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Hey guys, rusty veteran here.

Umbreon Bob

Active Member
So a little about me:

Been playing since I got my blue version ages ago. Owned RBY, GSC, Sapphire, emerald, Firered, Soul silver, White, Diamond, Platinum.

Currently I own Soul Silver, White and Diamond and I am looking at tracking down black, black 2 and white 2 and potentially another Platinum game.

I will be 20 this summer and I live in the middle of the Atlantic ocean on a small rock. I am currently playing through soul silver after I picked up a new 3DS (which is awesome btw) and I am looking forward to getting X and Y.

Favourite Pokemon would be Lugia, Umbreon, Heracross, Piplup, Turtwig, Aron and Beldum. Naturally I love the starter pokemon as well.

Not much more to say really. Any questions then by all means ask. In the end I am just hoping to make some buddies :)

Master Leo

The Dark Side
Nice to meet you and welcome to SPPF.

Its always good to see another Umbreon fan :)


★☆Shiny Hunting☆★
Well, welcome to serebii forums! Wait, you live in the middle of the Atlantic ocean on a small rock? That's pretty cool, but what do you do there? Anyway, feel free to pm me if you need help, and surely a lot of people would like to be your friend.
EDIT: Wow so many eeveelutions XD

Umbreon Bob

Active Member
So on this little rock I work at a gaming company and thus I am quite the nerd. :)

Umbreon Bob

Active Member
Thank you :D. Pokemon really is big for our generation it seems :)