our revenge and embark on our quest! C’mon sleepyhead, get it together already,” Megan complained, stumbling away.

    “As usual, not listening or taking ‘no’ for an answer,” Crystal groaned, stretching.

    “Erm, er, good morning Crystal,” Shelly waved, still watching her. She tilted her head and replied with a gleeful smile, finally getting off the bed to get ready.

    The morning routine wasn’t too much different than what they were used to, thankfully. It didn’t take long before the trio were in the mess hall, an enormous hall dedicated to food alone. A single counter stretched along the wall to the left of the entryway, while dining tables lined the middle of the room to make rows and rows of seats to eat at. Many Pokémon were already there snacking away, the aromas from their varied meals punching Crystal’s stomach without restraint.

    “I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the meals here, and it’s all free, too! I ate so much yesterday that I’m not even hungry right now, but I’m gonna stuff myself again anyway,” Megan giggled.

    “The food isn’t free, you just get the first week free,” Shelly warned, playing with his hands. “RBY Academy trains Pokémon for the future. Everyone gets food tokens once a day to exchange for meals, but if you want any more, you have to get a job and pay for it.”

    “Get a job? How’re we supposed to do that, we’re kids!” Megan cried, leading the way. There were trays for them to help themselves to, so she picked one up and headed to the counter.

    “You’re worried about that now, but not when we were running away from home?” Crystal commented. Megan growled.

    “Most Pokémon form rescue teams or exploration teams. You can get paid to scout, patrol, and other missions,” Shelly explained, looking away and going quieter. “I-I’ve been trying to make a team for a while, but.”

    “A team, huh? That’d make for a good starting point,” Megan spoke over him. “But who would want to stick with a freak like me? I’ll never get to make a team.”

    “So which is it? Are you into being here or do you just want to leave ASAP?” Crystal shrugged, bothered by Shelly’s awkward look. He didn’t even try to speak up again.

    “Whichever it is, you two are enrolled here, and will be working for us either way,” a new voice interrupted them. Behind the trio was an aged Clefairy that had managed to tuck its stubby hands behind its back. Beside it were a Brionne and a Stufful, both with unusual attributes to their appearance. The Brionne had something strapped to his back with ribbons coming off of it, whilst the Stufful had a large scar over his left eye, and kept it shut as a result. The Clefairy stepped forward from the trio, sounding far younger than she looked. “Apologies for interrupting like that, but I have to meet you.”

    Have to meet us? Are these three a team?” Crystal asked herself.

    “It was remiss of me to not meet you yesterday, but my duties prevented it. I trust that Shelly has taken good care of you thus far?” Clefairy asked, standing straight and smart.

    “Uh, he showed us around a bit and was going to do so today, too,” Crystal replied.

    “That’s just like you! Either we can count on you, or perhaps you’ve taken notice of how cute this Piplup is, hmm?” Clefairy teased. Shelly spun around and blushed when both girls turned to him, groaning something. “But honestly now, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ion; I’m the assistant headmaster here at RBY Academy. It is my duty to put you on the right track here, and answer any questions you might have.”

    “Oh, that’s good. ‘cos I’m literally only here to get stronger and get on my feet. Then I’m outta here,” Megan stated, becoming stern.

    “Meg! B-be polite about it, at least!” Crystal hissed.

    “Oh? That’s an unusual response. What’re your names, young ones?” Ion asked.

    “Megan. I was meant to be out on a journey, but I got dragged here,” she answered.

    “I’m just here to keep her out of trouble, I guess. I’m Crystal,” Crystal bowed, blushing a little. Ion flinched to a complete stop, jerking so hard that it got the Brionne’s attention.

    “Crystal? Is that really your name?” she raised her voice. Crystal didn’t answer, but all eyes turned to her. “F-forgive me, but you must come with me this instant. Please forgive me! It’s important!”

    “Wait, what? What’d I do?” Crystal panicked.

    “I need to take you to the headmaster. I can’t explain now, but please, just come with me. She’s in the library,” Ion ordered, grabbing Crystal’s wing to pull her away.

    “Wa-wait, should we come with? What about that book?” the Brionne cried. Ion hesitated.

    “Come with me anyway. I’ll sort you two out afterwards, I promise,” she called, dragging Crystal away. Megan and Shelly watched in surprise before giving chase, having to jog to keep up with them.

    Ion refused to let go of Crystal even though she constantly wiggled and squirmed for freedom, soon giving up to try to memorize where she was being taken. Large squares of empty space and grass made up most of the academy’s grounds at this time of the morning, but there was a noticeable number of a certain species of Pokémon.

    Crystal could never have imagined such a creature before, and was terrified of just one alone. They were very tall, iron clad, anthropoid creatures with jagged, silver arms and horned helmets. Their armoured coats clanged with each step, and each of them wielded a large, formidable weapon – a sword, axe, spear, or staff. There were more of them than could be counted scattered across the greens and in front of many of the structures, keeping guard.

    “Headmaster Panzer!” Ion called out, barging into one of the buildings. It was an impressive library overflowing with reading material, with shelves that took up entire walls and several corridors made of shelves. There was even an upper floor with just as many books and shelves from the looks of things. Oddly, there were quite a few of the armoured Pokémon here as well, almost as many as there was outside.

    “Goodness me, calm down, Ion! You’re in a library,” a new voice replied. This one came from a dragon Pokémon with kite shaped wings.

    “I apologize. But this is important. This is our headmaster, Panzer the Flygon,” Ion introduced.

    “Oh, are these our new students? Sorry for not coming by to say hi yesterday!” the Flygon waved cheerfully. She closed the book she was reading and walked over. “I heard about what happened, at least. Boy, are you kids lucky! I’ll have to reward that Azu for doing the right thing.”

    “Panzer, these new students, though,” Ion shuddered, becoming serious.

    “Yes yes, I know. We’re still searching for their parents, you know. But with the warning of that Bestia thief around, it’s proving to be difficult. Even the imperial knights are rather afraid of him,” Panzer informed.

    “Imperial knights?” Crystal repeated.

    “These guys. They help to protect us, and stop Pokémon from using Bestia,” Panzer said, pointing to one of the armoured Pokémon. “They might look a little scary, but there’s no need to worry. All of them are your buddies! If you ever need anything, just ask them and they’ll do what they can.”

    Why are there so many knights in a library? This is the last place something dangerous should happen,” Crystal asked herself, looking sceptical.

    “Panzer-” Ion tried to speak up.

    “Still though, dare I say that you’re awfully cute for new students? Now that you’re here and enrolled, it’s important that you decide what it is you want to do here. RBY Academy is more than a place to learn a little math or science. You can truly be anything you want to, here!” Panzer cheered. “Or at least, that’s my intention for why I created this place. In these dark times, where Pokémon can’t be Pokémon, and can’t use their attacks or abilities, I thought of creating a place where they can try as hard as they can to be who they want to be.”

    “Panzer! This new student is the one of legend!” Ion snapped, bouncing in anger. Quiet fell.

    “Student of legend? Do we have legendary students?” Panzer questioned, tapping her forehead. Ion slumped forwards. “Still though, what’re your names, little ones? You’ve done well to end up with Lucca and Shelly.”

    “Megan. I know why I’m here, though,” Megan introduced, tilting her head.

    “I’m Crystal,” Crystal reluctantly answered. Panzer’s eyes widened, and she froze.

    “Oh,” she responded blankly, staring at the Piplup. Crystal started sweating awkwardly and stepped backwards. “I see. It couldn’t be…”

    “It couldn’t be? It couldn’t be what?” Crystal staggered backwards even more. Panzer suddenly lunged and leaned forwards, stopping just a few centimetres from her face. At that very moment, she started to feel lightheaded and dizzy, losing all sense of everything around her except for Panzer’s membrane covered eyes. Both Panzer and Crystal’s eyes were glowing whilst they stared at each other, returning to normal after a few moments. Once they did, Crystal fell on her backside and groaned as Panzer stood up and folded her arms.

    “Okay, now you’re just acting creepy. What the heck was that about?” Megan complained.

    “Me-Megan! D-don’t be rude in front of the head teacher,” Shelly warned.

    “It’s fine, that was creepy. But I just needed to ascertain something. I couldn’t find it out, but,” Panzer started to mutter. “Well, there’s no way of knowing until you see it for yourself. You see, in Heroica, we have this legend revolving around Bestia.”

    Crystal stood back up and began to focus, but for some reason, Panzer went completely silent. “Actually, it’ll be more exciting to do it this way. Sorry to slam this on you as a new student, but it’s super important, you see. I need you to take on a mission for me.”

    “So is Crystal actually like, some sorta super special Pokémon?” Megan asked excitedly. “What do ya know, Crystal? Your inkling is coming true!”

    “She might be a super special Pokémon, but there’s only one way to truly tell. A little ways to the east of the Academy is a place called Fossil Hill. There’s a temple at the peak of the mountains there. Go there, and you might learn everything you need to learn about this,” Panzer instructed. “Lucca, Mimia, Shelly, do you mind going with Crystal? She could use the extra power.”

    “Hey wait a sec! We don’t need some strangers on our side,” Megan objected immediately.

    “If you’re strong enough, then sure. You don’t need to do anything in particular, just explore the temple,” Panzer nodded.

    “I’ve been there before, so I can show you around. Nothing happened when I went, though,” Brionne interrupted.

    “It doesn’t matter if you’ve been there before or not. Me and Crystal are strong enough to get by on our own!” she argued, turning to Panzer. “You just need us to look around, right? Sounds easy enough.”

    “The temple is filled with water, you know,” Brionne warned. Megan flinched.

    “S-so? A little droplet of water never killed me. We’ll be fine,” she cried.

    “If you insist, then I’ll leave it to you. Do you at least have weapons?” Panzer asked, bowing. Megan flinched again, and this time, didn’t reply.

    “I have a bow and some arrows,” Crystal answered slowly, revealing them.

    “A bow? A Piplup with a bow?” Brionne remarked. “You’ve got me curious as well, now. Please, allow me to accompany you.”

    Stufful started to make noises resembling the ramblings of a dog, revealing its unfittingly feminine voice. From its experienced appearance, Crystal wasn’t expecting such a young, gritty, girly voice from it, let alone the sounds of an entirely different species. It seemed to be talking to the Brionne, yet no completely words left its mouth, only yips, barks and other animalistic sounds.

    “We were asked to, Mimia. And besides, I have a hunch now, too,” Brionne replied. Crystal’s eyes widened as the Stufful began to respond to Brionne through dog noises again.

    “The-they haven’t! At least when they’re th-this big. We’ll get something out of this even if it turns out to be wrong, I have a great feeling,” Brionne staggered, bowing to Crystal and Megan. “Please have us. I promise you; we’ll stay out of your way and only help out when necessary.”

    “Pfft, we don’t need bodyguards and crap! We don’t know you, so don’t go inviting yourself!” Megan snapped.

    “Oh c’mon Meg, they’re only trying to help. We should be nice to them,” Crystal moaned. “But what was that about with the-”

    “What’s with that attitude? You didn’t even want to leave home before, now you’re okay with accepting strangers? And you’re supposed to be the smart one,” Megan argued, pretending to spit to the side. “Fine, but if you guys turn out to be weak, you’ll regret it! I mean it!”

    “Such fiery attitude,” Panzer praised, getting excited. “You’re an amazing one, Megan! But your fears for these three are unfounded. Lucca and Mimia are some of our most formidable fighters, for Pokémon that have only been here for about a month.”

    “And Shelly? He seems pretty quiet and pathetic,” Megan spat again.

    “Oh he’s more special than you think. He might be cute, but that’ll totally throw you off guard,” Panzer teased. Shelly moaned and blushed.

    “If you say so,” Megan rolled her head as if rolling her eyes. She turned to Crystal and growled. “Listen here, you. I’m lettin’ you get away with this just this once. But remember why we left home. This is my journey, not yours. So don’t go gettin’ comfy inviting strangers like that again!”

    Before Crystal could reply the Cyndaquil turned tail and sprinted off, leaving the others in surprise. “Sorry about this, guys,” Crystal sighed, shaking her head before giving chase, forcing the others to jog with her.

    “Ah, wa-wait! I know I said I’d go with you and all that, but please wait- aw man. Great,” Lucca complained, hanging his head. Mimia started barking out loud and then sprinted off, leaving him in the dust. “Mimia, you too? Dang it, I’m no good at running. Guys, wait up!”

    Once they were finally alone, Panzer went into a thought pose, starting to breathe heavily. Ion took notice and glanced at her, not getting an obvious answer to her unasked question.

    “You look like you want to say something,” Ion commented.

    “I’m honestly speechless. She just showed up one day,” Panzer replied. “I can’t believe that’s actually Crystal. I still have to make sure it’s her, but if it is and that temple awakens...”

    “Just keep watch over her,” Ion suggested.

    A long dash and a lengthy sprint later, Crystal, Megan, and their new allies finally reached the outskirts of the academy where one of the exits were. Megan had tired them all out with her sprint, but that at least meant that they were now walking and able to observe the area properly.

    “Wait. What’s wrong with this place? Everything is dead,” Crystal remarked, disheartened about the scenery. Dry, orangey, sandy mountains lined their surroundings, occasionally dotted with a single, short tree. The few trees were all dead and grey, as if frozen thanks to the chilly wind that swept sand and dust across the area. They were climbing high up though, so looking backwards gave an impressive view of the Academy. Otherwise, it was so quiet that they could hear each other’s footsteps, and Shelly’s light moans.

    “It’s Fossil Hill. It hasn’t quite run out of Bestia yet, but there’s not a lot left to sustain the area,” Lucca replied. Mimia agreed with him with a hearty bark. “We won’t be able to see the temple until we get to the top there, so I hope you don’t mind climbing hills.”

    “Of course we don’t, what do you take us for?” Megan challenged. Mimia made another dog-like sound of complaint.

    “I’m not underestimating you; I just want to make sure. I’m no good at climbing, so I have to take the paths,” he snickered. “I apologize for getting to this quickly, but who exactly are you?”

    “We’re who we are. I’m Megan, and she’s Crystal. Just a couple of kids that got picked for a mission,” Megan answered bluntly.

    “Geez, is skipping breakfast bad for you or something? You’re so aggressive,” Crystal complained. “Although, she isn’t really lying. I don’t think I’m anything special. I’m just a Piplup with amnesia.”

    “But your weapon of choice is a bow and arrow. Intriguing for a Pokémon that doesn’t have fingers. Just like Panzer, I honestly did get a huge hunch when you brought it up,” Lucca thought aloud. “If it makes you feel any better, I’ll introduce myself properly. I am Lucca Aska; I’m studying history and the legends of Heroica. That’s why I want to come with you so eagerly.”

    Mimia made another sound of glee, swaying his head playfully whilst Crystal tilted her head. “Wait, really? Aren’t Brionne supposed to be studying dancing and singing or something?” Crystal asked.

    “I am, just not as my biggest focus. I’m way more into legends and myths,” he snickered, scratching his back. “Can you tell why I have that interest in you, though? Panzer obviously has some kind of hunch that you’re connected to this temple, somehow.”

    “Well you’ve been there before, haven’t you? Did you find anything to do with a Piplup named Crystal?” Shelly finally spoke up, reminding everyone that he was here. He had been walking at the back the whole time.

    “Admittedly, no. But that only makes it all the more intriguing, honestly!” he smiled.

    “So really, you’re just a big nerd,” Megan stated, making him hang his head.

    “But what about you? What’s this ‘inkling’ you mentioned Crystal has?” he said, half ignoring her tone. He came to a sharp stop at the same time as Mimia, and both tightened their faces. “Actually, hold that question. Feral monsters are approaching.”

    “Feral monsters?” Crystal cried.

    “Wild Pokémon that live in Bestia free areas like this. Time to show you what I can do!” Lucca bragged, smiling eagerly.

    The curious gentleman

    Megan: Psst, Crystal. I told you this guy was a creep.

    Crystal: Creep? He doesn’t seem that creepy to me, just enthusiastic.

    Megan: Did you hear what he said? He already said he’s interested in you, and we’re going out to goodness knows where with him. I dunno about you, but I’m prepared to burn this guy to nothing at a moment’s notice.

    Crystal: What’s with you? You’ve been so untrustworthy the moment Panzer said to let them go with us. Just give them a chance; I’m sure they’re good Pokémon.

    Megan: They won’t be, once they find out who I really am. Everyone else who has pretty much abandoned us, right?

    Crystal: That’s true, but…

    Mimia: *moans and whines*

    Megan: And then there’s that! That got annoying so fast. Why do you keep doing that? Are you some kind of dog?

    Mimia: *moans sadly*

    Megan: Stop it! Just talk properly.

    Lucca: Sorry, that’s just Mimia’s way of talking. *whispers* between you and me, he’s not very confident in his voice, so he talks like that to me.

    Crystal: H-he?

    Megan: That’s dumb! So you’re telling me he can talk, he just decides to sound like a petty little dog instead?

    Mimia: *barks, whines*

    Lucca: Ah huh…

    Megan: What? And don’t tell me you can actually understand him or some rubbish.

    Mimia: *barks, howls, and then snickers*

    Lucca: He says you have no right to comment, keeping your eyes closed all the time.

    Megan: Wah! Wait what, how did he-

    Crystal: Whoa nice! How’d he figure that one out?

    Lucca: Now I’m interested in you. Can you really open your eyes, Megan?

    Megan: See, I told you he’s creepy! He’s already hitting on me!

    Lucca and Crystal: Wait what?
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    SGMijumaru Competitive Mijumaru

    Apologies for the delay on this one. I haven't been feeling the greatest recently, so my motivation has been all over the place and such. Heroica Legends will be getting two updates in a row though, to accomodate for something special I have planned for it. There are merits to posting on multiple sites, and I want to test those merits...
    EDIT 1/8/18: That 'something special' will no longer be happening. I had the wrong idea when it came to writing, so I'm just going to write it, now. This update is a quite a fix when it comes to readapting the story, from Mimia talking less to less hints at that special idea I had planned.


    Episode 6: To the temple! Clash on Fossil Hill!


    Silence had fallen between the group all because of Lucca’s warning that there were enemies inbound. But as far as Crystal could see, all that was around them was the barren sandiness that made up the slopes of Fossil Hill. There was nothing to see but this empty scenery, nothing to hear but the eerie howl of the wind, and nothing to feel but the gritty itch from every sandy step they took.

    “A-are y-you sure there are enemies? I can’t see anyone,” Shelly spoke up at last, playing with his hands.

    “They’re around, but I think they’re gathering numbers. Just keep your weapons out,” Lucca replied. Crystal gave him a look, since he hadn’t revealed his own weapon despite saying that.

    “How can you tell? Don’t tell me you have one of those shoddy sixth sense things,” Megan said, turning around to walk backwards. “Maybe I should call out to ‘em. That might get ‘em to stop hiding.”

    “What? Why in the world would you-” Lucca slowed down.

    “Hey you scary monsters! If you’re there, hurry up and-”

    “Are you serious? Stop, do you want to die young?” Lucca hissed, diving onto her to cover her mouth. Everyone stopped in place for a few seconds to wait and see if anything heard, but only the wind replied. “You’re lucky. Don’t do something like that again.”

    “Why, what’s the big deal? If I wanna get stronger, I’m gonna have to fight other Pokémon, right?” Megan replied.

    “Yes, but out in the wild like this? There’s a time and a place. Let’s just keep walking,” Lucca suggested, leading the way. Mimia kept close to him, constantly looking left and right as if searching for something. “Plus, you’re not carrying a weapon. So if a fight really starts, I don’t know what you’re going to do to help.”

    Megan grumbled something to herself and then stretched lazily, letting herself fall behind a little. “You’re just jinxing this, aren’t you? You’re really scared and stuff.”

    “Meg, please just stop. If we can get to the temple without a fight, it’d be better,” Crystal shook her head, shoving her forward.

    “Please,” Shelly agreed, shifting closer to Crystal. Megan slowed down and gave him a curious look, which made him blush and shift away.

    Silence fell again, but a little more anxious than before, as Crystal now expected these invisible enemies to be closer than she was comfortable with. The main road that Lucca directed them through took them up a rather steep hill, where the sun glared down at them harshly by reflecting off the light ground. She had to squint to see properly, and on this hill in particular, it was impossible to see anything but the ground and the figures of her allies.

    Before long, they reached the top without a hitch where the peak of the hill enabled them to look out across the mountain range that made up Fossil Hill. It was all as unattractive as when they first set foot into the area, minus the temple visible in the direct centre of the region, just two hills away. Crystal couldn’t help but make a sound in awe at the empty world around her. She was used to seeing vast landscapes like this as fields surrounded her village, but to see so much land and not a single Pokémon or living plant occupying it was something else.

    “What’s going on? Did you really see Pokémon or what? There’s nothing here!” Megan pointed out.

    “We should count ourselves lucky for that. But they’re likely camouflaging themselves,” Lucca warned. “Feral Pokémon do that to sneak up on travellers like us.”

    “But why? And what do you mean by ‘feral’ Pokémon? Aren’t they all just travellers like us?” Crystal asked.

    “Hmm? You do realise this area is lacking Bestia, right?” Lucca replied, rubbing his head. Mimia barked once and then started making his way down the hill, brushing aside rocks and such to smooth the path out. “In areas like this, the Pokémon that grow up here have no choice but to hunt like the primal creatures we are. They target travellers like us for our food.”

    “But we’re not carrying any food!” Crystal pointed out, following them both slowly.

    “Who said our food meant fruits and veggies?” Lucca teased. Crystal froze.

    “Wait, you don’t mean us, do you? They want to eat us?” she squeaked, hugging herself.

    “Geez, you’re such a scaredy kid. You really believe dribble like that? He’s just trying to creep us out,” Megan spat.

    “B-but Pokémon really do attack,” Shelly whimpered, hugging himself as well. Megan groaned and stomped ahead, making everyone have to speed up to keep up with her.

    Their casual banter continued until they made it right up to the path with the temple, where nothing but a lengthy bridge separated them from the sacred structure. They were surprisingly high up despite having to go downhill to reach it, evident by the distant river far below them. The land below the bridge was so far away that it looked like a scenic painting. Sadly that meant that the bridge was a questionable challenge in itself, as it was a rickety wooden bridge with no support to hold it up other than aged ropes. Some planks were even missing in its steps, and it creaked pathetically with the wind that shook it.

    The temple was captivating, at least. It looked like a castle set in the centre of an altar, a pattern of ancient columns surrounding the royal building. It had a pretty blue colour scheme as well, and was strangely well looked after despite the surrounding landscape. The possible paint didn’t seem to be weathering away, nor did the sand from the area bury anything of the altar. The whole thing stood up on its own island amongst the hills and mountains however, and was only reachable by the shoddy bridge.

    “My lord, behind you!” Mimia shouted, making everyone jump. They all span around to find that they had indeed been ambushed, and a small herd of coyote-like dog Pokémon were approaching, growling and baring their teeth at them all. Their fur was jagged and rough, but coloured exactly the same as the sand on the ground. If it wasn’t for their white manes and blank blue eyes, they would continue to be invisible.

    “Camouflage, just like I expected. Everyone, weapons out,” Lucca ordered, finally revealing his method of fighting. He performed a stylish drawing of his swords, standing on his tail briefly to unsheathe them from his back. He didn’t just pull them out however; he tossed them lightly over his head, leaned forwards again and then caught them, assuming a battle pose. His two golden blades pointed forward comfortably with his usual standing pose.

    “Finally, some action! Bring it you big scary beasts,” Megan cheered, flaring her back.

    “Wa-wait, is this a misunderstanding, right?” Crystal cried, taking out her bow and an arrow anyway. Shelly whimpered even more and hid behind her, trying to squeeze himself out of sight.

    “They’re Lycanroc, rock types. So hit them hard,” Lucca commanded, staring them down. They all started barking at once, widening his eyes.

    “The bridge,” he huffed, glancing back at it.

    “What about it?” Megan asked.

    “They’re going to force us onto it and then break it? If we keep them busy and go one at a time, we should make it across safely,” Lucca answered.

    Just then, the Lycanroc finally lunged and attacked, all at once. Crystal couldn’t help but scream and cower away, almost running directly onto the bridge to keep away from the one that targeted her. Fortunately for her she spotted the bridge before actually stepping onto it, bringing her into a small moment of focus. The Lycanroc kept trying to dive onto her, biting and swiping with its sharp teeth and claws.

    “Wa-wait, stop, please!” Crystal squeaked, rolling and hopping about to avoid each strike. The Lycanroc wouldn’t give up however, but it did soon stop to growl at her. The instant it paused, some sort of battle instinct exploded within Crystal, and she began to act without thinking. The very moment it paused, her mind told her it was time to attack, and her body did just that before she could even register that it was her thoughts. She quickly hooked an arrow, drew back, and fired, piercing the enemy’s leg. It yelped and screamed, drawing the attention of the other Lycanroc.

    “A-ah, no! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to!” Crystal choked, but it was too late. The one she had harmed ran off, whilst three more came charging, forcing her to take on evasive action again. One Lycanroc jumped high up and swung both its claws down at her, forcing her to jump to the right to avoid it, where another one was waiting with its claws bared. It too hopped forward and attempted to slash her, but it was kept back as Crystal shoved her bow at it to clash with its claws. She used that moment to flip backwards and gain space, but the third Lycanroc was waiting for her there. It attempted to bite her, but was once again stopped by her bow. Its teeth got caught in the arc of the bow, allowing Crystal to spin with great force and throw that Lycanroc off balance, where it fell into the others.

    “Whoa, nice work!” Megan praised, breathing in hard.

    H-how did I just do that?” Crystal gasped in her head, surprised at herself. “No-no, this is just luck. My friends are helping, that’s why.

    Before she could collect her thoughts and decide what to do next, the three Lycanroc were suddenly engulfed in a large blast of fire that exploded against them, a blast so huge it forced Crystal to step backwards and shield her face. The flames didn’t linger but had damaged and frightened the enemies enough to defeat them. The trio fled as soon as they recovered, leaving about five more Lycanroc to deal with.

    “Woo! Guess who just pulled of Flamethrower?” Megan cheered, hopping up and down.

    “What’re you doing? Don’t waste Bestia!” Lucca shouted.

    “Wa-wait, Lucca-” Crystal tried to argue, but she was shut up by another charging enemy. Once again she was made to push against the enemy’s sharp claws with her bow, and she growled helplessly as she was gradually crushed by its weight. Before she felt right backwards in the ground, Mimia barged his way in between them and began to push back for her, making easy work of pushing the Lycanroc over. Once he had pinned it down, he smashed both front paws into its chest and then barked at Lucca, who was taking on his own opponent.

    “Okay okay, got it!” he responded, rolling to his left to avoid a swipe. He didn’t hesitate to slash with both of his swords, drawing blood from the Pokémon’s side. Crystal was still on the floor and watched on in shock, gawking at the ruthlessness of the battle going down before her. Lucca and Mimia weren’t hesitating to really hurt their enemies with attacks that looked like they could have killed – many of the Lycanroc Lucca had cut fell to the ground and didn’t move afterwards, but he dismissed it and moved onto the next attack as if he didn’t care a bit. Once Lucca was certain that his enemies were fleeing, he turned tail and began to sprint across the bridge, stopping about halfway.

    “Guys come on! There’s too many of them,” he called out, making Crystal focus. She glanced back at the battle and saw that there were more Lycanroc left than she had realised. Only five of them were attacking at once before, but now there seemed to be countless more. She shot to her feet and carefully drew back another arrow to threaten them.

    “Hey hey, wait for me! If you run now, you’ll screw me over, too!” Megan cried, sprinting after Lucca. Crystal waited until she was sure that Megan had crossed most of the bridge before turning around and running after her. She immediately bumped into Shelly who was right behind her, tripping over him and face planting on the rough floor.

    “Ow- Shelly,” she growled, rubbing her side. Mimia’s incessant barking caused her to regain focus, and she looked up to see Shelly rubbing his head in pain. “Shelly, c’mon!”

    Without looking back, she ignored what pain lingered in her side and scrambled to her feet, pulling Shelly up with her as best as she could. Once she was sure he could run with her, she sprinted ahead, unintentionally dragging him along with her.

    “Wa-wait, C-Crystal!” he called out weakly. It wasn’t until the planks of wood could be heard clunking against Shelly’s feet that she slowed down to look back at him and the Lycanroc, where he was finally able to stand up properly. He didn’t let go of her wing and squeezed himself into her tightly, as if frightened and fully aware of what was about to happen.

    At the very moment, Crystal’s thoughtless instincts returned, and she too knew what was about to happen, much to her dismay. She had been too slow at escaping the enemies and was smack bang in the middle of the old bridge, with Megan, Lucca, and Mimia at one side and the Lycanroc on the other. The Lycanroc were barking madly and were gathered around their end of the bridge, no doubt cutting away at the weak ropes that held it up. Without even thinking about it, Crystal glanced down at the abyssal drop below them and then hugged Shelly back, growling and bracing herself for the worst. Seconds later her unspoken prediction came true, and the bridge came loose with a mighty crash.

    “Crystal!” Megan cried, on top of Lucca and Mimia’s surprised gasps. The shaky planks below Crystal’s feet disappeared almost instantly, and the entire structure swung through to air with only one support to hold it up, where it crashed into the rest of the cliff and shattered completely. Crystal and Shelly didn’t even get a chance to hold on; they just fell straight down when the bridge gave way.

    Within seconds, all sound dulled out besides the wicked whipping of wind against their bodies as they fell. Crystal did her best to keep her eyes open, somehow focusing enough to drown out the endlessly screaming Shelly she was still latched to. The distant river below them that was a mere blue line when they started falling gradually transformed into a detailed stream of water, surrounded on all sides by jagged cliffs and other dry dangers. Before long, Crystal started to lose her breath and growled, the speed of her fall ruffling through her so much that she could feel her eyes falling out, and the force crushing against her face.

    She knew that this was it, and yet, her instincts started to spike, her mind yelling at her above everything going on right now. It told her what to do without even thinking about it, it gave her reactions before she could even register that she was acting on those reactions. It made her yell with all her strength and release a powerful spray of bubbles from her beak, completely ignoring the rules of Bestia in her strongest Bubblebeam attack ever.

    She released the Pokémon attack as she neared the river below them, but thanks to the speed of their fall, she had no way of telling whether her efforts had actually slowed her fall or not. It all happened in an instant too, she and Shelly crashed into the water with a tremendous amount of force, falling right through into the bottom of the stream. The impact felt like she had been smashed in the face by a heavy block of cement, followed by the instant realisation that the water was devastatingly cold. All her strength drained from the impact and she laid flat, eyes shut and letting the water freeze her.

    The instincts spiked again, and what seemed like seconds later, she sprung awake. She sat up with a surprising amount of energy, immediately scanning her surroundings to see what had happened. She was still on the riverbed, completely immersed in deep, blue, unbearably cold water. Shelly wasn’t far away from her, but was clutching the ground and whimpering to himself. In the opposite direction, again not too far from her, was Mimia? The Stufful was as awake as she was, desperately trying to escape from a tight collection of rocks he had somehow gotten caught in.

    “D-don’t panic, you’re gonna be okay!” Crystal gasped, coughing from surprise. She felt what little air she had escape her from that one line, but she knew she would have to bear that if she was to save Mimia. Bubbles were already escaping from the Stufful’s mouth and he was gurgling in desperation, so she had to act fast, and now. Just looking at the rockery he was trapped under told her that she wouldn’t be able to help him alone, but she would only need to free his foot for him to be able to escape. Seeing that, she glanced back at Shelly. “Shelly, get it together! Help me out!”

    “Huh?” he replied, glancing up. He looked clueless but caught on to what he needed to do right away, and joined Crystal beside the rocks. Without instruction, the duo pushed as hard as they could on the rocks, quickly causing the pile to tumble apart and Mimia to be freed. He kept gurgling and scrambled for the surface, getting helped up during the process.

    They all surfaced with huge gasps and violent coughs, Mimia slumping forward on the nearest dry land he could. Crystal pushed him up out of the water, where he rolled onto his back and immediately stopped moving, not even managing to shiver or tremble.

    “Mimia? Mimia, are you okay?” Crystal cried, realising that their predicament wasn’t over. She shook him slightly but got no reaction. “Mimia? Oh no, not already- Mimia, Mimia, please!”

    “You have to press his chest,” Shelly interrupted, pushing her away a little. He seemed to be careful about it, feeling Mimia’s chest for second before pressing down with delicacy. Strangely enough, the way Shelly appeared now was nothing like the quiet nervousness he had been showing up until now. He performed the procedure as if he had done it many times before. It didn’t take long for Mimia be to start coughing and sputtering as a result. He soon spat out a spray of water, and then lay backwards, taking a long moment to breathe out loud.

    “Mimia!” Crystal cried again.

    “I-it’s fine. I’ll be alright,” he replied grittily, leaning his head to the side.

    “Thank goodness; that was way too close for my liking,” Crystal sighed. For some reason Shelly began to back away from them both, hiding his face behind his hands. “Shelly, seriously, thank you.”

    “M-me?” he squeaked.

    “Well, yes. That looked like that was hardly new to you. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you. You’re just full of surprises, aren’t you?” she praised. He stared back until he started blushing, where he moaned something to himself. “Whatever floats your boat, I guess.”

    “But why is Mimia here?” he asked, looking back at him. “Wasn’t he on the other side of the cliff when the bridge broke?”

    “The cliff on the other side collapsed as well,” Mimia replied, speaking slowly and weakly. “Lord Lucca fell, so I dove down to throw him back onto the cliff.”

    “And you-” Crystal said, widening her eyes. She turned to check her new surroundings, realising that they were in a more dangerous position than they would have liked. They were next to a fast flowing river that ran between two ridiculously tall cliffs, the cliffs so tall that their peaks couldn’t be seen at all. Both mountains cast a dark shadow over everything as well, blocking out all forms of light besides the blue sky miles above them. Otherwise, this part of Fossil Hill was no different to what they had experienced so far. It was dry, quiet and sandy no matter where they looked.

    “Yes. Lord Lucca and Miss Megan are safe at the top of the cliff. I was the only other one who fell unintentionally,” Mimia clarified, finally rolling over to his feet. “We should regroup immediately.”

    “Don’t you need to rest? You almost drowned,” Crystal asked in worry. He shook his head and barked, ignoring any possible lack of energy he had to start walking. Crystal and Shelly followed with blank expressions, exchanging glances with each other.

    “Hey, if you don’t mind me asking,” Crystal spoke up after a short while. Mimia didn’t even glance back at her. “Why do you call Lucca ‘Lord Lucca’?”

    Mimia’s ears twitched, implying he heard the question. However, he responded with yips and growls, almost as if he was trying to speak in that dog language from earlier. Crystal waited until he stopped talking before tilting her head, expecting a proper response to follow. “Urm, I’m sorry but, I don’t understand that.”

    Mimia again responded with more noises, causing her to sigh and hang her head. “I guess that was too personal a question or something. I know mum always told me not to trust strangers, but we’re supposed to be a team right now, right? I wonder if he trusts me?

    Crystal snuck a quick look at Shelly, who was following close beside her with his hands pressed together cutely. She sighed and gave up just at the look of him, deciding to focus on her surroundings again. Down here was dark and rocky, and the water she had just been in was still dripping off her fur to leave her shivering. The river looked rougher than it sounded, and quite a few jagged rocks jutted out of the river’s slight turns here and there. If they had been swept up by the stream when they fell in, it definitely wouldn’t have been a comfortable ride.

    Man, I hope Megan’s okay. Mum wasn’t lying when she said the outside world was dangerous. I’m so lucky I got out of that battle without getting hurt,” she thought to herself with another sigh, suddenly beaming up. She slowed down to look up at the cliffs beside her. “Wait a minute, that’s weird. How did I fight that well, and fell from all the way up there? We’re still alive… man, we’re REALLY lucky.

    She stopped walking upon realising that her two allies had stopped as well, staring at the curious doorway in front of them. Two tall, sea blue pillars marked the entrance to a wide open cave with light coming out of it. The river went directly inside the cave, its quiet sloshing echoing out from within.

    “Is this connected to the temple?” Crystal asked.

    “I’ve never seen this before, so I hope so,” Mimia answered, surprising her. He barked before she could question the fact that he spoke and strolled in, leaving her to shrug.

    “We’re even luckier. If this is the temple, we could climb up inside and meet with Megan and Lucca,” she pointed out, nodding with Shelly. He blushed and nodded after her, nervously following behind without a word.

    Mimia’s secret

    Crystal: Won’t you talk to me at all, Mimia? I don’t know if it’s that you won’t trust me or something, but…

    Mimia: *whines*
    Crystal: Urf, you know, making all those noises only makes me more curious about you. I’ve never met a Pokémon that doesn’t like to talk before.

    Mimia: *whines and growls*

    Shelly: Mimia’s always been like this, though. I can tell he’s really good friends with Lucca, though.

    Mimia: *stares at Shelly, making him groan and look away*

    Crystal: Really? I could tell that, but now that I think about it, you must be a lot closer to Lucca than I think. I mean, you literally jumped off a cliff for him. You could have died for him! I couldn’t do that for anyone.

    Mimia: *looks away, quietly mumbling something*

    Crystal: Well, actually, I guess I could… There’s something Megan always told me. She said that if I ever got a boyfriend, to do everything I can to help them, even risking my life.

    Mimia: *yelps loudly, starting to sweat*

    Crystal: *blushing* I don’t know why she treats the idea of a boyfriend so strongly, but if Pokémon can really do that sort of thing for each other, I could only imagine it happening because you’re as close as boyfriend and girlfriend. It’s really cool that you and Lucca are close enough to risk each other’s lives for!

    Shelly: But Crystal, they’re both boys. They couldn’t be boyfriend and boyfriend.

    Crystal: Oh yeah, right. S-sorry, I forget because Mimia’s voice is kind of girly… but they don’t have to be that close to risk their lives for each other. I mean, Mimia did it anyway! They’re just the best of friends, and I like that.

    Mimia: We-we’re done talking about this! *runs away*

    Crystal: Huh?

    Shelly: Um… I think he’s really nervous about his voice…

    Crystal: Oh… sorry Mimia!
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    Due to a feature exclusive to Wattpad, this chapter is the combination of two chapters and is a little longer than usual. There are no multiple choice options in this version of the story - it will follow the normal route.

    EDIT 1/8/18: chapter has been updated to reflect some major changes in the story. The Wattpad exclusive feature isn't present, so the story will continue as normal.


    Episode 7: Crystal’s trial ~ choice


    “Okay, that’s enough. Satisfied now?” Lucca huffed, sheathing his swords. His face was so moist with sweat that his eyes were clenched shut. Around him were scattered bodies of defeated Geodude, Graveler, and Lycanroc.

    “Nope. I’m still taking too long to do Flamethrower, even though I’ve just learnt it. Onto the next fight!” Megan cheered, about to charge off without him. Lucca reached out and stopped her from running by grabbing her head fur, making her trip up. “H-hey, ow! What’s the big idea?”

    “Just look around you, will you? We’re separated from our group, and we almost got seriously hurt in that last fight. Now’s not the time for training. We should be looking for the others,” he complained.

    “Now is all the more reason to train, actually. I can’t be relying on anyone to do what I have to do,” she replied walking quickly. He sighed again and followed after her, struggling to keep up.

    “What’s with that attitude? We were actually told just to escort Crystal here to check the place out,” he pointed out. “Plus, isn’t she your partner? Why don’t you want to look for her?”

    “I am looking for her,” she replied, constantly scanning her surroundings. The inside of the Fossil Hill Temple was as smooth and blue as the outside was, but it seemed to be filled with nothing but feral Pokémon that attacked them on sight, pillars, and a few staircases that led to more corridors.

    “No you’re not! You’ve just been confronting every feral Pokémon we come across! We’ll never find them at this rate,” he cried, curious about the plain surroundings.

    “What’s with that attitude? We’ll find her as long as we’re looking. Getting stronger on the side shouldn’t be an issue,” she reasoned, giggling.

    “Is it just me, or are you awfully hung up on strength?” he asked, slowing down upon reaching the end of another corridor. The path finally opened out into an enormous room in size and empty space. It wasn’t as plain and bare as the corridors, either. There were stairs leading to other floors here and there, a waterfall loudly flowing down somewhere below, and a huge waterway running through the centre of the room.

    “Is it wrong to want to get stronger?” Megan asked after a pause. “Also, which way is it?”

    “Going through the waterway leads to a shrine, the stairs led to treasure chests. I’ve already claimed the items, so our only path is through the water, I’m afraid,” he answered, facing her. “And no, getting stronger isn’t wrong. But to put aside searching for your partner and friend? There must be an important reason why, something that’s constantly on your mind.”

    “You serious? Alright. There’s no Pokémon here, so let’s go through the water,” she proposed, getting closer to the waterway. The current was rough enough to wash up over her feet now that she was close, but it didn’t bother her besides a quick glance at them. “You can carry me through, can’t you?”

    “Wait, what?” he replied, gawking at her. “You’re a fire type, a Cyndaquil, no less. You’re okay with going underneath the water?”

    “If it’s the only place that actually goes anywhere, then it’s the only way to go, right? Let’s stop wasting time and get a move on with it,” she replied, signalling him to come over. He still stared with an open mouth.

    “You’re determined,” he said after a while. She tilted her head at him, starting to tap her feet impatiently. “I don’t know what it is with you, but I can tell that you’re determined, and I like it. But let’s not do anything too dangerous.”

    “I’ll be alright, damn it. The tunnel’s not long, right? I just gotta hold my breath and hold onto you. Let’s go already,” she urged. He finally nodded and walked over, letting her climb onto his back. She chose to stand up on him rather than sit comfortably, even though he had no trouble carrying her into the water.

    “It’s funny as well, you actually trust me even though you made a big deal about not going with me and Mimia in the first place. Why’s that?” Lucca wondered, taking note of her uncomfortable position. She refused to move even when he tried to settle her as well, almost as if she didn’t want to touch him or get close to his face.

    “Look, what’s your deal? I’m only doing this because I have to find Crystal. If we didn’t have to swim, or if I could actually swim, I’d be doing it myself!” she raised her voice. He responded with a bit of a groan and mumbled something to himself, and then swam a little closer to the wall, preparing to dive.

    “Hold your breath now. I’ll try and be as quick as I can,” he said. She gave him an exaggerated breathe in, so he took that as his signal to go and dove in at last.

    As soon as they were completely submerged, the current of the water felt like it intensified and Lucca felt himself getting pushed along almost against his will. He was fine since he was heading in the same direction anyway, but he could tell that if he tried to turn back now, he’d be having a real fight with the water.

    At the same time, the water also felt warmer than usual, as well as being easier to handle. It wasn’t clear why, but it was like he was lighter than usual, so he swam leisurely rather than intently. He only needed to kick his tail in rhythm to keep himself under control and on the right path. Being pushed along the winding paths of the waterway, as well as swimming through it smoother than usual, he was inclined to believe that the temple was somehow helping him.

    Meanwhile, Megan couldn’t help but clutch Lucca as if her life depended on him. Well it did now that they were underwater like this, but she had wanted to avoid looking like she was relying on him that hard. The act triggered memories that were beyond her control, so she opened her eyes to try and focus on reality and block them out. But it was no good; the memories flooded her mind anyway.

    She had been running for a long time and was completely out of breath, so much so that her lungs stung even trying to get her breath back. Her fur was soaked in sweat, but it didn’t matter, she had escaped her followers for the time being. All that stood before her now was the sea, which she had to beat to get away.

    “Crystal!” Suzie’s voice called out to her dismay. She was still short of breath, but Suzie sounded much too close to stall any longer. She faced the sea and grinded her teeth in uncertainty, and then took the deepest breath she could before jumping in.

    As soon as she fell in, she deeply regretted her reckless choice to challenge the sea. It was so cold that she squealed and hugged herself, which of course resulted in her choking and struggling. She punched and kicked the salty water with all her might, but it did nothing. She just sunk further and further, keeping her eyes on the heart-wrenching image of the surface getting further and further away. She gurgled anxiously as bubbles flew to the surface without her, teasing her with what she knew she needed so badly. It didn’t take long before her body started to cramp up and her strength drained from her, and eventually, she could barely keep her eyes open.

    Only when she felt herself touch the seafloor did she give up completely. She couldn’t swim up, she couldn’t take the pain of the sea forcing itself into her lungs, and everything was going dark. Surrounded by coral and seaweed, she stared up at the surface, watching the last few bubbles she could give out float freely towards it. Everything was going dark, starting with the direct centre of her view, growing larger and larger, like a figure getting closer towards her.

    She let out another gurgle in shock, suddenly regaining some consciousness. Crystal was swimming towards her like an angel descending from heaven, wasting no time in grabbing Megan’s front feet to pull her upwards. She couldn’t believe it, but the moment seemed to let her stay alive long enough to see it. Her life had just been miraculously saved by the sister she hated so much, where just looking at her and accepting her hand was enough to stay awake and stare. She was still underwater for a while, and yet she couldn’t feel that heart-wrenching pain anymore, or even the physical pain of the water in her body. Accepting these strange feelings, she pulled herself up and clutched Crystal’s back as tightly as she could, keeping her face close to the Piplup’s.

    That didn’t mean she didn’t have a major coughing fit when they reached the surface, however. She couldn’t stop coughing and gasping for upwards of a minute, and when she felt like she could breathe normally, fell flat on her stomach from a sick feeling.

    “Didn’t Mum say you couldn’t breathe underwater or swim? Why did you jump in?” Crystal asked in her young, curious voice. Megan didn’t answer, giving her an aggressive glare with open eyes. “Do you still want to run away?”

    The question made her eyes widen and she looked away, trying not to talk to the Piplup. But it kept nagging her by rubbing her back and trying to sooth her anyway, and then eventually stood her up on her hind legs. “I’ll help you! That’s what sisters do. Tell me why you want to run away, and I’ll help you!”

    Megan somewhat repeated the coughing fit she had just replayed in her head, falling off of Lucca’s back to get away from him. Luckily they were out of the water and at the shrine Lucca mentioned earlier, another large room filled with pillars. This time there were two waterways going in different directions and ancient markings on the walls, as well as a large throne at the far wall.

    “Whoa, you okay? I told you it’d be hard,” Lucca asked, holding a hand out. Megan didn’t reply besides continuing to catch her breath, and then turned to face him and nodded. Her fur was dripping wet, yet she didn’t shake herself off or anything. Lucca could still tell that tears were escaping the small slits that were her eyes however, and gasped in concern. “You’re crying? Megan, what’s wrong?”

    “I-I’m not crying you idiot, it’s just the water!” she shouted. He silently watched her, confirming to himself that she was definitely crying for some reason. She still refused to shake herself dry and kept wiping her eyes, but she eventually couldn’t hide the light hiccups that came with it all.

    “You don’t have to talk about it now, but I’m worried, you know,” Lucca said, tilting his head. She took another moment to calm herself down and then finally shook herself dry.

    “I’m fine, damn it. Let’s keep looking from Crystal,” she replied, blushing a little as she wiped her eyes. “What do we do here?”

    Lucca joined her in examining the rest of the room, surprised to find that the throne was glowing for some reason. It was steadily blinking with a beautiful blue light whilst giving off a low hum that made the floor vibrate. The two waterways seemed to feed into a drain underneath the throne.

    “I’ve been here so many times, but never before have I seen it glow like this. I can’t believe it, you and Crystal coming here actually did something!” he remarked, dashing towards it. Feeling it, sitting in it, or even tapping it didn’t seem to do anything.

    “Should we take the other waterway?” Megan asked slowly, watching Lucca go crazy over the throne. He paused to look at her and then resumed examining it, but she watched him with just as much intrigue.

    “Pardon me for this, but I think we should stay here and figure this out. I’m getting a hunch that Crystal will be the answer to this, and she’ll find us here,” he replied.

    “Oh look who has second agendas now, huh?” Megan joked. Lucca snickered and rubbed the back of his head. “Its fine, I agree with you.”

    “Huh? Wait, really?”

    “If Crystal really is this special Pokémon, then this proves it. She’ll get to this shrine here and somethin’ special will happen. That excites me, honestly,” Megan agreed with a nod. “Plus, this is probably what her inkling is about. Whatever’s gonna happen here, she’s the trigger for it. I’m sure of it, now.

    Meanwhile, with Crystal…

    Mimia roared a war cry, charging forwards at high speed. He slammed headfirst into a Lycanroc, hitting it in the stomach so hard that it slammed into the nearby wall. That knocked it out, but their fight wasn’t over.

    “Shelly, behind you!” Crystal cried, shoving him to the ground. She got tackled down by another Lycanroc in his place, but said rock type was quickly defeated by a punch to the face from Mimia. “Tha-thanks Mimia!”

    Mimia barked a reply and then scanned the room quickly, confirming that all of the Pokémon attacking them had been defeated. The temple seemed to acknowledge that as well, and one of the walls in the plain room began to lift upwards to reveal a corridor.

    “That’s the third door that’s opened after knocking out all the Pokémon. What’s going on here?” Crystal asked. Mimia glanced at her and then glared at the new corridor, deciding to himself to take it. Crystal and Shelly nervously followed, groaning upon having to climb up some rather large stairs.

    “It’s like this place is a giant test or something,” Shelly finally spoke up, breaking the silence. “We keep getting to rooms with feral Pokémon, and then a door opens up to the next room. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

    “I wish Megan could have seen this. She loves this kind of stuff. Ancient temples and fantasy legends, mystery dungeons rumoured to have mountains of treasure,” Crystal sighed, drawn to Mimia’s torn eye. “All this fighting, too - she’d be having the time of her life right now.”

    “What about you? Don’t you like it?” Shelly wondered.

    “I’m not too fond of the fighting, to be honest,” she admitted, scratching her back. Mimia glanced back and gave her a look. “Even though Mimia’s the one doing all the fighting right now. I’m just not good at it, no thanks to my weapon.”

    “I don’t mind, you know. I was appointed to protect you anyway. Lord Lucca not being here doesn’t change that,” Mimia said. Crystal was surprised he replied normally.

    “You look strong. I-I thought you were doing great in battle before,” Shelly praised. Crystal smiled at him to which he blushed, but then they both bumped into Mimia, who had come to a complete stop. The corridor had taken them to a waterway this time, with no other alternate paths or views.

    “I appreciate it, but really, I’m not strong. I want to say that it’s because of this bow, but I don’t have any other weapons,” she admitted. “Did we take a wrong turn?”

    “There were no alternate paths. We’ll have to walk through this waterway,” Mimia stated, staring at it.

    “Wait wait wait. You almost drowned in the river earlier, and barely took a break. Now you’re doing all the fighting, and you want to go back in? Mimia, you’re really pushing yourself!” Crystal raised her voice. The Stufful shook his head and then tested the water with a paw.

    “It looks like its flowing rough, too. If we jump in there, won’t we be carried by the water? You could really drown in there!” Shelly worried as well. Mimia shook his head again.

    “Lord Lucca would bet on a hunch, here. Thus far, the temple has been aiding us and testing us with preset fights against feral Pokémon. This waterway is our last test. If we brave it and survive, we may be taken to treasure,” he explained. “I’m willing to take that chance, just as my lord would.”

    “You wouldn’t tell me before why you call him ‘Lord Lucca’, but you’re really fond of him, aren’t you?” Crystal asked nervously. He didn’t reply, staring instead. “Okay, but promise you’ll let me and Shelly help you if we get into trouble, okay?”

    “That’s what teammates are for,” he replied, turning back to the water. Crystal flinched after a second, realising what he just said.

    Wait, what? He didn’t want to talk to us at all until we got here, and now all of a sudden, we’re teammates?” she thought to herself, tilting her head. “Mum was right, Pokémon are weird.

    “I’m waiting for you,” Mimia spoke up, making her focus. She shook her head and then stood beside him, stretching out her wings to let her allies hold hands with her. Mimia did so right away, but Shelly stalled, flinching when they both turned to him.

    “Hm? What’s the matter? Hold my wing and we’ll all jump together,” Crystal said.

    “M-me? Y-you wa-want me t-to h-hold your hand?” he staggered, blushing deeply.

    “It’s so that we can stay together when the current takes us? What’s the problem?” she asked, tilting her head.

    “I um- y-yes, of course. I just have to-” he whimpered, tripping over to them. Crystal was confused when he took her wing but refused to face her, doing a bad job of attempting to hide his blush. She shrugged it off after a moment, exchanged nods with Mimia, and then the duo jumped in perfect sync. Shelly failed to move in time and simply fell with them.

    Just as they expected, the current in the waterway was far too strong for them to swim against, even with two water types helping to guide them. They followed the path it took them, a tight, winding passage that forced them to separate and travel in a straight line rather than a wall of three.

    Despite that, Crystal wasn’t worried. The water was warm but the area was light, magically lit up by a light source that seemed to flow through the water. She just kicked her feet and beat her wings to travel in whatever direction it took her, through a number of winding passages and paths that branched off into multiple directions, but the current seemed to force her up a certain route. Before long a surface became visible, so she glanced back at Mimia and took his paw to help him towards it, even though he wasn’t struggling right now.

    “Mimia! Crystal!” Lucca called out the instant they surfaced. He and Megan rushed over to help them out of the water, barely giving them a chance to take in their new surroundings. “And Shelly, too!”

    “What do you know, your hunch was right,” Megan snickered, pulling Crystal up. “You made it, and you’re in one piece!”

    “Megan,” Crystal breathed out.

    “You are okay, right? Not hurt or anything?” she worried.

    “Just fine. Mimia protected us until we got here. Wherever we are,” Crystal said, shaking her head.

    “Heh heh, that’s my Crystal! See what I mean? I knew you had it in you, surviving a fall that high. You’re amazing!” Megan cheered, cuddling her lightly. “But Lucca, it’s pretty awesome that you called it.”

    The Brionne didn’t hear him; too busy reuniting with Mimia in his own way. Everyone ended up staring at the duo though, who were currently nuzzling each other’s noses for some reason. “Um, huh?” Megan said.

    “Lucca ‘called it’? What do you mean by that?” Crystal wondered.

    “Ooh ooh ooh, yes, you have work to do, little Piplup!” Megan said, bouncing excitedly. She snatched Crystal’s wing and dragged her over to the throne at the end of the room, which was still glowing. “Lucca had a hunch that you could activate this or something, and that you’d find your way to this room. So we waited, and here you are!”

    “Instead of looking for me, you banked on superstition?” Crystal cried.

    “You were right, Crystal! She is really excited about this place,” Shelly giggled. “But Mimia was right, too. He had a hunch that the waterway would lead us to you two, or something special. But it did both.”

    “Huh. So that thing can talk,” Megan commented. Shelly moaned and hung his head.

    “He and Lucca are really close. He’s pushed himself really, really hard just to get here, and all just to see his, uh, ‘lord’ again,” Crystal added.

    “Sincere apologies for that whole ordeal. Nobody’s hurt and everyone’s all accounted for, right?” Lucca called out, walking over. Mimia was smiling beside him. “Well it’s been a bumpy ride, but here we are, at the Fossil Hill Temple Shrine. And let me tell you now: it has never before gleamed like this. I honestly believe that Headmaster Panzer was onto something when she suggested you explore this place! I believe the shrine is reacting to you, Crystal!”

    “Me? Why would it react to me, though?” Crystal squeaked.

    “That’s what we’re here to find out. That inkling you’ve been telling me about, that calling you’ve been feeling that’s been telling you to leave home, that’s why we’re here now, Crystal. Who knows what big, legendary thing this is for? Hurry up and touch the shrine, and let’s get to it!” Megan cheered.

    “Is this really it, though?” Crystal groaned, obeying anyway. She was slow and dragged out the moment by glancing back at her allies to see what they all looked like. Shelly looked as concerned and nervous as always, Megan was bouncing on her hind legs, Lucca watched on in pride, and Mimia seemed curious, keeping his mouth open. She herself was curious about the whole thing, but was more than content to leave their adventure here rather than possibly drag herself into more trouble than she could handle. Knowing she didn’t have a choice in that matter right now though, she turned back around and placed a wing on the throne, shutting her eyes in anticipation.

    But nothing happened. Even when she took her wing off of it, it continued to glow and hum with seemingly no reaction. Slightly disappointed but somewhat relieved, she stepped back from it and shrugged, only to have the reaction occur right there and then. The light of the throne dimmed completely and returned it to its natural, oceanic theme. The humming stopped as well, being replaced by the sound of robotic vibrations. Before she could open her mouth in warning, the throne suddenly split into two, each half quickly shifting left and right to reveal a door hidden behind it. The door opened up to reveal a staircase with glowing steps.

    “Another passageway,” Lucca whispered, gulping. “Please, allow me to lead. I don’t know what to expect from here on, so let me face the danger head on.”

    “Screw that, you just wanna hog all the excitement to yourself! This here’s Crystal’s legend, so she should lead!” Megan shouted, shoving the Piplup forward.

    “Meg!” she squeaked, choking upon glancing back. She tripped away from Megan and the others, concerning them immediately. “M-Mum?”

    “Mum?” Megan repeated, spinning around. She too flinched and tripped upon realising that Suzie was there, casually watching the group from behind. “What’re- how did- why’re you-”

    “Crystal, Megan,” Suzie spoke slowly. It was definitely Suzie’s voice, so they quickly settled and stood straight. “You two have done very well to get this far. Honestly, I am rather impressed.”

    “Impressed with what? Why’re you here?” Megan snapped, flaring her back.

    “Meg, wait! Mum’s okay!” Crystal cried, stepping in between them. “There’s no reason to fight.”

    “I am impressed that you two have been able to travel this far out from home! I never taught you much when it came to camping or travel, yet you look well and full of energy. Well, besides the fact that you are soaking wet, of course,” Suzie clarified. “I hope you have enjoyed your little journey. The world is full of wonder, isn’t it?”

    “Like this temple. It’s like it was helping us get through it or something,” Crystal agreed, scanning it all. “I still couldn’t have done it without these guys, though.”

    “Of course, I was not going to ignore you,” Suzie assured, stepping forwards. “Greetings. I am Suzie. I am the mother of Crystal and Megan. Are you three friends?”

    “We basically are, yes! Nice to meet you,” Lucca smiled, getting a hold of himself. “I’m Lucca, and this adorable one is my partner, Mimia.”

    “A pleasure to meet you and your wonderful children,” Mimia did the same, bowing.

    “U-uh er, pleased to meet you. I’m Shelly,” Shelly said, bowing as well

    “What handsome friends. I hope these two have not caused you trouble so far. Particularly Megan. They can be rather adventurous,” Suzie remarked, making Crystal blush. “Still, you three seem to have looked after my children, and for that, I thank you.”

    “Cut the crap,” Megan interrupted in a low tone, approaching Suzie again. “Why are you here, Suzie?”

    Silence fell for a moment and Crystal groaned a little. Thankfully, Suzie acknowledged Megan’s impatience and sighed, giving her baby a tap on the head. “I have come here to take you home. You have had enough adventure, you two.”

    “I freaking knew it! We’re not coming back though, not after coming this far! Isn’t that right, Crystal? Tell her!” Megan raised her voice. Crystal struggled to reply, refusing to look at her mother.

    “I thought you might say something along those lines,” Suzie sighed again. She slowly walked around the party but signalled for them to follow, confusingly. She began leading them up the stairs, tucking her hands behind her back.

    “Mum?” Crystal said quietly.

    “Girls, what’s going on? You’re allowed to be here, right?” Lucca asked, confused but following anyway. The staircase quickly widened out and stopped glowing as they climbed a bit, leading them towards somewhere outside. Wind and natural light came down from above.

    “Up ahead is a powerful monster that would threaten to kill you all and mean it,” Suzie stated, stopping for a moment. She had to tap her baby again, keeping it in place. “I defeated that monster to ensure that you would have a safe passage out of here. I did that as a mother wanting to protect her children.”

    She resumed walking again, leaving the group confused. They still followed her anyway, stopping when she came to a halt as well. By now the sun could be seen gleaming down on them all, forcing Crystal to shield her eyes a bit.

    “Defeating that monster here would trigger something very important. Those who could get to this spot and defeat the monster would become Shining Warriors, who would then follow a dangerous destiny,” she stated.

    “The Shining Warriors?” Lucca shouted. Mimia gasped just as loud. “Wait; is there a Bestia Fountain ahead?”

    “So you know of the legend,” Suzie replied, looking backwards slightly. Lucca tensed up and didn’t reply. “I presume this means that you have already met Panzer?”

    “Hmm? You know who Panzer is?” Megan gasped. Suzie didn’t respond, choosing to resume walking up the stairs. She stopped right before they reached the top, which looked to be a sunny, windier area than the rest of Fossil Hill. She had to tap her baby on the head again.

    “The Shining Warriors are more than their title suggests. Being a Shining Warrior will seal your fate as one of suffering,” Suzie explained, slowly turning around. “You will have to fight. You will have to risk your lives. You will have to give every ounce of strength you have to this selfish, cruel world.”

    “But we would also get to save the world by restoring Bestia energy to it. If we became Shining Warriors and succeeded, Pokémon would be able to use their attacks and abilities. We would be able to be Pokémon again!” Lucca announced.

    “No,” Suzie interrupted, slowly shaking her head. “Your actions would inevitably destroy the world, especially if you obey Panzer,”

    “I don’t understand. You’re being vague,” Crystal complained, tilting her head.

    “You don’t need to understand any more than this. You know I don’t like to repeat myself, Crystal,” Suzie stated. “Crystal, Megan, my children. Come home with me, now.”

    Crystal didn’t answer.

    “If you would defy me to become a Shining Warrior anyway, then show me just how far you will go. Use that bow I gave you, and attack me!” she challenged.

    “Wa-wait, that again? That’s wrong, we shouldn’t have to fight,” Crystal cried.

    Suzie went quiet, finally walking out to the roof of the temple. Crystal wearily followed, finding herself in the middle of a large, very high plateau. The wind constantly howled and blew against the roof, blowing her scarf into her face a little. As she followed Suzie to the other side of the plateau, pin hole shaped lights began to appear in the ground in a pattern that drew a symbol. The symbol centred around Suzie, where most of the light seemed to highlight.

    “This is a- it matches the ancient descriptions and everything. This really is a Bestia Fountain!” Lucca gasped in awe.

    “A source of nature’s energy and Pokémon’s powers. If you pray here, you will become a shining warrior, destined to awaken all of the Bestia Fountains across Heroica, and restore nature to its natural state,” Suzie explained. “But there is a dark truth to that legend, a dark truth that I won’t allow to come true.”

    “I can’t believe it, you’re being a bad guy!” Megan shouted.

    “Don’t you believe me? I promise I will do everything I can to take care of you both, as I have done. You could live your lives happily with me, free of the world’s danger,” Suzie proposed, holding out her hand. “Knowing that, Crystal, will you still pursue your new friends on this journey that is calling you, this journey which will bring about the world’s suffering?”

    “Suzie delivers a cryptic premonition on top of a legend that will restore life to the nature of Heroica. Crystal, faced with this decision, must listen to her heart and decide where her destiny really lies.

    She could attack Suzie and prove her strength and determination to see this oncoming journey through, becoming a Shining Warrior. She would become duty bound to travel the world and restore nature. No doubt her journey would be fraught with danger, hardships, and whatever this unavoidable destruction is that Suzie warns of.

    But what of Suzie’s warning? If she chooses to obey her mother, she would be able to settle in a life as calm and peaceful as she has until now. Suzie’s prediction of a world of suffering and destruction would be avoided indefinitely, but Crystal would be ignoring the superstitious feelings that have brought her out here. She would decline her fate as a saviour of the world by definition of legend.

    Perhaps saving the world seems like the obvious choice. However, the world has been at peace thus far, has it not? The greatest terrors Pokémon face are the feral Pokémon that attack travellers. Sometimes it is best to take what is given to you and accept it as a gift. Any extra work may not be appreciated, or may even turn against you. Not knowing the truth of reality can be both a blessing and a curse, as is knowing too much of the truth of reality.

    And what of Megan, Shelly, Lucca, and Mimia’s story?

    I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out.”

    Can’t decide? Let’s ask your friends!

    Megan: This is ridiculous, Crystal. We already decided to go out and travel together. This is your calling, your destiny! You’re not supposed to turn back on destiny. Plus, I’ll have your back the whole way. What’s the worst that could happen? … Look, I know you’re worried about that whole suffering destruction thing, but trust your sis. I’m not gonna sit back and let you suffer, and if you absolutely have to, I’ll suffer with you. You won’t be alone in this.

    Shelly: Crystal… this got really big, huh? I-I don’t know much about you and Suzie, but she seems really desperate. Like there’s a lot more to this that she understands but we’re better off not knowing. That’s just the vibe I get from it. *looks away* I… I-I would stay with my mother… but that’s only because I’m not very strong, I make a lot of mistakes, and I… I… I just don’t think I could do it. But if you do decide to fight, I-I won’t be scared. I’ll h-help, I promise.

    Lucca: This is an astounding opportunity. I have been learning and following up the Legend of the Shining Warriors from the moment I arrived at RBY Academy, all with the intention of aiding them in their journey. But to think that I could become a Shining Warrior myself! That just about resolves every issue I had with the whole Bestia ordeal. But I won’t be selfish. This is an enormous undertaking, after all. Forcing you to go on this journey for my own deeds would be failure on my part as a potential leader. Whatever decision you decide to make, I will not judge you for, and I will personally find a way to resolve myself.

    There is something that’s bothering me, though… just, watch out for that Kangaskhan’s child. I have a bad hunch.

    Mimia: Woof!
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    After a lengthy hiatus caused by unconfidence in my own ideas, a mistake in planning and formatting, and more, Heroica Legends is finally resuming. This current chapter is technically a reupload, but with enough different compared to the original to warrant deleting the original chapter and reuploading as a new part. It's fine anyway, 'cos not many people were reading... right? Ehehehe...
    H-hope you enjoy, and all that. I promise I'm still working hard on this!


    Episode 8: Awakening

    “You’ve chosen to fight against Suzie and try to become a Shining Warrior.


    I’m sure that you know more about this than our characters do. You know about Lucca and Mimia’s struggles to save their world and you know about Megan’s personal objective to avenge her fallen mother, but you don’t know anything about Crystal.

    In that situation, you would really choose to defy your mother, despite her desperation to protect you? Do you think you’re being kind to Crystal in letting her ‘follow her dreams’? Or do you think it’s just your duty to save the world now that you’re a part of this?

    Either way, you certainly have passion for Heroica. I hope you’re strong enough to see it all through to the end.”


    Silence fell and all eyes locked onto Crystal, watching her every move. The wind was howling, breaking the silence with an eerie moan of anticipation. Knowing that everything rested on her actions now, Crystal nodded and settled on her decision, slowly raising her bow to aim at Suzie.

    The Kangaskhan didn’t even twitch, staring right through her adopted child. Her arms hung stiffly at her sides and her face was rigid and blank. Looking at her now, it was impossible to read any sort of thought or emotion from her at all. The baby in her pouch mirrored that appearance perfectly.

    “Mum, I can see it. I’ve had dreams about this day, and something in the back of my mind telling me that it’s right, something that I have to do. Now that I’m here and I know about the Shining Warriors, I know that it’s something I have to do,” Crystal spoke up, keeping an arrow aimed at Suzie. “I don’t want to have to fight you. I don’t want to have to hurt you. I really do just want to live with you because I love you as my mother. But the world needs Bestia. If I don’t do this and restore Bestia, then many other Pokémon just like me won’t be able to live in peace, just like I want to. If it falls to me and my friends to save Pokémon like them, then that’s what I’ll do!”

    “That was well spoken,” Lucca praised, stepping forward. “Miss Suzie, if you’ll allow me to-”

    “No. If that is what you truly think, then no more words need to be shared,” Suzie stated, slowly stretching her arms out in front of her, assuming a battle pose. She held her left wrist with her right arm, staring forward sternly. “Let your actions speak your determination. I will be your first trial. If you absolutely must save the world, then defeat me.”


    Crystal looked down with a light moan, knowing that there really wasn’t any reason to talk any further now. This wasn’t the first time she had fought her mother over leaving home, and yet, this time felt the hardest. She could barely bring herself to look the Kangaskhan in the eye, intimidated by the stoic expression stuck on its face.

    I can’t hold back. I finally know why I’m alive, what it is I really have to do with my life,” she told herself, slowly aiming her bow back up at her mother. “This isn’t some fairy tale or something. This actually happened. I’m actually here. I activated the throne and everything. Panzer’s prediction was right, not Mum’s! Knowing that, I have to fight. I HAVE to fight!

    At last, she drew back an arrow and aimed it directly at Suzie’s chest. To everyone’s surprise, there wasn’t any difficulty in aiming, pulling back, or keeping hold of the shot, although there was still hesitation. Suzie didn’t move, and that was either part of her stern demeanour, or it was a problem. She didn’t want to fatally wound the Kangaskhan by hitting her in the chest, after all. Fearing that actually happening, she aimed a little lower towards the stomach and then finally released.

    Perfect aim and focus made the moment pass in the blink of an eye. Suzie let out violent screech, having moved into a defensive posture the very instant the arrow was fired. However, unlike the other times she had been hit by Crystal’s shoddy attacks, the arrow pierced right through her arm. Blood gushed from the impact and then proceeded to leak for a while, giving Suzie continuous pain that brought her to crouch, moaning to resist the agony.

    “Suzie!” Crystal screeched, flinching back in disbelief. The end of the arrow poked out of her wrist, whilst the arrowhead was on the other side of her arm, pointing right close to her face. “I-I-I didn’t mean to! I-I-”

    “Argh. It’s true, isn’t it? You really have met Panzer,” Suzie breathed out, speaking slowly amongst heavy breaths. Crystal didn’t reply, on the verge of crying. “Then it’s true. You have already awakened. Holding back now would be detrimental.”

    Everyone’s eyes widened when Suzie returned to her feet, assuming her battle pose again. Blood was still dripping from the arrow shot, but it no longer seemed to affect her. “This is a real fight now, Crystal. If you do not defeat me now, then I will kill you, just as any other trial would.”

    “Wa-wait, but you’re hurt! We shouldn’t-” Crystal cried, getting completely ignored. Suzie charged forward with a war cry, swinging her arm down to crush Crystal to the spot. The Piplup squeaked and jumped aside to avoid it, having to jump backwards again to avoid Suzie’s other arm that came swinging down at her. Suzie didn’t stop there; she quickly lifted both arms and swung her body with full force, sending her tail across the ground. Crystal couldn’t dodge this one and was knocked across the roof of the temple, skidding across the ground so hard that a dust cloud grew in her wake.

    “Whoa, you’re serious!” Megan shouted, springing the others into action. Lucca drew his swords whilst Shelly ran back after Crystal, and Mimia joined Megan at the front. “But this isn’t just Crystal’s battle for independence. It’s mine, too! This is why I’ve been training all this time. I’ll show you I have the power to defeat you and anyone who stands in my way!”

    With that announcement, the Cyndaquil went straight for an Ember attack, filling her cheeks with flames before spitting them out as a flurry of fiery pellets. Suzie crossed her arms to protect her face, not reacting to the damage at all. She suddenly rushed forward whilst still protecting her face, prompting Megan to stop her attack. By the time she did, Suzie was right in front of her and slammed a fist down to crush Megan.

    “Whoa- oof!” Megan cried, trying her hardest to jump backwards. Although Suzie’s hammering arm didn’t connect as intended, it still hit her, and hard enough to take her off her feet.

    “I don’t want to use my swords,” Lucca growled, keeping his distance. Mimia barked and rushed in next, taking on Suzie with a lot more evasive movements. Instead of attacking outright, he danced around her a bit to avoid her obvious punches, and then hopped off the ground to strike her face with his paws whenever she had to bend over. Even though he went a while without getting hit, his attacks didn’t seem to get any reaction from her. He hit her hard enough to make her head bend, but she just bent it right back and resumed fighting him.

    “She’s still as resilient as ever,” Crystal gasped, standing up with Shelly’s help.

    “Even with the arrow in her arm? Crystal, Suzie is really strong!” Shelly cried. She nodded at him and growled, paying attention to the fight again.

    Megan and Mimia had both confronted her at once, but neither of them were dealing any visible damage even though they were hitting directly. Seeing Suzie effortlessly shrug off Megan’s fire attacks left her speechless, but at that moment, a high level of focus came over her. After just a few seconds of watching Suzie fight, she felt her instincts kick at her body hard, and she stood up to return to the fight.

    I know what to do all of a sudden. I don’t know how, but I know exactly how to beat her!” Crystal hissed in her mind, charging towards the Kangaskhan. Megan and Mimia made space for her as she approached, so Suzie took her on with more wicked punches and violently swinging arms. Crystal shifted beside the first few fists, and then took her chance the instant she saw it come. Suzie had to lean forwards to smash her arms down onto her target, so this gave Crystal the perfect shot.

    She leapt forward with her beak clenched and braced for the worst, pecking into Suzie’s baby as hard as she could. She felt hard enough recoil to silence her, but the screaming yelp of pain the baby gave off implied she had done what she needed to do. Suzie instantly realised her baby had been attacked and remained hunched forward, this time using her hands to try and cuddle the child and keep it in her pouch.

    “It’s over!” Lucca shouted, throwing himself forward at last. With a spin through the air and a stylish pose, he ended up with one of his swords less than an inch away from Suzie’s face. She could barely look up at him, gawking with an open mouth. “That’s it. If I stabbed you now, it’d be over for you. But you’re Crystal and Megan’s mother, so out of respect; we won’t harm you more than necessary. But you must admit defeat, first.”

    Suzie didn’t answer for a length of time, remaining silent as she stared up at Lucca’s blade. The Brionne’s face tightened. “Please, just admit defeat. I don’t want to have to hurt you,” he said, pressing his sword into her head a little bit.

    “Pinning me down by attacking my child rather than me,” she muttered, shutting her eyes. “You really will not kill me? Despite my threats?”

    “I might carry weapons for protection, but it isn’t necessary to just kill everything that attacks me. You’re clearly very important to your children, as well as this whole thing. Killing you would serve no purpose,” he explained.

    “I surrender, then,” Suzie announced, letting Lucca back off so that she could stand up. “That exploited weakness of mine - I can only protect you both so far, it seems.”

    “Well maybe if you just explained yourself properly, we wouldn’t have to fight ya like this! You’re just telling us we’re gonna ‘destroy the world’ and all that without actually telling us how or whatever,” Megan complained, keeping her back flared. Suzie shook her head slowly and then stepped backward.

    “Some things are better left unknown. That said, you have made your decision, and would fight me regardless. Trust me, I have seen it time and time again,” she replied. “The Shining Warriors have not succeeded their journey in generations. They all die because of the truth that awaits them in this world. There will come a day when you will have to fight to the death with someone you truly love, and you will not be able to conclude the battle as you have with me. When that day comes, you will have to decide whether to kill or be killed. When that day comes, your actions will determine your label to the world.”

    “See? More vague messages. What’re we supposed to do with all that? Just tell us what you mean!” Megan complained. Suzie shook her head.

    “Maybe if you listened to my teachings, you would understand what I just said? It wasn’t as vague as you think,” she replied, covering her mouth to hide a giggle. “Either way, when that time comes, you will understand it completely. I’m hoping that your decision then will be hardened by your true feelings for the world.”

    “It’s true, mostly. The Shining Warriors haven’t succeeded their journey in generations. They always die by some unknown causes, though,” Lucca added. “But I won’t let that happen. If what I’m understanding from this whole ordeal is right, then I can’t afford to let this battle, and the meaning behind it all, go to waste.”

    “The hell are you talking about now?” Megan cried.

    “Having to fight your mother. You had to make a very difficult choice and went through with it. Now, we go all the way,” he said, nodding at her.

    “Crystal, Megan, would you both come here, please?” Suzie asked, gesturing a hug with them both. Megan huffed and looked away whilst Crystal slowly approached; quickly concluding that Suzie wasn’t going to try anything bad. The Kangaskhan lifted her into a hug, shutting her eyes and softly nuzzling her face into Crystal’s. “Your journey will be tough. Please, take care of yourselves and be careful. If you can’t come home one day, this will have all been for nothing. Hold onto hope, hope that you can come home, okay?”

    “Okay,” Crystal whispered once she separated from Suzie. They stared at each other for a few moments, and then Suzie turned her attention to the others.

    “Please, take care of my children for me. They may be a bit of a hassle, but they are good Pokémon, really. That’s all I ask,” she said with a bow. Lucca and Mimia bowed back.

    “You needn’t even ask, Miss Suzie. I will do my best to take care of them both,” Lucca replied.

    “Geez, you’re such a gentlemon Lucca! So formal and smart. Couldn’t you have just said ‘yes’?” Megan giggled, making him rub his face.

    “Goodbye, my children. Please, have a safe journey,” Suzie announced at last. She stepped away from everyone with clear reluctance, and then finally walked away without looking back. Everyone waited until she was long gone before turning and facing each other, where the plateau suddenly began to react.

    “Ah-ahh! Now what?” Shelly squeaked, squeezing himself closer to Crystal. The pinhole sized lights began to brighten and appear in much more quantity, rapidly appearing all over the ground beneath the Pokémon. A light updraft came with it, along with tiny, blue particles that filled the atmosphere and a calming, harmonic sound that reverberated through the air.

    “Did we do that thing she said we needed to do?” Megan guessed.

    Everyone couldn’t help but shield their faces when the lights below them suddenly exploded in a huge beam that shot straight up into the sky. To their surprise, it wasn’t as blinding as it appeared, and they were able to open their eyes before long.

    “Whoa, what’s going on? I feel so energised all of a sudden,” Lucca remarked, stretching his arms out to bask in the light. Mimia did the same and agreed with a sound on contentment, falling flat on his stomach.

    “It’s so calming all of a sudden. It’s like; my stomach doesn’t even hurt anymore or anything. I don’t feel angry or mad or, anything. I’m just, happy,” Megan added.

    “It’s like a fountain of light and these little things. It’s so beautiful,” Crystal added, trying to let the particles fall onto her wings. Shelly had calmed right down and detached from her, doing the same with his own curious noises.

    Meanwhile, back at RBY Academy…

    “Miss Panzer! Look, over there, at Fossil Hill!” a knight reported anxiously. Several knights were gathered around the Flygon, along with a few other staff and students who happened to be there. From the centre of the academy where they could just about see the peaks of Fossil Hill, they had a clear view of the magical light show happening around the temple. A crowd was gathering and mumbles were starting, all eyes locked to visual.

    “It’s okay, I can see it. That was that group I sent there, wasn’t it?” Panzer asked herself. “Fate works in such mysterious ways. I would never have thought that the new students would be the ones. But Lucca and Mimia as well! And poor Shelly is probably mixed up in the mess.”

    “Headmaster Panzer?” the same knight said in question. The Flygon started snickering about something, suddenly spinning around with vivid enthusiasm. She ended in an exuberant pose while pointing at the hill.

    “It’s them! Can’t you see it? It is time! The happening we’ve been waiting so long for!” she cheered from extreme joy. “Ion, quickly! We must prepare for their departure. We’ll need to meet them and have everything they’ll need. Their belongings, some provisions, necessities, everything!”

    “Yes sir!” the Clefairy relied, saluting just as exuberantly. She turned to the knights. “Well? You heard the woman! Go find everything we need, pronto!”

    “Yes… sir? I’m not a male, Ion,” she muttered.

    “I apologize. I’m still used to my old headmaster,” Ion replied.

    “Still though, this has to be it. I’ve waited so long for it. The saviours,” she whispered to herself. “I will meet them, no matter what it takes. Our great mission starts now.”



    I hope things have gone the way you wanted them to.

    Perhaps I shouldn’t tell you… but I will.

    Bad things are going to happen.

    A great disaster has been set in motion. I’ve already seen a hint of it.

    But it’s fine, right? Crystal and Megan have been left alone, allowed to go on their journey after all. Whatever happens, they’ll sort it out, right?

    I wonder if that’s what you’re thinking, or whether you’re smart enough to think beyond that.

    Either way, I’ll be waiting for when you regret your choice.”

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    Episode 9: The legend of the shining warriors


    So this is it. For some reason, Suzie must have been trying to stop Crystal and Megan from becoming Shining Warriors,” Lucca thought hard, calming down from the magical light that had bathed them all. “But if this really is the trial for the Shining Warriors, then that means me and Mimia are them, too. So’s Shelly.

    The pillar of light that healed everyone was still firing up into the sky, but it had gone on for long enough for everyone to stop questioning it and start to wonder what was going on again. It faded some minutes later, so they all calmed down and faced each other blankly. The blue particles were still in the air, but the lighting had completely returned to normal.

    If my research is right, then this is an awakened Bestia Fountain. If I tried to use a Pokémon attack here, I wonder if it would work?” he asked himself, rubbing his chin.

    “Um, now what?” Megan broke the silence, tilting her head. Lucca replied with a mumble and scanned the area once more, spotting a bright orange glint in the distant sky. He stared at it blankly until he realised that it was growing bigger, raising an eyebrow.

    “What’s that?” he asked, walking to the edge of the temple’s roof. The others followed after spotting what he was looking at, reacting at the same time. The orange glint quickly got close enough for them to confirm that it was a ball of flames heading directly towards them.

    “Watch out!” Mimia cried, pulling Lucca away as he dove for safety. Despite its distance, the fireball barely took seconds before it smashed into the centre of the roof with ridiculous force and a deafening crash.

    Lucca cried out from expected pain, but was surprised that merely shielding his face with his arms protected him from all harm. In fact, he realised that he hadn’t taken any damage at all, almost as if a giant fireball didn’t crash-land metres away from him. The others were still groaning and moaning from the rough dive though, and Mimia was barking at the new arrival. Whatever it was, a large, white oval with rounded wings sticking upward was now lodged into the centre of the roof.

    “Is everyone alright?” Lucca called out. The others were just as untouched as he was, thankfully. Mimia was first to approach the oval, but just before he touched it, it wiggled and made a sound, causing him to bark at it even more.

    “It’s alive?” Shelly squeaked, hiding behind Crystal. The oval wiggled again and its wings moved to push itself out of the ground. With effort and an expressive cheer of relief, the creature freed itself, revealing itself as a Togekiss. Only this particular Togekiss was far larger than one should have been, looking several times everyone’s height and wider than a Snorlax. The red and blue triangles that adorned its belly were each bigger than Crystal. It took a moment to look around and then grinned down at Lucca, pulling a purple cape it wore so that it flowed behind it.

    “Well hiya! You guys’re the ones that got here just now, right? Beat a giant monster and then made all that light come out, right?” she began, sounding surprisingly young and upbeat.

    “Alright, who’re you? Are you what’s next?” Megan replied, flaring her back.

    “Megan, don’t!” Lucca cried, sticking an arm out to stop her. He cleared his throat. “Yes, we are. But what about you? Are you alright?”

    “Me?” Togekiss replied, pointing to itself. It exchanged glances with the others and then giggled at him. “Wow, are you worried about the way I landed back there? Sorry, I still underestimate how much I need to brake when I’m flying. But I’m still pretty and cute as you can see, so no worries!”

    “I see,” he replied slowly, sweating a little. “This Pokémon can’t be who I think it is?

    “Hmm, yep, it all checks out! You’ve got your amulets and everything! Okay, so long story short, I’m your guardian angel, Angel!” she nodded, raising her wings. “This generation’s Shining Warriors certainly do look cute if I must say so myself. Nothing compared to me, but still pretty cute.”

    Oh gods,” Lucca thought, palming his face.

    “Wait whoa whoa, slow down a sec! This generation’s ‘Shining Warriors’? What, you mean us?” Megan cried.

    “Yep yep, that’s who I mean little firecracker! You and I are all partners now, and so are all your little friends. It’s up to us to save Heroica!” Angel cheered, pointing at Megan. She took off into the air a little and spun in glee, ending by stretching her wings and feet out wide. Her cape flowed behind her coolly. “So equip your amulets and let’s get going already. The fate of the world awaits!”

    There was a long moment of silence and no one took their eyes off Angel once, making her sweat and rub her chin. “Er, what’s up? You guys don’t look all that bright all of a sudden.”

    “You’re going to have to explain properly, please,” Crystal said slowly, hanging her head. Angel slowly floated down to her.

    “You serious? I thought everyone knew about the legend of the Shining Warriors by now! Especially the kids. You guys’re the ones that get told off most for using Pokémon attacks,” she remarked, still rubbing her chin. “Fine. But me explaining means you have to accept, okay?”

    “Okay?” Lucca raised an eyebrow.

    “So you Heroicans need Bestia energy to use your Pokémon attacks and abilities, right? You can’t use bubblebeam or Torrent without that energy. So what the world does is like, picks these super special six Pokémon that will restore Bestia to the world. They do this by going to Bestia Fountains and activating them. You six need to go to the six fountains across Heroica and complete the trials there to activate those fountains,” she explained. “Then a super special sword will appear, and you can bring back the world’s Bestia energy using it. The trials all involve testing whether you’re worth the Bestia or not, but that’s why you get those amulets that you’re not wearing, for some reason.”

    Crystal had to search for it, finding said amulet on the floor in front of her. The actual amulet was hexagonal and three-dimensional, with the intriguing design of a sword suspended in the direct middle of it. The sword’s blade was lined with black rectangles, for some reason reminding her of windows. Everyone had these amulets by their feet, and each one had a different colour. Thankfully they all had necklaces tied to them, so there was no hassle picking them up and putting them on.

    “Are you sure these are for us, though?” Crystal wondered, tilting her head.

    “One hundred percent!” Angel replied, patting her chest boastfully.

    “Well news flash Miss legendary Angel, there are only five of us here,” Megan stated, making her shriek.

    “We must have gotten mixed up with someone else despite what Suzie was saying,” Crystal moaned. Angel seemed to panic and pointed at everyone to headcount several times, squealing and pulling at the tufts on her head when she realised.

    “Son of a donut! But that doesn’t make any sense! I sensed the energy and everything, you guys’re here with the amulets and everything, how can there only be five of you? Somethin’ must’ve happened already!” she screamed, suddenly pointing at Crystal. “That settles it! You have to leave, right now! You have to find the sixth warrior!”

    “How will we know who we’re looking for? Since we got them, does the sixth Shining Warrior have an amulet now, too?” Shelly asked, clearly confused by his own thoughts.

    “Yeah. Even if it means the amulet magically materialised around their neck, they now have it and can’t get rid of it. So you have to find ‘em asap!” Angel cried.

    Lucca looked away from everyone, going back into a thought pose. “So my hunch was correct, and Panzer directed Crystal here because she’s a Shining Warrior who activated the fountain. That makes my job a lot easier, at least. I wonder how Panzer knew she was a Shining Warrior, though?

    “My lord,” Mimia got his attention, giving him a tap. He responded to his tap with a nod, becoming stern.

    We were originally supposed to just help the Shining Warriors on their quest, but us becoming them ourselves makes the job a lot easier. First things first, we need to find this missing sixth,” he told himself. “They could be anywhere, though. Since you’re our guide, surely you know where they are, right?”

    “Yeah I’m the guide, but that doesn’t mean I can magically sense where all the warriors are and stuff! The trials and fountains can’t actually activate without all six warriors being present, so when I saw the light fly up, I assumed you were all here or something!” she replied, flapping her wings.

    “So they’re definitely close by, close enough to let us do this trial. We could search the temple again, or just make our way to the nearest town,” Lucca suggested.

    “Are you sure about that, my lord? I mean that because it has been a while since… you know, we had anything to sate you,” Mimia asked, tapping him again.

    “Huh?” Lucca tilted his head, having his stomach speak loudly for him instead. He snickered and rubbed the back of his head as the others stared at him. “C-c’mon Mimia, don’t say things like that! You’ll make me think about food.”

    “I’m only speaking the truth,” Mimia smiled.

    “You’re hungry?” Shelly asked.

    “I’m not! My stomach just growls when I think about food, okay? Nothing to worry about!” he laughed nervously.

    “He’s a glutton,” Megan muttered as she stared in shock, the others snickering a little with him.

    “But seriously, it’s fine. If the sixth warrior is close enough that we could do this trial without them, then we’ll run into them one way or another. Fate will make it that way, so I say we should head straight off. If we leave right now, we’ll reach a village by the evening,” Lucca suggested, folding his arms.

    “Fate?” Shelly muttered, pressing his hands together. “That sounds irresponsible.”

    “This is all happening so fast. How can you act so calm about this?” Crystal moaned, hanging her head.

    “Because it’s all super cool adventure stuff, ain’t it? You’re the one that said they were bugged by the feeling that somethin’ was calling their name out there. Now we find out what it is, and you’ve still got cold feet?” Megan complained, smacking the Piplup’s back.

    “I don’t blame you for being shaken up, actually. The confrontation with your mother was not easy,” Lucca reasoned, getting her attention. “But think about it this way: this is a widely known legend across Heroica. Both mine and Panzer’s hunches came true, and events actually happened thanks to us all coming here. We really did activate a magical fountain of light, and the angel of legend is right here, standing right before us.”

    Crystal couldn’t help but gawk at Angel at that, getting a jovial wave in response. “Stuff of legend actually happened because we went here.”

    “Exactly. Even though it’s hard because of your feelings, don’t you think that it’s only right that we see something like this through as far as we can? I think it’s only right that we do,” he explained, turning to Shelly, who was still hiding behind Crystal. He came out and tried to look innocent, catching Megan’s attention. “You as well, Shelly. This is a great undertaking that’ll affect the entire world, so we should be certain we actually want to do this.”

    “I’m not saying I don’t want to do this! I just,” Crystal objected, stepping forwards. She struggled to speak, swallowing hard. “I-it’s hard to take in, okay? Plus, why me of all Pokémon? I’m just some kid that lives in a laid back village.”

    “Well clearly, you and your sister are a lot more special than that. Having seen you battle as well, I’m convinced you know your way around a fight,” Lucca praised.

    “Me? I’ve never had to fight in my life! I only started fighting Suzie to help out Meg. I never thought I’d get dragged into something like this,” she complained, hanging her head.

    “Hmm? Are you serious? You have the right instincts, that much is obvious,” he replied, making Crystal moan. “Well, either way, you’re going to try, right?”

    “I will. But only because of Megan,” she replied, nodding at him. “She’ll get herself into all sorts of trouble, so I’ll need to be there to back her out when she does.”

    “Hey, what’s that supposed to mean? At least I actually do stuff,” Megan huffed. “If it wasn’t for me actually trying to do stuff, we’d still be at home, becoming chubby little kids that can’t do anything!”

    “We kind of already are chubby,” she admitted, scratching the back of her head.

    “Hmpf. At least you have that cute chubbiness that everyone loves to hug and stuff. Lucky you, I’m just a fat, ugly-”

    “Megan!” Crystal cried. Megan huffed again and turned away, going quiet.

    “Um, well, we should get going. Actually now that I think about it, you could fly us to the nearest town, couldn’t you?” Lucca asked.

    “Me? Na-uh, no can do, You guys have to walk it,” Angel shook her head.

    “Wait, what? But you’re a giant flying type! There’s more than enough room on your back for all of us!” Megan cried.

    “Uh, Watch this!” Angel said, suddenly shooting forward. In a flash, she dashed right into Crystal, making her scream in fright. Angel completely disappeared into Crystal’s scarf however, somehow shrinking in a magical glow as she did so. Crystal’s scarf didn’t even glow or blink or anything, but it did feel warmer.

    “Wah! Wha-what just happened?” Crystal gasped.

    “Proof of your legendary status, this scarf is a scarf worn by the very first Shining Warrior. It acts as my ‘vessel’, the thing you’ll use to transport me around. You can’t lose that, either. I’m a spirit that you can’t touch or feel or anything,” Angel explained. Her voice seemed to fly through everyone’s minds, echoing magically. “No one can see or hear me except you guys, either. So when you’re in public, try not to let it look so obvious that you’re talking to me. You have to keep me a secret!”

    “Any particular reason why?” Lucca raised an eyebrow.

    “Why else? I don’t want you kids showing off that you’re shining warriors and stuff. A girl like me likes her privacy, don’t you know?” she answered, not coming out of the scarf. Lucca sighed.

    “The amulets give away who we are, though. Something tells me this is going to be a handful,” he groaned, looking back at the stairs. “Well, might as well get started on our way back out of here. That means going through the waterway again.”

    No one said anything until Megan realised that he was looking at her for a response. “What? I don’t mind. You’ll just have to carry me again.”

    “Really? You’re a strange fire type, you know,” he admitted with a smile.

    It took a lot longer to find the way out than they considered, especially with the bridge leading to the temple still destroyed. This meant finding an alternate route, and thankfully, they did come across an exit that didn’t lead back the way they came. After a long trek of bickering and questions towards what everyone’s plans really were, Lucca had managed to convince the party to head towards Vergrace, a small village on the other side of Fossil Hill. There, they would be able to discuss their plans properly and stock up on necessary provisions.

    The exit they found lead them in the direction of Vergrace, but it was right at the bottom of the canyons where Crystal had fallen before. It was still cold and dark, causing all conversation to stop and everyone to focus. Lucca and Mimia directed everyone the whole time, the latter going right back to his excessive duties like smoothing out the path ahead or scouting corners for feral Pokémon. There was no need for any of it as nothing else attacked at all.

    “I know he made a joke about it before, but I’m actually starting to get really hungry,” Megan spoke up at last, breaking the silence.

    “Me as well. Not much further to go, though. This cave will take us out of Fossil Hill, and then Vergrace will be in sight,” Lucca replied, pointing at the cave mouth ahead of them. This was clearly the darkest part of the area yet, making Crystal and Shelly slow down.

    “Pfft, you really wanna make a girl wait? I’m hungry now, so we should eat,” Megan objected.

    “Not sure what you mean by that, but I’m not carrying any snacks or anything, so there’s actually nothing I can do about it,” he replied.

    “Apparently,” Mimia mumbled. Lucca hushed him.

    “So that’s your plan. Starve us, lead us to a dungeon or somethin’, and then take everything we have?” she stated.

    “Wait, what?” he replied again. Crystal groaned.

    “You heard me! You planned this whole thing, didn’t you?”

    “If I could have planned a trip this amazing, then I wish I could. C’mon, it’s not much-” he reasoned, freezing up suddenly. He turned to the dark sky they could barely see and gritted his teeth, moving an arm as if to draw one of his swords. “Something’s coming.”

    “Wha-what? Should we hide?” Crystal gasped.

    “He’s bluffing. It’s all part of his trap, that’s what it is!” Megan complained.

    “Okay I don’t know where that thought came from, but stop it now, please. I can genuinely sense a large number of Pokémon approaching us from the sky. The air is tingling,” Lucca warned. “Quick, into the cave!”

    “Uh-um, Angel can fly, right? If no one can see her, then she can check for us,” Shelly suggested.

    “Shelly, good idea!” Crystal remarked, running after Lucca to hide with him. Megan was last and groaned out loud, giving in to hide with them. There, Crystal squeezed and shook her scarf in an attempt to get Angel to come out, flinching when the oversized Togekiss materialised in front of them all. For some reason she looked dozy, half lidded and half awake.

    “Huzzah, huh-what?” she gurgled, looking around.

    “Angel, can you check who’s sneaking up on us?” Crystal asked, sticking her head out of the cave to look anyway.

    “Sure,” Angel replied sleepily. The Pokémon showed up just as she took off, but they could barely be seen from this distance. There were definitely a lot of flying types, and most of them were glistening in the late day light. Angel quickly returned, her eyes wide awake all of a sudden. “Didn’t take long for stuff to get eventful for you guys, did it? There’s a bunch of Pokémon in armour being flown everywhere.”

    “Armour?” Crystal tilted her head, whilst Lucca went into a thought pose yet again.

    “I dunno what they were, but a whole load of strong flying types were flying those armoured guys around. I’m talking thousands of ‘em. They’re going all over the place, too,” Angel clarified.

    “Imperial Knights? Why are the Imperial Knights suddenly flying?” Lucca asked himself.

    “Maybe they’re looking for us? I mean, you decided to go straight on the journey rather than go back to tell RBY what’s going on,” Crystal argued.

    “Yes, but if they were looking for us, they would only need to go to the temple. Thousands makes an army, so something else is going on,” he suggested.

    “Um, hello? Starving here. Less chit-chat, more moving!” Megan complained, rubbing her belly.

    “She’s right. Whatever’s going on, it’s best to keep moving for now. Come on,” he agreed, going back to leading the way. Crystal gave him and Megan an unsure look but followed anyway. “An army of knights suddenly deploying, their direction coming from RBY, too. I had no idea there were that many knights there. Whatever Panzer’s up to, it’s a lot more serious than I thought.

    The mystery of the scarf

    Crystal: So I squeeze the scarf like this, and then…

    Angel: O-ow, hey, quit it already! What do you want?

    Crystal: I’m just figuring this out, really. Can you hear us if you’re inside the scarf?

    Angel: Yes I can! Don’t squeeze it and stuff, it makes it feel super weird. And can’t you tell I’m trying to sleep?

    Lucca: You’re already sleepy for some reason? We might need you soon. To be honest, I still have a lot of questions, too.

    Angel: Well save ‘em! Can’t a girl get a bit of beauty sleep around you guys?

    Crystal: Yeesh, you’re even worse than Megan. So demanding!

    Megan: I heard my name. What’s up?

    Crystal: Nothing! Just figuring out how Angel and this scarf works.

    Megan: Oh, that’s easy! You just do it like those heroes in comic books. You just give the scarf a little flick and say something cool! You know, something like, uh…

    Shelly: I choose you?

    Megan: Yeah! *poses coolly* I choose you, Angel!

    Angel: You know, if I could actually fight, maybe I’d respond to that. Luckily for me, I can’t fight for you, so I think I’ll just stay sleeping.

    Crystal: *hangs head* You guys are unbelievable…
  11. SGMijumaru

    SGMijumaru Competitive Mijumaru

    For those of you who had been reading this stpry before its sudden hiatus, this is the last of the original chapters that have been edited. Of all of those chapters, it is also the most drastically different, with the entire conflict being changed from the original upload. From here on, the story is entirely new content. Enjoy, and look forward to episode 11, hopefully coming later this week!


    Episode 10: Foreboding insecurities


    Fortunately for everyone, once the horde of flying types had passed over Fossil Hill, nothing else out of the ordinary happened. None of them landed nearby, nor had any feral Pokémon come out of hiding to investigate, so they all had easy passage through the cave they had hidden in before.

    “Hmm. This is almost too easy. The exit’s right there,” Lucca eventually announced, turning a corner. After a good hour of silently weaving through catacombs and stumbling over rocky terrain in the cave, they finally came to a large exit with sunlight pouring through it. A signpost was hammered into the ground just by the exit, directing Pokémon either to RBY or Vergrace, just as Lucca had mentioned earlier. “The village of Vergrace is just ahead.”

    Shelly let out a sigh of relief that no one seemed to hear and slouched forward, struggling to walk fast and keep up with them. He would only have to be pushed over to be defeated right now; he was that tired. Upon exiting the cave however, he was surprised to have to shield his eyes from the amount of light that gleamed down when he stepped out, as well as the drastic change to the ground beneath his feet.

    “Whoa. It’s so colourful!” Crystal remarked, leaning forward. Short grass and loamy soil covered the planet as far as the eye could see, all of it bathed delicately in glistening sunlight that beamed through the clouds in the blue sky. Amongst it all were hordes of Pokémon in the distance and landmark villages and towns, some even as little as single huts from the looks of things. The Pokémon were too far away to be of any harm as well, so again, the party had easy passage to their destination.

    “Feel that wind, too. Glad you decided to come with us, now?” Megan teased, giving Crystal a sly look. She rubbed her face as a cool breeze brushed her loose fur over her eyes a little.

    “I er- it’s pretty, but we’re-”

    “Uh uh uh, no buts. We’re the Shining Warriors now. If we don’t get to work, we could lose this, right? Bestia isn’t gonna restore itself,” Megan giggled, waving. Crystal groaned.

    “We’ve already started to lose this, if you look closely enough,” Lucca pointed out, staring at the scenery coldly. The others tilted their heads. “There aren’t any fields of crops here or anything. There are barely any trees, either. The wind is so weak that the grass isn’t even swaying.”

    Shelly gasped at the realisation of those facts and gave everything a proper look. Just like on Fossil Hill, the only trees that were around were those that had died a long time ago, looking crusty, short, and colourless. Even though the wind was strong enough to make his leaf flow behind him, not a single blade of grass moved with it, static in appearance until his feet pushed the blades aside.

    There’s already less Bestia here than when I came through here,” he thought to himself, having to hold his headband to keep the leaf in it from flying away.

    “Angel, is this really due to lack of Bestia?” Crystal asked, grabbing Shelly’s attention.

    “When Bestia is drained from an area, the laws of nature begin to stop functioning properly,” Angel answered, not coming out of the scarf. “That causes things like lack of vegetation to lack of scientific sense as well. Stuff like the grass not moving even though there’s wind. Seeds from flowers can’t spread, and so eventually, all the greenery dies.”

    “Oh,” Crystal whispered.

    “Who knows? Maybe someday you guys’ll see what an area with totally lost Bestia looks like. It ain’t nice, you know. You can barely breathe,” Angel warned.

    “We don’t have to worry about that, ‘cos we’re gonna stop that. But first, I need food to fuel the fire in me!” Megan cheered, spitting an ember up into the air. “Let’s go already!”

    “She’s got the right idea!” Lucca cheered as well, tapping his belly before resuming their travel.

    Shelly kept quiet and watched Crystal as everyone took off. She stayed quiet during their short walk to the village, but once they got there, any worry he had for her melted behind her relaxed appearance. She seemed to admire the cosy atmosphere of this village, despite it being fairly small and not very flashy.

    The entire village was built on top of the same grassy fields that surrounded it, boasting small white cottages made of stone. Many Pokémon were out and about, most behind cheap market stands to shout about their wares. Others were young Pokémon playing in the streets together, whilst some tended to various chores like repairs. All the Pokémon were in a cheerful conversation, too. There were spaces on the buildings for candle lamps, while some cottages had clothing wires connecting them.

    “There are skirts on the washing lines?” Shelly said, confused by the clothes.

    “Yeah, why not? Some Pokémon like accessorizing themselves with things like that,” Crystal clarified, giggling at his confusion. He slowly looked at her and envisioned her wearing a bright pink tutu, having to blink and shake his head to shake the pretty image off.

    Wow, Crystal is so cute, especially when she smiles,” he thought, blushing. When he looked back up, he caught sight of Megan looking at him strangely, and went straight back to blushing. He didn’t try to hide it this time and resumed following the others instead.

    The village was simple enough in layout for everyone to find their way around. Four main streets connected to a large square in the centre, whilst a few spaces between the buildings made for side streets where a few more shops were put up. No one even paid the group any attention until Mimia suddenly stopped dead, causing the others to bump into him.

    “Hey what’s the holdup?” Megan complained, shaking a foot like a fist. Mimia seemed to ignore her, sniffing the air before whining in discomfort.

    “Hmm? Smells like the sea?” Lucca translated, giving the air a sniff as well. “I… can actually smell it. Is someone cooking Remoraid?”

    “Remoraid?” Crystal replied, jumping when Lucca’s stomach growled.

    “I can’t help it. Every time I go to the sea, I have to have it!” he moaned. “Remoraid are the best, especially if you get them when they’re Octillery. They’re my favourite.”

    “We’re not near the sea, though. So why does it smell like Remoraid?” Crystal asked quietly, scanning the scenery. She spotted the inn they needed quickly as a result, but jumped again when Shelly suddenly cried out, pointing to the roof of said inn. The building was made of stone and was two stories high, but he’d spotted a Pikachu on top of it. Said Pikachu turned and ran the moment they locked eyes with it, disappearing over the roof.

    “What’s a Pikachu doing on the roof? What’s their problem?” Megan shrugged.

    “Meg, they’re probably stuck there! We’ve got to get them down,” Crystal cried.

    “B-but how?” Shelly squeaked, dancing on his toes.

    “They probably got there because they wanted to. I dunno, why is it even our problem?” Megan cried.

    “Wait,” Lucca said, holding a hand up as he proceeded to mumble. “I have a bad hunch, all of a sudden. Mimia!”

    Mimia responded with a hearty yip, raising his head obediently. “Get me up there asap. Throw me!”

    “Yes!” Mimia replied, galloping over.

    “Wa-wait, why? What’s going? Ugh, now what?” Megan squealed, having to run after the others. Mimia stopped right by the inn’s entrance, taking a few looks back and forth before exchanging another round of noisy dialogue with Lucca. To everyone’s surprise, Lucca replied in kind, barking and making noises to communicate with him. Before anyone could question it, Mimia suddenly flipped Shelly onto his back, pushed himself onto his hind legs, and then spun his whole body in a wild throw that sent the screaming Oshawott miles into the air.

    “You’ve got to catch them! Talk to them for us!” Lucca called out, standing on his tail. He turned to the others, finding them all staring at him with their mouths on the floor. “What? Oh, right. Sorry, I’ll explain later. I have a big hunch, though!”

    “Yeah. Okay. Not that I’m complaining, though. It’s about time that Shelly got made to do something, I guess,” Megan said, rubbing the side of her face. Crystal sighed and shook her head, to which Lucca gave them a cheeky snicker.

    Meanwhile, Shelly was still spiralling through the air, landing on the roof with a painful thud. His landing made the Pikachu stop at least, and it turned to stare at him in shock.

    “Oww,” the Oshawott moaned, rubbing his head and his body. He could barely get to his feet, his sight of the Pikachu dazed and blurry. He knew why he’d been thrown without having to be told however, and did his best to focus.

    The Pikachu was staring at him with a look of genuine concern. Her tail had a heart shaped tip, solidifying her gender. She wore a scarf in the same way as Crystal, only hers was eccentrically coloured with green, purple and blue stripes. She also wore swimming goggles on her forehead, and around her neck, a Shining Warrior amulet. The instant Shelly realised that, he gasped and staggered backwards, having his heart jump when he remembered he could step right off this stone roof. There weren’t any barricades or anything.

    Pikachu read his look and actions enough to suddenly become disgusted in him, however. That brought him to calm down a bit, but he couldn’t bring himself to talk, playing with his hands while whimpering instead. Despite that, Pikachu didn’t say anything either, keeping her hands to her side as her face twisted with whatever discomforting thoughts she was having. When they finally culminated in the decision to turn and leave, Shelly brought up the bravery to lean forward and call out.

    “Wa-wait!” he said. She stopped, and he went back to playing with his hands.

    “Make it quick,” Pikachu ordered, half turned to face him. Her voice was young and a little immature, yet cold.

    “Y-you’re a Shining Warrior, r-right? That’s why you’ve got that amulet. And y-you were at the Fossil Hill Temple,” he asked.

    “And our meeting wasn’t supposed to be at all. If you’re going to ask me stay with you, then I hate to break it to you, but we can’t. Not now,” she replied, squinting in fury. Shelly didn’t reply. “Your kind can’t be seen with mine. Our encounter was a desperate mistake.”

    “B-but you’re a Shining Warrior! We need to-”

    “Don’t bother!” she hissed, pointing a palm forward. “I know what I am, and what you are. Just, not now.”

    Shelly struggled to even find the volume to respond to her. Her few words held an air of certainty to them, an air that felt like a parent putting their child in their place. He daren’t reply to her, lest he knew exactly what to say. But nothing he could think of right now felt worthwhile.

    “Do me a favour. I want you to forget that you saw me,” Pikachu continued, surrounding her palm in a wavering orb of water. Shelly took in a sharp breath, recognising the water type attack she was about to use. A revelation came to him in the moment, but it stalled his movements, and he failed to dodge the orb when it was fired at him at the speed of a bullet. It punched his whole body like a football, easily knocking him right over the edge of the roof.

    That last Shining Warrior, and the move she used,” Shelly muttered in his head, falling back-first in disbelief.

    “Shelly!” Crystal cried, seeing him come hurtling towards them. Everyone, some members of the public included, scrambled to gather together and catch him. He landed in their grip, but uncomfortably enough to make everyone drop to the floor when he hit.

    “Gosh, what the heck was that about? You were supposed to talk to them, not fight ‘em!” Megan shouted, first to stand. “And if you were gonna fight ‘em, couldn’t you have put up a decent fight?”

    “It- I- that’s not-” Shelly staggered, trembling as he got to his feet. He went quiet, staring back at everyone’s surprised and worried face.

    “Are you okay, though?” Crystal gasped. He nodded with a light whine, making Megan roll her eyes.

    “They’re gone, though. Th-they weren’t who we were looking for,” Shelly lied, looking away.

    “Wait, seriously?” Lucca gasped.

    “Who was it, some sorta runaway criminal?” Megan gasped as well, becoming more intent. Shelly didn’t reply, trying not to keep looking at them. “Well? The heck’s the matter? Meowth got your tongue or something?”

    “He did just fall from a roof,” Lucca stepped in, tapping the back of her head. “Sorry about tossing you up there. We’ll talk about this later, though. I’m actually surprised I was wrong.”

    “It’s just like Suzie’s house,” Crystal muttered, admiring the homely feel of the inn’s lobby. A Tall, bipedal, plant-like Pokémon watched them all come in and smiled. It bowed to show off its colourful hands, which resembled bouquets of roses.

    “Thanks for saving that boy who fell from the roof, earlier. Welcome to the Green Rose inn. Are you all here to stay?” he greeted, looking back up at them.

    “Yes. Three rooms and a breakfast and dinner rate, please. Don’t worry about it guys, I’ll pay this time,” Lucca replied, bowing back to him. Roserade quickly walked off and disappeared behind a corner, sounding like he was rustling through something.

    “Oh wow, so gentlemanly. Thank you, Lucca,” Megan giggled, batting her eyes at him.

    “Oh wow, Megan was polite for once,” Crystal joked.

    “Oh wow, Crystal was a dick. Oh wait; she’s always been a dick,”


    “C’mon now you two. Give these Pokémon a good first impression, they’re serving us,” Lucca sighed, tapping them both on the head. Roserade returned with a Roselia beside him, holding a number of card tags.

    “You’re lucky; we just finished cleaning three rooms. They’re upstairs and the numbers are on the cards. Make yourselves at home, and we’ll ring for dinner when it’s ready, okay?” he instructed, handing Lucca the cards.

    “Thank you very much. C’mon, we’ve got work to do,” Lucca said, nodding to everyone. Just as they were about to leave, Shelly locked eyes with the Roselia, trying not to let his nerves get the better of him.

    “Hey wait a minute, I know you!” the Roselia gasped excitedly, starting to bounce up and down.

    “Athens-” Roserade said.

    “Dad, look! Around their neck!” Roselia squeaked, pointing to a poster behind the counter. Shelly staggered backwards in expectation of the worst, but calmed down when he realised that it was a poster of a Shining Warrior amulet. It took Roserade a few seconds of looking back and forth to realise, and then he reacted the same as Shelly, staggering backwards.

    “Well what do you know, that oracle we saw at Fossil Hill was an awakening after all! I didn’t expect genuine Shining Warriors to show up here so soon,” he laughed, raising his right arm. He suddenly returned Lucca’s money. “Please, it is on the house. You’ve already started doing miracles around here, too.”

    “Wait whoa, seriously? You’re gonna let us stay for free? Even food?” Megan gasped.

    “That’s too much. We couldn’t possibly ask that of you,” Lucca objected.

    “I insist. We will house and feed you under the condition that you depart from this village at your earliest convenience,” he ordered. Everyone except Lucca tilted their heads. “I won’t try to flower it up. Whenever the Shining Warriors come here, bad things happen to this place. I’m sure you’ve seen how little we have. Getting rid of you is the best way to ensure we don’t lose more of what little we have.”

    “I’m aware the last few Shining Warriors have failed their quests, but how so? We’ve only just set out. Many Pokémon don’t even know that we’re here,” Lucca replied.

    “You’re naïve if you really think that, especially after that ordeal in the square. I’m pretty certain that that huge army of Imperial Knights that flew over the village were also spreading the word. You staying here will attract all sorts of problems,” Roserade explained.

    The knights have flown past here already?” Shelly thought, looking at the floor in concern.

    “But Dad!” Athens whined.

    “No buts. For the sake of our village’s peace, I want you all to leave as soon as possible. To that end, we will serve your every need tonight,” he ordered.

    Lucca let out a sound of dismay, but barely moved besides wiping his head of light sweat. “I won’t try to oppose that opinion of yours. I can only imagine what trouble has befallen this place. So out of respect, we will accept your offer.”

    “Mister Brionne, wait!” Athens cried, running into the back of the inn again. The Roselia came back with a small pot with an attractive flower in it, a flower that seemed to be made of neon colours that glowed magically. Lucca gasped as it was roughly handed to him, and caressed it with surprising delicacy. “It’s for you! You can keep it.”

    “Athens, please,” Roserade groaned.

    “My Dad may be grumpy about you guys, but I’m rooting for you! I’ll do my best to cook, too! So do your best!” Athens ignored him, raising a rose in cheer.

    “The kid’s got the right idea,” Megan smiled.

    “But what’s the bad stuff that the Roserade’s talking about?” Crystal groaned, tilting her head.

    “Never mind that, he’s just a worry wart. Even if bad stuff comes, we’ll be able to beat it no sweat. So, what’s that flower?” Megan replied, smiling at Lucca.

    “It’s an Anima Flower. These things apparently used to grow all over Heroica, where they aided travellers by glowing in the dark. They would surround villages and towns to light up the night and guide lost travellers. On top of that, they’re some of the most gorgeous flowers I’ve ever seen. It’s honestly an honour to even see one alive and this well looked after,” he explained, slowly turning the head of the flower like a wheel. The colour scheme of the flower changed as he turned it, making everyone gawk. Mimia let out an especially surprised sound. “They really are a miracle of nature. One that can only grow in Heroica.”

    “Well I didn’t expect you to be a nerd about flowers,” Megan teased.

    “I’ve just done my research. You learn a lot when you’re studying Heroican history and stuff. Now we don’t need these flowers because Pokémon use things like stale bread crumbs or escape orbs. All because the flowers don’t grow with the lack of Bestia,” he clarified, handing the Anima Flower back to Athens. Crystal made a sound of thought, tilting her head. “Thank you so very much for letting me see this. Honestly, it’s made my day for sure. I could only dream of seeing a real Anima Flower!”

    “It’s great, right? But you can keep it, I insist!” Athens proposed.

    “Thank you, but we really can’t,” Lucca laughed. “We’ll be constantly travelling; we won’t be able to take proper care of it. But when we succeed, we’ll come back for it okay? So please, take care of it until we come back.”

    “Okay! I promise!” Athens saluted. Roserade sighed and shook his head.

    “We actually have a garden full of those Anima Flowers. We take care of them because they’re all this village has left – it’s all that keeps travellers coming here and bringing in the revenue,” he explained.

    “And that’s the major reason you want us to leave ASAP. I promise you, I understand. We’ll be departing tomorrow for certain,” Lucca promised, bowing to him.

    Crystal watched Lucca and the others leave for their rooms, then glanced at the innkeeper and his child, shaking her head. “What’s going on here?

    “Phew. I can’t eat another bite,” Shelly sighed, falling backwards onto the floor. The others were all the same, having stuffed themselves to the brim at dinner. It was now late into the evening, so they had all gathered into Lucca’s room to rest it all off until Mimia came back. He had gone shopping for the party, being given a list of provisions and necessities to try and find for their journey ahead.

    No one replied to him so Shelly sat up to see what had everyone so quiet, only to become just as quiet as they were. Despite having eaten enough for his belly to have visibly swelled, Lucca was still eating, ignoring all the eyes staring at him. It took until Megan started giggling for him to slow down.

    “Wha-what?” he asked, surprisingly confused. Megan burst out laughing at that, causing him to blush slightly.

    “Goodness Lucca, you really are a glutton! And I was worried I was gonna be the fat one!” she joked, setting off her laughter again.

    “But Crystal,” Shelly muttered, glancing over at her. The Piplup had eaten just as much as he did, but blankly watched the whole scene with a solemn look on her face. Before he could ask anything, Mimia came back with two large bags strapped to his back, letting out a sigh of relief as he set them down. One look at Lucca set him off barking, however.

    “Alright alright, I won’t eat anymore!” Lucca cried, pushing away his plate at last. He had basically eaten everything on it already.

    “My lord, you’ll give yourself baby cheeks again,” Mimia warned.

    “They’re not baby cheeks! I told you before, water types are meant to have puffy cheeks.” He objected.

    “Puffy or pudgy? Because pardon me, but yours are becoming pudgy, my lord,” Mimia clarified. Lucca choked and cut him a glare; whilst Megan started laughing so hard she started choking.

    His cheeks are pretty pudgy, actually. Lucca’s so nimble in a fight, but he still eats as much as he wants and whatever he wants,” Shelly realised, staring now. “Is it really that important what you eat? Could I do the same too, and be strong while still eating whatever I want?

    “Hey, Angel,” Crystal spoke up at last. “Do you know anything about the bad stuff that Roserade mentioned?”

    “Oh, is that what’s been on your mind?” she replied, not coming out of her scarf until everyone turned to Crystal. “Since you’re all settled and stuff, I might as well give ya the low down.”

    “That is concerning, actually. I was hoping to be able to search the surrounding area for that Pikachu. But if they want us out of Vergrace that quickly, it might be a problem,” Lucca added.

    “You see the thing is, Shining Warriors aren’t actually like, these special Pokémon or anything. They could be anyone chosen at any time in their lives, from Pokémon still in eggs to senile elderly. They get chosen for a reason, but what they decide to do with their new status is entirely down to them,” Angel explained. “They could be a bunch of innocent kids, young teens like you lot, or even mature adults. Despite being your guide, I get no say in anything you all decide to do. If the warriors decide to run and hide, then I run and hide with ‘em. If they’re criminals, then they’re criminals. The worst cases are the ones that fall in love and decide to mate. The weird kinks I get thrown into really keep me up at-”

    “I think I get it, that’s enough!” Crystal cried, slapping her face. “If the warriors get chosen for a reason, it’s because they can fight or something, right? I’m not sure if I can do this.”

    “Didn’t we go through this already? What happened to everything with Suzie?” Megan complained.

    “We did. Your ability with your bow and arrows is impressive,” Lucca remarked. “I’m sure you’ll be fine. We’ve already shown that we can all fight together pretty well.”

    “I’m not that great with this weapon. And even then, I really don’t want to have to hurt other Pokémon that bad,” Crystal sighed, tilting her head. “If only I had some sort of more convenient weapon, something that didn’t threaten to mortally wound someone, maybe I’d be fine with fighting.”

    “A convenient weapon,” Shelly muttered, rubbing his chin. Silence fell.

    “Angel, we’ll need to depart tomorrow, so what’s our destination?” Lucca asked, unrolling a map from his bag.

    “Uh uh, no can do. I’m only allowed to tell you where the trials are. It’s up to you guys to figure out where they are and get there,” Angel replied. Silence fell again.

    “So then, where is the closest?” Lucca asked again.

    “Nice try! I ain’t tellin’”

    “It’s gonna be a long day,” Crystal sighed.

    “Ehee hee hee, c’mon, lighten’ up! I’m only messin’ with ya,” Angel giggled, raising her wings. “It’s so much funner to not give away the whole puzzle, you know? But if you really want to, your next nearest trial is- wait a minute.”

    “Now what?” Megan groaned. Angel glanced at Shelly, then back at the others, raising a wing in glee.

    “You see that little island off the northern coast? I’m picking up a need to go there. I think that’s closest, too,” she said. Mimia pointed to it on the map for everyone’s benefit.

    “That’s quite a way away, and it’s across the sea, too. We’ll need sea travel,” Lucca said in dismay, rubbing his face. “Okay, I think I’ve got the idea. There’s a city on the way. Hopefully we can get something to ferry us over when we get there.”

    “Doesn’t sound too hard. Plenty of time to get better, too. Alright, I’m out for training, if you need me!” Megan cheered, jumping to her feet.

    “At a time like this? Don’t you want to be well rested for our travel?” Lucca asked.

    “The moment I start slacking is the moment I grow too weak. I need to be strong enough to beat anyone, so I won’t stop until I’m at that level,” she smiled, jogging out of the room before anyone could object further.

    “Don’t bother chasing her. She’s always been like this,” Crystal sighed. “I don’t blame her for being this excited, though.”

    “I hope she doesn’t mind being woken up early, then. Because we’re leaving early morning,” Lucca announced. “Tomorrow, adventure starts! How it should’ve started!”

    No one replied except Mimia, giving him confused looks. “Hey, that’s everyone’s cue. If we’re all in this together and we all agree, cheer with me. So say it with me, alright?”

    “Oh alright,” Crystal smiled, hiding her nerves.

    “Tomorrow, adventure starts. Let’s set off for the city!” Lucca announced, putting a hand out. The others put their hands and whatnot over his, even Angel, and they all gave an upbeat cheer in sync, raising them at the same time.

    Pokémon and fancy dress

    Shelly: I still don’t get it… why are some of the Pokémon wearing clothes?

    Crystal: It’s the same reason you’re wearing that headband. It just looks nice. It gives Pokémon that extra little bit of flair.

    Shelly: But it’s so bothersome keeping clothes clean and stuff… and… a-and… it’s so provocative…

    Megan: Pardon?

    Shelly: Nothing!

    Lucca: It’s like my ruffles. They look like a kilt, so it works so well when I move and dance!

    Megan: Do they? They look more like skirts to me. I honestly thought you were a girl until you spoke.

    Shelly: You and me both…

    Lucca: Aww come on! Kilts can be manly. Plus, this is natural clothing. I may not dance often, but they twirl perfectly and stuff. It does my masculine figure a great favour.

    Crystal: That sounds more like a tutu, actually.

    Lucca: Argh, not you, too! I’m not a feminine Pokémon. The ruffles are kilts, not tutus!

    Megan: If you say so, young lady.

    Lucca: Aww, you’re serious. C’mon, Mimia, you agree, right? I’m not a feminine Pokémon, am I?

    Mimia: Look in a mirror and bat your eyes.

    Lucca: *blushes* N-no! I won’t do that. And don’t ask me to lift up the ruffles, either!

    Mimia: So you don’t believe me? That sounds exactly as a woman wearing a skirt would say, fur or not.

    Lucca: Wait, what? *sigh* Mimia, you’re weird sometimes, you know.

    Shelly: But you have fur underneath your ruffles, right? Why wouldn’t you want to show it?

    Lucca: I-er-that-is-um… You see… er… there are certain… you know what? No. This conversation is over. I’m the manliest of manly Pokémon, and that’s that. None of you can tell me otherwise!
  12. SGMijumaru

    SGMijumaru Competitive Mijumaru

    At long last, a new chapter! From here on, Heroica Legends will be returning to its biweekly updates, alternating alongside Astral Genealogy.
    This chapter really puts those content warnings into to practice, so be warned.


    Episode 11: The means to survive


    “So it was a Pikachu with water powers, after all. You know what that is, right?” Lucca said quietly.

    “They’re called Watermarked Pokémon, right?” Shelly nodded in reply.

    “That’s right. That’s why she smelt of brine so heavily,” Lucca confirmed, rubbing his chin. “I’ve no doubt she’ll want to avoid us for being normal Pokémon, too. I just hope that doesn’t impact us doing our trials.”

    “She knew that we were going to accept her, though. I wonder why she said no,” Shelly wondered.

    “She’s working on something important, that’s why. I don’t know what, but there’s nothing we can do about that until something comes up about it. We’ll have to trust her,” Lucca said, still speaking quietly. He glanced back at the slightly open door of Shelly’s inn room, not detecting anyone listening in on them. “Let’s not keep the others waiting for much longer. I promise I’ll keep it a secret until it comes up again, okay?”

    “Th-thank you, Lucca,” Shelly blushed, looking down.

    “Only thing: when that Pikachu does come up, I know nothing about it, okay? It’ll be up to you to talk to her,” he said, winking at him. Shelly nodded again, still clearly uncertain about the whole proposal.

    “H-hey, Lucca?” Shelly asked, just as the Brionne departed for the door. He slowly held up the weapon sat between them, a tiny sword of some sort. It was thick but light, made entirely of arrow stalks stuck together by heavily tied ropes and string. The ‘blade’ was sturdy and wooden as a result, but a single arrowhead poked through the end to make the tip of the blade sharp. “D-do you think she’ll like it?”

    “Oh, the weapon you made for Crystal? I don’t know. At most, I do think it’ll help her get over her little weakness right now,” he replied. “Let’s go see, shall we?”

    Shelly nodded uncertainly again, finally packing the rest of his things into a backpack to leave. The sword didn’t fit, so he had to carry it, cradling it with both hands all the way until they reached the rest of the group at the inn’s lobby.

    “Finally, took your sweet time. What were you doing, applying your makeup?” Megan teased, drawing everyone’s attention to the duo.

    “Ahaha, sorry about that wait. I had food caught in my ruffles that I couldn’t get out,” Lucca chuckled, rubbing the back of his head.

    “Seriously? A glutton and a messy eater?” Megan remarked. “What about you? What’s that you’re carrying?”

    “U-uh, i-it’s,” Shelly whimpered, gulping before going silent. He gave in and walked up to Crystal, handing her the sword. “Y-you said you weren’t confident about fighting, so I thought I could make you something that might help or something.”

    “Wait, that’s for me? It’s a sword,” Crystal gasped, accepting it. She gave it a few harmless swings, hanging it on her shoulder confidently. “It’s so light! And it’s made of wood, too. I couldn’t harm someone with this if I tried.”

    “So it’s useless?” Megan said, tilting her head.

    “No way. This is perfect! Me hurting someone badly is exactly why I wasn’t keen on fighting in the first place,” Crystal laughed, spinning the weapon around to get a good look at it. “I’ve never seen anything like this. Where did you get it? Can I really have it?”

    “I-I ma-made it,” Shelly admitted, looking away and scratching the back of his head.

    “Seriously? That’s so cool!” Crystal gasped, posing coolly with it. She kept it resting on her shoulder, standing sideways. Her left wing kept a grip on her bow, making for a convenient pose that allowed her to switch weapon any time. “A sword is much more comfortable to use. Plus, I won’t have to worry about hurting anyone really bad with it. Seriously, thank you so much, Shelly!”

    “Tha-that, I didn’t do much,” she replied, scratching the back of his head. “It might break or something, and I only thought about it on the spot so, sorry if it ends up useless.”

    “Oh I’ll make sure I look after it,” Crystal assured proudly.

    “Why the heck did you make her a weapon? Sheesh,” Megan huffed. “Anyway, I dunno where that innkeeper’s gone. We can’t return the room keys.”

    “Oh that’s just normal. We just leave them behind the counter or something,” Lucca said, doing just that. He led the way out without waiting for the others to copy. “We’ve got a long road ahead of us, warning you now. Between here and the city, it’s at least a week’s travel. Hope you’re used to camping out.”

    “We’ve done it a few times, but never out in the wilderness, if that makes sense? Never anywhere we’ve had to fight,” Crystal replied, drawn to a commotion in the village square. There weren’t many Pokémon awake right now, so to see a big group of them surrounding a single spot gave her bad vibes. She walked over despite the others paying it no mind. “What’s going on over here? Is everything alright?”

    “Pretty much, I guess?” A Dewott replied, half turning to her. “This crazy girl went and wore herself out running into town this morning. Woke a bunch of Pokémon up. The doctors are looking at her now.”

    “Think we can help?” Crystal asked the others as they walked over.

    “Why would we wanna help? We’ve gotta bigger problems,” Megan complained.

    “I-if we can,” Shelly said. Lucca half ignored them to get a better look, beaming up with a gasp once he saw the Pokémon that was in the middle of the crowd.

    “What the- Azu? Azu, wake up!” he cried, pushing through the crowd to reach her. A Chansey with a stethoscope was looking after her right now, but happily made room for Lucca.

    “C-can’t… r-run… no more…” Azu muttered between heavy breaths. Her eyes were shut and her ears flopped about lifelessly.

    “Azu c’mon, wake up! What’s going on, wake up!” Lucca shouted, shaking her.

    “Ack- gah, don’t shout like that!” she squealed, springing awake. She clutched her ears and cringed, being given a moment to recover. Once she woke up properly and saw that Lucca was holding her, she jumped out of his arms with an over exaggerated gasp.

    “Lucca?” she cried. Mimia gave a wave and a happy cry, making her realise. “Wait, Mimia? And you kids. You’re all here. But I’m not at RBY, I’m at-”

    She snapped to a stop behind her, quickly becoming panicked and restless. “N-no, he’s already here? I’ve got to move, he has my scent!”

    “Who’s here, who has your scent?” Luca asked, having to stop Azu from running off. She didn’t make it two steps anyway, falling over his arm with a complete lack of breath.

    “Da-damn it- so tired,” she huffed, falling back into his arms. Everyone stared in confused concern, flinching when one of the cottages on the edge of the village went up in flames. Everyone turned in shock, not surprised to hear screams and cries ring out as countless Pokémon came running. The crowd around Azu disbanded, whilst Megan and Mimia took centre stage, standing guard over the rest of their group.

    It didn’t take long to search for the source of the explosion as the cause kept crashing through all sorts of other structures, destroying the little market stands on its way towards Lucca and the group. A familiar two-headed Pokémon soon emerged from the travelling destruction, a noticeable rag of skin dangling from the right head’s mouth.

    “That’s-” Crystal hissed, immediately recognising the Pokémon. Edvard had somehow made his way into the village, and dangling from the right head’s mouth was the skin and blood of a Rattata. The sight and nasty thoughts made her start shuddering right away, and she shifted backward. “N-no way, did he?

    “I spy with my little eyes, the bunny who cried wolf!” Edvard-right began, giggling to himself. He flipped up the skin to slurp it into his mouth, swallowing loudly.

    “Huh? Wait, I’m pretty certain we’re a dragon,” Edvard-left replied, glancing at him.

    “It’s a figure of speech, you dummy!” Edvard-right snapped, trying to bite his other half. “Either way, we’ve hit the big time, right? Scored a couple rats already and the prize is right there.”

    “Oh yeah, I get it. You’re not getting away from us this time, bunny!” Edvard-left declared, laughing maniacally.

    “Wait you moron! Don’t you see what else is going on?” Edvard-right snickered. “When I say we scored the big time, I mean we scored the big time. Those kids from that Kangaskhan are there. They ought to give us some refreshing flavours. We keep following this bunny, and she’s sure to lead us to all sorts of gold!”

    “Heh heh, yeah! Tasty, edible gold!” Edvard-left laughed with him.

    “I’m sorry, guys. He found me during fieldwork again, and I had no choice but to run. But he kept chasing me, and I lured him here,” Azu huffed, furiously fighting her way to her feet. She revealed her weapon, a lengthy staff that was just about taller than she was. Both sides of the staff had large ends, giving the staff the shape of a giant metal cotton bud. “So tired, though.”

    “Then don’t worry about him. Leave it to us,” Lucca assured, standing on his tail to draw his swords. “This guy’s caused enough trouble as it is, being a wanted Bestia thief and all that.”

    “We’re going to fight him?” Crystal squeaked, readying her new weapon anyway.

    “You’ve got that new sword, right? Time to put it to good use,” Megan said cockily, flaring her back. “Not like he stands a chance against the lot of us, anyway. We’re the Shining Warriors now! We can’t possibly lose.”

    “Oh, not planning on running, this time?” Edvard-right laughed.

    “I can’t let you fight him. This is my fault, and he’s more formidable than you think,” Azu warned, still breathing heavily.

    “Well, so am I. And either way, I’m not letting you fight someone so dangerous in that condition,” Lucca replied, leaning forward.

    “Lucca, I can-” Azu gasped, silencing when the Brionne rushed off, ignoring her.

    Lucca cried out in increasing volume with his approach, leaping forward to slash at Edvard’s hide. Both heads gave cocky smiles as he approached, leaning back in unsynchronised preparation. The left head snapped forward first, stopping Lucca in place perfectly by locking its jaws onto Lucca’s sword.

    “What the?” Lucca whispered, reacting with another slash using his free hand. The right head moved this time, once again locking its jaws onto Lucca’s weapon right before getting hit. Now that he was uncomfortably close to the dragon, his heart raced, and he gave a desperate cry as he flipped backwards with all his might. Lucca’s tail whacked the right head hard enough to loosen its grip, letting him yank his other sword free. Lucca couldn’t quite run away from the predicament however, immediately getting headbutted by the right head.

    Both of Edvard’s heads laughed crazily, giving chase to Lucca’s tumbling body. Crystal and Megan gasped out loud, whilst Azu actually responded by forcing herself to approach. She didn’t attack right away however, shoving her staff in the way of Lucca to defend them both from attack. To her dismay, Edvard-right chomped onto her staff to lock her in place, whilst the left head leaned in and bit right into her side, the moment occurring so fast that she didn’t have time to react.

    When she did react however, she pulled herself away with more force than she wished she did, causing a disturbing chunk of flesh to rip straight from her side. Azu let out a violent screech whilst Crystal and Megan shielded their faces, disgusted by the gory sight presented before them.

    “Azu!” Lucca shrieked once he heard her scream. Mimia was ten steps ahead of him by the time he got up, flailing his front feet around to knock Edvard’s two heads about. His attacks weren’t doing much more than riling up the dragon however, making it come out with curses and growls of annoyance. Mimia eventually leapt back, avoiding getting stomped on.

    “His hide is tough. He’s actually more than a feral fighter,” Lucca growled.

    “Azu, are you okay?” Crystal squeaked, trying to help the poor Azumarill limp over to safety. She was still awake, but was wailing weakly as she fought for consciousness. Azu’s wound was too big to take her eyes off of, let alone want to touch. She had never seen such a deep wound in her life, nor had she ever imagined that so much blood could have stained the floor from such a wound. Just Azu’s pathetic limp to safety had left a trail of the substance. Even though Crystal was somewhat helping by pulling Azu out of the battle, she could feel her body going cold, her eyesight and mind going hazy. She felt sick, like she was spiralling into a nightmare she couldn’t escape from.

    “P-put her down!” Shelly ordered, almost pushing Crystal out of the way. He forcefully pushed his scalchop over Azu’s body and began to recite words quickly, words that sounded like he was casting a spell of some sort. Seconds later, his scalchop began to glow brightly, letting out a shower of glitter that poured all over Azu, mostly over that open wound.

    “Wait, what the heck is this? Her wound is disappearing?” Megan gasped in disbelief, leaning backwards. Edvard’s heads roaring together took their attention away before Shelly could answer. Lucca and Mimia hadn’t stopped fighting him, and now were a few paces away from him.

    “Curse you feisty little kids! Love puttin’ up a fight with your fancy weapons, don’t ya?” Edvard-right rambled. Both heads were visually unharmed, but were out of breath. “Why can’t you just know your little place and be food for us?”

    “Shall we see? Shall we see if they can handle it?” Edvard-left sung excitedly.

    “Yeah! I don’t give a damn anymore. We’ll smoke ‘em all and have ourselves a BBQ!” Edvard-right roared with crazy laughter.

    “Aw yeah! Told you your plan stinks. And even if we miss,” Edvard-left snickered.

    “Wait, is he going to-” Lucca huffed, realising too late. His sentence didn’t need to be finished as both Zweilous’ heads began charging up a Dragon Pulse attack, evident by the huge orbs of swirling blue energy forming in their gaping mouths.

    “You’ve got to stop them, Azu still needs healing!” Shelly warned, glancing up from his magical efforts. He was still using his move over her, so Crystal and Megan moved to stand guard over them both.

    “Not this time. I can stop him,” Megan said, flaring her back. She opened her eyes and stared down the oncoming attack to focus.

    “Wait but Megan, we’re still in the village,” Crystal cried, bringing her attention to the surrounding villagers. Many of them had fled from the conflict, but there were still a noticeable amount watching from a safe distance. Megan gave them a glance before passing them off, standing on her hind legs.

    “Nuts to them! This is more important,” she cried, breathing in deeply. Lucca and Mimia realised what she was doing and made room, but were clearly flustered about the predicament.

    “Eat this!” Edvard-right shouted, roaring at the top of his voice. Both heads fired at separate times, but their attacks combined into a large, blue stream of storming energy. Megan gave an anxious cry as she forced herself to exhale her Flamethrower, letting out her own stream of fire that paled in comparison to the dragon type’s.

    Everyone had to shield themselves as the two Pokémon attacks collided, their point of impact releasing a powerful pulse across the battle that pushed all the combatants backwards. To Crystal’s surprise, Megan’s fire was competing with Edvard’s Dragon Pulse, keeping both Pokémon at a stalemate. However, any hope that Megan could have won the clash was short lived as the Flamethrower suddenly dwindled, letting the Dragon Pulse stream right over to their side of the battle.

    “Megan!” Crystal cried in horror, running behind her sister. Megan refused to give in, even though she could see more than anyone that her attack was getting swallowed whole by the dragon type’s might. Despite her refusal to give up, nothing went her way, and she was soon screaming at the top of her voice as the Dragon Pulse crashed right into her, dragging her relentlessly across the ground. Crystal did her best to help take the brunt of the attack, but immediately regretted even stepping in its line of fire.

    The moment Megan and the Dragon Pulse hit her, all she could feel around her was intense burning and heavy wind that whipped away all coherent thought. She couldn’t feel or hear anything other than that of her unbearable pain, like her whole body was getting cooked alive, feather by feather getting burnt away to nothing in this intense storm of blinding energy. Before she knew it, the attack exploded upon impact with something.

    Surprisingly enough, Crystal found herself just about maintaining her balance. The ordeal left her leaned forward on one wing however, her new sword discarded to her side and one eye closed due to irritation. Her body stung all over from lingering burns, and all that was left from her sight was deep, black smoke on all sides. Of all the things to hear from the aftermath of this kind of attack however, a familiar scream enticed her to stay awake at all costs. Someone male was screaming even worse than Azu was earlier, keeping her heart on the edge of her chest and her fears active.

    Yet still, the realisation managed to frighten her on many more levels than this battle had done so far. Edvard’s heads were the ones screaming at a deafening volume, their tones spelling of torturous agony. Crystal shivered as she squinted to find out why, finding one of Lucca’s swords poking right through the Zweilous’ front.

    “What?” Crystal whispered, her eyes widening. She cringed violently when Lucca’s second sword joined the first, piercing right through Edvard’s back and through to his front. The heads let out yet another antagonizing scream, a helpless wail for relief of the indescribable pain that coursed through their shared body.

    Lucca was behind them, a cold stare plastered on his face as finished off his already perishing foe. With a loud growl of effort, he pulled upwards on both swords, pulling them free by slicing Edvard cleanly in half. The dragon’s cries came to a startling halt when Lucca’s swords became free, and his body lay motionless in two, gory halves.

    “H-h-he- L-Lucca k-killed him,” Crystal whispered, unable to take her eyes off the scenario.

    “Lucca?” Megan cried, getting the Brionne’s attention. He didn’t even look like he had registered what he had done until he looked around him at the array of frightened villagers staring at him. He slowly scanned them all with an open mouth, especially hurt when he recognised the innkeeper and his child amongst the crowd, the young Roselia in particular being frightened enough to cry out loud.

    He dared to look down in guilt, gasping at the real horror of the moment – Edvard’s Dragon Pulse. The attack had drained the Bestia from the area it seemed, as colour drained from the world around them as time went by. The fields the village was built upon transformed into a stone grey right before his eyes, taking even what little colour the buildings had. In half a minute, the whole village looked like it had been modelled after clay, as if all of the natural resources used to build it had died alongside the criminal dragon type.

    “Well, what do you want? We did what we could, and we stopped him!” Megan shouted, snapping Lucca back to reality. She’d made her way beside him and was shouting at the crowd around them, furious. “That Edvard was a criminal that Pokémon were having trouble with. And we stopped him! What about it?”

    “Megan,” Lucca mumbled. The way she looked now, her fury was earnest, like she was actually angry at the Pokémon for staring at them so. But their fears of them were justified, and he knew that. “Megan, that’s enough. I appreciate it.”


    “No seriously, it’s fine,” he said, gulping. He finally stepped out of the gory mess that was Edvard’s body, his heart taking a fatal hit when the crowd shifted back with him. They were absolutely terrified of him right now. “We’ll leave.”

    “Damn right you will you blasted demons!” Roserade shouted back, shaking with anger.

    “What? Wait, but this isn’t our fault!” Megan cried.

    “I freaking told you about this! Now look what you’ve done!” Roserade shouted back, shaking his head. He sounded even angrier than Megan, making her go quiet. “We can’t live here anymore. You ruined our home! Our lives, everything!”

    We didn’t ruin your home, Edvard did! And he’d have-”

    “Megan, that’s enough,” Lucca raised his voice, tapping the back of her head.

    “But Lucca-”

    “It’s okay. We have to leave, now,” he stated. She was about to object again, but the tone of his voice, combined with the way he violently tilted his head up told her everything. He was on the verge of crying, but held it back like any respectable adult she knew would. Assuming that was the case, she growled and tightened her gaze, slowly following after him. Neither of them looked back at the terrified crowd behind them as they left.

    “She’s healed,” Megan said in surprise, finding Azu stood up and well next to Shelly and Crystal. The water types didn’t reply, all following Lucca and Mimia once they passed. Except for Crystal that is, who still couldn’t take her eyes off Edvard’s bloody remains.

    “Crystal? C’mon,” Megan said. It took a tap on the back to snap her back to reality.

    “S-sure,” Crystal said dryly, still staring at Edvard as she retrieved her sword and limped after her friends.
  13. Ambyssin

    Ambyssin Definitely a winter

    Hiya. Full disclosure, I decided to take a look at this for the ongoing game this month. I... can't necessarily commit to reading this entire thing because I follow too many fics already but I can at least power through the first chapter and see what I think.

    Let's just start off with the synopsis which makes me think a bit of Jak II and 3, oddly enough. The description brought that world's eco to mind. Probably a coincidence.

    This being the first chapter and your story taking place in an original world, you had a big challenge ahead of you. This chapter needed to pull me in as a reader and also show off the foundations of this world so I could get invested in it. After reading the first chapter, I've got what I think is a basic understanding of what's going on here: Lucca's being trained to go to this Planet Heroica and retrieve an energy source needed to sustain life on his current planet. It's a lot of the other things surrounding it that wound up baffling me and made this a head-scratching read. I'll get to that in a bit.

    First I want to say that things are structured pretty well and I can certainly follow the narrative. There were a few mechanistic things that gave me pause, however. The best way I can phrase it is that the first chapter's prose is redundant in some place, while trying a bit too hard not to be redundant in places where it shouldn't. So, generally your sentences and paragraphs have some examples of points where redundant wording makes the prose trip over itself a bit. You have a tendency to start a lot of sentences with 'He,' sometimes three or four sentences in a row. And that can make it a bit tiresome read. Some other examples I spotted:
    Only one struggle is necessary here.
    The 'at a surprisingly loud volume' is unnecessary.

    As for the 'avoiding redundancy in places you don't need it,' that really comes down to your dialogue attributions. I don't think I counted a single use of 'said' once in that chapter, despite all the dialogue. I control+F'd it and everything, just to be sure. Egregiously using synonyms for 'said' is one of the cardinal sins of fic writing and is something I was guilty of until several months back, when someone pointed it out to me. Now I guess you could say I've become hyperaware of how much it bogs down the narration. It is okay to use 'said' repeatedly... it actually works to your advantage because you can save words like 'exclaimed' to heavily emphasize a particular line of dialogue and make it stand out. I bring it up because it also led to some improper dialogue attributions, like this:
    'Ignoring him again,' is not a speaking action, so the dialogue needs a full stop. Alternatively, you could go with "Primarina said, ignoring him again." Then you could keep the comma.

    So, that brings me to the actual plot/content. It's... a very odd juxtaposition of sci-fi and high fantasy. I say that because the Ultra Beasts are 'mons that have a very sci-fi feel to everything about them and it's clearly stated multiple times that Lucca's village is only populated by Poipole and the appearance of the feral 'mons is taken as a huge surprise... as if Pokémon apparently don't live on Reverie. And yet, you have Lucca, his dad, and their advisor. Under normal circumstances, this would get me interested in figuring out the lore behind exactly how this all came to happen... but I got hung up on the sword. A very human weapon... in the flippers of a Popplio. This was a huge snag for me, because my willful suspension of disbelief couldn't buy that. This was something that sorely needed an explanation for how it was happening – and maybe it does get one in later chapters – and needed it ASAP. It's not described as having any modifications that would let a Popplio or Primarina handle it. And there's no mention of how the 'mons of these worlds learned to forge weapons like these. I get they need an alternative to using their moves, but it kind of felt like a square peg/round hole solution, if you catch my drift. I admit I'm probably being very literal-minded here, but I had to point it out, because I think I'm not the only reader who might've paused as soon as the sword appeared. And folks may have passed up on this story as a result of that mechanic seeming so bizarre and out of place in a Pokémon-centric fic.

    Hopefully that makes sense. This was waaaay longer than I intended it to be. Let me know if you have any questions.

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