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He's Born! The Alolan League Winner! (1082)


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He's Born! The Alolan League Winner!

The battle to become Alola League champion is on. With both sides having lost their Legendary/Mythical Pokémon, Ash was stunned to see that the Lycanroc he was battling was actually a Zoroark. With Ash & Gladion both said to have a similar skill level, the battle rages on with a climatic finish of Lycanroc VS Lycanroc. Will Ash be able to break through and win against Gladion, winning a Pokémon League for the first time?

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I won't be able to watch this live, but I do hope the 2nd half of the battle finishes strong.


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Cheer for Ash, everyone! Give him your strength. The boy does deserve to win it, finally after 22 years of wait and despair of losses.

*I'll be fine with either result though :)*


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I don't want to see anyone tweeting death threats or harassing the staff on social media, regardless of the outcome. None of them deserve that.
Larry: I know I press on lads and lasses to get me gold that they obviously stole from but even I wouldn’t go this far.

Buznut: Hey hey hey! I’m here for the show!

Hel: I’ll be on guard for...potential recruits...

Rodney Long: Dude this league has kicked ass thus far and I can watch this in Japan while eating delicious mochi balls!

Oh right these guys are here because they were curious. I like staying up for events like this to see reactions, cheers, and the french fries!


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Gladion about to launch the Z-move!!!