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Hi serebii.net


Good boy.
My name's Ryan,
but my Diamond/Battle Revolution handle is Casimir.
I sometimes use Dee or Olive on other game files.

I'm pretty new, but a little bit not at the same time.
I was a part of this forum a long time ago...
Right when they first started dropping screenshots of Ruby/Saphire and everybody was scurrying to find out about the third generation pokemon.
I didn't stay very long, though. I remember getting my post count up so that my rank was at Boulder Badge.

I've been playing the pokemon games since I was... sevenish??
Got my blue version and black game boy pocket and have been a fan ever since. :)

I bought my Diamond version and DS about four months ago.
At first I just focused on beating the game, then I found out that WiFi battling enabled you to battle all over the world, and now there's such thing as competitive battling and EV training (I know it was around in Ruby and Saphire... Didn't know about it then, though)... so that really got me back interested.

So yeah, there you have it.

I just recently started my diamond version over and beat it again...
I'm slowly building up teams and this upcoming payday I should have my wireless internet up so I look forward to battling. :D

I still have a long ways to go, though.
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