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Hey, how much will you play for a soul?


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This isn't a troll thread, bear with me.

Basically, what is the value of a human being? How drastic should someone go to preserve/extend either their life or the life of someone else?

I mean, humans are all (in theory) equal and every belief system worthy of mention attaches value to a human life, but it takes only 9 months to make a new human and when you die, chances are you'll be forgotten within a few generations.

So, how much money/resources/time is too much in saving a person's life or prolonging it? Is there even a limit to the effort of saving of a life and if there is a limit, what is the justification?


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I would give my life to save the life of someone close to me. However, there's only a handful of people ... maybe 5 ... that I would do that for.

I doubt I would do it for anyone else, and unless it was a small task/price, I don't see myself doing anything to save a strangers life. (Yes, I can be a good Samaritan, but it seems like this thread is about extreme measures)


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I'm not sure I understand the question, but here goes:

In my opinion, it depends.

I don't think all humans value, to be honest.

A scientist on the verge of a medical breakthrough that would save millions of lives is surely worth more than the lazy bum across the street who begs for money and abuses others' generosity to feed his alcoholic habits.

Bit of an extreme comparison, but that's my point. Your value depends on what you can and what you have or will contribute to society.

Some people are not worth saving, to be honest. The lazy, the corrupt, the greedy all don't deserve to be saved unless they prove otherwise.


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62 cents.

I haz debated.

(In all seriousness, I do not believe human life can really have a set value at all, as it is the most important thing [for the lack of a better term] on this Earth.)


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I cost billions of dollars in medical equipment to keep alive.

As a handicapped person, logically I'm a liability, except when caretakers are paid bonuses to take care of me - then I become an asset for them because the government covers the cost. But if it weren't for my personhood the worth of my survival would be baffling.


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I dont really know. I dont think human life has a set value. I have to take medicines that cast money to produce to stay alive too, but that dosent make me worthless because im also smart and can do many things.


Why'd you say in theory?
And human life base no value we destroy the earth. And there are too many of us already.
Although for 5 maybe 6 people I would give my life to save theirs.


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If the world was going to be destroyed and the only way to save the entire planet was to kill one man, I'd probably kill him. I depends on what is at stake. If a murderer was being executed, then he deserves to die but if it's an innocent person who was being killed for without a good cause (it has to be a really good cause) then they should be saved.

Mankanshoku Mako

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Depends on whos soul. If it's the soul of one of my close friends i'll lay down the dollars, but if it belongs to some random dude working at walmart i'm not interested making a transaction.

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depends. if their soul was just sitting in a jar, i woudnt want to. BUT, if i could use their soul and take said persons talents (i.e. drawing, athletics, intelligenge, etc.), then yes i totally would.


to tell you the truth i would give my soul for some people others i would gladly let slip off that really high building but i wouldnt save myself if i could save others


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If to save one person, then yes, I would give my soul to them. But it would have to be someone extremely important to me.

To save a group of people, no. One soul equals one soul. Nothing more, nothing less. It would be arrogant to assume that my life has more value than everyone else in the world. Not to mention that I doubt I would even care about a bunch of strangers.
You're born alone, you'll die alone. It'll be selfish of someone to ALLOW someone else to give their life for them. Each life is equal and no life should be given to save another.


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For fools, not even one cent.
For real hard workers and close guys, a million, bajillion, gazillion pounds!
Someone says: Who the hell was your math teacher!?