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Discussion in 'SPPf Help & Newbie Lounge' started by Pikaman, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. Pikaman

    Pikaman Poke-nerd

    I just started! Ill probuly come and go
    so HI!!
    P.S. Im not a good speller.
  2. dojo

    dojo WEIRD AL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello welcom to the forum. pm me if you want to be friends or something.
  3. Hiidoran

    Hiidoran Ghost Pokemon King

    Welcome pm me to be friends
  4. Pokepal

    Pokepal KABOOSH

    Hey! Welcome to the forums!
  5. Pikaman

    Pikaman Poke-nerd

    How do you PM?
  6. Hyper Shadow

    Hyper Shadow Well-Known Member

    you click on their name then go down to send privet message to (insertname here) and there you go anyways Welcome! Pm me if you need help,want to be friends or just want to chat
  7. Pikaman

    Pikaman Poke-nerd

    You mean Privet Mesage?
  8. Hyper Shadow

    Hyper Shadow Well-Known Member

    sorta didn't understand your question but yes I think
  9. Pamizard

    Pamizard Queen of Charizards!

    want to be friends. PM me if you do
  10. Hyper Shadow

    Hyper Shadow Well-Known Member

    you go to the top of the screen where it says Welcome Pikaman click privite messages and it will take you to the inbox and after that there will be a little scroller neer the top of your inbox you can click the arow to go to the messages you've sent also
    and thats how you cheak your inbox (he pmed Me asking for the info)
  11. Pikaman

    Pikaman Poke-nerd

    How do you change the thing that saies begening trainer and the bannor?
  12. Hyper Shadow

    Hyper Shadow Well-Known Member

    you go to user cp then go to edit profile go down to custom user title type it in then go down to the bottem of the page and hit save changes to cange the banner you have to post in the sections of the forum that count tords postcount and when you post a certin number of posts it will change
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2006
  13. Wolf Goddess

    Wolf Goddess ~Lupo Di Autunno~

    This is not a chatroom. You should bother to take the extra three seconds to type decently, and use the edit button.
  14. Pikaman

    Pikaman Poke-nerd

    Does it correct spelling?
  15. ΩOmega WeavileΩ

    ΩOmega WeavileΩ Skinning every bears

    No, you have to manually correct it, but if you really want to be accurate copy and paste it onto Microsoft Word and check your spelling there.
  16. Pokepal

    Pokepal KABOOSH

    Omega Weavile double posted...
    Anyway welcome to the forums read the rules and PM me if you want to be friends.
  17. AngelLatias

    AngelLatias + L i g h t m a r e

    Hello Pikaman. ^_^ Welcome to SPPf. Follow the rules, have fun, and eat pie. Pokepal, since Omega's post is exactly the same and it was posted at the same time, it probably means that there was a lag and he clicked on the "post quick reply" button twice. Different from deliberately doble posting IMO... :/
  18. Pokepal

    Pokepal KABOOSH

    Sorry._. Thanks for the info AngelLatias.
  19. SugarFairy

    SugarFairy I love Dara <3

    Hello! ^_^ Welcome to the forums! PM me if you want to be friends or if you need help =)
  20. Cain Nightroad

    Cain Nightroad Daydreaming

    Welcome. Follow the rules, etc. The most important rule: have fun! Wow, you're already a Boulder Trainer.

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