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Hidden Ability Trading Thread


Pokémon Breeder
I have every HA Alola Pokémon and HA Alola Form (except Alolan Geodude).

Please consult my trade shop (located here) for more details.


New Member
I have 4 alolan form vulpixs for trade, with the hidden ability snow warning, and they're modest natured, with egg moves moonblast and dry-freeze, let me know if you're willing to trade.
LF: HA Magnemite

FT:5IV Porygon, 5IV Mudbray, 5IV Turtonator, HA Pikipek, HA Sandshrew, 5IV Zubat, Can breed HA vulpix( The mother has moonblast), can breed HA Salandit, can breed HA Jangmo-o, HA Mareanie

PM me if interested


New Member
I'm desperately looking for a Destiny Knot, been having no luck with pick up ability. For trade I have the following HA mons:

1. Mareanie
Bred in Lure Ball

2. Dratini
~Marvel Scale
-Aqua Jet
Bred in Timer Ball

3. Abra
~Magic Guard
-Knock Off
Bred in Fast Ball

Natures / IVs are various as these are early-stage breedjects but I'll give you the best I have for that Destiny Knot because it's the main thing impeding my progress. Not terribly interested in many HA mons but may consider a fair trade.

I also have / can breed non-HA Stufful w/ Ice Punch, Vulpix w/ Freeze-Dry, Hypnosis, Moonblast, and Togepi bred in Friend Ball. Again these are NON-hidden ability mons.


Active Member
Hi I'm looking for a modest HA eevee with no evs in it. Some good I've would be nice too. I have exclusives and almost the whole dex filled. Thank you!


Midnight Valkyrie
I'm offering modest HA Vulpix (Love ball, with eggmoves) and quiet HA Fomantis (Friend ball, with eggmoves). In return, I am looking for a female timid Pichu/Pikachu with the egg move electric terrain. Please pm me if you are interested :)


New Member
LF- HA Grimer and alolan Geodude
FT- anything, message for details


Active Member
LF: HA Gible
FT: HA Exeggcute, HA Mareanie, few mons in matching balls with 4 IVs

PM if interested!

ETA: Got it.
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Looking for a Hidden Ability Male Eevee, preferably in a regular pokeball, have good IVs on a load of Eevees and stuff, thanks.
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New Member
Hey, I'm looking for either HA Exeggcute/Exeggutor (Harvest) or HA Mareani/Toxapex (Regenerator)

In return I can offer 5iv/6iv pokemon that I have bred myself, here is what I have:

6iv Modest Turtonator (female)
6iv Modest Castform (female)
5iv (-atk) Bold Wingull (female) with Hydration (which becomes drizzle when it evolves)
5iv (-atk) Modest Drampa (female) with Berserk
5iv (- sp atk) Adamant Litten (male or female)

I can also spread pokerus to any of these pokemon if you want me to.

PM if you are interested


New Member
Looking For:
HA Zubat line. Evs/Nature do not matter

For Trade:
Shiny Wimpod
Popplios with Aqua Ring
Vaccuum Wave Riolu (you have to Smeargle Sketch a Vaccuum Wave Kartana to get it)

Please PM me if you have HA Zubat, and i'm sure we can work something out.


LF: Power Items and other 5IV, HA, EM Pokemons I don't have. Will trade 4IVs for apricorn balls.


Hidden Abilities

4-5IV Adamant Galvanize Geodude w/ Block, Wide Guard, Magnet Rise, Automatize (Luxury Ball)
4-5IV Adamant Overcoat Jangmo-o w/ no egg moves (Quick Ball)
4-5IV Timid Snow Warning Vulpix w/ Powder Snow, Moonblast, Extrasensory, Encore (Timer Ball/Luxury Ball)
4-5IV Adamant Slush Rush Sandshrew w/ Icicle Crash (Timer Ball/Dive Ball)
4-5IV Adamant/Jolly Rough Skin Gible w/ Sand Tomb, Outrage, Iron Head, Twister (Beast Ball)
4-5IV Bold Regenerator Mareanie w/ Spit Up, Swallow, Stockpile, Haze (Beast Ball/Dive Ball)


Cloud Nine Drampa
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Looking for Swift Swim Psyduck. No need for IVs or nature.

Trading Power items, HA Pokemon (Vulpix, Fomantis, Geodude, Sanshrew, Dratini amongst others), Friend Ball.


HA Drampa
HA Togedemaru
HA Stufful
HA Cubone
HA Bounsweet
Other HA Pokémon I don't have
Apricorn Balls


Gen. VII:
HA Mareanie
HA Jangmo-o
HA Crabrawler
HA Rockruff
HA Fomantis
HA Pyukumuku
HA Cutiefly
HA Alolan Geodude
HA Alolan Sandshrew
HA Alolan Vulpix

Previous Gens:
HA Pichu
HA Dratini
HA Goomy
HA Smeargle
HA Riolu
HA Gible
HA Bagon
HA Eevee

They all come in Beast or Apricorn Balls, with correct natures and 3-4 egg moves. Not breeding for IVs right now. PM me for details of the ones you're interested in! Thank you :)
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New Member
Looking for HA Geodude. Don't need IV's or Natures or anything

I have a lot for trade, like shiny Wimpod and 6IV Ditto.