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Hidden Ability Trading Thread


Well-Known Member
I have beast ball HA mareanie
Looking for other gen 7 Ha mons, type nulls adamant, bold or timid.
5 ivs pokemon are always welcome too


Edit: traded
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trades complete.


Natural Cure Comfey

Sand Veil Sandygast

Wonder Skin Bruxish

Anger Point Crabrawler

Cute Charm Stufful

Steadfast Rockruff

Unaware Pyukumuku

Pickup Pikipek

Adaptability Yungoos

Sweet Veil Cutiefly

Overcoat Jangmo-o

Oblivious Salandit

Contrary Fomantis

Water Absorb Dewpider

Inner Focus Mudbray

Sturdy Togedemaru

Regenerator Mareanie

Rain Dish Morelull

Sweet Veil Bounsweet

Cloud Nine Drampa

also have any breedable SM poke to offer for trade. PM me.
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New Member
Updating post
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FT: HA Geodude! in Luxury Ball (Finally chained one)

LF: offers really but would love apricorn ball mons and HA pokemon! Open to anything really.
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New Member
Jolly HA geodude with 5iv all but SA with autotomize
Bold or Impish 5iv HA Mareanie with Haze
Other competitive natured 5iv Pokémon
Master balls

HA 5iv all but SA adamant Sandshrew with icicle crash.....4 male
HA 5iv all but AT bold Slowpoke.....3 male
HA 5iv all but SA jolly Rockruff with sucker punch....3 male 2 female
HA 5iv all but AT timid Vulpix with moonblast, encore and freeze-dry 2 female


New Member
FT i have Beast Ball HA bold mareanie with 3 ivs
hurricane modest drampa with 3 ivs
play rough jolly bounsweet with 3 ivs
HA sandshrew
HA vulpix egg moves freeze dry & moonblast 3-4 ivs

LF HA geodude, and other HA mons pm to work something out
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Travelling Trader
Alolan Forms HA not mentioned below

HA Moon Ball Alolan Vulpix
HA Drampa
HA Cubone
HA Beast Ball Maleanie
HA Jangmo-o
HA Geodude
HA Sandshrew
HA Rockruff
HA Dewpider
I look forward to trading with you guys! :D
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Dragonite Fan

Well-Known Member
Will Trade Ha vulpix for pokerus or lucky egg.
Maybe for other stuff.
Friend code in sig.
PM me

ryan hunter

Pokemon trainer
LF: slush rush sandshrew

FT: snow warning vulpix that is timid with freeze dry and moonblast


New Member
Looking for a HA Alolan Geodude, any nature, and IVs are fine but don't have anything good to trade.
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mew 2000

Shiny Celebi
Have swift swim poliwag for trade looking for regenarator marenie


New Member
I have Steadfast (Hidden ability) rockruffs in Beast Balls with egg moves if anyone is interested pm me. looking mostly for beast ball mons.