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Hidden Ability Trading Thread

Discussion in '6th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Pathfinder, Oct 20, 2013.

  1. Earendil

    Earendil Well-Known Member

    For anyone who needs assistance with their Hidden Ability Pokemon collections, I have access to every combination that is currently available. In exchange, I am asking for nothing in return- only that any "orders" that are received are limited to 2-3 Pokemon per person. Please note that due to the time involved, I will only breed for Abilities (and not natures, genders, IVs, etc.).

    Please feel free to contact me via PM for further details.
  2. Icarus64

    Icarus64 IcaV PokePimp

    I am looking for Pikachu (Lightning rod)
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2015
  3. Doomdour

    Doomdour Color Ball Collector

    Wants: All of these must be HA females

    [spoil]Poliwag in Dive
    Seel in Dive
    Horsea in Dive
    Sudowoodo in Nest
    Yanma in Dusk
    Swinub in Luxury
    Larvitar in Dusk Ball
    Trapinch in Dusk Ball
    Cacnea in Dusk
    Kecleon in Dusk
    Buizel in Quick

    FT: Check out my trade shop, I'm offering quite alot of color balls, every breedable HA as far as I know.

    Last edited: Aug 9, 2015
  4. Earendil

    Earendil Well-Known Member

    I have 1 Snow Warning Amaura, 1 female Dream Radar Swablu, and 1 female Dream Radar Igglybuff up for giveaway (as in, I am asking for nothing in return). Please note that these Pokemon were bred for their Hidden Ability ONLY, and do not have favorable natures, good IV spreads, egg moves, etc.

    Please feel free to contact me via PM if you are interested in one of these Pokemon.
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2015
  5. DarkAssasen

    DarkAssasen Dragon Tamer

    I have every breedable hidden ability Pokemon available and can breed natures and IVs on request. I'm mainly just looking for the things in my Wants list but I'll accept nearly any legit shiny.

    Shiny Pokemon:
    Unknown C ;201-c;
    Unknown D ;201-d;
    Unknown F ;201-f;
    Unknown J ;201-j;
    Unknown L ;201-l;
    Unknown M ;201-m;
    Unknown S ;201-s;
    Unknown V ;201-v;
    Unknown W ;201-w;
    Unknown Y ;201-y;
    Unknown ! ;201-!;

    Toxic Orbs
    Focus Sashes
    King's Rocks
    Weakness Policies
    Assault Vests

    PM me with offers, I'm willing to breed multiple Pokemon for most things.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2015
  6. Paladin of Arceus

    Paladin of Arceus Grey Warden

    Currently Looking For:
    Nothing at the moment, except to expand my collection and help people out with theirs! If you see something in my lists below that you've just gotta have, shoot me a PM and we'll work out a deal!

    Available For Trade:
    Chlorophyll Bulbasaur x2 (1x male with Timid nature and Giga Drain, 1x female in Premier Ball with Bold nature and Giga Drain)
    Unnerve Ekans (female in Dream Ball with Hardy nature and Snatch/Sucker Punch)
    Hustle Nidoran F (in Dive Ball with Adamant nature and Beat Up/Skull Bash/Supersonic/Poison Tail)
    Hustle Nidoran M (Rash nature)
    Magic Guard Abra (female in Poké Ball with Timid nature)
    Reckless Rhydon (female in Poké Ball with Gentle nature)
    Marvel Scale Dratini x2 (1x female in Poké Ball, 1x male; all with Adamant nature and Dragon Dance/Extreme Speed)
    Sheer Force Totodile (male with Adamant nature and Ice Punch/Crunch/Dragon Dance)
    Water Absorb Chinchou (female in Quick Ball with Hardy nature)
    Super Luck Togepi (male with Timid nature)
    Contrary Shuckle (male with Sassy nature)
    Cloud Nine Altaria (male with Lax nature)
    Speed Boost Torchic x3 (all males with Adamant nature)
    Telepathy Ralts x3 (2x females in Poké Balls, 1x male, all have Adamant nature)
    Storm Drain Lileep (female in Poké Ball with Brave nature and Barrier/Recover/Stealth Rock)
    Swift Swim Anorith (female in Luxury Ball with Modest nature and Cross Poison/Knock Off/Aqua Jet/Rapid Spin)
    Iron Fist Chimchar (male with Jolly nature and Fire Punch/Thunder Punch/Focus Punch/Fake Out)
    Defiant Piplup x3 (1x female in Poké Ball, 2x males, all with Adamant nature)
    Rough Skin Gible x3 (all females in Ultra Balls with Jolly nature and Iron Head/Sand Tomb)
    Prankster Riolu (male with Jolly nature and Crunch/Bullet Punch)
    Contrary Snivy (male with Timid nature)
    Telepathy Munna x2 (all males with Timid nature)
    Zen Mode Darmanitan (female with Bold nature)
    Tinted Lens Sigilyph (male with Docile nature)
    Protean Froakie (male with Timid nature)
    Gale Wings Fletchling (male with Adamant nature)
    Own Tempo Espurr (female in Dive Ball with Modest nature)
    Sturdy Tyrunt (male with Jolly nature and Fire Fang/Ice Fang/Thunder Fang/Dragon Dance)
    Gooey Goomy (female in Poké Ball with Timid nature)
    JUN2015 Extreme Speed Multiscale Dragonite x2 (1x male with Jolly nature, 1x female in Cherish Ball with Adamant nature, both UT)
    Poké Bank Flash Fire Typhlosion (male with Hasty nature and not UT)
    Poké Bank Celebi (in Luxury Ball, not UT)
    WIN2011 Nasty Plot Celebi (not UT)
    Present Contrary Serperior (male with Hasty nature, not UT)
    Present Reckless Emboar x2 (1x male with Mild nature, 1x male with Relaxed nature, neither are UT)
    Present Shell Armor Samurott (female in Cherish Ball with Hasty nature, not UT)
    Hope Diancie (Bold nature, not UT, holding Diancite)
    HGSS Lake of Rage Gyarados x3 (1x male with Hasty nature and UT, 1x female with Lax nature and UT, 1x male with Careful nature and not UT)
    White Treehollow Dragonite (male with Gentle nature and Inner Focus ability, not UT)
    Chain-fished Wailord (male with Bold nature and Oblivious ability, Gen 6-born, not UT)
    RE Staraptor (male with Quiet nature and Intimidate ability, Gen 4-born, not UT)
    Rivalry Luxray (female in Poké Ball with Quiet nature, Gen 4-born, seems to be a RE)
    Horde-spawned Yanmega (female in Dusk Ball with Tinted Lens ability, Gen 6-born, not UT)
    Nature Preserve Haxorus (female with Hasty nature and Rivalry ability, not UT)
    RE Talonflame (male with Adamant nature and Flame Body ability, KB, not UT)
    Chain-fished Clawitzer (female in Ultra Ball with Careful nature and Mega Launcher ability, KB, not UT)
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2015
  7. Hoipsin FaN

    Hoipsin FaN Member

    I am currently looking for a jolly Sheer Force Tauros with Rock Climb if possible. PM so we can discuss offers.
  8. Andrew Shard

    Andrew Shard Shards of Fury...

    Looking for jotho starters - 5IV
    cyndaquil (timid, HA, extrasensory);
    chikorita (calm, HA, leech seed);
    totodille (adamant, HA, dragon dance, ice punch).
    Have BR shinies: umbreon, milotic
    Have BR pokemon: landorus, thundurus, bisharpking for jotho starters - 5IV
    cyndaquil (timid, HA, extrasensory);
    chikorita (calm, HA, leech seed);
    totodille (adamant, HA, dragon dance, ice punch).
    Have BR SHINIES: umbreon, milotic
    Have BR pokemon: landorus, thundurus, bisharp
  9. MoltenClocks

    MoltenClocks New Member

    I'm looking for a Shell Armor Turtwig
    I can offer a variety of HA Pokemon or breed sth in exchange!
  10. StilleZwielicht

    StilleZwielicht New Member

    I am looking for a hidden ability Eevee. I do have a couple of shiny eeveeloutions, a shiny Adamant Sharpedo, and a Japanese ditto.
  11. brocksmsn14

    brocksmsn14 New Member

    I have Ha swirlix and Ha poliwags I am looking for solarpower charmander I can breed. I also have a shiny charizard to trade.3Dr fc is 4227-4069-0034. Msg me and I'll add anyone.
  12. Hatepanda

    Hatepanda New Member

    LF HA Politoed

    FT HA Lapras, Eevee, Froakie, Ralts, Gothita, Pichu and Torchic
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2015
  13. PrismaticPrincessAnna

    PrismaticPrincessAnna I'll do my Lilliest

  14. theSCRIB

    theSCRIB Shiny Breeder

    -Got a Dream Ball Abra, so this post is no longer relevant!-
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2015
  15. MrCrizzle

    MrCrizzle Member

    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for Sheer Force Totodile and a Snow Warning Amaura

    Not bothered by natures, IV spread or gender because I can breed my own.

    PM me if you want to trade and what you would like in exchange.

    Thanks everyone.
  16. Lorithial

    Lorithial Member

    Hello there! I am looking for a hidden ability anorith, I dont have much to trade and am mostly looking for someone to help me out. It would be much appreciated.
  17. jogurts

    jogurts Member

    I am looking for a HA bellspout, I have HA taruos, clfairy, dragonite for trade
  18. Lufiji

    Lufiji Well-Known Member

    Looking for HA Tyrunt. IVs and Natures don't matter. I have a bunch of other Hidden Ability Pokémon I could trade, and I can also IV breed just about any breedable Pokémon. The full list of HA Pokémon I have available are listed below, PM me if you're interested.

    Nidoran (Both Genders)
    All Johto Starters
    All Kalos Starters
  19. lolcrossfade

    lolcrossfade New Member

    Looking for female HA Lapras, in a Net Ball please. Im in Alpha sapphire and im willing to catch any HA pokemon you need from AS. I can also offer 5/6 iv sableyes, 5 iv claunchers, or 5 iv lapras's.
  20. ★Shiny Sylveon★

    ★Shiny Sylveon★ Well-Known Member

    Starter Pokemon
    All of the starters have a 12.5% female ratio.

    Nest Ball - Modest - 31.xx. - Overgrow/Chlorophyll
    Power Whip - Leaf Storm - Skull Bash - Petal Dance

    Dive Ball - Modest - 31.xx. - Torrent/Rain Dish
    Water Spout - Aura Sphere - Dragon Pulse - Muddy Water/Mirror Coat/Brine/Aqua Ring
    Yawn - Brine - Aura Sphere - Dragon Pulse

    Nest Ball - Calm - 31.xx. - Overgrow/Leaf Guard
    Leaf Storm - Grass Whistle - Body Slam - Ancient Power
    Note: Leaf Guard Chikorita will only be available in a normal pokeball.

    Luxury Ball - Modest - 31.xx. - BlazeFlash Fire
    Extrasensory - Flame Burst - Thrash - Crush Claw
    Note: Flash Fire Cyndaquil will only be available in a normal pokeball.

    Dive Ball - Jolly - 31.31.31.xx.31.31 - Torrent/Sheer Force
    Dragon Dance - Aqua Jet - Crunch - Ice Punch
    Note: Sheer Force Totodile will only be available in a normal pokeball.

    Pokeball Adamant - 31.31.31.xx.31.31 - Overgrow/Unburden
    Leaf Storm - Synthesis - Crunch - Grass Whistle

    Nest Ball - Adamant - 31.31.31.xx.31.31 - Blaze/Speed Boost
    Baton Pass - Night Slash - Flame Burst - Feather Dance

    Pokeball - Adamant - 31.31.31.xx.31.31 - Torrent/Damp
    Ice Ball - Mirror Coat - Avalanche - Ancient Power

    Pokeball - Adamant - 31.31.31.xx.31.31 - Overgrow/Shell Armor
    Seed Bomb - Superpower - Earth Power - Body Slam

    Chimchar - Jolly - 31.31.31.xx.31.31 - Blaze/Iron Fist
    Fire Punch - Focus Punch - Blaze Kick - Thunder Punch

    Pokeball - Modest - Torrent/Defiant
    Hydro Pump - Icy Wind - Yawn - Aqua Ring

    Pokeball - Timid - 31.xx. - Overgrow/Contrary
    Twister - Mirror Coat - Iron Tail - Magical Leaf

    Tepig - Modest - 31.xx. - Blaze/Thick Fat
    Sucker Punch - Yawn - Superpower - Sleep Talk

    Pokeball - Timid - 31.xx. - Torrent/Shell Armor
    Air Slash - Night Slash - Brine - Trump Card

    Nest Ball - Impish - Overgrow/Bulletproof
    Synthesis - Curse - Spikes - Rollout

    Repeat Ball - Modest - Blaze/Magician
    Hypnosis - Magic Coat - Wish - Heat Wave

    Dive Ball - Timid - Torrent/Protean
    Bestow - Mud Sport - Toxic Spikes - Camouflage


    I have a eevee for each eeveelution; Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Espeon, Umbreon and Sylveon.
    All their egg moves will have: Curse - Wish - Yawn - Detect or Stored Power.
    I may also try to breed HP spreads into them.
    Available in HA, Anticipation or it's two other normal abilities, Run Away and Adaptability.
    Eevee has a 12.5% female ratio.


    Eevee - Leafeon
    Nest Ball - Jolly - 31.31.31.xx.31.31

    Eevee - Glaceon
    Dive Ball - Modest - 31.xx.

    Eevee - Flareon
    Repeat Ball - Adamant - 31.31.31.xx.31.31

    Eevee - Jolteon
    Quick Ball - Timid - 31.xx.

    Eevee - Vaporeon
    Dive Ball - Bold - 31.xx.

    Eevee - Umbreon
    Luxury Ball - Calm - 31.xx.

    Eevee - Espeon
    Dream Ball - Timid - 31.xx.

    Eevee - Sylveon
    Dream/Premier/Heal Ball - Bold - 31.xx.

    All Other Available Pokemon


    Dream Ball - Adamant - Rock Head/Lightning Rod/Battle Armor
    Skull Bash - Chip Away - Belly Drum - Iron Head

    Dream Ball - Jolly - Inner Focus/Keen Eye/Pickpocket
    Crush Claw - Avalanche - Icicle Crash - Ice Punch

    Moon Ball - Timid - Chlorophyll
    Giga Drain - Power Whip - Weather Ball - Synthesis

    Dream Ball - Jolly - Early Bird/Scrappy/Inner Focus
    Counter - Stomp - Hammer Arm - Crush Claw

    Dream Ball - Jolly - Intimidate/Shed Skin/Unnerve
    Poison Tail - Sucker Punch - Iron Tail - Beat Up

    Dream Ball - Impish - Own Tempo/Oblivious/Cloud Nine
    Muddy Water - Belly Drum - Hammer Arm - Zen Headbutt

    Dream/Heavy Ball - Adamant - Lightning Rod/Rock Head/Reckless
    Rock Climb - Crunch - Dragon Rush - Skull Bash
    Reckless Rhyhorn will only be available in dream ball.

    Dive/Dream Ball - Timid - Shed Skin/Marvel Scale
    Extreme Speed - Dragon Pulse - Iron Tail - Dragon Rush

    Luxury/Dream Ball - Adamant - Hyper Cutter/Mold Breaker/Moxie
    Close Combat - Feint Attack - Super Power - Bug Bite

    Dream Ball - Timid - Flash Fire/Drought
    Hypnosis - Extrasensory - Hex - Heat Wave

    Dream Ball - Impish - Swarm/Technician/Steadfast
    Defog - Night Slash - Steel Wing - Reversal

    Dream Ball - Jolly - Pickup/Technician/Unnerve
    Iron Tail - Foul Play - Punishment - Hypnosis

    Dream Ball - Timid - Chlorophyll/Run Away
    Synthesis - Razor Leaf - Teeter Dance - Secret Power

    Dream Ball - Adamant - Pickup/Quick Feet/Honey Gather
    Cross Chop - Close Combat - Belly Drum - Night Slash


    Dream/Luxury Ball - Impish/Adamant - Pickup/Sand Veil
    Head Smash - Fissuse - Ancient Power - Play Rough

    Dream Ball - Bold - Cute Charm/Normalize/Wonder Skin
    Zen Headbutt - Wish - Mud Bomb - Sucker Punch

    Love Ball - Careful - Thick Fat/Scrappy
    Hammer Arm - Helping Hand - Double-Edge - Seismic Toss

    Dream/Moon/Dive/Luxury Ball - Timid - Early Bird/Flash Fire/Unnerve
    Sucker Punch - Pursuit - Destiny Bond - Counter
    Unnerve Houndour will only be available in a luxury ball, dream ball or dive ball.

    Fast Ball - Adamant - Static
    Cross Chop - Fire Punch - Dynamic Punch - Ice Punch

    Premier/Dream Ball - Modest - Hustle/Serene Grace/Super Luck
    Future Sight - Extrasensory - Secret Power - Peck
    12.5% female ratio

    Dream Ball - Impish/Jolly/Adamant - Hyper Cutter/Sand Veil/Immunity
    Poison Tail - Wing Attack - Night Slash - Counter/Cross Poison

    Dream Ball - Timid - Swarm/Early Bird/Rattled
    Focus Punch - Drain Punch - Dizzy Punch - Bug Buzz

    Moon Ball - Timid - Levitate
    Shadow Sneak - Destiny Bond - Sucker Punch - Nasty Plot

    Dive/Dream Ball - Jolly - Chlorophyll/Leaf Guard/Infiltrator
    Seed Bomb - Encore - Double-Edge - Confusion

    Dream Ball - Modest - Run Away/Keen Eye/Frisk
    Double-Edge - Iron Tail - Pursuit - Slash

    Fast/Dream Ball - Timid - Static
    Agility - Take Down - Eerie Impulse - Electric Terrain

    [​IMG] Marill
    Dream/Dive/Blue Lure Ball - Adamant - Thick Fat/Huge Power/Sap Sipper
    Superpower - Belly Drum - Aqua Jet - Muddy Water/Perish Song
    Sap Sipper Marill will only be available in dive ball or dream ball.


    Dream Ball - Timid - Swift Swim/Rain Dish
    Aqua Jet - Bug Bite - Hydro Pump - Signal Beam

    Nest/Dream Ball- Jolly - Effect Spore/Poison Heal/Quick Feet
    Natural Gift - Drain Punch - Focus Punch - Seed Bomb

    Premier/Dream Ball - Jolly - Pressure/Super Luck/Justified
    Zen Headbutt - Megahorn - Play Rough - Sucker Punch

    Love Ball - Modest - Natural Cure
    Agility - Feather Dance - Hyper Voice - Haze

    Dream/Premier/Dive Ball - Modest - Natural Cure/Cloud Nine
    Dragon Rush - Agility - Roost - Hyper Voice/Pursuit

    Dream Ball - Jolly - Rough Skin/Speed Boost
    Hydro Pump - Ancient Power - Double-Edge - Destiny Bond

    Dream/Dive/Moon Ball - Timid - Synchronize/Trace/Telepathy
    Destiny Bond - Shadow Sneak - Disable - Confuse Ray/Grudge
    Note: Telepathy Ralts will only be available in a dream ball or dive ball.

    Dive/Dream Ball - Jolly - Rock Head/Sheer Force
    Dragon Rush - Hydro Pump - Dragon Pulse - Twister

    Dream/Nest Ball - Jolly - Static/Lightning Rod
    Discharge - Electro Ball - Flame Burst - Ice Fang

    Dream/Nest Ball - Calm - Nature Cure/Poison Point/Leaf Guard
    Seed Bomb - Leaf Storm - Giga Drain - Synthesis

    Dream Ball - Calm - Levitate
    Hypnosis - Future Sight - Disable - Curse/Recover

    Luxury/Dream Ball - Jolly - Run Away/Quick Feet/Rattled
    Sucker Punch - Play Rough - Thunder Fang - Ice Fang

    Timer Ball - Timid - Plus/Lightning Rod
    Wish - Sweet Kiss - Sing - Discharge

    Dive Ball - Timid - Minus/Volt Absorb
    Wish - Sweet Kiss - Sing - Discharge

    Dream Ball - Bold - Swift Swim/Oblivious/Adaptability
    Iron Tail - Dragon Pulse - Hypnosis - Mirror Coat

    Dream/Nest/Dive Ball - Jolly - Guts/Scrappy
    Sky Attack - Pursuit - Boomburst - Brave Bird

    Nest Ball - Jolly - Chlorophyll/Solar Power/Harvest
    Leaf Storm - Leaf Blade - Synthesis - Dragon Dance

    Dream Ball - Adamant - Hyper Cutter/Intimidate/Sheer Force
    Metal Burst - Thunder Fang - Ice Fang - Poison Fang


    Dream Ball - Adamant - Mold Breaker/Sheer Force
    Hammer Arm - Iron Tail - Iron Head - Crunch
    12.5% female ratio

    Quick/Dream Ball - Adamant - Rivalry/Intimidate/Guts
    Ice Fang - Thunder Fang - Fire Fang - Night Slash

    Dive/Dream Ball - Jolly - Steadfast/Inner Focus/Prankster
    High Jump Kick - Blaze Kick - Bullet Punch - Sky Uppercut/Vacuum Wave
    12.5% female ratio

    Dream/Luxury Ball - Adamant - Keen Eye/Reckless
    Uproar/Revenge - Pursuit - Roost - Double-Edge

    Dream Ball - Jolly - Run Away/Pickup/Volt Absorb
    Iron Tail - Rollout - Charge - Bite

    Love Ball - Timid - Chlorophyll
    Grass Whistle - Seed Bomb - Weather Ball - Razor Leaf

    Shellos - Eastern
    Dive Ball - Bold - Sticky Hold/Storm Drain/Sand Force
    Mirror Coat - Fissure - Brine - Sludge

    Shellos - Western
    Dream Ball - Bold - Sticky Hold/Storm Drain/Sand Force
    Mirror Coat - Fissure - Brine - Sludge

    Dream Ball - Jolly - Run Away/Klutz/Limber
    Focus Punch - Ice Punch - Thunder Punch - Sky Uppercut


    Luxury/Dream Ball - Jolly - Rivalry/Mold Breaker/Unnerve
    Iron Tail - Night Slash - Razor Wind - Dragon Pulse

    Luxury/Dream Ball - Adamant - Shed Skin/Moxie/Intimidate
    Ice Punch - Fire Punch - Dragon Dance - Thunder Punch

    Nest/Dive Ball - Relaxed (0 Speed) - Iron Barbs
    Seed Bomb - Leech Seed - Stealth Rock - Rock Climb

    Dream Ball - Timid - Static/Motor Drive
    Iron Tail - Baton Pass - Air Slash - Roost

    Deerling - Autumn Form
    Repeat Ball - Jolly - Chlorophyll/Sap Sipper
    Grass Whistle - Synthesis - Agility - Baton Pass

    Deerling - Summer Form
    Nest Ball - Jolly - Chlorophyll/Sap Sipper
    Grass Whistle - Synthesis - Agility - Baton Pass

    Deerling - Winter Form
    Premier Ball - Jolly - Chlorophyll/Sap Sipper
    Grass Whistle - Synthesis - Agility - Baton Pass

    Deerling - Spring Form
    Heal Ball - Jolly - Chlorophyll/Sap Sipper
    Grass Whistle - Synthesis - Agility - Baton Pass

    Premier/Dive Ball - Adamant - Snow Cloak/Rattled
    Avalanche - Focus Punch - Ice Punch - Play Rough

    Premier/Heal Ball - Jolly - Cute Charm/Technician/Skill Link
    Aqua Tail - Iron Tail - Knock Off - Sleep Talk

    Nest/Dream Ball - Timid - Chlorophyll/Own Tempo/Leaf Guard
    Grass Whistle - Ingrain - Natural Gift - Bide


    Heal Ball - Bold - Healer/Aroma Veil
    Captivate - Disable - Refresh - Wish

    Heal/Dive Ball - Modest - Sap Sipper/Hydration/Gooey
    Counter - Acid Armor - Iron Tail - Curse/Iron Tail

    Dive/Premier Ball - Timid - Keen Eye/Infiltrator/Own Tempo
    Yawn - Barrier - Trick - Assist

    Luxury Ball - Brave (0 Speed) - No Guard
    Shadow Sneak - Destiny Bond - Wide Guard - Metal Sound

    Pokeball - Modest - Refrigerate/Snow Warning
    Mirror Coat - Discharge - Barrier - Haze

    Pokeball - Adamant/Jolly - Strong Jaw/Sturdy
    Thunder Fang - Fire Fang - Ice Fang - Dragon Dance/Poison Fang


    Please PM me offers. Mainly looking for people who can do 4EM breeding projects for me.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2015

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