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Hidden Ability Trading Thread


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Can breed many HA Pokemon and the list is always growing!!!! Looking for HA Pokemon I dont have so send me request with a list of HA you can breed.

Crimson Impact

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Looking for a female HA Breloom/Shroomish. I don't have a terrible lot, but I can breed a couple of things or can offer 3-4 perfect IV Modest Litwiks.


ES member Eclair
I am looking for any HA Pokémon I don't have (See my trade shop for the big list, link to shop in sig), more specifically ones that aren't from the friend safari/dream radar and that are female in a Dream Ball. (I have most dream radar Pokémon but need a few still) I can trade you ANY HA Pokémon I have listed in my trade shop or anything in my trade shop if you have what I'm looking for. PM me or request a trade in my shop if you wish to trade~


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I am looking for prankster liepard, a togepi, a shiny stone, and prankster klefki have a few legendaries to complete people pokedex reply please!

Death Blade99

i can breed the following pokes with there HA zangoose,seviper,tandela,patrat,pawniard,togepi,charmander,squirtle,bulbasaur,slowpoke,medidite,shroomish,carvanha,Gible,froakie,chespin,fennekin,phantump,ralts,Lapras,Weedle,nosepass,eletirike,Combee,Grimer,Venonat,Cleffa,pichu,krabby,bagon,foongus,deerling,sigilyph,zubat,marill,flabebe,pansear,gliglar,riolu,frillish,litwick,vulpix,venipede,shuppet,dratini,flectling,pinsir,evee,pancham,poochyena,poliwag

i'm looking for other pokes not on this list with egg moves


Battle Me!!!
I'm looking for a HA (adaptability) Corphish/Crawdaunt. IVs/nature/egg moves do not matter to me. My only condition is that it is a HA female.
I can offer a variety of things to trade, like 3-5iv Pokemon, other HA Pokemon, egg move Pokemon, items, etc. Please pm me if you have one to trade! :)


Strider: Spider King
Have HA-dratini, shelgon, chespin, vulpix, beldum, chandelure and pangoro. I think I might have one more, but I can't remember what it is. PM with offers.

Edit-remembered-its rough skin gible.
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Old Fart
Insomnia Pumpkaboo
Speed Boost Venipede

Drought Vulpix
Own Tempo Espurr
Protean Frokie
Anticipation Eevee (with Wish)

For breeding. I have not yet reached the IV checker, so I can't breed for IVs. I also don't care what IVs your offered pokémon has.
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Looking for treecko, mudkip, all gen4 starter and corphish line (female in dive ball), all they HA. PM If interested. Can breed some pokes upon request If you are offering IV bred in different poke balls.


Let's Player
Priority: I need a hidden ability Noviern.

Looking for female pokemon in Dream Balls which may or may not have HA depending on the pokemon. Some I would not care if they do not have HA. My intent is I am trying to breed pokemon in dream balls. I can offer something flawless if you got them.

gastly (pretty sure it was in dream world)

Flawless I can breed:
Meditie with Pysco cut, Bullet Punch, Drain Punch, Thunder Punch
Dratini HA with Extreme Speed
Torchic with HA
Vullaby (Impish) with Play Rough and Knock Off
Riolu with Vacumm Wave
Rilolu with Bullet Punch, High Jump Kick. Blaze Kick, and Crunch
Fletchling HA
Froakie HA

Please keep in mind that I can breed these pokemon. So some I have ready now and others I would have to make another one which can take a little time. So PM if you got any.
I will update the list as I get them. Thank You.


New Member
Hey I'm looking for a hidden ability Feebas/Milotic

I'll trade you either a Meloetta, Mew, or a Deoxys..

Friend code: 0559 7118 7527, (Pokemon Y)


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LF: Female Pokemon with HA in Special Balls, pm me. :)


Fell off a boat
Looking for a female HA carvanha or sharpedo in a dream ball, can breed any pokemon with 5-6IVs, egg movies, and possibly HA's in exchange.
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Dragon Tamer
I have every breedable hidden ability Pokemon available and can breed natures and IVs on request, I'm mainly looking for the shiny pokemon in my sig but I'll accept nearly any legit shiny. PM me with offers, I'm willing to breed multiple Pokemon for most things.