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Hey there ^-^

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Hi how's it going? I'm Charming Charmander :) I've been a big Pokemon fan for a very long time, have been observing this site for years, and I decided to finally join :) I'm hoping to meet lots of new friends on here! I have autism spectrum disorder so I'm really shy and get nervous meeting new people :O Seeing a thread about how others here related their autism to Pokemon is what truly inspired me to join.

My favorite Pokemon include Charmander, Slowpoke, Flareon, Mew, Torchic and the Popplio line! I love cute ones :) My favorite generations are Gen 1-3. My favorite thing to do in Pokemon right now is collecting the trading cards. I'm also getting back into the games, right now I'm doing a playthrough of Platinum! I prefer playing Gens 2-5 than the more modern games. The anime is what got me into Pokemon, however the lack of true progress made in the show, the restart button after every region made me eventually grow tired of it.

So yeah this is my first post, hopefully some of you see it and we can get a conversation going. Feel free to instant message me!


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Welcome to the forum! :3 I am also a big fan of cuter pokemon, so i'd like to be your friend, too ^_^ Also I have autism as well.

EDIT: I'm glad you felt inspired by the thread I made :3 That makes me feel happy ^_^ Thank you~
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Hi everyone!
First got into pokemon when i was really young. My bro and I had gameboy colours (really miss that thing!) and had pokemon blue and yellow I think.
Now I'm well into Pokemon Go and loving the pokeraiding.
Nice to meet you all!
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