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Hidden Ability Trading Thread


I'm looking for a HA darmanitan or darumaka. I can breed HA murkrows with egg-moves, and I also have a variety of friend safaris, so I may be able to locate a particular pokemon if you are looking. Please PM me if you'd like to trade. Thanks!

Edit: Got it-- thank you so much!
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Hello I'm looking for a Female HA Tangela, I'm offering a flawed 5IV HA Female Larvitar with the EM: Outrage, Iron Head and DDance, I'm also offering a 4IV Female HA Bulbasaur with Giga Drain. PM me if interested or need more info on what I'm offering :)


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I'm looking for a HA Timburr. I have many 5-6IV Pokemon and the ability to breed for pretty much anything with Egg Moves etc. PM me if you're interested :)


Liger Zero!!!
Lookin for HA Bergmite, IVs not needed, have plenty of egg moves and some 6IV's pm me for trade

P.S. If anyone has HA Bunnelby I'm willing to trade for that too

Blue Cobra

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I'm looking for Treecko with Unburden ability. I'm willing to trade one of the following shiny Pokémon:

Ditto, Froakie, Wingull, Skorupi, Beautifly, Onix, Ferroseed, Delibird, Teddiursa, Sigilyph, Sliggoo, Gothorita, Klefki and Piloswine.

I also have Battle Maison Items. Please PM me if you are interested!


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LF: Chinchou/Lanturn with Water Absorb

FT: 5IV Frillish with Recover, 5IV Helioptile, 5IV Relaxed Swift Swim Poliwag with Refresh, 5IV Adamant Speed Boost Torchic with Baton Pass, 5IV Immunity Gligar, 6IV Adamant Technician Scyther, 5IV Skill Link Shellder with Rock Blast.

PM me if interested!
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Veteran Trainer
I'm looking for members of the Klink, Magnemite, and Karrablast lines. And for Karrablast/Escavalier, a female in a non-standard Poke Ball is preferred. I have most other HA Pokes to offer, and can breed 5 IV Protean Timid Froakie, Gale Wings Adamant Fletchling with Tailwind, and much more.
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Dad Dragon™
I need only one pokemon in specific and its a serious pain. I need an Adamant Lightningrod Pikachu/ Pichu with Volt Tackle, Fake Out and a good set of IV's

I can do my best to pay you back in whatever form i can. Please message me if youre able to do this and if youre interested.


A duel well fought..
Looking for cubchoo with its hidden ability. Preferably female. PM and we will talk. :)


Bug Maniac
Looking for a Prankster Sableye. (Thanks!)

Got many HA, IV-bred and egg move pokémon I can breed in return. Thanks!
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Looking for HA Turtwig. IVs and nature not important. Can offer HA Chimchar with eggmoves or other 5IV pokemon.
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Trade completed!
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Hi guys,

I'm looking for a Prankster (HA) Sableye.

I can offer a 5/6 31 IV Impish, Immunity (HA) Gligar in exchange.

Let me know if we can get a deal done!


Dragon Tamer
I have every breedable hidden ability Pokemon available and can breed natures and IVs on request, I'm mainly looking for the shiny pokemon in my sig but I'll accept nearly any legit shiny. PM me with offers, I'm willing to breed multiple Pokemon for most things.

Surprize For U

Beginning Trainer
Hey there everyone. I'm looking for G&S and B&W hidden ability starter Pokemon and have a nice group of trade worthy Pokes in my possession from 6 ivers to chain caught shinies. Anyone wanna help a breeder out? Pm me with what you have and we'll see if we can't make a deal.

Also need a Duskull with Frisk =]
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Purduuuu Says Amphy
Hi I am looking for a HA Chinchou (Water Absorb). Must be Female If she has any IVs or in a special Pokeball, I will give multiples for the 1. Shoot me a pm if you have one for trade. I have some egg move bred and HA Pokemon for you to take a look at. :) Thank you!


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I'm looking for a HA Minun (Volt Absorb) please. I'm doing a PU battle soon so getting it would be nice. Does not have to be perfect in nature, evs, or ivs and I am wiling to trade either a 5iv crawdaunt with d dance or superpower, a jet, and knock off with HA. FC: 4725-9235-8533 PM me your FC plz
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Bug Catcher
Hello! I'm looking for a HA Burmy, Wormadam or Mothim (Overcoat/Tinted Lens). If it's in a Dream Ball, a female would be preferable. Otherwise gender/nature/IVs don't really matter.

I can offer at least Icy Snow pattern Vivillons (it's my native pattern, so can customise ability, nature, ball and other things if you want), certain HA Pokémon such as Sableye, Eevee, Cacnea, Rufflet, Scraggy, Tangela, Poliwag, Bagon and more (feel free to ask for something you want) and Pokémon in bank balls. Please PM me!

EDIT: Trade complete!
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