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He's Born! The Alolan League Winner! (1082)


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As I've stated before, I might not be a huge fan of Pokémon Sun and Moon, but I was always in the business of seeing Ash win the League no matter what kind it's going to be. He has already proven himself to be worthy back in the Kalos region 3 years ago. Yet so many people didn't looked at his character or skills; they just looked at his results in a zero-sum fashion. Thus, in their books, Ash was still a loser. And that made me quite furious.

Then there are the people who said that "If Ash wins the Pokémon League, the show will be over" because apparently "League Champion = Pokémon Master." I've done so many posts explaining again and again why this is not true, that it was a fan misconception, and that Ash himself never considered the League Championship to be the end. And yet, it seemed nothing had changed.

As a result, I wanted Ash to win the Alola League. Not so much because I want Ash to finally win but because I want him to prove something about the League that nobody really got back then. That the League is not the end. That Ash will still continue his adventure even if he becomes Champion. And that he should not be denied victory to maintain status quo. This League was perfect. It was still the biggest moment for Ash's life and yet still not big enough for the show runners to simply say "Okay, time to retire Ash."

Because really, would a Pokémon Master ever consider retirement so soon?
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Sigh. So much positivity here. I guess the blind fans will do anything to defend pokemon.

How did we see Ash win the Alola League if we are blind?


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Because really, would a Pokémon Master ever consider retirement so soon?
He could retire and go on vacation to a tropical region, maybe participate in some activities like a Pokémon School and join the first league in the region for fun


From giving Pidgeotto the shaft in Indigo, all the way to countering a.. Counter.. I've seen just about everything. So while I'm not satisfied with the League or happy about the shift away from battles to a "SoL" thing, I CAN be happy that Ash finally won a regional. We'll see how Guzzlord 1&2: Electric Boogaloo and the Kukui battle goes before I pass more judgement.

Congrats Ashy boy~


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Royal Mask is stacked , from the preview it seems he has a shiny Guzzlord. Ash is likely going to get obliterated. Melmetal as terrible as it did is likely the only who stands a chance of beating it.
pikachu vs lucario also seems destined again


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I mean there's never been a "good" conclusion to a league because Ash always lost, but the last three before this one were particularly insulting. In DP they moved away from the league-only rival formula by adding... a league-only Action Replay abuser who never showed up again, which is probably even worse than what they did before. Then in BW he actually regressed, only finishing top 8 and losing in a 6-on-5 battle. Awful. In XY they bait-and-switched us hardcore and it was a really gross FU to the viewers and fans - and him winning here is proof of that. It was their attempt to placate the fanbase after not reading the room while writing the Kalos league, not expecting the vehement reaction. The post-Kalos outrage worked, which is one in the eye for people who attempted to justify what happened there.

So after 3 consecutive leagues of being badly stung by bad writing and genuine, outright insults to the fans, I don't care about the art style or the quality of the trainers in this league. He won and it is magnificent. The writers gave the people what they wanted, rather than stringing them along endlessly.


NEXT TIME: Sayonara, Satoshi..
Now, I'm impressed how the battle was tense and wasn't at the same time
Ash and Gladion literally laughed during the battle, but the battle between Lycanrocs was brutal
The strong two blows Dusk took near the end and how he fell to the floor made me believe the trophy scene was a troll, something I didn't consider even once before the episode. If I wasn't spoiled, I would think Ash would lose there.
I mean look at that

You can even imagine Dusk with swirly eyes right after this frame


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So this episode is about the remaining pair of Pokemons from both Ash & Gladion, along with the winner and Guzzlord's reappearence and its "evil and wants to destroy everything" face. Anyways...

Zoroark vs Pikachu: This ends as a tie but for its lore related to Gladion, I do think its spotlights got wasted. Zoroark managed to do its Z-move trying to trap and damage Pikachu with its shadow hands, but Pikachu use its Z-moves to outrun all these hands and eventually hits Zoroark while all the hands are closing in towards Pikachu, hence the Double KOs.

Midnight vs Dusk Lycanrocs: I predicted that the Ash's one would win because of its payback of its previous battle losses between them. However, I do think it got alot of plot armor, especially with amount of hits it's taking. And the whole battle wasn't so impressive choreographic-wise. There's alot of Stone Edge and bite spammings.

The winner is... Ash! While I'm surprised that he won the Pokemon League, just like Misty & Brock cameos, it doesn't really make me to change my mind about him. My main criticism is mostly about how he stole the spotlights compared to the companions/classmates while they only have one series to shine, than how he's an "eternal loser", in which isn't true because he did win the Orange League & Battle Frontier ones. So I would most likely disappointed if he appears again in the next series, still hogging the spotlights by a huge margin, even though we don't know much about the new series until a few weeks later at this time of writing.

And it seems that Bewear is angry towards TRio seems, seeing that destroyed Robo-Oranguru, even though we don't see it onscreen. I thought Bewear would make an emotional farewell to TRio for leaving the Alola region just like Ash, but who knows.

Anyways, it's a good episode. And the Pokemon who won the League isn't the powerhouse of the team in which is more of a good thing to me. I also watched this on YouTube and seeing the 100% like ratio, I can confirm that the fanbase is mostly positive about Ash winning the league.