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Hidden Ability Trading Thread

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Pathfinder, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. 2fast2good

    2fast2good Well-Known Member

    Looking for Adaptabily Crawdaunt preferable female.
    Have protean Froakie, Magician Fennekin, HA Chespin, also Eevee with Anticipation, Dittos from FS and more.
  2. kaorusquee

    kaorusquee escaper of reality

    Looking for a Magician Braixen with decent ivs that is not english. Offering Ditto in exchange. PM please.
  3. Tyrone

    Tyrone Phantom Angel


    Bulletproof Chespin
    Magician Fennekin
    Protean Froakie
    Rain Dish Squirtle
    Speed Boost Torchic
    Scrappy Pancham
    Infiltrator Spiritomb
    Telepathy Noibat
    Gooey Goomy
    Marvel Scale Dratini
    Sand Force Shellos
    Moxie Litleo
    Gale Wings Fletchling
    Symbiosis Flabébé
    Vital Spirit Magby
    Mold Breaker Sawk
    Quick Feet Shroomish
    Technician Breloom
    Speed Boost Venipede
    Healer Chansey
    Sap Sipper Azumarill
    Unaware Wooper
    Drought Vulpix
    Anticipation Eevee
    Harvest Phantump
    Guts Shinx


    Shinies (any)
    3-5 31 IV Pokemon
    X-exclusive Mega Stones
    Mewtwonite Y
    Charizardite Y
    Lucky Eggs
    Solar Power Helioptile/Heliolisk
    Solar Power Charmander/Charmeleon
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2013
  4. Nanamine~

    Nanamine~ New Member

    Looking for a Timid Beldum (or any Pokémon from Beldums egg group). Can offer hidden ability fletchling, rufflet, poliwag and metang.
  5. D3athkiller

    D3athkiller New Member

    LF rain Dish squirtle
  6. ChocolateMystery

    ChocolateMystery New Member

    For Trade
    Modest Protean Froakies!
    (and Modest Torrent if you're into that)

    Looking for:
    Shinies (any) (charmander would be cool tho)
    Charizardite X
  7. Blastonite

    Blastonite Dream Crusher

    Bunch of Marvel Scale Dragonairs and Protean Froakies up for grabs. Can also snag Sheer Force Krabbys

    Interested in shinies(if you wanna) Or some other HA pokes :) Just pm if interested
  8. highelfthrower

    highelfthrower New Member

    Still have Modest Regenerator Solosis, but now also have Speed Boost Venipedes! The Venipedes are Bold, Gentle, and Calm.

    Still looking for a Vital Spirit Magby, PM if interested.
  9. Heartlessangel17

    Heartlessangel17 Dark Trainer

    Offering a Protean Froakie infected with Pokerus. Looking for best offers, PM me if interested.
  10. damkillsall

    damkillsall New Member

    Can breed/ Catch a ton of DW pokemon. PM me with request to find out if I can breed or catch.
  11. poken00b

    poken00b New Member

    Hi i am looking for a dragonair with hidden ability. gender or nature does not matter. will trade other pokemon with hidden ability if I have just let me know thanks!
  12. WMHBA

    WMHBA Active Member


    Shiny Greninja - Relaxed Nature

    Shiny Male Espurr - Modest Nature

    Shiny Pawniard - Docile Nature

    Looking for

    Japanese Male Adamant Froakie/Frogadier/Greninja with Protean

    Jolly/Adamant Male Torchic with speed boost and baton pass

    Adamant Hitmonlee with Hi Jump Kick
  13. Charizard006

    Charizard006 Beginning Trainer

    Got a ton of Lvl 1 Marvel Scale Dratinis, can probably get a Nature of your choice.

    I'd be interested in any available shinies, available megastones, other hidden ability lvl 1 pokemon, rare items, etc. Send me a PM.
  14. SkY_br

    SkY_br New Member

    i need swirlix w unburden.

    have "sachet".
    goomy.modest + gooey.
    charmander.timid + solar power.
    pichu.jolly + wish + volt tackle.
  15. The Last Jedi

    The Last Jedi Stalling is Cowardly

    Looking for a hidden ability breloom please PM if you have one I can trade other hidden abilities and an adamant technition scyther and a Zygarde both with pokerus
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2013
  16. Vis_Mage

    Vis_Mage PokeGyms Creator

    I am looking for Protean Frokie (Or evolutions), and Galewind (HA) Fletchling (Or evolutions)

    I can offer Safari dittos (So at least 2 perfect IV's), Y exclusive Pokemon (Not legends), as well as Anorith. I also can offer Pokerus on any of these!

    PM me if you are interested in trading!
  17. Skylark

    Skylark IV Breeder

    Looking for Prankster Riolu, offering Harvest Phantrump, Drought Vulpix, Telepathy Noibat, and many more, just PM me with a request.
  18. FlareBlitz3000

    FlareBlitz3000 Legg University QB

    Any1 here want a magician braixen
  19. Crazyboy99

    Crazyboy99 New Member

    Looking for Regenerator Slowpokes... Natures, ivs dont matter, but preferably female.

    Offering: Magic Guard Abras (Timid)
    (IV Bred)
    Female, (31/x/31/31/31/x)
    Male, (31/x/x/31/x/31)
    Female, (31/x/31/x/31/31)
    *Have normal abilities with 2-4 IVs as well

    Others (IVs unknown, may not have desired nature): Compoundeyes Galvantula, Beldum (Adamant), Skill Link Mincinno, Larvesta, Moxie Heracross, Moody Snorunt (female), Bulletproof Quilladin
  20. Macklin

    Macklin Cobalion's Champion

    Have these HA Pokemon for trade:


    I'm looking for shinies even the fishable ones. Depending on your shiny will trade between 3 and 8 HA Pokemon for it. Just PM me.

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