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Discussion in 'SPPf Help & Newbie Lounge' started by Foxyvulpixie, May 14, 2006.

  1. Foxyvulpixie

    Foxyvulpixie thug life

    Hi people at SPPF ,my name is Foxyvulpixie ,I have read the rules ,and I hope I have agreat time here.
  2. Locke Yggdrasill

    Locke Yggdrasill Eustis on reddit

    Welcome to SPPf, Foxyvulpixie! That's quite a unique and interesting name you have there. ^^
    You ought to check out these links. I know you've read the rules, but if you ever want to hold any position of power, you have to have them memorized in your sleep. ;o

    User CP - Customize your signature and profile, set options, choose a pregiven avatar, upload a profile picture if you want. Play around with it.For help with putting images in your signature, click this link: Image Tutorial
    "I'm new" - Not an excuse - by SMod Latios.
    Reading the first post, it helps! - by SMod Latios.
    Get your Signature Checked!!! - Remember to read the first post, and then check your signature ONLY here that it doesn't break any rules. Midnight Eefi is one of the authorized members to check sigs, along with Eszett and Jenni and three moderators.
    Newbie Help Topic and FAQ
    Getting Trainer Cards and custom sprites Well, here you can post in a request shop to get a trainer card like some of the members have here in their signatures. Make sure you look at what the shop specializes in, and then post your request if it's appropriate.
    Search Tool - your friendly tool, rather than a "friend."
    Adopt-A-Newbie Agency - for newbies to be adopted, or adoptees to adopt a newbie.. Adoption is for older members to help around the newer ones. The temporary owner, Eszett, is a loveable, outgoing guy so listen to him or be reported. Midnight Eefi is an assistant there, along with PhQnix and =Atticus= I am the real owner, but I'm not going to be on for awhile, so it's left to Eszett.
    Bishie Thread- This is a thread where you can go to claim anyone from an anime. The only rules are that you can only claim that person if they haven't been claimed yet. Meg-chan, Jenni, Manjyome,and Shadowfaith work there. there.
    Cartoon Bishie Thread Well this thread is basically for those of us who can't settle for a normal bishie. Same rules as Bishie thread, but you can only claim characters from non-animes here. Pike Queen Lucy runs this
    Newbie of the Month Contest- This is a contest to vote on who is the newbie of the month. Click the link and read the first post for details. If you see your name in the nominations, then you may be the NOTM!
    Mistakes on Serebii.net-Go here if you see any mistakes on the main site, which is Serebii.net. You will, of course, have to post what errors/mistakes/glitches you found, and things will be sorted out. thread.Staff
    Italicized = Moderator.
    Ialicized+ = Moderator +
    Bold = Super Moderator, or SMod.
    Bold & Italicized = Administrator.

    Additionally, SPPf stands for Serebii Pokémon Pages forums.

    Have fun, stay active, and stay out of trouble. Feel free to PM me for anything. ;D
  3. Chaotic Houndoom

    Chaotic Houndoom Dark Trainer

    Hellow! Hope you have fun! PM me to be friends! =D

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