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Hidden Ability Trading Thread


New Member
Looking for a HA Slowpoke. I have a couple of HA Pokemon that I can trade for it.


New Member
I'm looking for a HA Rufflet (Defiant)! I have a big variety of other HA Pokemon just ask and I'm sure we can work sth out!


Well-Known Member
does anyone have a HA Tyrunt?

Unless I have my days mixed up it should be live now right?

I have a bunch of HA I can offer as well as some events from Gen V


Beginner Collector
LF: Tyrunt codes from the last Hoenn Battle Competition.


Events: Diancie (also have a few codes available from trade), Fancy Vivillon, Poke Ball Vivillon, SUM2014 Pinsir, SUM2014 Heracross, Wish Maker (Bonus Disk) Jirachi, SUM2013 Giratina and SUM2013 Palkia.
(1 pokemon = 1 code)

6IV Pokemons self hatched (NOT SHINY): Scyther (Steadfast), Smeargle (Moody/Technician/Own Tempo), Ponyta (Flame Body), Pachirisu (Volt Absorb/Pickup), Dratini (Marvel Scale/Shed Skin), Cottonee (Infiltrator/Prankster/Chlorophyll), Scraggy (Intimidate/Moxie), Eevee (Anticipation, only males or 5IVs for females), Shinx (Guts/Intimidate), Sentret (Frisk), Nidoran female (Hustle), Heracross (Moxie), Fennekin (Magician, only males or 5IVs for females), Feebas (Oblivious, Adaptability, Swift Swim) and Ekans (Unnerve/Intimidate).
(2 pokemons = 1 code)

Also have shinies, PM for list
(1 OR 2 shinies = 1 code).


Normal: The abnormal
Looking For: Sheer Force Landorus

For Trade: 6 IV Shiny Quiet Magic Guard Cleffa
6 IV Shiny Timid Ampharos
ALL 5 IV breedable pokemon
Shiny Ditto, Zigzagoon, Miltank and event Beldum


New Member
For anybody that's gotten their Sturdy Tyrunt today, I'd like to trade for 1 and breed them.
If you have any specifications, you can list them to me via PM. However I'll be breeding 7 Tyrunt's, and then distributing them for future trades/wonder trades.


Pokemon breeder
I am looking for a HA Shelmet.

I have many HA and bank ball pokemon to trade such as contrary shuckles in dreamballs and plenty of moon all pokemon I can breed.

Unfortunately the tyrunt isn't being released today but on or around the 17th which sucks since I was meant to be receiving one. When I do recieve mine I will be breeding them and putting egg moves onto them, so if you're interested I will be trading them next month.


Off and On Trainer
Looking for HA spinda. Offering battle ready 5iv Pokémon and events. Pm me if interested and also to see what I can offer. Thanks


New Member
trade done
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Battle Maniac
LF Hidden ability chimchar evo line anyone pm me offer


I'm looking for HA Sentret in a Luxury, Timer, Heal or Premier Ball! (I mostly prefer the last two Balls)
for Love Ball Slowpoke.

I can offer many different things (HA Pokemon, BankBall Pokemon, Shiny Berry Glitch Fix Zigzagoon, and many others...), please send me a PM with what you are looking for.

EDIT: completed Sentret trade
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Pokemon Nerd
Hi, I'm looking for anything in the following list without a check mark :) I can trade anything with a check mark by it


Bulbasaur [Chlorophyll] ✔️
Charmander [Solar Power] ✔️
Squirtle [Rain Dish] ✔️
Caterpie [Run Away → Tinted Lens]
Weedle [Run Away → Sniper]
Pidgey [Big Pecks]
Rattata [Hustle]
Spearow [Sniper]
Ekans [Unnerve]
Sandshrew [Sand Rush]
Nidoran[ Hustle → Sheer Force] ✔️
Vulpix [Drought] ✔️
Zubat [Infiltrator]
Oddish [Run Away → Stentch | Effect Spore | Healer]
Paras [Damp]
Venonat [Run Away → Wonder Skin]
Diglett [Sand Force]
Meowth [Unnerve]
Psyduck [Swift Swim]
Mankey [Defiant]
Growlithe [Justified]
Poliwag [Swift Swim → Drizzle] ✔️
Abra [Magic Guard] ✔️
Machop [Steadfast] ✔️
Bellsprout [Gluttony]
Tentacool [Rain Dish]
Geodude [Sand Veil]
Ponyta [Flame Body]
Slowpoke [Regenerator]
Magnemite [Analytic]
Farfetch'd [Defiant]
Doduo [Tangled Feet]
Seel [Ice Body]
Grimer [Poison Touch] ✔️
Shellder [Overcoat]
Onix [Weak Armor → Sheer Force]
Drowzee [InnerFocus]
Krabby [Sheer Force] ✔️
Voltorb [Aftermath] ✔️
Exeggcute [Harvest]
Cubone [Battle Armor]
Lickitung [Cloud Nine]
Rhyhorn [Reckless]
Tangela [Regenerator]
Kangaskhan [Inner Focus]
Horsea [Damp] ✔️
Goldeen [Lightning Rod]
Staryu [Annalytic]
Scyther [Steadfast → Light Metal] ✔️
Pinsir [Moxie]
Tauros [Sheer Force]
Magikarp [Rattled → Moxie] ✔️
Lapras Hydration]
Ditto [Imposter] ✔️
Eevee [Anticipation → Hydration | Quick Feet | Guts | Magic Bounce | Inner Focus | Chlorophyll | Ice Body | Pixilate] ✔️
Porygon [Analytic]
Omanyte [Weak Armor]
Kabuto [Weak Armor]
Aerodactyl [Unnerve]
Dratini [Marvel Scale → Multiscale] ✔️


Sentret [Frisk]
Hoothoot [Tinted Lens]
Ledyba [Rattled → Iron Fist]
Spinarak [Sniper]
Chinchou [Water Absorb]
Pichu [Lightning Rod]
Cleffa [Friend Guard → Unaware]
Igglybuff [Friend Guard → Frisk]
Togepi [Super Luck] ✔️
Natu [Magic Bounce]
Mareep [Plus] ✔️
Hoppip [Infiltrator]
Aipom [Skill Link] ✔️
Sunkern [Early Bird]
Yanma [Frisk]
Wooper [Unaware]
Murkrow [Prankster → Moxie]
Girafarig [Sap Sipper]
Pineco [Overcoat]
Dunsparce [Rattled]
Gligar [Immunity → Poison Heal] ✔️
Snubbull [Rattled]
Qwilfish [Intimidate]
Shuckle [Contrary]
Heracross [Moxie]
Sneasel [Pickpocket]
Teddiursa [Honey Gather → Unnerve]
Slugma [Weak Armor]
Swinub [Thick Fat]
Corsola [Regenerator]
Remoraid [Moody] ✔️
Delibird [Insomnia]
Skarmory [Weak Armor]
Houndour [Unnerve]
Phanpy [Sand Veil]
Stantler [Sap Sipper]
Smeargle [Moody]
Tyrogue [Vital Spirit → Unburden | Inner Focus | Steadfast] ✔️
Smoochum [Hydration --> Dry Skin]
Elekid [Vital Spirit] ✔️
Magby [Vital Spirit] ✔️
Miltank [Sap Sipper]
Larvitar [Sand Veil → Unnerve]


Treecko [Unburden] ✔️
Torchic [Speed Boost] ✔️
Mudkip [Damp] ✔️
Poochyena [Rattled → Moxie] ✔️
Zigzagoon [Quick Feet] ✔️
Wurmple [Run Away → Rivalry | Compoundeyes] ✔️
Lotad [Own Tempo] ✔️
Seedot [Pickpocket]
Taillow [Scrappy] ✔️
Wingull [Rain Dish] ✔️
Ralts [Telepathy → Justified] ✔️
Surskit [Rain Dish → Unnerve] ✔️
Shroomish [Quick Feet → Technician] ✔️
Nincada [Run Away → Infiltrator] ✔️
Whismur [Rattled → Scrappy] ✔️
Makuhita [Sheer Force] ✔️
Azurill [Sap Sipper] ✔️
Nosepass [Sand Force]
Skitty [Wonder Skin] ✔️
Sableye [Prankster] ✔️
Mawile [Sheer Force]
Aron [Heavy Metal] ✔️
Meditite [Telepathy] ✔️
Electrike [Minus] ✔️
Plusle [Lightning Rod] ✔️
Minun [Volt Absorb] ✔️
Volbeat/Illumise [Prankster] ✔️
Gulpin [Gluttony] ✔️
Carvanha [Speed Boost] ✔️
Wailmer [Pressure] ✔️
Numel [Own Tempo → Anger Point] ✔️
Torkoal [Shell Armor]
Spoink [Gluttony] ✔️
Spinda [Contrary] ✔️
Trapinch [Sheer Force]
Cacnea [Water Absorb]
Swablu [Cloud Nine] ✔️
Zangoose [Toxic Boost]
Seviper [Infiltrator] ✔️
Barboach [Hydration]
Corphish [Adaptability]
Lileep [Storm Drain] ✔️
Anorith [Swift Swim]
Feebas [Adaptability → Cute Charm]
Kecleon [Protean] ✔️
Shuppet [Cursed Body] ✔️
Duskull [Frisk]
Tropius [Harvest] ✔️
Absol [Justified] ✔️
Wynaut [Telepathy] ✔️
Snorunt [Moody → Cursed Body] ✔️
Spheal [Oblivious]
Clamperl [Rattled → Water Veil | Hydration]
Relicanth [Sturdy]
Luvdisc [Hydration] ✔️
Bagon [Sheer Force → Overcoat → Moxie] ✔️
Beldum [Light Metal] ✔️


Turtwig [Shell Armor] ✔️
Chimchar [Iron Fist] ✔️
Piplup [Defiant] ✔️
Starly [Reckless]
Bidoof [Moody]
Kricketot [Run Away → Technician]
Shinx [Guts]
Budew [Leaf Guard → Technician]
Cranidos [Sheer Force]
Shieldon [Soundproof]
Burmy [Overcoat → Tinted Lens]
Combee [Hustle → Unnerve]
Pachirisu [Volt Absorb]
Buizel [Water Veil]
Shellos [Sand Force]
Drifloon [Flare Boost]
Buneary [Limber] ✔️
Glameow [Keen Eye → Defiant] ✔️
Stunky [Keen Eye]
Bronzor [Heavy Metal]
Bonsly [Rattled]
Mime Jr. [Technician]
Happiny [Friend Guard → Healer] ✔️
Chatot [Big Pecks]
Spiritomb [Infiltrator] ✔️
Gible [Rough Skin] ✔️
Munchlax [Gluttony]
Riolu [Prankster → Justified]
Hippopotas [Sand Force]
Skorupi [Keen Eye]
Croagunk [Poison Touch]
Finneon [Water Veil]
Mantyke [Water Veil]
Snover [Soundproof]


Snivy [Contrary] ✔️
Tepig [Thick Fat → Reckless] ✔️
Oshawott [Shell Armor] ✔️
Patrat [Analytic]
Lillipup [Run Away → Scrappy]
Purrloin [Prankster] ✔️
Pansage [Overgrow]
Pansear [Blaze]
Panpour [Torrent]
Munna [Telepathy]
Pidove [Rivalry]
Blitzle [Sap Sipper] ✔️
Roggenrola [Sand Force]
Woobat [Simple]
Drilbur [Mold Breaker] ✔️
Audino [Klutz]
Timburr [Iron Fist] ✔️
Tympole [Water Absorb]
Throh [Mold Breaker]
Sawk [Mold Breaker]
Sewaddle [Overcoat]
Venipede [Speed Boost]
Cottonee [Chlorophyll]
Petilil [Leaf Guard]
Basculin [Mold Breaker]
Sandile [Anger Point]
Darumaka [Inner Focus → Zen Mode]
Maractus [Storm Drain]
Dwebble [Weak Armor]
Scraggy [Intimidate]
Sigilyph [Tinted Lens]
Tirtouga [Swift Swim]
Trubbish [Aftermath]
Minccino [Skill Link] ✔️
Gothita [Shadow Tag]
Solosis [Regenerator]
Ducklett [Hydration]
Vanillite [Weak Armor]
Deerling [Serene Grace] ✔️
Emolga [Motor Drive] ✔️
Karrablast [No Guard → Overcoat]
Foongus [Regenerator]
Frillish [Damp]
Alomomola [Regenerator]
Joltik [Swarm]
Ferroseed [Iron Barbs → Anticipation] ✔️
Klink [Clear Body]
Elgyem [Analytic] ✔️
Litwick [Infiltrator]
Axew [Unnerve]
Cubchoo [Rattled → Swift Swim]
Shelmet [Overcoat → Unburden]
Stunfisk [Sand Veil]
Mienfoo [Reckless]
Druddigon [Mold Breaker]
Golett [No Guard]
Pawniard [Pressure]
Bouffalant [Soundproof]
Rufflet [Hustle → Defiant]
Vullaby [Weak Armor]
Heatmor [White Smoke]
Durant [ Truant]
Larvesta [Swarm]


Chespin [Bulletproof] ✔️
Fennekin [Magician] ✔️
Froakie [Protean] ✔️
Bunnelby [Huge Power] ✔️
Fletchling [Gale Wings] ✔️
Scatterbug [Friend Guard] ✔️
Litleo [Moxie] ✔️
Flabébé [Symbiosis]
Skiddo [Grass Pelt]
Pancham [Scrappy] ✔️
Espurr [Own Tempo → Prankster | Competitive] ✔️
Spritzee [Aroma Veil] ✔️
Swirlix [Unburden] ✔️
Inkay [Infiltrator]
Binacle [Pickpocket]
Skrelp [Adaptability] ✔️
Helioptile [Solar Power] ✔️
Tyrunt [Sturdy]
Hawlucha [Mold Breaker]
Dedenne [Plus]
Carbink [Sturdy] ✔️
Goomy [Gooey] ✔️
Klefki [Magician]
Phantump [Harvest]
Pumpkaboo (Super Size) [Insomnia] ✔️
Bergmite [Sturdy] ✔️
Noibat [Telepathy] ✔️
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Dragon Tamer
I have every breedable hidden ability Pokemon available and can breed natures and IVs on request, I'm mainly looking for shiny Unknown, excluding A, B, G, H, K, N, O, Q, R, T, X, Z and ?, but I'll accept nearly any legit shiny.

Also looking for all of the following legit Pokemon:

Hidden Power Dittos
Master Balls
Soul Dew

PM me with offers, I'm willing to breed multiple Pokemon for most things.
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Normal: The abnormal
LF: HA tyrunt and oshawott and Carbink

FT: HA Aerodactyl, Kabuto, Shiny Zigzagoon (for 5 IV of each), custom bred 5 IV (for carbink, or tyrunt and oshawott combined)
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Requiem Aeternam

Dance like an eggplant!
Looking for the following Pokemon.

HA Pokemon (must be female with HA. IVs, EVs, nature, etc don't matter, NO nicknames, preferably Kalos/ORAS bred but not required):
- Tirtouga in Dive Ball or Nest Ball
- Ditto with 30 IVs in all stats (doesn't need its HA, nature, Ball etc don't matter. Cloned or RNGd is fine. NO hacks.)
- Non-English Ditto with 31 IVs in all stats (doesn't need its HA, nature, Ball etc don't matter. Cloned or RNGd is fine. NO hacks.)
I need the following Event Pokemon to complete my Living PokeDex. I will accept clones, with any IVs and nature. NO HACKS. I only want one of each specie so, for example, if I get a Pokemon Ranger Manaphy, I will no longer be looking for another Manaphy. NO nicknames please. Willing to do 2 for 1 for each:

- Any Event Manaphy
- Any Event Shaymin
I'm looking for the following 5IV Vivillon patterns to complete my collection. Must be Timid, 5IV (no attack) in the requested PokeBall, with Compoundeyes for its ability, Rage Powder egg move, and be Lv12. Gender doesn't matter. Minimal EVs preferred. NO nicknames or PowerSaves. I will accept Scatterbug provided you can prove which pattern it has when it evolves:

- Sandstorm in Timer Ball
- Jungle in Dusk Ball
- Meadow in Heal Ball
- Ocean in Great Ball
- Polar in Net Ball
- Tundra in Dive Ball
- Elegant in Luxury Ball
- Icy snow in Premier Ball
- Modern in Repeat Ball
- Marine in Dive Ball
- Archipelago in Repeat Ball
- High Plains in Ultra Ball
- River in Quick Ball
- Savannah in Quick Ball
- Sun in Heal Ball

- Any breedable non-HA Pokemon in PokeBall of choice (no Master Balls)
- Any catchable HA Pokemon in OR or XY Hordes in PokeBall of choice (no Master Balls or Mirage Island exclusive Pokemon).
- Any legal Apricorn Ball Pokemon in PokeBall of choice (these will not have HAs).
- HA Snivy with Mirror Coat, Mean Look, Sweet Scent and Glare Egg moves - 2 5IV (no attack) Timid males in stock.
- HA Tepig with Sucker Punch, Yawn, Heavy Slam and Superpower Egg moves - 11 5IV (no special attack) Adamant males in stock.
- Garden Pattern Vivillon in PokeBall of choice (no Master Balls)

All of the following will be in standard PokeBalls unless stated:

- Bulbasaur
- Charmander
- Squirtle
- Treecko
- Torchic
- Chimchar
- Chespin
- Fennekin (all XY PokeBalls available)
- Froakie
- Fletchling
- Mienfoo (all XY PokeBalls available)
- Pancham (all XY PokeBalls available)
- Riolu (all XY PokeBalls available)
- Bunnelby (all XY PokeBalls available)
- Shuckle (all XY PokeBalls available)
- Wooper (all XY PokeBalls available)
- Croagunk (all XY PokeBalls available)
- Pansage (all XY PokeBalls available)
- Gogoat (all XY PokeBalls available)
- Butterfree (all XY PokeBalls available)
- Cubone (all XY PokeBalls available)
- Venipede (all XY PokeBalls available)
- Sentret
- Houndour in Moon or Level Ball
- Shinx in Moon Ball
- Ponyta in Moon Ball
- Ekans in Heavy Ball
- Buneary in Love Ball
- Sneasel in Moon Ball
- Koffing in Heavy Ball
- Growlithe in Level or Fast Ball
- Yanma in Lure Ball
- Oddish in Lure Ball
- Zubat in Heavy Ball
- Kangaskhan in Safari Ball
- Larvitar in Safari Ball
- Scyther in Sport Ball
- Miltank in Love Ball

Note that these are just the Pokemon I have ready to breed in XY/ORAS. I can get most other legal Bank Ball Pokemon but these will take longer to get as I have to catch and transfer them. Snorlax and Sudowoodo are not available but Lapras is.

All of the above Pokemon will be female (unless requested otherwise) and have their HAs, excluding the Bank Ball ones as they cannot legitimately have their HAs. I can breed for the desired nature and ability. I can also breed for Trick Room Pokemon (0 Speed IVs) or Japanese Pokemon (these will be bred on my Y ONLY so will not have ORAS exclusive egg moves).

Due to the amount of time it takes to get them I will no longer be breeding for 5IV, Trick Room or Hidden Power Pokemon that have a 1/8 chance of being the preferred gender regardless of what's being offered. I will breed for these Pokemon if you don't care for the IVs it has. For Pokemon that have a 1/4 chance of being the preferred gender I will breed for 5IVs and Trick Room IVs but NOT for Hidden Power IVs. I will also not breed these IVs onto Pokemon that require an item to get (e.g. Volt Tackle Pichu and Mantyke) as getting both the IVs and desired nature is far too difficult and I just don't have the time or the patience to do so.

I will also only breed Hidden Power Ice Pokemon for the Events or Ditto due to how long and frustrating it is to get these. I'll breed HP Electric and Grass for anything.

PM if interested.
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New Member
Let's trade.

Got it. Thanks everyone.

Can offer:

All IVs are pretty bad but...
Noctowl (wild)

*need some time to back up

Other things I can offer...
IVs maybe?
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