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HG/SS Slots/Game Corner in ALL English games changed


EDIT: New info as from serebii.net:
Finally, the final bit of information is in regards to the Game Corner. The Game Corner has changed in all regions outside of Japan. Instead of the slot machines, they have added a minigame called Voltorb Flip. This game is reminiscent of games such as minesweeper where you have to flip tiles and you get a variety of bonuses of multipliers (x1, x2 & x3). However, in addition to that, you may also find Voltorbs which are placed randomly in each set. You get shown how many Voltorbs are in each row and column and your task is to get the multipliers and not hit any Voltorb tiles. As you progress without hitting Voltorbs, the levels get harder, more Voltorb tiles appear and the higher coin multipliers become more abundant. If you keep hitting Voltorbs, you will end up back at the bottom level.
So the games everywhere outside Japan - not just Europe - has a different slot game instead of the old one. At least it's better than the way they did it for Europe's Platinum... Discuss, etc.

Original post below:

Oh yes they pushed it that far.A member of Pokecommunity Furanty contacted Nintendo about the slot machines. They have replied subtly that the games are not released so game content is not known. But due to the EU legislations the slots will be out.
What makes me happy though is that they at least recognize the games. Which is suprising cause they usually don't.
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Oh well. IMPORT!

I'm hoping they don't bring out any non-region free main games, though.

I suppose it's unrealistic to just change the rating to 7+, seeing as no 6 year old I know can read well enough to play. I guess parents will be put off by the small square at the back of the box that nobody really looks at that insinuates that anyone who plays this game will become addicted to gambling.
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Witch of 'Cos

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Aww man. Too bad I'm in little ol' NZ.

Anyway, I think that it is pathetic that they are taking the slots out of the games. Sure they have mild gambling references, but so do most chance based games that come out these days.


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I don't get this. They're removing the gambling stuff, but not all the breeding nor all the animal battles? That's even worse for kids, in my opinion. :/


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I have always hated those slot machines anyway. So, yes, I am hoping they would make an easier alterantive method of getting those expensive TMs.

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meh, at least that was a better answer than what I got (you can still get coins from the machines). I'm not too annoyed tbh, but I somehow knew it had to do with European legislation.
In fact, I've found you can find quite a lot of coins in the machines, about 50 each day for me.


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I don't see what's so terrible. The slot machines suck. It's much easier and less time-consuming to just buy the coins from the counter. So, basically, I don't care.
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Yoru Ryu

I imported and have never looked into these machines that replaced the slots in European Platinum. Does it limit you to how many coins you can find in a day or something? Did they lower the required price for prizes?

I quite enjoy the Game Corner and spend a lot of time in there to listen to the awesome music and can usually rack up enough coins to buy the Ice Beam/Thunderbolt TMs in one sitting.

Still, it's not surprising they finally did it. I'm more surprised it took then ten years.


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Does it limit you to how many coins you can find in a day or something? Did they lower the required price for prizes?

Yes and no, respectively.

You can usually get between 50 and 150 coins a day, which is clearly much less than you can win from the slots.


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Ffft, this is pretty daft IMO. As long as they put in an alternative method for getting Game Corner prizes, rather than having us scrounge for months on end to get the really expensive prizes. I hate wasting in-game money buying Game Corner coins when I don't have to... :/

The Flash

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I'm in the states but that is really kinda dumb. I think your more likely to get addicted to pokemon overall than the gambling corner. I hate the slots because i suck at it. I always have a lot of extra cash so i just buy the coins needed. Its rough, but it works. I have been able to get lucky though and hit 300 coins like 7 times in a row. Don't know how that happened.


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This is plainly stupid, so, Nintendo of Europe, you won't get any of my money. So that keeps me with either importing or M3'ing.


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That man has guts, anyways. Hopefully the AU ones have slot machines. EU is kinda crap, I reckon now that they've done this, all gambling games might be banned in EU or something but this is very unfair.


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Australia got the slots in Platinum, so we should get them in HG/SS. It's rated PG (equivalent to E10+) over here, for some reason.

Captain Noob

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I know that they got rid of the Slots in platinum. But haven't they still got the scratch cards in the battle frontier? I have platinum but am at spear pillar so I cannot confirm this.

Uh-huh, the scratchcards still exist, which, quite frankly, I think are worse than the slots in terms of the gambling risk involved...

Scratchcards are gambling -> chance. The slots are -> game!

I don't mind that they've been removed because to be honest, we didn't need gambling slots in a Pokémon game anyway. Just, as long as us Europeans get a viable alternative...if the other versions of HG/SS still have the slots, they'll still have to contain it in the EU version of the game as another "Game Corner" with Game Machines or something; another totally dumbed down version. We're not gonna get a totally new building or set-up...but please no coin scratting! It's classed as vandalism - what next? The Department Store may as well sell all the TMs for overextortionate prices. And the list goes on.

Also, @ ungulateman: Odd. That's most likely 'cause of the slots, cos the EU version is 3+. Not so much as a "violence" icon or anything either when other games get one.


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why would they do this? they know poeple who want the slots will just import the games from the US anyway...