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HG/SS Slots/Game Corner in ALL English games changed


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That game corner change was the most dumbest thing to do! I've been playing Pokemon since Red, Blue, and Yellow and I've never been attempted to gamble my life away after playing alittle at the slots in the games. plus you can't even BUY coins and it takes too long to even get a coin with this thing.

iAlthough I never played at it a lot, its not fair to those who did enjoy it. Having to take the time to plan out your next move to pick the right card is too much. It's not fun, but -_- horrible.
I really hope people start complaining pokemon about this so 5th gen. doesnt have this thing. Such nonsense. I'm still so mad...poor game corner.
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I like the game, personally. It isn't too hard or involved, you can easily get a couple thousand coins in one sit-down. I got my first Game Corner Porygon playing this. It's much easier to play a game you're in control of, unlike the slots.

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I hate the new game... maybe I just dont quite understand how, but I cant get more than like 20 coins after quite a few tries.


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I actuallly dislike the new game.
It's less fun, in my opinion, and I remember well that on a certain evening, I had tons of fun in the Game Corner.

Well, actually... I just suck in that stupid Voltorb Flip Game D=


I can understand why they would want to get rid of gambling since these games are "aimed" at little kids. but why'd they have to take away our ability to buy the coins, frickin' jerks, I mean it gets frustrating to have to keep going at the puzzles instead of just buying the frickin' coins. It's not gambling to buy the coins and since you do technically forfeit time to these stupid voltorb flip crud, it is technically a gamble. cause i lost time i can't ever get back in game or otherwise.

if they take these out for 5th gen it will tick me off more than if they leave it in because then they made something that they will never use again, stupid.

I also hate how the rest of the world has to suffer just cause EU made some dumb law (it's not like kids will get addicted to gambling).

but w.e. i guess there's nothing we can do obviously.


I think that if they are going to argue that they want to get rid of the slots due to kids wanting to gamble, that there are MANY other things in the games that should be gotten rid of as well. Honestly, why change it at this point? Many of us played thegame corner when the original came out, and I can attest that none of my friends nor I for that matter, gamble at all.

But, really, I like Voltorb flip...I like that it's not all luck based, and once you figure out the math it's easy and addicting! Takes about an hour to get 10,000 coins...and you never lose any. Not too shabby!


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I hate the game corner. I suck at it. I can't even get coins. The prizes suck. Another thing that gets on my nerves is the fact that when you use your coins to get a Pokemon you are buying a Pokemon. That, to me, is soooooo wrong.


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Voltorb Flip is awesome, especially once you understand how it works and you can make reasonable guesses on where the multiplier tiles would be. (Hint: Starting from level 2 and onwards, clear 3 rounds in a row to instantly go to Level 8.)

I would like to see the regular Game Corner stuff alongside Voltorb Flip in the future, as it'd be the best of both worlds. But if we're going to get Voltorb Flip forever, I'm fine with that too.

My only problem is that the context of the Game Corners no longer makes sense. Here, we have a man known as Mr. Game who apparently gives away Coins to anyone who visits his house and has goons who trade his Coins for prizes for them. He's so popular that people in the local area seem to like to chat about him in nice ways and his twin in Celadon City has successfully imitated his charisma. His operation doesn't make sense. He's just plain suspicious.