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Hi! Whats your name?

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Unorthodox Trainer
I'm random, and I like strategy games and such.

I didn't want to put Randomstrategist because it sounded too weird, so I decided to think of a name that was even weirder and longer (I don't like my name).


Sad Bayleef is Sad.
...Mines well,it is long history... but it was kinda forged by my friends and not by me, like treespyro alot of beer(including over the months) ,home made explosives ,sheeps ,videogames and a truck were involved.yep we were goddam hammered...but it ended up joining us more as friends...anyhow thats for "señor del desastre" Lord of disaster...
So in the end it was kinda long so i shortened it a bit to something more usable so the catchy DL came to my mind and i shortened it to "Señor desastre" Disaster Lord, besides the fact is gramatically wrong,i believe it ads some impact...nowadays(i did this account a long time ago) in most of games i avoid using that name and mostly use the nick of ACM1PT...but is kinda offensive if you know spanish.


When I grow up
I was having a hard time choosing the right username, since it was very important and unchangeable, unlike some of my interests. In the end, i chose it because I like cute stuff.

Valkyrie X

Well-Known Member
...I like valkyries. I wouldn't have added the "X" if the name Valkyrie weren't taken at the time.


Silver forever <3
My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Sapphire. I had always wanted a Pokemon game ever since I played my brother's file on Blue as a 5-year-old, so I was happy.
Last summer I was playing Super Mario RPG, and Geno is my favorite character.
Sapphire plus geno equals SapphireGeno.


my online ID (s.i.e) is actualy a spiced up version of just "sie". my real name (thijs) is sometimes referred by friends as thijssie, it sounds weird from the tongue of a yank but to explain this matter saying thijssie is kinda the same as calling a friend named pete petey instead or a guy named john johnney. it's simply the dutch version of it:p

before i became a member of this site i used this name as a logo for some spriteworks i made. nowadays it's my standard nickname. though unnusual it's hard to find me on google. the searchengine keeps mixing me up with a german word also called sie which means "her"

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
I was thirteen :/. And Mom was doing everything for me, and she wanted me to pick something fast, so I typed this in. Was going to have "star" somewhere in another username, but I decided against it (and Mom was pressuring me to hurry up).

I kinda wish I used "lilpurplebird" instead, but as it was my email at the time, I didn't feel like using it. But I like to spread out my names and have them differ from one another, so I'm actually a bit glad this name was available for my FanFiction account.

That, and I was a little cutie back then. At 18, I still AM a cutie pie :3.


not the color
I originally wanted 'Grey' as a username, but that one was apparently "taken". So I settled for a made-up alternate spelling: Grei.

Why I chose it? Mostly because I wanted to. Grey is a cool name in my opinion. Grey is also a mix of black and white, of darkness and light. It's a balance between two extremes, yet it's not extravagant-looking. In an odd way, I find that cool. So I chose Grey Grei.


Buggy down.
Riversong...I used to be a big fan of a book series called Warriors, where the cats have weird names made from combining two words (ex. being 'Lionclaw' or 'Moonflower'). A lot of fans create their own, so I did too. Now most of my usernames for sites are either Riversong or Corlel (which is the name of one of my fictional characters).


I'm not josh'n
What does your screen name mean?

Alright. We'll see some of your names that are like, pdfjs2356 or hkwads96, time to explain what they mean.

Well, Raichu is my favorite pokemon, the, 4u part seemed kinda catchy, as I came up with the name in 5th grade.


Master Trainer
mine is benknightprime
ben is my name
knight was because it was part of a old username i had
prime because of optimus prime


I wasn't even there.
Dragard is really just a random name I came up with in 8th grade when coming up with a name for a RuneScape account. It doesn't really mean anything, but I'm thinking of giving it meaning. (Like the first part, "Drag." Everything is a drag to me (kinda like Shikamaru) and I don't want to do much, so I guess part of Dragard could mean lazy =p)


Shun the nonbeliever
Because having an adjective for your name is badazz.

There's no real meaning, so I just made that up.
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