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Hey Mush, Are You Going to Sleep in the Morelull Forest Too? (972)


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Hey Mush, Are You Going to Sleep in the Morelull Forest Too?

Ash & co. have decided to go camping in the nearby forest. However, soon after they get there, they find themselves collapsing and sleeping a lot earlier than they expected. It turns out that a mysterious Pokémon, the Pokémon Morelull. Ash is intrigued and tries to befriend this Pokémon. Will he succeed?

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It would have been hilarious if Ash caught Morelull with the way they bonded in the episode.


Christ, I've not had that much fun watching Pokemon since forever xD

Great filler for me.


Thank you, Iris.
I loved this episode. So fun, the idea to befriend Morelull was perfectly in Ash's style. Loved the ED playing in the background too, and the evolution into Shiinotic was beautiful.

Very enjoyable atmosphere~


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Honestly, this was a nice episode if we're being fair. The Morelull the group ran into was trying to gather enough energy in order to evolve with her friends, which is why people are sometimes so drained of energy in the forest, thus making it haunted.

When Ash realized this, he went through the extra supply of food the group had to give Morelull enough energy to evolve.

The expressions in this episode were very fun to look at, too. I especially loved Lana's faces. I think they stopped after the first half, but it was fun while it lasted.


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It was an okay episode it looked good especially with the tree blooming but their wasn't any one moment I would call especially interesting though it wasn't boring, surprised by the ET reference though and how Ash befriended the Morelull reminds me of the Wimpod in episode 20 make me think he won't catch either of them. 5/10 Enjoyable episode but nothing that particularly wowed me besides how good the tree blooming looked.
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Aww, Vulpix getting jealous of Litten was cute lol. I like that Lillie is getting more comfortable with even interacting with pokemon, even if she can't touch them.


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it was alright, but i really liked the ending scene where all the morelull evolved into shiinotic, looked really beautiful. also the scene where ash connected his finger with shiinotic reminded me of E.T. lol.

also is this the first time someone actually uses repels in the anime?
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I really didn't think I'd end up loving the Morelull line after this episode but omg they're ADORABLE! Even shiinotic is much cuter in the anime, I love them so much :D Trying to suck the energy out of the clefairy doll just made me smile so much.

Charjabug being used by Sophocles for random things is VERY nice, don't want to see that thing shafted at all. I have big hopes for when it evolves!


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Cute episode, I know some were hoping Lillie might solve the problem, but I liked Ash helping Morelull in his own eccentric way.

Chargabug got some brief usage, we also got another very short glimpse of Pikachu vs Turtonator. Come on, show us a full match for once.

Is this the first time we see Repel being used in the anime? I admit it was odd Lillie's immunity because of this didn't really come into play that much, besides the gag of her not getting the benefits from Shiinotic afterwards. It looked like it was supposed to be a chekhov's gun. Oh well she'll get a moment next episode I suppose.

Out of curiosity, I haven't got a Shiinotic yet. What was the move it used to give everyone back energy? Moonlight? As cute as it would be for this one to come back to Ash, I almost want James to get one now for a Chimecho stand in.

(Oh and Ash put up a tent and it DIDN'T collapse. See he can do something non battle related. XD).
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I just watch the new episode and I have to say that it was realy good!!!
It had a little bit for everything!!!

I liked the scary story that Lana told about the forest and how everybody freaked out, I liked how relaxed they spend their time, how Ash befriend Morelull and its evolved form, such a nice and sweet Pokémon, I wish he had cautch it!!! The E.T moment between Ash and Shiinotic was nice!!! And I laugh very much with the things that Lillie had brough and we also learned that Morelull didn't affected her as the others because she had spayed herself with anti mosquitoe spray!!! And it stole their energy because it need it to evolve!!! And the other moment that I laughed the most was when Ash realized that Morelull needs energy and started eating so he/she can take it!!! Realy funny moment!!! But the best moment in the whole episode was the evolution!!! So emotional and sweet moment!!! Someone mentioned to me that is was like the episode from OS when Bullbasar was to evolve and indeed had a lot of similarities but still its own self!!! The last thing that I liked was that might the first form steel energy the second one retured it back to the nature!!! Realy good episode!!! I hope the keep it in that level!!!!

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This was an entertaining and pretty cute episode. :) It was a nice way to debut both Morelull and Shiinotic. I like the contrast between the two Pokémon. As a Morelull, it drains energy/life; but once it evolves into Shiinotic, it can replenish energy/life. The scene with all the Morelull evolving into Shiinotic and then making the tree bloom was pretty, and prettily animated.

So, the reason Lillie was unaffected by Morelull's energy drain was because of her Repel; Morelull couldn't touch her, and thus couldn't drain her energy. (If this is indeed the first time Repel has been used in the anime, then this was a nice way to show how it's used, and this was the perfect use for it.)

I was hoping Lillie would be the one to save the day, since she was the only one unaffected by Morelull, but I really like how Ash helped Morelull gather energy by letting it suck his energy, while continuously replenishing his energy with food, until Morelull had absorbed all the energy it needed. It was a very Ash-like thing to do, and it shows just how much he loves helping Pokémon, even if it means putting himself in harm's way (so to speak). (The way Lillie was so amazed by Ash's strategy was kind of cute. Meanwhile, Mallow was just...unimpressed. :p )

We did learn a little bit more about Lillie: She has never been camping before (hence she overpacked); and, if I understood her correctly, she can't sleep without her Clefairy doll. (Also, Nebby's bag!! :eek: )

The facial expressions in this episode were great, too. The prize goes to Lana, though.

Pocket Monster XY Series Director Yajima Tetsuo made a visual cameo in this episode. The animation supervisor was Oohashi Aito, the animation supervisor for XY & Z Episode #35.
Is that who that random dude was based off of? That's pretty cool, actually.


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If the Aether Foundation still plays a similar role in USM as compared to SM, I wonder if these Pokemon that Ash has befriended will end up captured by them.


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Now we'll see how the group of 6 (+ Rotomdex) will be like if they were traveling full time! :D

I just noticed while everyone is eating, the only one who isn't is Rotom, makes sense since he's a machine now and probably only needs to rest. It's a dialogue heavy episode but I guess because of Nemush's power, it makes them tired and their stomachs empty and once they got out of that daydream-ish like state, they go back to normal. Some parts made me laugh out loud like when Kiawe was sucked by Nemush (and only him lol). I guess the way Ash screamed made it for me and there was also Ash's method of not letting Nemush tire him out/suck out his energy by continuously eating to gain energy. :D Nemush is such a parasite. I enjoyed this episode, I liked how Lillie got away with not being effected by Nemush's power by spraying Repel all around her (something I do!) and how each character did their own thing while camping.
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So this was a pretty standard filler episode that Pokemon is known for. Nice reference to Lillie carrying repels in the games, and the Clefairy doll. Oh and seems like she didn't camp before, so she brought a lot of extra items and food items, which worked well in the end given what Ash did. And the last part of the blooming tree was quite nice to see.

Overall 4.5/10. Nothing too special, and a standard run of the mill filler episode. The good thing is that starting from next week the Akala arc is going to start, so things should be getting a lot more interesting.