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Hidden Ability Trading Thread


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Okay So I need the following Pokemon with their hidden ability
Defiant, female, Quirky Farfetch'd
Magic bounce, female, modest Xatu
Magic gaurd, female, Modest Abra
Friend Gaurd, female , timid, Vivillon
Contrary, female, quirky, spinda
Moxie, Female, Adamant, pinsir
Weak Armour, Female, Kabutops

I have a variety of shinnies to offer for these guys including a shiny Hondour, Buneary, Treeko, Bagon, Dratini, Evee, Axew, Beldum, Sableye, And a shiny ditto among every legendary available. Pm me if you got the HA pokemon I'm looking for.


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Looking for ha swinub. Offering every battle item apart from ability capsule, most berries, quite a lot of ha and more. Pm me if interested.


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Looking for Swift Swim Poliwag/Poliwhirl/Poliwrath/Drizzle Politoed

Can offer an battle ready Whimsicott, HA mirage spot mons, HA Hoenn Dex mons, HA Johto/Unova starters, HA Amaura, HA Tyrunt, HA Gothita, wide guard Honedge, Quick Guard HA Fletchling, 5IV Kangaskhan, or Ability Capsule.
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Too Good For Words
HA Dragonite/Dragonair/Dratini.
HA Arauma
Shiny Stoutland
Shiny slowpoke
HA Megainium
HA Typhlosion
HA Feraligatr
5IV Lotad
HA Poliwag
5IV Shelgon
HA Torchic
HA eevee
I'm looking for a Ditto with Imposter, the lower the level the better. I don't care much about nature or anything else, I just wanna restart my X version and play through with the ditto for the fun of it. I can offer a HA vulpix or abra, I can help with dex entries on most legendaries, and I can offer pokerus. I'll offer a master ball or a macho brace as well
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Does any1 have a FOREIGN to America Prankster Sableye. I will give a 4 IV Slowpoke with a Bold nature and HA Regenerator. The IVs are in Hp Def Special Attack and Defense. Thanks for the trade man. I hope to trade with you guys next time
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I love turtwig!!!

Shiny collector
In want of a HA amaura. I have tons of HA pokemon to offer. Pm if interested.


New Member
Hello! I am looking for some pokemon PM me if you have a spare of them
non HA: larvitar, drillbur
HA: drillbur, fletchling, froakie, totodile,
i dont have much to offer but i have several 5 ivs pokemon, some extra megastones, bp items, and a friend safari ditto if anyone is looking for that.


Eeveelution Trainer
Looking for No Guard/Overcoat Karrablast/Escavalier. I don't care about EVs, IVs, nature or gender; I just need the ability.
PM if interested.

Edit: Got the no guard Karrablast, if anyone after me needs one I can breed it for you. PM me.
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Hey people Im looking for sap sipper pokemons specially Milktank , Marril, and boufalant y have many pokemons with good Iv for trade.


Pokémon Breeder
Looking for the following HA's:


Can offer IV bred/HA/Bank Ball in return.


Dream World breeder
Hello! I'm looking for female Pokémon with their hidden abilities in the following Poké Balls:

Patrat (Ultra Ball), Lillipup (Timer Ball), Purrloin (Dusk Ball), Pansage(Nest Ball), Sewaddle (Nest Ball), Trubbish (Dusk Ball), Minccino (Premier Ball), Foongus (Timer Ball), Frillish (Heal Ball + Dive Ball + Premier Ball) Cubchoo (Dive Ball), Mienfoo (Premier Ball), Bouffalant (Luxury Ball), Vullaby (Dusk Ball), Litleo (Luxury Ball), Red and Yellow Flabébé (Premier Ball), Skiddo (Nest Ball), Spritzee (Heal Ball), Swirlix (Heal Ball + Premier Ball), Inkay (Dusk Ball), and Skrelp (Dusk Ball).

I can offer:
All available, breedable hidden abilities; All available, breedable females in Dream Balls; rare egg moves like Extreme Speed Dratini and Self Destruct Munchlax; Evolutionary help; EV Training; 5IV Pokémon; and even complete battle-ready Pokémon(so long as they can be bred)!
I'm willing to give you as many Pokémon as you'd like for each one on my list!
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Crimson Dragon
i got a few 3-5 iv pokeball HA totodile i dont have a use for. adamant crunch, aqua jet, dragon dance and ice punch moves. i only have 2 females (3 IVs) atm and 10 males atm. not looking for anything specific i return but pm me if you want one. have a decent amount of torrent ones too.


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Dragon Tamer
I have every breedable hidden ability Pokemon available and can breed natures and IVs on request. I'm mainly just looking for anything in my Wants list but I'll accept nearly any legit shiny.

I also have HA Amaura

Shiny Pokemon:
Unknown C ;201-c;
Unknown D ;201-d;
Unknown F ;201-f;
Unknown J ;201-j;
Unknown L ;201-l;
Unknown M ;201-m;
Unknown P ;201-p;
Unknown S ;201-s;
Unknown U ;201-u;
Unknown V ;201-v;
Unknown W ;201-w;
Unknown Y ;201-y;
Unknown ! ;201-!;

Master Balls

PM me with offers, I'm willing to breed multiple Pokemon for most things.


New Member
Offering HA torchic, garchomp, bulbasaur, zubat/crobat, drilbur, gligar, eevee, heracross.

Seeking a HA bunnelby or diggersby in return, nature and IVs don't matter.