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Hi! sarah_riyuki here ^_^

Discussion in 'SPPf Help & Newbie Lounge' started by sarah_riyuki, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. sarah_riyuki

    sarah_riyuki New Member

    Yeah, okay so... "sarah" isn't really my real name. I wont tell you my real name since... it's not safe xD

    I'm from the Philippines, I'm a girl [ straight ]

    I make banners and some trainer cards for forums but I don't think you guys would need that here ^^;

    I'm only 12 years old x3

    And isn't it obvious that I like love Pokemon? Why else would I be here? xD

    I have an emo mode... and that aint pretty O0O

    I hope...I could fit in here ^^;
  2. the master123

    the master123 Ive Gotta bad feelin

    Im sure you will fit in.
    These days anyone can!
    PS: welcome to the forums!
  3. wayc

    wayc Latias Fanatic!!!

    Why the 10 month gap between registering and your first post?
  4. sarah_riyuki

    sarah_riyuki New Member

    ^ I don't know either xD
    I guess I just got too lazy to post and just remembered now xP

    @the_master123 ::
    Thanks for welcoming :D

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