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Hi Ho Silver Wind! (398)


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Now who can deny Harley's homosexuality after his obvious and canon crush on Norman. Man, sometimes people make me giggle. They really do.
Omg! I LOVED this episode! (Obvious reasons: [IMG200]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b32/Miroku2113/ag121harleybutt.jpg[/IMG200]) ;)

Harley was soo Evil today! and i'm surprised that he didn't know that May was Norman's daughter.

I always like contest episodes and this and the rest of the GF will be m favorite episodes.

Jynx is in THIS episode >:[ but Nooooo they HAD to skip the one where it does something.

Anyway Just because it was a contest episode i give it a 9.5/10
Episode got very strange (with all the Harley parts)including what ~Satoshi~ posted. <.<
BUt was very funny and good.


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I never realized before that those cards were actually from May's past rivals. Loved how she said that they still keep in touch by email and stuff. Now if only they'd mention something about the gang keeping in touch with a certain orange-haired Gym Leader...
Since I missed Harley's debut episode, this is the first chance I've had to experience the wonder that is Harley. Excellent voice actor. Though I didn't like Cacturne's VA much at all. I did love the random Pokemon cameos. Holy crap! Is it just me, or is Drew's Roselia giant? Seriously, Roselias are supposed to be a foot tall, but his is at least two.
I love how Harley is setting May up. After what he pulled at Izabe, you'd think she would know not to trust him.
I feel as though the main reason the Grand Festival feels so rushed is because they waste so much time in this and the following episode. The TR scene in this takes up far too much time that could be used to make further appeals or battles, just like the Tonpei sub-plot in next week's Part 2.
Are you dissing Tonpei? How dare you!
Why do so many people hate the Grand Festival? I think it got off to an excellent start. And there was no way May could have won the Grand Festival. Even if she had beaten Drew, she still would have had to face Robert. Who the writers have conveniently given freakishly powerful Pokemon.
It's just annoying that the GF is only 3 episodes, compared to the Hoenn league which is 7.

It's also annoying that Drew, Harley and Robert are the only returning coordinators. Why the hell couldn't Kelly, The Phantom and Grace return too? So many great coordinators and the writers screw them over to one-shot status.

And finally, like idiots, the writers waste time with Team Rocket. Once again leagues are rushed because of the idiotic amount of screentime given to Team Rocket, where they do the same crap here that they do in any filler episode.

Why the writers waste time with Team Rocket in the league eps I have no idea.
Did anyone else notice that for the preliminarys that Robert won first place?


<========Ball Squeez
~Satoshi~ said:
Did anyone else notice that for the preliminarys that Robert won first place?
Of course I did you silly billy. He's a pretty man. Pretty man.
Going by how they ranked in the preliminaries, it's already a pretty good hint as to who will beat who. It went Robert ----> Drew ----> May ----> Harley from highest to lowest via the appeals.

In a way, that was already a preview of what's going to happen in the next two episodes.
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Robert also got the highest ranking [spoil]in the second appeal round. Which means he must have got a perfect score, because Drew got 100 and came in second. I guess they put Robert first because he got a better score in the first round[/spoil].
Poké_Master said:
I doubt the writers did that on purpose. But it's kind of funny how it worked out.

Actually they probably did do that on purpose. Since all 3 episodes aired in Japan right after each other, nobody had time to speculate. Otherwise people probably would have guessed who would beat who by how they ranked in the appeals. It was a subtle preview of what's to come.

Funny how Harley gets the lowest score of the main characters and he doesn't really care. :p
He seemed annoyed off screen, but not that much. He goes up and praises her for her high score, which is obviously a ruse, but I didn't notice him that angry about it, at least in this first episode anyway.

On another note the animation team in this episode re-used stock animation of Cacturne from his debut episode in "A Cacturne for the Worse". Lazy, it was even the same appeal with Cacturne shooting bullet seed on the floor.

Jeez, it really is such a shame that the first episode of the Grand Festival had such crappy animation. Harley looked horribly off model in most of his scenes, it looked like this particular animation team wasn't sure how to draw him.


I loved this episode. It was totally awesome. Harley and Drew were there, which was cool. May actually taking advice from Harley again, I think she's just joshing him. It's a grade start-off for the next two episodes.



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I still don't like Harley very much, but at least he was pretty funny in this episode. I liked how he teased May and Drew about their relationship, and May's reaction when he pointed things out. :D This was definitely a terrific episode for contestshipping, and a great Drew episode. Drew was even nice to May several times in the episode, I like that. :) I also liked James impersonating Norman again, that was pretty funny. I especially liked Harley's reaction when he saw "Norman" (and finding out later that Norman is May and Max's dad), and the Norman-themed motto. :) I also liked hearing all the references to past characters. I had to search my mind to remember what episode(s) everyone was from, especially Janet.

Overall, 8/10. I can't wait for the rest of the grand festival. Let's see if I watch it before next Friday this time. :p
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this was funny because of the funny expressions, when he was holding may's hand, when he found out may was norman's daughter, ect.

though the harley butt thing made me laugh when i saw the captions on SPPF XD