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Hidden Ability Trading Thread

Discussion in '7th Gen Wi-Fi Center' started by Pathfinder, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. Pathfinder

    Pathfinder Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the Hidden Ability Trading Thread. Please post all your mons with Hidden Abilities that you have up for trade, or the ones that you're looking for here in this thread.

    To make it easier on other traders, you should specify:
    -Touched/EV'd or UT
    -Moves/Hidden Power type (if applicable)
    and anything else that may be helpful.

    Also remember to follow all the General Forum Rules and the Rules of the Trade Forum.
  2. Doobius

    Doobius ...........


    Natural Cure Comfey

    Sand Veil Sandygast

    Wonder Skin Bruxish


    Anger Point Crabrawler

    Cute Charm Stufful

    Steadfast Rockruff

    Unaware Pyukumuku

    Pickup Pikipek

    Adaptability Yungoos

    Sweet Veil Cutiefly

    Overcoat Jangmo-o

    Oblivious Salandit

    Contrary Fomantis

    Water Absorb Dewpider

    Inner Focus Mudbray

    Sturdy Togedemaru

    Regenerator Mareanie

    Rain Dish Morelull

    Sweet Veil Bounsweet

    Cloud Nine Drampa

    also have any breedable SM poke to offer for trade. PM me.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2016
  3. bushidoblaze

    bushidoblaze New Member

    Offering: HA mareanie, HA morelull, HA mudbray, HA geodude, HA Cubone, HA cutiefly, HA vulpix. PM offers
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2016


    looking for:" HA eevee
  5. E123Timay

    E123Timay Master of pokemanz

    Would like an ha geodude, anything is fine. Just want it for breeding. I can't really offer anything current, but I do have ha tyrunt up for trade in my omega ruby
  6. lcorona7

    lcorona7 New Member

    anyone have a hidden ability mareanie
  7. RasenShuriken6

    RasenShuriken6 Well-Known Member

    Looking for any HA pokemon. What I have to offer is HA Eevee, Mareanie and Vulpix. Pm me if you'd like to trade!
  8. Mre

    Mre New Member

    LF: HA dratini
    FT: HA cleffa
  9. lcorona7

    lcorona7 New Member

    Hey guys!

    I'm looking for HA Mareanie at the moment it doesn't matter the nature or egg moves, I will breed it.
    At the moment all I can offer you are starters from sun and johto, will trade a golden bottle cap I recieved.
    Thanks in advance
  10. oarfish

    oarfish #1 Lanturn Owner

    I thought I would reorganize this post as well, especially concerning my recent acquisitions.

    I am now looking for the following HA Pokémon:

    Alolan Rattata/Raticate
    Alolan Sandshrew/Sandslash
    Alolan Diglett/Dugtrio
    Alolan Meowth/Persian
    Alolan Geodude/Graveler/Golem
    Alolan Grimer/Muk
    Alolan Exeggutor
    Cubone/Alolan Morowak

    Pikipek line
    Yungoos line
    Crabrawler line
    Cutiefly line
    Rockruff line
    Mudbray line
    Dewpider line
    Fomantis line
    Morelull line
    Salandit line
    Stufful line
    Bounsweet line
    Sandygast line
    Jangmo-o line

    I can offer the following HA Pokémon:

    Alolan Vulpix -- 5IV -- desired nature (have Timid prepared) -- Egg Moves Moonblast, Freeze-Dry, Hypnosis, and Encore
    Mareanie -- 5IV -- desired nature (have Bold prepared) -- Egg Move Haze
    Any of the ones that are crossed off from the above list are ones that I have obtained. I can trade them as well.

    I can also offer many 5/6 IV Pokémon. PM me for details.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2016
  11. RexH

    RexH New Member

    Looking for HA Mareanie willing to trade 5 of the following pokemons (your choice):
    -All breedable gen VII (alola) pokemons (including 3 starters, mimikyu, others)
  12. Gizmoa

    Gizmoa Well-Known Member

    I have HA Grimer. 3 male brave, 1 female brave, a mix of other natures/genders.

    HA Grimer is Power of Alchemy. When an ally faints in a double battle, it's ability transfers to grimer/muk. This will be killer with shedinja some day, among other possible uses.

    I would like any other ha pokemon in trade, but since I am on a quest to help everyone get good stocks, I will provide one for any pokemon you deem worthy of trade(even if it just gives me a new id number for lottery) if you ask and can meet me on the trade chat. I am in main chat most evening, eastern time and check into wifi chat on and off.
  13. Resident evil

    Resident evil Some Guy

    Looking for HA Sandshrew (Alolan), and can trade an HA Vulpix (Alolan), or an HA Shellder. The Vulpix can be negotiated to be Timid 5IV with egg moves if offering 5IV Adamant Sandshrew.
  14. RexH

    RexH New Member

    Im iv breeding Relaxed (Regenerator or limber) Mareanies --> 31,31,31,x,31,31 ivs and 31,31,31,31,31,x
    im looking for Type:Null and power items
  15. lcorona7

    lcorona7 New Member

    I'll trade
  16. Manly Doredia

    Manly Doredia Last Male Doredia

    HA for Gen VII mons
    HA Jangmo-o
    HA Pikipek
    HA Fomantis

    Non-Gen VII that I am looking for:
    HA Slowpoke
    HA Tauros

    HA Mareanie(Calm) 4~5IVs in Beast Ball
    HA Geodude(Adamant) 3~5IVs in Dusk Ball, Egg Moves: Magnet Rise/Wide Guard
    HA Carvanha(Rash) 3~5 IVs in Timer Ball, Egg Moves: Psychic Fangs/Hydro Pump
    HA Bruxish(Adamant) 3~5 IVs in Nest Ball, Egg Moves: Poison Fang/Ice Fang
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2016
  17. itchie87

    itchie87 New Member

    HA Mareanie
    HA bold slowpoke
    stamina adamant mudbray
    jolly mimikyu
  18. Narshen

    Narshen Rocket Grunt

    Female HA Cutiefly, Sandshrew, Geodude, Jamgmo-o, and any other HA Gen VII Pokemon, really.

    Female HA Timid Vulpix with Moonblast/Freeze-Dry/Hypnosis/Encore egg moves. IVs range from 1-4V

    PM me with offers, thank you.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2016
  19. Ahnibal

    Ahnibal Breeder

    LF HA Mareanie
  20. lcorona7

    lcorona7 New Member

    Hey I have Timid Ash-Greninja FT:

    LF: hidden abili pokemon

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