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Eye of the Storm
Yeah I know I should've probably made this thread when I first joined and now most people have seen my posts and such so... anyways I am ShinyPichu4Ever and have been playing Pokemon since I was 6 and got Pokemon Red. I then got Pokemon Gold which is still an amazing game in my opinion. Then I got Ruby and Emerald as well as FireRed. though I lost my Gold game, Emerald game, and FireRed game (that or they're in storage) And now I have Diamond and want to get Platinum and plan on getting both HG and SS so yeah. I also love the Kingdom Hearts games and many other RPGs.

Terry. T.

One and Only...
Well hi! (almost) I sent a friend request!

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
Hi, better late than never.

I think you're ok making the post since you only joined last month.


Sad Bayleef is Sad.
hi welcome to the forums!