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Hidden Ability Trading Thread


I have gible hatchlings X and Y

- both male ♂ and female ♀

- Outrage Inherited

- Jolly in Nature

- Rough Skin Ability

=== Want - other metagame bred pokemon -- Taking offers!
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I have a charmeleon with a modest nature with it´s ability solar power, which I´m looking to trade for a shiny, any pretty much, and if anyone is interested please pm me. Thanks


Hello, I have a protean froakie and pokerus, I am looking for a timid ditto with perfect ivs in in special attack, or speed or both, pm me with offers.


Plays w/ Favorites.
Looking for:
DW Hawlucha

DW Dratini (Adamant)
DW Eevee (Modest)
DW Tyrogue (way too many of these)

Some other stuff too, but not Dream World.
I can throw in evolutionary stones and whatnot too, just ask.
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Beep boop, son.
Looking for Shelmet/Accelgor with its Hidden Ability. I can offer a Protean Frogadier in return. PM me if you're interested or if you want something else for the Shelmet/Accelgor.
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Shiny Hunter
EDIT: Got one :)

Looking for an Espurr/Meowstic with hidden ability. Gender doesn't matter because I plan to breed it so I can have one with my ID, but a Calm nature would be greatly appreciated to speed up my breeding for my team so I can continue.

I don't have a lot to offer, but I can breed these (all with regular abilities, sorry):
Modest Helioptile (have 2 females hatched)
Modest Froakie
Adamant Charmander
Adamant Snorlax
Adamant Phantump (already have a male and female hatched)

I also have an extra Ditto. PM me if you can help me out :)
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Looking for a timid ditto or timid poke with synchronize . Can offer DW Frogadier with 31 spatk and speed.
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Erron Black

The Outlaw
I have Hidden Ability Quilladin and can have him hold an Evolution stone of your choice. I am looking for Charizardite X and I don't care about what Pokemon it comes with.


New Member
I have female speed boost torchics for trade.
They all have baton pass and are adamant and am looking for any 6 gen HA Pokemon.


Honor Guard
Looking for a Tauro's, with Sheer Force, Preferably Jolly nature,
Looking for Protean Froakies with any nature or IVs. I have a few 5iv (hp, def, sp. def, sp. att, spd) timid gastlys if that interests anyone, along with 2iv dittos with every nature, and magician fennekins. Feel free to PM.
If anybody has a baby Phantump with Harvest, please may I trade with you?

I don't have much to offer - therefore I'm not asking for an amazing nature. As long as it isn't a nature that increases special attack and lowers attack for instance, I don't mind!


Claws of Fury
I have a Magician Braixen and Huge Power Diggersby up for trade. Both are female.
Looking For Hidden Ability Aerodactyl and Slowpoke. I have more then whats in my sig, PM if interested

pokemon trainer mystery

Well-Known Member
Looking for hidden ability starters and hidden ability eevee can offer most Pokémon available in x and y only hidden ability Pokémon I have are speed boost torchic and sand veil geodude pm me with what your looking for.