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Hey Hey XD

Discussion in 'SPPf Help & Newbie Lounge' started by BunnieRabbot91, Oct 28, 2008.

  1. BunnieRabbot91

    BunnieRabbot91 Live Without Warning

    Well, I'm Stacey.
    I'm a 17 year old college student who's studying Media. I've been into the Pokémon game series since I had Pokémon blue.
    I've been checking out this forum for a while and I decided to sign up a few minutes ago.

    As I said before I've been pretty obessed with Pokémon since I first had a copy of Pokémon blue and I still watch the anime and play the games to this very day- Although I stopped collecting the cards years ago because they kept getting stolen and I need the money for tapes for my courseXD- I'm also addicted to Sonic the Hedgehog and many other video games.

    As pathetic as this sounds music and video games make up a big part of my day XD. I'll pretty much listen to any type of music and play any video game if it has a good rating. I'm not a recluse if thats what your starting to think XD.
    I'm also addicted to Dragon Ball Z and School Days.

    And I'm going to stop there because I can never introduce myself properly.
    I'm just glad I found this place it seems like fun XD
  2. RayRay

    RayRay asillywonderfulman

    Hey, Welcome to the Serebii Forums! Hope you have fun here, check out the threads and read the rules :)
  3. treespyro

    treespyro Vintage much?

    Wow DBZ lover and a Media student, Cool as I am an Architecture Student but I am interested in Media

    Have fun, Follow rules and see you around
  4. Amaranth

    Amaranth Swag

    Hello, i hope you enjoy your time here at Serebii.
  5. Hi Stacey!

    I hope you have fun here. And don't worry, a large proportion of this forum is addicted to video games too. :)

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