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Hidden Ability Trading Thread


Art Director
Looking for an Abra with Magic Guard. Offering my Speed Boost Torchic, Blazikenite, Charmander, Charizardite Y.

FC: 0662 2844 2299


Pokemon Coordinator
Trying to breed my Speed Boost Torchic for good IVs but I need a female Speed Boost Torchic to do so and I'm not having any luck with my Ditto, all I get are Speed Boost males and Blaze females. Anyone have an extra? I can get you a number of Pokes with good IVs or hidden abilities.


Off and On Trainer
Looking for the following hidden ability pokes:
Or any others I don't have

Also looking for a plain scythed or scizor

I have the following with hidden abilities for trade:


New Member
I'm looking for a female prankster sableye or a male prankster sableye with recover.

I have 5 male speed boost torchic and 3 male protean froakie to choose from.


New Member
I need Dratini/dragonair with marvel scale prefarably with adamant nature.

I can offer hasty protean froakie, solar power charmeleon, pokerus or an item you want from battle maison BP.

Please PM me. Thanks.


Breeder and Trainer
looking for HA Mienfoo, offering HA ditto


Well-Known Member
i'm trading hidden ability froakie and drought ninetails lookin for any pokes from kalos region i don't have


New Member
Looking for HA
Vivillion, Inkay, Spritze, Panpour, Espurr.

Ivysaur, Fennekin, Froakie, Gogoat, Swirlix, Helioptile, Pansear, Pyroar, Fletchling, Barbacle, Carbink, Sliggoo, Klefki, Pumpkaboo, Noibat, Lampant, Halucha.
Plus: Ditto in FS (for those that ask)

I will also accept FS with any of the above.
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My Sneasel Trolls

Sneasel Is Life
DW Froakie (Protean)
Smeargles. I need all of the Smeargles!
Tyranitar's Mega Stone
Manectric's Mega Stone
Shiny Dark Types

Chespin (Bulletproof)
Murkrow (Prankster)
Vulpix (Drought)
Sableye (Prankster)
Talonflame (Gale Wings)
Torchic (Speed Boost, but who doesnt have this?)

PM If interested!
FC: 3668-8549-9001

Friend Safari: Normal; Smeargle, Lilipup, and Kecleon.
Looking For HA Mawile. I have more to offer then whats in my sig, PM if interested.
I have a Kadabra with synchronize that would evolve if traded if you want?
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Well-Known Member
Looking for non-Japanese female Justified Growlithe with either Adamant or Jolly nature with 31 at least in attack and speed and in Repeat Ball only. Or someone with a Growlithe in their safari.

Willing to catch anything with 2 perfect IVs (Ditto included) in my Japanese friend safari for it with any nature you asked and in any ball with exception for Master Ball. My safari list in my sig isn't updated, so you can ask me in the PM if I have what you want and I'll look it up for you. Can throw something else in as well if it's within a reasonable range. I just want my favorite doggy.

PM me with your offer and request.
I can breed Marvel Scale Dratinis and Protean Froakies, really need an Imposter Ditto if anyone feels like helping out.
UPDATE: I can now breed Anticipation Eevee as well.
UPDATE 2: I got my Imposter Ditto, but I'm still looking for any HA I don't have
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New Member
I need Prankster Murkrow and Immunity Gligar, can offer: HA Abras, HA Bagons (4 IVs) w/DD and HA Dittos, also have quite wide spectrum of pokés I have access to in Friend Safaris at the moment, just ask if you have something in mind, I'll answer if I have access to those.
I have Gooey Goomys in abundance if anyone wants them. Also got some Magician Fennekin and could also rustle up a DroughtPix.

I'm after an adaptability Skrelp mainly, but any 'good' ability HA pokemon (especially sixth gen) would be awesome. PM and all that jazz if you're interested. :)


New Member
LF: HA Gligar, HA Skrelp

To Offer:
HA Frogadier
HA Ditto
HA Quilladin
HA Togepi
HA Diggersby
HA Abra

PM me.