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Hetalia Club

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I'm tired
NORWAY HAS RETURNED! (Sorry. My Interenet conked out for a bit)

I have no idea/don't remember whether this was done already, but Chibitalia vs Chibi Romano vs Holy Rome vs Chibi America vs Chibirisu

Who's you're favorite?

Mine is a tie between Chibi Romano & Chibirisu followed by Chibi America

Welcome back, Norway (No "Onii-chan" from Iceland /bricked)

This is difficult... I'll go with Holy Rome and Chibirisu.


Just keep walking..
Well I'm learning about the Holy Land, Holy Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, and countries in North America and South America. I can't help but laugh during class now xD

Watching American Dad and one of the characters was like; "Your like America, the guy!" /shot


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I'm just gonna sneak in here and give us a new topic. *Sneak Sneak*

Let's pretend you ate a magical ice cream cone that transports you to the world of Hetalia. Everyone in the world of Hetalia is completely unaware of the fact that they are fictional characters and that they have a subreddit on reddit.com. So what would you do in the world of Hetalia...?

Btw, remember this isn't the Pokemon world, so some of the laws of physics do apply, but not all of them.
What I would do in the Hetalia world... Become best buds with America, Britain and Japan and start WW3: The entire world against France. What? I'm British :p (Note: English-Irish actually, but still... DX ) I would also take over the world :p


it's about the CUBES
In the world of Hetalia? Hmmmm.... I would... uh... eat some more ice cream, and join OokamiTheUmbreon01 in demolishing France. And then cower and pray no one attacks Germany. And then if someone does, I'll plead with some other country to help us.


Think They Saw Us?
YAYY:DD just found out I was accepted^^; i'm not slow i swear *shot*
xD and sorry i didn't fill out le form >.<;

Uhm.. so for deciding my country... since Russia was taken, it means i can't be him? *shuddershudder* I guess.... it means i must be my greatest fear >>>.<<<; *le gulp*

'cn'i be belarus?


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