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Hidden Ability Trading Thread

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Pathfinder, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. Deathknight

    Deathknight Member

    Looking for a few ha pokes: Minun, Ferroseed, Klang, Pansage, Duskull, and Panpour. Offering most other HA pokes.

    9/16 - still looking for these!
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2014
  2. Curvee

    Curvee |-PokemonMaster-|

    Hello everyone~ !! I am currently looking for a female HA Carvanha caught in a Quick or Dream ball, IV's and nature doesn't matter~ !! I can give a female 5IV Timid moon ball Vulpix in return bred by myself. :3 Send me a note If interested~ !! I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. deepbluedark

    deepbluedark New Member

    Speed boost scolipede

    Pm me interested.
  4. Pokeman Man

    Pokeman Man The Real Slim Shady

    Looking for these Pokemon:

    These below Pokemon must be 5-6 IV
    Magnemite with Analytic
    Beldum with Light Metal
    Staryu with Analytic
    Bronzor with Light Metal
    Golett with No Guard
    Voltorb with Aftermath
    Klink with Clear Body

    These I don't require to have good IVs, but I certainly wouldn't mind
    Female Spritzee in a Heal Ball with Aroma Veil
    Female Swirlix in a Premier Ball with Unburden
    Female Hawlucha in a Luxury Ball with Mold Breaker

    Offering these 1:1

    Aerodactyl - Jolly - Rock Head, Unnerve - Assurance, Pursuit, Tailwind, Wide Guard - Dream Ball - 1M 1F Unnerve, 1F Rock Head
    Aron - Careful - Rock Head - Body Slam, Head Smash, Stealth Rock, Superpower - Safari Ball - 1M
    Audino - Bold - Regenerator - Amnesia, Heal Bell, Healing Wish, Wish - Dream Ball - 2F
    Buneary - Jolly - Limber - Fake Out, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch - Dream Ball - 2F
    Carvanha - Modest - Speed Boost - Ancient Power, Double-Edge, Destiny Bond, Hydro Pump - Dream Ball - 1F
    Chansey - Bold - Natural Cure - Aromatherapy, Seismic Toss, Present, Metronome - Love Ball - 2F
    Charmander - Adamant - Blaze, Solar Power - Crunch, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Outrage - Luxury Ball - 13M 2F
    Charmander - Timid - Blaze, Solar Power - Ancient Power, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Outrage - Luxury Ball - 6M
    Chespin - Adamant - Bulletproof - Spikes, Synthesis, Belly Drum, Quick Guard - Nest Ball - 15M
    Corphish - Adamant - Adaptability - Aqua Jet, Superpower, Knock Off, Dragon Dance - Dive Ball - 1M 1F
    Cottonee - Bold - Prankster - Encore, Natural Gift, Memento, Switcheroo - Nest Ball - 1M
    Cyndaquil - Timid - Blaze - Crush Claw, Extrasensory, Flame Burst, Flare Blitz - Luxury Ball - 9M 2F
    Darumaka - Jolly - Hustle - Encore, Focus Punch, Take Down, Yawn - Luxury Ball - 3M
    Darumaka - Adamant - Hustle - Encore, Focus Punch, Take Down, Yawn - Repeat Ball - 2M
    Deerling - Jolly - Serene Grace - Camouflage, Grass Whistle, Synthesis - Poke Ball - 1F
    Deino - Timid - Hustle - Head Smash, Earth Power, Fire Fang, Ice Fang - Luxury Ball - 2M
    Drilbur - Adamant - Mold Breaker - Crush Claw, Iron Defense, Earth Power, Rapid Spin - Luxury Ball - 4M
    Froakie - Timid - Protean - Toxic Spikes - Luxury Ball - 12M
    Froakie - Timid - Protean - Toxic Spikes, Camouflage, Water Sport, Mud Sport - Dive & Luxury Ball - 4M Dive, 1M Luxury
    Eevee - Bold - Anticipation - Curse, Detect, Wish, Yawn - Dive Ball - 1M 2F
    Elgyem - Quiet - Analytic - Disable, Guard Swap, Nasty Plot, Skill Swap - Dream Ball - 0 Speed IV - 1F
    Gastly - Timid - Levitate - Clear Smog, Perish Song, Disable, Ice Punch - Dream & Moon Ball - 1F Dream, 2M Moon
    Gligar - Impish - Immunity - Night Slash, Cross Poison, Agility, Baton Pass - Dream Ball - 1M
    Gothita - Calm - Shadow Tag - Dark Pulse, Heal Pulse, Mirror Coat, Uproar - Luxury Ball - 1M
    Grimer - Adamant - Poison Touch - Curse, Shadow Sneak, Shadow Punch, Stockpile - Dream Ball - 1M
    Growlithe - Adamant - Intimidate - Flare Blitz, Close Combat, Crunch, Morning Sun - Level Ball - 1M
    Houndour - Timid - Unnerve - Counter, Destiny Bond, Nasty Plot, Sucker Punch - Dream Ball - 1M
    Larvitar - Adamant - Guts - Ancient Power, Dragon Dance, Pursuit, Stealth Rock - Heavy Ball - 3F
    Lileep - Calm - Storm Drain - Recover, Mirror Coat, Stealth Rock, Wring Out - Dream Ball - 1M
    Litwick - Modest - Flame Body, Infiltrator - Heat Wave, Acid Armor, Haze, Clear Smog - Luxury Ball - 4M Infiltrator, 1M Flame Body
    Machop - Adamant - No Guard, Guts - Bullet Punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Knock Off - Heavy Ball - 3M No Guard, 1M Guts
    Magikarp - Jolly - Rattled - Dive Ball - 1F
    Mareep - Modest - Static - Charge, Eerie Impulse, Agility, Iron Tail - Fast Ball - 2M
    Marill - Adamant - Huge Power - Aqua Jet, Belly Drum, Perish Song, Superpower - Moon Ball - 1M
    Marill - Adamant - Huge Power - Aqua Jet, Belly Drum, Perish Song, Body Slam - Lure Ball - 1M
    Meditite - Adamant - Pure Power - Bullet Punch, Drain Punch, Fake Out, Psycho Cut - Love Ball - 1F
    Meditite - Jolly - Telepathy - Bullet Punch, Drain Punch, Fake Out, Psycho Cut - Dream Ball - 1M
    Mudkip - Adamant - Torrent - Poke Ball - 1M
    Natu - Calm - Magic Bounce - Ally Switch, Feather Dance, Simple Beam, Skill Swap - Dream Ball - 1F
    Omanyte - Modest - Weak Armor - Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Haze, Whirlpool - Dream Ball - 1M 1F
    Riolu - Jolly - Prankster - Blaze Kick, Crunch, Bullet Punch, High Jump Kick - Dream Ball - 1M
    Rotom - Modest - Levitate - Poke Ball - 1X
    Sandile - Jolly - Moxie - Counter, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Pursuit - Luxury Ball - 1M 1F
    Scraggy - Careful, Jolly - Moxie - Dragon Dance, Drain Punch, Ice Punch, Zen Headbutt - Luxury Ball - 2M Careful, 1F Jolly
    Scraggy - Careful, Impish - Intimidate - Fake Out, Drain Punch, Ice Punch, Zen Headbutt - Luxury Ball - 2M Careful, 1F Impish
    Scraggy - Careful - Intimidate - Fake Out, Drain Punch, Ice Punch, Zen Headbutt - Dream Ball - 1M
    Scyther - Adamant - Technician - Baton Pass, Counter, Defog, Silver Wind - Luxury Ball - 1F 1M
    Shellder - Naughty - Skill Link - Aqua Ring, Icicle Spear, Rock Blast, Rapid Spin - Lure Ball - 1F
    Shroomish - Careful - Quick Feet - Bullet Seed, Focus Punch, Drain Punch, Seed Bomb - Dream Ball - 1F
    Shuppet - Adamant - Cursed Body - Destiny Bond, Disable, Phantom Force, Pursuit - Dream Ball - 1F
    Swablu - Adamant, Modest - Natural Cure - Dragon Rush, Haze, Hyper Voice, Pursuit - Dream Ball - 1F Adamant, 1M Jolly
    Tentacool - Calm - Rain Dish - Knock Off, Rapid Spin, Mirror Coat, Haze - Dream Ball - 1M
    Timburr - Adamant - Iron Fist - Drain Punch, Force Palm, Mach Punch, Wide Guard - Dream Ball - 1M
    Torchic - Adamant - Speed Boost - Night Slash, Agility, Low Kick, Baton Pass - Poke Ball - 1M
    Treecko - Adamant - Unburden - Leech Seed, Synthesis, Natural Gift, Worry Seed - 1F 1M
    Venipede - Adamant, Jolly - Speed Boost - Toxic Spikes, Spikes, Rock Climb - Dream Ball - 2M Adamant, 1M Jolly
    Vullaby - Careful - Overcoat - Foul Play, Knock Off, Mean Look, Steel Wing - Luxury Ball - 1F
    Yanma - Timid - Speed Boost - Whirlwind, Signal Beam, Silver Wind, Pursuit - Friend Ball - 1M 1F
    Zubat - Jolly - Infiltrator - Brave Bird, Defog, Hypnosis, Whirlwind - Dream Ball - 1M

    Aerodactyl - Jolly - Rock Head, Unnerve - Assurance, Pursuit, Tailwind, Wide Guard - Dream Ball - 3M
    Carvanha - Adamant - Speed Boost - Ancient Power, Double-Edge, Destiny Bond, Hydro Pump - Dream Ball - 1M
    Charmander - Adamant - Solar Power - Crunch, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Outrage - Luxury Ball - 1M
    Chespin - Adamant - Bulletproof - Spikes, Synthesis, Belly Drum, Quick Guard - Nest Ball - 2M
    Chespin - Impish - Bulletproof - Spikes, Synthesis - Nest Ball - 1M
    Cottonee - Bold - Prankster - Encore, Natural Gift, Memento, Switcheroo - Nest Ball - 1M
    Chikorita - Calm - Overgrow - Counter, Grassy Terrain, Leaf Storm, Leech Seed - Nest Ball - 1M
    Cyndaquil - Timid - Blaze - Crush Claw, Extrasensory, Flare Blitz, Flame Burst - Luxury Ball - 5M
    Darumaka - Adamant - Hustle - Yawn, Encore, Take Down, Focus Punch - Repeat Ball - 1M
    Deino - Timid - Hustle - Head Smash, Earth Power, Ice Fang, Fire Fang - Luxury Ball - 1M
    Froakie - Timid - Protean - Camouflage, Mud Sport, Water Sport, Toxic Spikes - Luxury Ball - 1M
    Grimer - Adamant, Careful - Poison Touch - Curse, Shadow Punch, Shadow Sneak, Stockpile - Dream Ball - 2M
    Goomy - Quiet - Gooey - Acid Armor, Counter, Iron Tail, Curse - Luxury Ball - 1F
    Horsea - Modest - Sniper - Clear Smog, Disable, Outrage, Signal Beam - Moon Ball - 1M
    Litwick - Modest - Flash Fire - Acid Armor, Haze, Clear Smog, Heat Wave - Luxury Ball - 1M
    Machop - Adamant - No Guard - Bullet Punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Knock Off - Heavy Ball - 1M
    Mienfoo - Jolly - Regenerator - Baton Pass, Feint, Me First, Knock Off - Luxury & Premier Ball - 1M 1F Luxury, 1M Premier
    Noibat - Timid - Infiltrator - Outrage, Tailwind, Switcheroo, Snatch - Luxury Ball - 1M
    Pinsir - Jolly - Moxie - Quick Attack, Close Combat - Luxury Ball - 1F
    Rotom - Modest - Levitate - 0 Attack, 31/00/31/31/31/31 - cause Foul Play + Confusion sux - 1X
    Scyther - Adamant - Technician - Baton Pass, Counter, Defog, Silver Wind - Luxury Ball - 1F
    Shellos-Pink - Bold - Storm Drain - Clear Smog, Curse, Counter, Mirror Coat - Heal Ball - 1M
    Slowpoke - Bold - Regenerator - Block, Belly Drum, Zen Headbutt, Future Sight - Dream Ball - 1M
    Snorunt - Timid - Moody - Hex, Disable, Switcheroo, Spikes - Dream Ball - 1F
    Squirtle - Bold - Rain Dish - Aqua Jet, Dragon Pulse, Aura Sphere, Water Spout - Dive Ball - 1M
    Timburr - Adamant - Iron Fist - Drain Punch, Force Palm, Mach Punch, Wide Guard - Dream Ball - 1M
    Trapinch - Jolly - Hyper Cutter - Bug Bite, Earth Power, Quick Attack, Signal Beam - Safari Ball - 2M
    Yanma - Timid - Speed Boost - Pursuit, Signal Beam, Silver Wind, Whirlwind - Friend Ball - 1M
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2014
  5. SkyDriver

    SkyDriver Hiding in the grass

    Looking for:

    ♀ Carvanha / Sharpedo, Adamant w/ Speed Boost and 4+ IVs


    Shiny Deino, UT (Lvl 29), Timid, 3 IVs
    Also have some HA pokes, if you don't want Deino, PM me and we can work something out :)
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2014
  6. Cavenaghi87

    Cavenaghi87 New Member

    I have some HA Pokemons and want same as well, i ONLY accept FEMALE HA Pokemon and in a regular(normal pokeball)


    Nosepass, Pidgey, Jynx, Snover, Bergmite, Espurr, Gligar, Mawile, Gastly, Venipede, Pancham, Mankey, Ralts, Phantump, Shuppet, Dunsparce, Loudred, Snorunt, Gumpig, Kangaskhan, Sableye, Natu, Slakoth(only 1st ability), Larvitar, Magmar, Dewgong, Abra, Lapras, Staryu, Onix, Geodude, Krabby, Tropius, Swanna, Oddish, Klang, Manectric, Helioptile, Ponyta, Electrode, Mr. Mime, Ariados, Chansey, Electabuzz, Jigglypuff, Forretress, Larvitar, Klefki, Luxio, Starly, Pidove, Beartic, Cloyster, Spheal, Dwebble, Rhydon, Galvantula, Quagsire, Poliwhirl, Drifblim, Hoothoot, Mienfoo, Gogoat, Lillipup, Kecleon, Ninetales, Abra, Fraxure, Dratini(Extremespeed), Spearow, Hawlucha, Noibat, Diggersby, Marowak, Slugma, Druddigon, Machop, Delibird, Zebstrika, Sneasel, Seedot, Lopunny, Fletchling, Bagon, Spritzee, Emolga, Luxio, Bouffalant, Riolu, Togepi, Combee, Gyarados, Cranidos, Porygon, Omanyte, Kabuto, Amaura, Tyrantrum, Nincada, Leavanny, Sawk(only male), Throh(only male), Snorlax, Palpitoad, Sharpedo, Audino, Feebas, Psyduck, Patrat, Whiscash, Drilbur & Phanpy


    Timburr, Gible, Buizel & Murkrow
  7. Erchamion

    Erchamion Active Member

    Hi, I'm looking for a HA Ralts

    I have lots 4-5 iv pokemon to offer in return, some of them with HA, (absol HA, oddish, keckleon HA, poochyeena HA, clamperl, magikarp, bagon, charmander, deino, aron, gible HA, HA bulbasur, Honedge, Scyther, mawile, tropius, weedle and electrike)
    I can also breed HA dratini, HA tangela, HA shroomish

    EDIT: trade completed
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2014
  8. MegaAbsol

    MegaAbsol Well-Known Member

    I'm looking for HA Carvanha / Sharpedo, Female, preferably in Dive or Luxury ball, not in a regular ball though. I don't care about nature, egg moves or IVs as I can breed them in myself.

    I can offer HA Treecko (male only) or HA Fennekin (females maybe) at the moment although I may be able to breed others I currently can't remember what else I have. Please PM me if you want to trade. :)
  9. Skullkraken

    Skullkraken Masuda Methodist

    Looking For Only the following:
    EDIT: Totodile can't get sheer force as I have just found out. I did get ripped off by user OKCdatsME who claimed to have one though, so watch out.
    Megastones: Charizardite Y, Aggronite, Houndoomite

    Offering The following are 3-5ivs unless specified. Not all female:
    Adamant Speed Boost Carvanha's with Destiny Bond
    Adamant Speed Boost Torchic
    Adamant Protean Kecleon with Fake Out and Recover
    Jolly Iron Fist Chimchar with Fake Out and Thunderpunch
    Jolly Speed Boost Venipede
    Jolly Toxic Boost Zangoose
    Jolly Lightningrod Pikachu
    Jolly Infiltrator Hoppip
    2iv Imposter Ditto
    Adamant Unburden Swirlix holding Whipped Dream (female)
    Calm Prankster Cottonee
    Timid Drought Vulpix
    Timid Chlorophyll Ivysaur

    PM me if you want to have additional requests like egg moves etc. I'm not changing balls though
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2014
  10. OKCdatsME

    OKCdatsME New Member

    Im looking for a Prankster Purloin. Im willing to trade trade shinies, rare pokemon, Hidden abilities, message me with what you would like.
    Ball doesn't matter, and I would prefer perfect ivs.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2014
  11. MaddieShinx

    MaddieShinx Pokémon Breeder

    As of right now, I am able to breed a small bandful of HA Pokemon.
    -Bulletproof Chespin
    -Marvel Scale Dratini
    -Gale Wings Fletchling
    -Iron Fist Chimchar
    -Protean Froakie
    ***I can also provide HA of Eevee and Eeveelutions

    Looking for: Shinies, other HA Pokemon I don't have.

    PM or VM me offers
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2014
  12. Hey folks, desperately searching for a female HA oddish//gloom. The pokéball type doesn't really matter to me, nor the IVs or nature (can breed for those once I get the 'mon). In exchange I have, off the top of my head: HA Nidorans, Stantler, Meinfoo/shao (the unevolved one), Qwilfish, Feebas, Slowpoke, Gligar, Qwilfish, Foongus, Froakie, IM me if interested or looking for something else (might have it, just can't remember everything!).
  13. Chapter14

    Chapter14 New Member

    Hey guys, anyone have an HA Zubat or Carvanha, female?

    I can trade HA Vulpix, Corphish, Eevee, Slowpoke, Nidoran, Froakie, Charmander, Fennekin, etc... I also have a larger catalogue than that and am willing to trade non-version exclusive mega stones. Hit me up with offers?
  14. e6life

    e6life Shedinja Trainer

    I've finally gotten around to making a spreadsheet of all the current HA Pokémon I can breed. I've organized them by earliest method of obtaining (Horde, Friend Safari, and Transfer). I also listed the ones I need to the right. Please take a look. I'd be happy to make a trade.

    My List
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2014
  15. MezzyMuffin

    MezzyMuffin Dream World breeder

    [Edit: 9/23/2014]
    Got them all~ Thank you very much!
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2014
  16. pyro_storm

    pyro_storm Member

    I've been looking for the Special ball Pokemon in my sig- but I guess they really are that uncommon. If anyone has the below pokemon I will gladly offer more than one pokemon for each!

    Female Dive ball HA Goldeen
    Female Dive ball HA Qwilfish
    Female Dive ball HA Carvanha
    Female Dive ball HA Barboach
    Female Repeat ball HA Burmy
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2014
  17. Wicked13

    Wicked13 Competitive Breeder

    Pokemon I am looking for:
    - Normal Types: Teddiursa, Lillipup, Eevee, Smeargle
    - Bug Types: Paras, Ledyba, Illumise
    - Dark Types: Mightyena, Nuzleaf, Pawniard, Vullaby, Cacturne, Crawdaunt, Sandile, Sableye, Absol, Liepard, Inkay
    - Dragon Types: Sliggoo
    - Electric Types: Stunfisk
    - Fairy Types: Togepi, Snubbull, Kirlia, Jigglypuff, Spritzee, Swirlix, Clefairy, Floette
    - Fighting Types: Mienfoo, Sawk
    - Fire Types: Ponyta, Pansear, Slugma, Ninetales
    - Flying Types: Farfetch'd, Doduo, Hoothoot, Tranquill, Swanna, Tropius, Hawlucha
    - Ghost Types: Dusclops
    - Ground Types: Dugtrio
    - Ice Types: Dewgong
    - Poison Types: Gloom, Swalot
    - Psychic Types: Grumpig, Wobbuffet
    - Rock Types: Boldore, Magcargo
    - Steel Types: Mawile, Ferroseed, Forretress, Skarmory
    - Water Types: Krabby, Octilery, Gyarados

    I got lots of 5-6IV Pokemon for trade message me if you have any of this pokemon or pokemon in their evolutionary lines :) and tell me what you're looking for :)
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2014
  18. hitoshura0

    hitoshura0 Well-Known Member

    I am looking for a HA Karrablast. Will offer what you desire for it.
  19. DarkAssasen

    DarkAssasen Dragon Tamer

    I have every breedable hidden ability Pokemon available and can breed natures and IVs on request, I'm mainly looking for shiny Unknown, excluding H and ?, but I'll accept nearly any legit shiny. I'm also looking for a Houndoomite.

    Also looking for all of the following legit Pokemon:
    Legit Movie Diancie
    HP Dittos

    PM me with offers, I'm willing to breed multiple Pokemon for most things.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2014
  20. miShellder

    miShellder Bank Ball Collector

    Hello all!

    Edit: HA Collection Complete!!!

    HA Pokemon : including starters, fossils, and other transfer only
    Dream ball Pokemon with HA : Karrablast, Munna, Illumise, Buneary, Nincada, Tentacool, Hoothoot, Ralts, Joltik, Mantine, Caterpie, Mareep, plus more (check link in signature)
    Other Bank Ball Pokemon

    PM if you want to trade!
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2014

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