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HG/SS Slots/Game Corner in ALL English games changed


Voltorb Flip is so much better than the slots.

There, I said it.


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I hate the Voltorb game because your coins are taken when you lose. At least let us keep them... no way I'm going to spend ages playing just to get 10 or so games each round, lol.


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I think it's really hard to get more coins in this new and improvised game corner... Me, I only last until lvl. 2, hehehe :)


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i really hate the new game corner :( i dont have nearly enough patience to get more than five coins and the old tradition of ditching it and just buying tms is gone!


Forever now
I'm one of those who hate the voltorb Flip. Never like Mine Sweeper anyway.
They shouldn't have changed anything. The slots are classic. Part of pokemon game trademarks like 3 starters.

I mean, the room itself now is so boring. Might as well they bring on chess game.
Playing flip with an old man? What's the logic of that? <_<


Beck is my boy'
i like it. its easier to get coins imo.. and its more of a thinking game.. im a fan.

its easy as hell to get the enough coins for the certain pokemon/items.

and you can do the cheap way.. get 5+ coins, leave.. do it again, and so on and so on.
I got up to level 4 today, im finding it easier than the slot machines. Although i do prefer just buying the coins instead of playing for them.


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I've gotten up to level 7 (earned something over 600 coins on that one round i belive). Whats your records?


I'm one of those who hate the voltorb Flip. Never like Mine Sweeper anyway.

They shouldn't have changed anything.

Playing flip with an old man? What's the logic of that? <_<
1. The game is nothing like minesweeper.

2. It's not really their fault. Unintelligent people complained and thought it'd influence their children.. I wouldn't expect you to understand why though, because if you're old enough to be on a forum, you should be old enough to not be influenced by a videogame slot machine.

3. The game itself is a game of logic. Flip all the lines with 0 voltorbs, put a dot on every card that is on a line where the number of voltorbs and number total equal 5 (e.g. 2 voltorb + 3), and then go from there. You definitely need to think and use logic to play this.


The Pokémon Trainer
The highest level I got was 7. Lost on that one, though. I have about 9000 coins and saving up for a Porygon.

I love Voltorb Flip. Never really liked the Slot Machines (loved the GSC card flip game) and just bought the coins. Where's the fun in that?
Voltorb Flip is easy to play, fun and challeging at the same time. You have to think before you act to win a lot of coins.
And sometimes it's better to skip a level (make sure you flip some cards before you quit, though. The level you drop back to equals the amount of cards you flipped before you quit or turn over a voltorb)
I hate the Voltorb game because your coins are taken when you lose.
No they aren't, it's impossible to lose coins on voltorb flip.

When you lose, you only lose the coins you never really had in the first place. You get coins when the round is over, or when you quit early.

Also, does anyone know how to get to Level 8? I've been to (and repeated) Level 7 numerous times, but it just makes me play Level 7 again when I win or quit. I've been to level 8 once before, but the only info I can find on this subject is that apparently you jump to it after level 4 or something, but the one time I've been to Level 8, I wasn't really paying attentions to the conditions I won under.
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For those who have a lot of trouble with Voltorb Flip and really need the coins, I believe there's a computer program that can help you with it.


I stumbled across this neat little website:

What it does is it calculates your chances on your Voltorb Flip game, and as you uncover multipliers, it updates the board, suggesting what spaces you uncover next.
It seems pretty good, and relieves me that I might be able to cheat around the very annoying fact that I can't buy coins. It's basically a logic cheat sheet.
Obviously, it can't guarantee win because there's still an element of luck involved, but it's a very unburdening idea considering how much Voltorb Flip frustrates me.

EDIT: I just rocketed to lvl 7 of Voltorb Flip. This is quite a useful calculator. Rollin' in the coins now :p
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