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Hidden Ability Trading Thread


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Female hidden ability


any other rare hidden ability (Dreamworld or Hidden grotto only)

Offering Capsules, Shinnies, 5IV, masterballs, etc, PM me


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looking for female HA Karrablast and Alomola, (Apparently alomola has been released?) pm me if you have ethier of these.


Pokecollection Maste
Below is a list of HA Pokemon that I am looking for. I have to offer any released HA Pokemon not on my list (I'll send you a list if you are interested). PM if you want to trade.

LF- Hidden Ability Version of:
Ekans Diglett Bellsprout Geodude doduo Shellder Drowzee Happiny Kangaskan Horsea Scyther Omantye Kabuto Chirokita Cydaquil Totdile Sentret Chinchou Mareep Bonsly Hoppip Sunkern Wynut Girafarig Shuckle Sneasel Corsela Delibird Mantkye Skarmony Wurmple Tailow Surskit Nosepass Skitty Meditite Electrike Gulpin Wailmer Numel Barborach Feebas Absol Clamperl Kricketot Burmy Stunky Hippotas Skorupi Crogunk Finneon Purrloin Pansage Pansear Pidove Woobat Sawk Throh Dwebble Tirtogua Trubbish Solosis Vanillite Karrablast Joltik Klink Elgyem Shelment Meinfoo Pawniard Boufflant Vullaby Inkay Skrelp Helopitile Tryunt Amarua Klefki
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Looking for HA bulbasaur female in nest ball. Pm me what you are looking for. Thank you.


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Offering HA froakie and gligar, manectrite, tyranitite (mega stones only for shinys on the list) Can breed prefered natures if wanted, looking for lvl 1 shiny adamant lucario, HA torchic, HA bulbasaur, shiny modest abra, other lvl 1 untrained shinys with appropriate natures and blazikanite ucan be considered. Pm me if interested
I don't have much to offer but I'm looking for a Gale Wings Talonflame if anyone would grant me one. I have a Speed Boost Torchic (working on getting at least 4 perfect IVS), a Protean Greninja, and a Shiny Clawitzer.


I have a poison heal gliscor and would be willing to breed someone one, i'm looking for either a chancey or a ferothorn/seed that has spikes and stealth rocks bread onto it. Im willing to take other offers into account just pm me.


Dragon Tamer
I have every breedable hidden ability Pokemon available and can breed natures and IVs on request, I'm mainly looking for the shiny pokemon in my sig but I'll accept nearly any legit shiny. PM me with offers, I'm willing to breed multiple Pokemon for most things. I'm also looking for a Heracrossite.


pixel maniac
  • HA pokemon I don't have yet, especially transfer only HA pokemon.
  • HA squirtle/wartortle/blastoise!

  • Any HA pokemon on this doc (my transfer only HAs are Porygon, Buneary, Kabuto, Darmanitan, Chimchar)
  • Can IV breed as well as get egg moves (but only egg moves that can be done in gen 6!), I don't mind chain breeding to get egg moves for you
  • Bank Ball Pokes (Love Ball Chansey, Friend Ball Yanma, Heavy Ball Larvitar, Dream Ball Togepi, Moon Ball Ralts, Lure Ball Dratini, Fast Ball Vulpix, Moon Ball Gastly, Love Ball Pichu, Moon Ball Nidoran, Love Ball Igglybuff)
  • Berries, including Starf, Lansat, and Enigma (enigma berries are now ready!)
  • Battle Maison items (except ability capsule; willing to get one for multiple pokemon)
  • can breed Phiones

Please pm me with offers.
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Looking for Female Fletchling/Fletchinder/Talonflame with Gale Wings, Female Gible/Gabite/Garchomp with rough skin

Offering Female Froakie with protean


I'm currently looking for somme HA pokemons:
-Carvanha with Speed Boost
-Lileep with Storm Drain
-Piplup with Defiant
-Timburr with Iron Fist
-Alomomola with Regenerator
-Elgyem with Analytic
IV and natures don't matter.
I've got some HA pokes to trade or 5IV ones


Dragon Trainer
I'm currently looking for some HA Pokemon with Egg Moves ^__^

Looking for:
Carvanha :Speed Boost , Thrash , Double-Edge

Bulbasaur Petal Dance ,Leaf Storm ,Power Whip ,Sludge, Giga Drain ( don't have to have all but at less 3 of them)

and other Starter Pokemo that have eggs moves !

Offering :
Jolly Chimchar Thunder Punch Fire Punch Heat Wave Hidden Ability Iron Fist

Pm me if u will like to make a deal thanks =)
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Hey there, Looking for HA Treecko and Torchic if anyone has those. Don't care what IV's they have. I don't have any HA Pokemon but have some Shinys collected.
Pm if you have any offers please.

Thank you.

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Looking for a hidden ability (Sand Force) Hippopotas. IVs, nature, ect, don't matter. I have plenty of Kalos bred competitive Pokes to offer. PM me for details on these.