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Hi, looking to meet some good people.

Discussion in 'SPPf Help & Newbie Lounge' started by Jazz Pocket, Feb 1, 2010.

  1. Jazz Pocket

    Jazz Pocket Dark Type Specialist

    Hello everyone i am new but a Veteran Fan of Pokemon. I joined this site a few months ago and gain a few friends but things seem to be going rather slow so i thought i'll put myself out there. I guess my goal is to meet other fans that i could become good friends with. I like to be active and if anyone out there with some spare time could get me going would be very much appreciated. I am not as hardcore as i used to be about it when i was younger but i still enjoy the games and Manga (Pokemon Adventures). I guess i'll start by shareing alittle about myself.

    When Pokemon Red and Blue Version came out around 1998 i was around 12 years old of age and my younger brother knew much more about it then i did at the time. Only thing i knew was the old first pokemon commercials shown on TV, one about a bus cramming the creatures all together and one about a vacuum cleaner sucking them all up. Safe to say none of thoses told me anything about the game and just made me rather confused. None the less, my brother kept telling me about it and soon enough my friends caught on and kept telling the both of us to get the game. So at christmas 1998, both me and my brother gotten Gameboy Colors and i got Pokemon Blue while my brother got Pokemon Red. Like i said befor, i did'nt know much about the game except for what my friends told me and that was i could catch creatures and used to them fight against their will (just kidding). I did'nt evern know about the 8 Badges and the Pokemon League untill i started playing, thats right ! thoses NPC's who explained the game actually were useful to someone. More to the point, me and my brother both were so hooked that i remember many sleepless nights of both of us playing the games at the same time in our buck beds and like many kids we did'nt understood the concept of leveling up a TEAM. Sure we caught plenty of pokemon but we only really trained our starter, mine being Charizard and my brother being Blastoise. Safe to say you could get away with it untill we both reached the Elite 4 and got our butts kicked, we could reach to Lance but could barely beat his Dragonite and his stupid Hyper Beams. To make it worse, when we did and thought we beaten the League, we then got laughed at in the face when Blue/Green comes out of no where and battles us with our already damaged starters. Some might see this as cheap but i will always remember this as something special between me and my brother and one of my better memorys of him (we dont see each other often). Because we both could'nt defeat Blue/Green by ourselfs, we bought a link cable and did our very first trade, and with Combine Power of Charizard and Blastoise we were able to defeat the League and progress further in the game at the same time. It was awesome, it felt like a real adventure and two brothers sharing their might to overcome a greater power, yea it sounds cheesey but it brought me closer to my family with out evern knowing it. Afterwards, every kid in our town and school had the game and when the both of us gotten better, we restarted our files and made a more legit team of pokemon. Evern after the league we played for hours untill both me and my brother finally caught all 151 pokemon (Got Mew from a trade). Like the rest of you, i was pretty upset when all you got was a Congrats Card..... gah, still upsets me. Sadly my brother got bored of it by the time Gold and Silver came out but luckily most of my friends were still hooked and when i finally got my silver version from my mother from the store i was in Heaven onces again. By far it was the best, Everything was new but still felt the same, Color was added and a bunch of new pokemon and things were put into the game to make it feel more real. New Gyms were added to cover the types that were'nt placed in Kanto and safe to say i had alot of fun playing the game. What really got me hooked was the suprise SS Anne Ticket that Prof. Elm gave you after you beaten the Elite Four. I myself did'nt knew anything about the 2nd half of the game so it came to a big suprise when i found out i could go back to Kanto and rebattle the older 8 Gyms. Evern bigger shock and more likely the greatest moment i had in any of the pokemon games was at Mt.Silver. After gaining the 16 badges and Oak telling me to go to Mt.Silver i assume i was going to fight some sort of legendly pokemon. Little did i know that i would of fought against Trainer Red and his super high level pokemon. It was truely a great end to the game and till this day is is my favorite version of Pokemon. Sadly by the time 3rd Gen came out, i was sorta out of the craze and got rather tired of Pokemon. I bought Ruby not too long after it came out but it did'nt felt the same, Gold and Silver was hard to top and i felt it simply was'nt as good andd got bored with it quickly. After that i was'nt into Pokemon for a very long time, i was a big fan of the anime untill after Johto Seasons but soon i lost respect for Ash and Misty left and too many things changed all at onces and the stuff that was brought in was just the same thing. It was'nt til recently just this year that a friend of mine bought me Pokemon Platinum and i was having and still is having some issues in life at the moment. I gave it a shot and found myself enjoying it so much more then i did with the 3rd Gen and after hearing Gold and Silver being Remade on the DS i felt it was time to get back into things and see what Nintendo is going to offer me onces again.

    Dear Lord that was a long story, i guess i am just that bored. Thanks to anyone who read it and i hope i can meet alot more people here.If anyone knows any really good clubs for me to join please advice me.
  2. Cubones_Mother

    Cubones_Mother Go Super Sandslash!

    Hi, I'm a vet. of Pokemon too trying to make some friends on here :)
    I was about 5 or so when Red, Blue, Yellow and Green came out, but I've had every pokemon game since those ones. I haven't watched the ANime since Johto, but I watch the movies just to say I did.
    Hope you have fun :)
  3. Jazz Pocket

    Jazz Pocket Dark Type Specialist

    Thanks alot, i hope we can become friends and chitchat abit, i see you enjoy Dark/Ghost Types ? Darkrai is also a favorite of mine for Legendly, tho i have a soft spot for Umbreon as well. I am suprised you still rememeber your days of pokemon at 5 years of age.
  4. meh_25

    meh_25 Well-Known Member

    heyy welcome to ze forums =]
    im also trying to make new friends here i see u like umbreon too just like me i think he's awesome cos of his yellow circles or blue if shiny =]
  5. Cubones_Mother

    Cubones_Mother Go Super Sandslash!

    Lol yup.
    I adore GHost and Dark types, and Poison types as well. it's best to hit me up on my wall/ visitor messages too :) Umbreon was my favorite Evelution until Espeon took over.
    I remember becuase I didn't get Blue or Red, I got Yellow becuase I wanted to be just like Ash from the show. I then got Silver, then Sapphire, Then Firered, Then Diamond, Paerl and Platinum, and currently I'm tryign to get enoug hmoney for HGSS
  6. Jazz Pocket

    Jazz Pocket Dark Type Specialist

    Ghosts are pretty cool too, i guess we seem to like the Sinster kinds of pokemon. I remember getting Yellow Version when it came out, i enjoyed it since it was more based on the anime. When i got to the Elite 4 tho, someone stoled it and never gotten the chance to beat it, it was a rather bad day.

    Also Shiny Umbreon rocks, i always have him around, i got a Shiny Darkrai but i'll be honest, i like the none one better, the black makes him look cool but when he ends up Purple kinda takes away the fear factor. Purple is more suited for Ghost Types anyway.
  7. Cubones_Mother

    Cubones_Mother Go Super Sandslash!

    Lol they make him from the Grim Reaper to a prissy gay guy. It's kinda funny actually :p He's so feirce and all that but then if he's shiny, he looks like a fool!
  8. Blue Snover

    Blue Snover Cold as ice

    Welcome to Serebii, i'm sure you'll meet plenty of people here :)
  9. Lbsweet96

    Lbsweet96 &#32

    I like long moonlit walks on the beach, picnics in the park, and giving sensual massages.
    Oh, that's not what you meant by, "Looking to meet some good people"? ^_^;
    Welcome to Sppf, reas the rules and enjoy your stay.
    Last edited: Feb 1, 2010
  10. Dan The Poke Man

    Dan The Poke Man MEGAMEGAMEGA

    Touching story. :)

    I'm glad that something was interesting enough to make me read it. :D

    Welcome to the forums, please read the rles and have fun!

    (BTW, you should get the shiny umbreon sprite from the HGSS shiny pokemon section, it's much better. ^^)
  11. Jazz Pocket

    Jazz Pocket Dark Type Specialist

    @Blue Snover

    Thank You Very Much and i hope so as well, good to know there are other adults on the site. :)


    lol, well i do like walks on the beach, infact i live near by one XP. Nice to meet you and thanks, i have read the rules, lets hope i remember all of them.

    @ Dan The Poke Man
    Why thank you, i think so too, i am happy someone enjoyed that long story, i did'nt think it would be such a length but i enjoyed writing it. Also i tried looking for the HG/SS Sprite for Shiny Umbreon when i first joined but could'nt find it. I assumed the site did'nt had it yet and gave up and have'nt looked back since. I'll try looking for it now.
  12. Ivysaurus

    Ivysaurus ONYXceptable

    The Dinoman is in the house, Hi I'm Ivy, and if you want to be by friend don't be afraid to ask! xD

    I hope you have fun here.
  13. Kotone

    Kotone Well-Known Member

    I always say eat alot
  14. Rosemary

    Rosemary Sparkling Star

    Welcome to the forums,have fun :)
    your user title says dark specialist ,I like dark types too
  15. Vinn Croix

    Vinn Croix Missing Number

    Hello, and welcome. I wish my brother and I could have bonded through pokemon. Oh well. Lol. Trust me I believe you'll make plenty of friends here.

    I noticed that your're looking to obtain some pokemon. I may be able to help. I have a Rayquaza and I'm pretty sure I can GTS a Kyogre for you. Send me a PM or instant message and I'll be glad to help. ^_^
  16. kid rai

    kid rai hard working trainer

    hi im rai im kinda new too so. nice to meet you
  17. Jazz Pocket

    Jazz Pocket Dark Type Specialist


    Will you be my friend :( !!!! ?

    I do love eating, mmmm... ribs...

    Thank You Very much ^^ and yes i do love Dark Type's their my favorite out of all of them. Which one is your Favorite Dark Type Pokemon ?.

    @Vinn Croix

    Yea, it was one of the good times i had with my younger brother. And infact i would very much like to discuss a trade for thoses two pokemon if you dont mind. Please send a message to me when your ready. :)

    @Kid Rai

    Nice to meet you too, lets both have a blast here XD.
  18. Dan The Poke Man

    Dan The Poke Man MEGAMEGAMEGA

    I see you got the good shiny umbreon sprite now. ;)
  19. Jazz Pocket

    Jazz Pocket Dark Type Specialist

    Yes XD i indeed enjoy it a great deal better then the last one. Shiny Umbreon FTW :) ! .

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