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Hey SPP :)


My name is PokemonQueen and i have been a fan of pokemon since one year because i am a young girl. My friend who played pokemon since the first games were out she introduced me to my first game Pokemon Pearl. When i played the game i was like soo into it then after pearl i got Platinum and after that i am planning to get Pokemon Heart Gold. :D

Thanks for reading this,

PQ :)


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Hey Pokemon Queen! Hope you have a good time here!


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Hello random new person! XD

There's a queen of Pokemon? *kneels before her Majesty* So you've been playing since you were one?! That's a very early age to start! You must be good at it though ;) I'm getting HG to. It seems everyone else is getting SS. Don't know why *shrugs shoulders* Please read the rules and if you have any questions just PM/VM me.

I'll add you as a friend if you like :) Hopefully the first of many :)
Thank You all for the welcome ^^ I will read the rules this weekend because i got school homework all this week and I just made PokemonQueen up because i cant think of any name so if you all dont like to call the PokemonQueen you could call me Queen or PQ.
You see I have been playing pokemon since i was a little 9 year old girl now i am 10 and i love the games and the shows. :D


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well by staying active that means you'll be In the forums right? hi and welcome enjoy your stay


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Welcome, welcome!
i havn't been a member for too long, but i hope i can welcome you anyway! i hope you is having a great time here whit us people on serebii forums!

(you've been a member for a longer time than me, but i hope its okay that i says welcome to you too!)
Hello, Good Evening and Welcome! I'm kinda rubbish at this so i'll keep it short and sweet... Enjoy your time on the forums and i hope you get to make aload of friends. There's some really nice people on here plus some great clubs so i'm sure you'll find something.


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hola PQ! I am Toucan96! a-call me whenever you need someone to chat a-too![ or game advice, i'm good at that!]


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BynineB said:
You get a medal and a cyber-hug from Joe Serebii.
Hugs from Joe? Er, no thanks.

Anyway, welcome to the forums! Enjoy your time here, and I'm sure you'll fit right in!


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Hi PokemonQueen i think i have seen you on the chat...
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hola PQ! I am Toucan96! a-call me whenever you need someone to chat a-too![ or game advice, i'm good at that!]
dude i feel stupid i read ur sig pressed ctrl+w and ya but get it off or im reporting u but i still feel stupid XD sorry for double posting