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Hidden Ability Trading Thread

Emperor Empoleon

Honor of Kalos
Up for Offer: HA/Overcoat Shelgon

Looking for: HA/Marvel Scale Dragonair

Please PM/VM if interested :3

EDIT: Trade Complete
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Offering: Rattled Magikarp, Gooey Goomy, Marvel Scale Dratini.
Seeking: Solar Power Chameleon/Charmander


Claydol User
Have a UT Serious Bulletproof Chespin. PM me for offers.


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I am looking for a Togepi, it doesn't even have to have HA. I have HA Charmander, Pumkaboo, Blitzle, Abra, or Fennekin to trade! PM if interested!
Seeking: Rain Dish Wartortle, Aroma Veil Spritzee, Vital Spirit Magmar, Moody Snorunt, Harvest Exeggcute
I can offer lots of things; PM me for what you're seeking.

Thanks! :)


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I have a hatched Protean Froakie. Adamant in nature. Looking for: somet different, I'm not terribly picky. PM me and I'll fire off my FC.


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I'm looking for Chespin (or any evolutions of Chespin) with the Bullet Proof ability. I have Anticipation Eevee's, Protean Froakie, Magician Fenniken and Gooey Goomy. PM if interested.


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Looking for
HA Bulbasaur
HA Chespin
HA Bunnelby
HA Litleo
HA Espurr
HA Skrelp
HA Helioptile
HA Hawlucha
HA Phantump
HA Tyrunt
HA Bergmite

Can offer the following with HA:
Charmander, Squirtle, Eevee, Torchic, Fennekin & Froakie

I also have almost every DWF on Black 2.
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Can breed:
HA Poliwag
HA Heracross
HA Fletchling
HA Wartortle
HA Froakie
HA Butterfree
HA Duosion
HA: Espurr
HA: Pichu
HA: Dragonair
HA: Bunnelby.

I'm looking for:
HA: (female)Venipede
HA: (Female)Ivysaur
HA: (female) Gooey
HA: Golurk
HA: (female)Piloswine

If you don't have the Pokemon but have safaris with these Pokemon in them then I'll will still breed you any of the Pokemon listed. :)
I'm also looking for y-exclusives and legendary. Thank for you time.


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Does anyone have a Protean Frogadier please!

FC: 2766-9261-1792


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hey Serenna i want a protean froakie
i have pokemon Y can i do something for it?



Shedinja Trainer
Trade Complete
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Hi all! I'm looking for an Joltik, doesnt necessarily have to have HA. I have HA Charmander, Blitze, Abra, Kecleon, Pumpkaboo, and Fennekin to trade!


The Unknown Trainer
Looking for HA Bagon or Shelgon, would be nice if it were Jolly

Timid Protean Froakies
Jolly Sand Veil/Rough Skin Gibles
Jolly Scrappy Kangaskhan
Jolly Speed Boost Torchics
Timid Gastlys
Adamant Marvel Scale Dratinis.


So bored.
Just re-posting this: LF> ha dratini, ha swablu, ha tyrunt, ha rufflet, ha luxio, regular chansey, ha shelgon, ha sligoo, regular togepi, ha starly.
I can catch:ha vulpix, ha ditto, ha pikachu, ha bergmite, ha hawlucha, ha kecleon, ha eevee, ha lillipup, ha pinsir, ha galvantula, ha manetric, ha shuckle...
I can breed: ha fletchling, ha chespin, ha smeargle.
(Mostly looking for that chansey, but I will do any of the others)
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I have ha breloom, braixen, froakie, charmander, squirtle, eevee, bulbadaur, dratini, sliggo, heracross, pinsir, abra, phanpy, fletchling, ninetails, gyrados, gligar, dratini, pancham, togepi, chansey, smeargle, ditto and chespin.

Im looking for 4iv dittos, battle maison items, ha piloswine, gastrodon, absol, excadrill, azumarill, mawile, ralts and pokemon with egg moves


I have HA shuckle and HA chespin (and many more) PM me to trade

Looking for HA's I don't have, Shinies, and Y Mega Stones


tradeing HA frokie with the pokerus and HA goomy
for mew2nite X/Y or herracronite/pinserite