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HEY HEY HEY Hurricane Sandy, coming your way!

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Hurricane Sandy, nicknamed "Frankenstorm," headed to the United States East Coast early in the coming workweek. It is supposed to be one of the worst storms that area has had in 100 years. Not only is Hurricane Sandy coming, but it will be colliding with a separate snowstorm in some areas. The reasons it will be so deadly are because:

-Slow moving tropical storm, signs of the worst kinds of hurricanes
-Hitting an area not used to these storms
-Combining with dangerous snow storm
-Will be hitting at a full moon, meaning the tide is going to rise, causing massive flooding along beaches & rivers
-Fall leaves have not yet fallen off of the trees. The reason this is so bad is because snow will hit the leaves, freeze, and cause huge amounts of weight to be put upon branches that aren't sturdy. The combination of the high weight and hurricane-force winds is going to cause massive tree damage.
-Central Pressure of 960 millibars (as of time of post)
-Slow Moving storm
-800 Miles Wide
-Expected to cause massive power outages
-The storm is larger than several states along the East Coast combined. The fact that it moves so slowly is going to cause massive damage.
-8 ENTIRE states have declared states of emergency

Will this have an effect on you? (


I'm in Pennsylvania, so yeah, I'm expecting it to be pretty bad...
Last year's snow storm sucked, can only imagine this being worse. :/


Drummer Boy
Nothing but wind and rain in Florida :3 best of luck to everyone else though. Stay safe!


He needs a tissue :(
starts on monday here. hey who knows. may be an interesting day of school. Hope you guys stays safe! dont go outside. just dont. Hopefully it wont be as bad as they say. Only time will tell :/


Still Dirrty
Hey hey, news thread!
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