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hi everyone! im new

Discussion in 'SPPf Help & Newbie Lounge' started by rainbow_mew, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. rainbow_mew

    rainbow_mew *¬* saiyuki~<3

    hi everyone! im rainbow mew! wanna be pokepals? please pm me then!
    thats all for now bye!
  2. Nightdawn

    Nightdawn Gamer Since 1987

    Hello Rainbow_mew =) Nice to see You Im Nightdawn, Surely we can be Buddies =)?
  3. yutss

    yutss Banned


    If you ever need any help with Pokemon Games, just PM me...
  4. Francesc

    Francesc Natsu no Maboroshi

    Hello!!. Have fun.
  5. rainbow_mew

    rainbow_mew *¬* saiyuki~<3

    hi! i'd love to be pokepals with all of you!
  6. zeppelin

    zeppelin echospace obsessive


  7. Munchy.42

    Munchy.42 Well-Known Member

    Hi Rainbow Mew!
    Welcome to the forums i hope you have fun and don't spam!
    Could i be your pokepal to?
  8. combusken1994

    combusken1994 <It's Red!!!!!

    Hi Im combusken1994 If any noobs need help with the forum or spriting PM me
  9. davidone10

    davidone10 The new tuxedo look!

    Hi!!! I'm davidone10, dave10 for short . Have fun, look in my sig for useful advice, expecially the animation. Please PM me if you need help or wanna be friends.
  10. ~*Mudkip Fantastic*~

    ~*Mudkip Fantastic*~ BlackFalcon!

    Hi. Read the rules and enjoy the stay.
  11. top8inU.S.A.

    top8inU.S.A. Summon the Ancients

    Hey wanna be fwends?
  12. Levski

    Levski Josh trainer

    Welcome to the forums (even though you registered 1 month ago :p). Here are some useful/important links;

    Rules - Read them and follow them.

    - Check here if you have any questions. Very useful.

    Search - Use it if you're looking for something. And also, before making a thread, check if there's one like it already.

    User Ranks - Many members ask about them, so look before you ask.

    User CP - Change your avatar, signature and profile here.

    Signature Rules - Don't break them, or staff members may delete your signature. If you want to check your sig, go to the Signature Check Thread.

    Fan Art Requests - This is where you can request the ever-wanted trainer cards, among others.
  13. Yowza61

    Yowza61 New Member

    hi everyone im new
  14. Yowza, make your own thread.
  15. Adam150

    Adam150 D/P Trainer

    I will be your friend.Also LugiaRules, do you know how to make Pikazard.
  16. rainbow_mew

    rainbow_mew *¬* saiyuki~<3

    wow! i like pikazard!^^
  17. futuramagirl

    futuramagirl Banned


    Hi I posted in this thread before but it got deleted so I'm trying again!
    Hi Rainbowmew you can be my mate if you pm me! Also I could make a trainer card if you like!;488;
  18. mudkip-max

    mudkip-max <<The Best

    hi rainbow mew welcome to forums and hav a good time
    but remember that mudkips are the best lol

    nice meetin ya:)
  19. ~Mist~

    ~Mist~ revolutionary~

    Welcome to SPPf! I'm sure you'll be able to make lots of friends soon. Remember, the way to have friends is to be a friend as the old saying goes. ^^

    Anyway, if you need any help, feel free to PM me. =D
  20. rainbow_mew

    rainbow_mew *¬* saiyuki~<3

    hi futuramagirl!
    if it's ok can you make a trainer card for me?

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