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Hidden Gems and Hollow Lies -PG13

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by GastlyMan, Jul 31, 2010.

  1. GastlyMan

    GastlyMan Ghost Type Trainer

    Disclaimer Crud: I don’t own Nintendo or its trademarks (No duh!)

    Okay. I’ve read a lot of good fanfiction here on Serebii, which inspired me to post my own. Please review – it doesn’t have to be long, just a few comments are fine (unless you can do a long review, in which case I’d be very appreciative) – because I feel like nobody’s reading it if nobody comments. :/

    Please note that the character Victor is not my OT, but he’s important.
    And yes, Victor has a Raikou. Yeah, he caught a legendary. And yes, there are more than one of them. Sorry.

    Trust me; Victor has to be a formidable opponent for my OT. :D

    Chapter List:
    Prologue: Not a Loser
    Chapter 1: Rain Again
    Chapter 2: Someone's Watching Me

    PM List:

    Hidden Gems and Hollow Lies
    Prologue: Not a Loser

    Location: The edge of Ghost Park Town, a rich, well-to-do small town at the foot of the Marauder Mountains, Rizen region.
    Time: 11:30 PM; a spring night.

    The yellow moon shone brightly over the dark waters of the pond, a soft breeze stirring the surface and creating countless little ripples. The chirping of countless Kricketune, hidden in the bushes, was incessant yet peaceful, and the noise mingled with the croaking of Politoed as they rested on the pond’s edge while the night wore on.

    "Hoot! Hoot!" The eerie call of a Noctowl emanated from somewhere within the forest – a dark stand of trees that bordered the pond. These trees stood guard over the pond like ghostly sentinels – as if they were always always watching, always waiting, for something to happen.

    From atop the chilly, forested mountains beyond, a wolf-like howl echoed across the rocky slopes and woodlands – through the small mountainside community of Ghost Park, so named because of the many Ghost types that resided in the woods nearby.

    The creature that flew over the darkened woods was round and bat-like, with glowing orange and red eyes that surveyed the scene below with a piercing gaze. Due to its black color, it was nearly invisible – besides its strangely hypnotic eyes. Two long and skinny arms protruded out of its side. Yet instead of hands, this creature possessed two sharp steel knives – for butchering its opponents. Two spindly black legs were seen below it. But instead of feet, a huge brown net was attached to them, the Sangrage’s main method of catching prey.

    Two orange horns sat atop its head, and a purple nose was seen under its maddened eyes. A wide grin showed several sharp, blood-red teeth as the bat-like apparition swooped down into a clearing where two campers sat, next to a large, unused pile of decaying firewood.

    With a whoosh, the Sangrage dove down with remarkable speed towards the woodpile, snatching up a huge stack of the firewood with its large net.

    “Hey!” One of the campers jumped out of his chair, waving his walking stick menacingly. “That’s our firewood!”

    Sangrage scoffed as he soared upwards towards the distant stars, the firewood caught safely in his net. “What’re you gonna do about it, kid?”

    In a rage, the camper thrust the walking stick up towards the dark sky with surprising strength. He gasped in shock when the stick seemed to hit the bat Pokemon straight in the chest, yet passed right through it. It fell with alarming speed towards the forest floor, landing with a thud.

    The camper shook his fist at the Pokemon in anger. “What? That was right on target!”

    Sangrage only laughed softly as he flew higher. “I’m a part ghost-type Pokemon, buddy. It doesn’t work. Sorry.”

    Stupid campers. When would they ever learn that the power of a Ghost/Dark type was unparalleled?

    With an extra burst of speed, he soared towards the mountains on a warm updraft, smiling with his blood-red teeth in anticipation.

    There were quite a few Shinx in this part of the forest. Shinx tasted quite chewy when cooked, and tasted even better when sprinkled with salt. Sometimes they shocked you a little when you took a bite, but cooking them slowly over the fire usually helped diminish that.

    It was dinnertime. The hunt was on. Sangrage yelled mightily as he flew off into the clear spring night towards the mountains. It was time to eat!


    There was a small field not far from the pond. Near it, there stood a large mansion flanked by a massive garden.

    In the field, the Raikou crouched low into the underbrush. His white saber-like fangs gleamed in the moonlight, the purple thundercloud on his back sparkling with electricity. Hidden underneath the shadow of the tall grass that waved back and forth in the wind, the catlike Pokemon narrowed his yellow eyes as he viewed the scene in front of him.

    A black, muscular bear-like Pokemon with a glimmering crescent-moon shape on her chest was leaning up against a tree idly, snacking on some Pecha berries as she chewed with her mouth open, letting juice run over her face while she munched in satisfaction – loudly. From his position hidden in the grass, Raikou shuddered slightly in disgust as he watched the Ghost/Dark type Ursaring evolution and her revolting table manners.

    The legendary saber-tooth noted that the bear-like creature, known as a Demursa, was only about ten feet in front of him. She could not see him. On the other hand, his glowing eyes were locked on her, his opponent, whom he knew he must defeat.

    …target sighted.

    The Raikou’s trainer didn’t look that impressive for one who had caught a legendary. He was of an average build – not tall or short; not muscular or thin; not fat or skinny. He dressed well – a plain black suit and tie, because he had only recently returned from his office at work. He was shouldering a black bag as he stood some distance away from his Pokemon.

    From his straight brown hair to his sparkling blue eyes, he looked like a normal, innocent businessperson – in fact, he looked like anything but the conspiring man he really was.

    He grinned as he whispered furtively to his Pokemon.

    “All right, Rai. We have the element of surprise here. And we’re going to capture this Demursa. Try Thunder Fang, now!”

    “Gotcha covered, Victor.” Raikou leaped out of the cover of the underbrush, jumping high into the air as he sailed straight towards the startled Demursa, fangs now glowing yellow with electricity.

    The contact was made swiftly, and the Demursa cried out in pain as Raikou sunk his twin sabers into her side, causing blood to flow slowly out of the bear-like creature.

    She raised a claw that was glowing with some black aura, swiping at the Raikou’s face. She snarled at him, staring at him with glowing green eyes.

    The Shadow Claw was a powerful attack, but Raikou was unfazed, it having left nothing more than a few small scrapes on the side of his face. Nothing that the local Nurse Joy couldn’t heal quickly. Or the nearest doctor, who happened to be his trainer’s wife.

    Raikou laughed at the Demursa, showing his fangs as he stared at her menacingly. “Is that really the best that you can do? Join with me and my trainer Victor, and you will share in power unparalleled.”

    “Never!” The Demursa readied a Shadow Ball as Raikou’s fangs started to glow yellow yet again. She narrowed her eyes. “Why would I join with some weak little kitty cat and his slave-driver of a trainer? I want freedom!” With a yell, she released the Shadow Ball – a purple sphere of energy that hit Raikou straight in the chest before he could dodge, sending him tumbling head-over-heels as he hit the dirt, spitting out pond slime as he did so. His yellow eyes flashed and then closed as he slumped forward in apparent defeat – but he was not unconscious.

    “Not yet, anyway,” Demursa muttered to herself.

    Demursa laughed – a cold, apathetic laugh that sent a chill up the backs of both trainer and Pokemon as she glowed with a purple light. The light vanished as quickly as it had appeared as she walked towards the fallen Raikou, her wounds from the Thunder Fang completely healed.

    From his position within the tall grass, Raikou’s trainer, Victor, mentally cursed himself for his stupidity. Shadow Heal was a powerful healing move, even more so than Moonlight…

    But he still had his trump card.

    “Rai.” He whispered to the fallen legendary as he crept towards it, his feet making soft crunching noises as they trudged over a patch of dead grass. “This time around…let’s see how our little Demursa reacts to a bit of…‘Thunder,’ if you catch my drift.”

    “Got it.” Rai grinned.

    The Raikou’s fall was nothing more than a façade. Sure, the Shadow Ball had hurt him. But his fall was all his own doing – a trap. The Demursa was walking closer, holding yet another Shadow Ball in her right claw as she moved closer for better aim.

    Raikou and Victor grinned as the former’s eyes snapped open.

    With a mighty roar, Raikou jumped up into the cool night air, landing on all fours in the grassy dirt of the underbrush. Raising his head up towards the sky, he closed his eyes in intense concentration. And before Demursa could release her Shadow Ball, Raikou had summoned an enormous bolt of electricity from the night sky – even though the sky was mostly clear.

    The Thunder attack hit Demursa straight on the head.

    With a scream loud enough to wake the dead, the Ghost/Dark type slumped downwards into the dirt, scattering dust as her body pulsated with electricity.

    “She’s paralyzed! Thank goodness!” With a shout of joy, Victor reached into his bag, pulling out a black and white sphere with a golden “U” engraved on it – a shiny, brand-new Ultra Ball.

    “Ultra Ball, go!” Victor jumped into the air for emphasis as the Ultra Ball enveloped the Demursa in a flash of white light and drew her in, landing on the ground as the U in its center flashed on and off.

    “Noooo!” Demursa cried out in shock as the capsule trapped her. “I will never give in! Never! Aaaaah!” Her voice slowly faded away as the effects of her paralysis started to take their toll. She was too weak.

    Beeping constantly on and off, the Ultra Ball shook once. Twice. Three times.

    Ping! The Demursa was caught!

    “Hallelujah! We did it!” Victor raised his fist into the air triumphantly. He ran over to Rai, picking up the Ultra Ball as he did so. “We’ll call her Delia. You did it, buddy!” He then proceeded to give his Pokemon a pat on the back, immediately regretting it as he felt an accidental shock of electricity from Raikou’s thundercloud make contact with his open hand.

    Victor shrieked, withdrawing his hand quickly. “Yowch!”

    “Whoops. Sorry.” Rai laughed at this. However, his smile soon turned to a look of concern as he noticed Victor pulling out a long red syringe from out of his black bag. “Victor, what the heck is that?”

    Victor shrugged. “You know we’ve been working on a lot of stuff over at the lab lately. And I think this time” – he grinned – “we are going to make it big.” He tossed the needle from hand to hand experimentally. “You see, this is a Poke-Power shot. We’ve all agreed to test it on our most powerful Pokemon in our teams of eight. As for what it does – well, let’s just say that it’ll help us make a ton of money. And it will give you a little leg-up when we enter the League Tournament this summer.”

    The Rizen League Tournament was open to all Trainers seventeen and older who had defeated all twenty-two gyms, the Elite Eight, and the champion, Carrie. Victor was thirty-three. He had beaten Carrie at the age of twenty. Yet the League Tournament, which occurred every three years, was made up of extremely powerful trainers from all over the region.

    Victor had competed many times. He had done well. But he had never won.

    And he wanted to win. He wanted it with a desperate longing, as his inner feelings of insecurity still remained even after catching a legendary. He wanted to feel power. And this might be the answer to all his problems.

    Rai was confused. “I thought you always used that saying. You know, ‘hard work brings good results.’ So what would a shot be doing?”

    Victor seemed annoyed. “Rai, remember when you fought against that Dragonair last tournament? And we lost? How did that make you feel?”

    Rai shrugged, pawing the ground restlessly. “Like I wanted to do better next time.”

    His trainer smiled triumphantly, placing the Ultra Ball back into his bag as he held the syringe with his other hand. “Exactly. And this little extra energy boost is going to help us out. We can go so much further than with just training.” He looked from Rai to the sharp needle. “All it takes is just one little puncture – one second of pain, for a lifetime of glory.”

    Rai paused. This didn’t feel right.

    But it was their only chance. They were powerful already, sure. But there were no guarantees of a win, unless…

    He nodded, resigned. “All right. Let’s do this.”

    Nodding, Victor approached him, needle at the ready.

    “Wait.” Raikou stopped Victor with a single paw. “You tested that, right?”

    Victor’s heart froze in his chest. Rai didn’t get it. He was the test animal. The guinea pig. The one that Victor was experimenting on. No, it hadn’t been tested. Not yet, anyway.

    Aloud, he just laughed, commenting, “Of course I did! Why would I use it on you if I hadn’t? Come on, Rai, trust me on this.”

    “There are no side effects?” Rai looked at his trainer suspiciously. Victor had never lied to him before. So it should be fine. But – why did he seem so uneasy?

    Victor sighed in exasperation. “Look, do you want to win, or not?”

    Rai shrugged – if a four-legged Pokemon could shrug, that is. “Beam me up, Vicky.”

    The legendary barely moved a muscle as the needle was driven deep into his back and pulled back out slowly. He only nodded in satisfaction as Victor placed the syringe back into his backpack.

    Victor smiled at his Pokemon. “Now, was that really all that bad?”

    Rai grinned back. “No, I guess not. Only…” Suddenly, a nauseating, dizzying feeling came over him. It was followed by a pounding headache that pressed on his brain like a truck colliding with an oncoming car. A rage filled him – anger that he had never felt before. To his utmost shock, he could not control himself as he felt the strange urge to attack the object closest to him – which in this case happened to be his trainer.

    But the Raikou did not recognize his trainer anymore.

    “Rai, what are you doing?” Victor screamed in pain as the legendary saber-tooth leaped upon him in a flash of yellow, sinking glowing yellow fangs into his trainer’s leg, unable to hear Victor’s moans of anguish as he bit with a ferocity he had never known before.

    It was the most powerful Thunder Fang the Raikou had ever performed.

    Then suddenly, the headache pains vanished. Rai regained control of himself. In shock, he quickly pulled his fangs out of his trainer’s leg, awkwardly attempting to stem the blood that flowed with a single paw trying to cover the twin wounds.

    Rai stared at his trainer pleadingly. “Victor, are you all right?”

    It was a miracle indeed that the businessman was not killed. “It hurts…so much…”

    “Look, I’m sorry.” Rai paused, uncertainly. “I don’t know what came over me there.”

    “It’s fine.” Victor was lying in the grass, exhausted. “I just don’t know…whether that’s related to the Poke-Power injection or not…”

    “I think it is.” Rai spoke angrily as he took his paw off the wound. “You said you tested it!”

    “Look, I said what I had to, okay? We need the money, and I need to win. Don’t you understand? I need this!”

    “You’re already a great trainer now!” Rai was yelling now, his furious voice breaking the peace of the cool spring night. “And you don’t need the money! You have the freaking mansion, for goodness’ sake!”

    Victor shook his head as the blood continued to flow down his leg. “You wouldn’t understand.”

    “Wouldn’t understand…What a load of Tauros! You always said that battling was a partnership between Trainer and Pokemon, as friends and equals.” He glared at Victor with new distrust as he paced around him with seemingly boundless energy, kicking up dust as he walked. “Do you even care about us anymore?”

    Victor groaned, moaning as his eyes started to close. He had lost too much blood. He was probably going to pass out.

    Rai exhaled sharply. “Oh, gosh.” He ran inside the house to fetch Victoria, Victor’s wife and a renowned doctor. She would know what to do.

    Victor’s heart sunk as he slipped gradually into the realms of unconsciousness. Maybe this Poke-Power thing wasn’t such a good idea after all.

    What had he done?

    But strength-wise…one couldn’t deny how much energy it had given his Raikou, despite the nasty side effect of mind loss. And Raikou had still attacked perfectly fine – he just couldn’t control who he attacked. His target was whatever was closest to him.

    So as long as the closest thing to him was an enemy Pokemon, it was okay, right?

    And neither Victor nor Rai could control when the outburst of energy occurred, but Victor decided that it wasn’t an issue. Maybe the adrenaline of battle would trigger it. Or maybe there was a way to control it.

    Victor smiled as he saw a blurry image of his wife and Pokemon running towards him, his wife holding a stethoscope. Her face was the epitome of concern. He held up a weak hand in greeting.

    It was the last thing he saw before he lapsed into unconsciousness.


    The shiny Celebi was completely pink-colored. She fluttered in the air next to a green Celebi who was creating a bubble-like blue orb out of thin air. They were in a small clearing near the edge of the woods, surrounded by darkened trees. The green Celebi, Alexi, was practicing her psychic abilities. She turned towards Sierra, the shiny, as she indicated the orb she had created.

    “Sierra, did I do this right?”

    Sierra smiled, viewing the orb with an expression of approval on her face. “Alexi, that is a very nice travel portal.” Travel portals were a new hobby of Sierra’s, an ability she never knew she had before. They were supposed to transport people and Pokemon from one world to another – simply a way of traveling quickly across space. After all, time traveling was getting a little boring for the shiny Celebi at the moment.

    Travel portals were the way to go. And Sierra was teaching other Celebi how to do it.

    The only problem was that when they were first created, nobody knew where they went to. It took extensive psychic manipulation to direct it to a specific place.

    And Alexi was new to the whole travel portal thing. So neither Celebi knew exactly where the newly-created portal led.

    Sierra nodded, fiddling with the golden locket that she wore around her neck. “Okay, Alexi. Now comes the hard part. Try to make this transport us to…let’s say Shorewake City. I’ve been craving a trip to the beach for quite some time now.”

    Alexi closed her eyes in concentration. “Okay, I’ll try.”

    But before she could do anything, Sierra shouted in surprise. “Whoa! What the heck is that!?”

    Alexi jumped, jolting out of her reverie, for an angry swarm of Beedrill and Vespiquen were charging at full force in their direction. A terrified Shuppet was right in front of them.

    The little purple ghost stared at the oncoming bees as he flew as fast as he could in panic. “Come on, guys, I was hungry!” He forgot to check where he was going.

    The nearest Vespiquen narrowed her red eyes at him, pointing at him accusingly as she chased him. “You stole our honey.”

    “I asked first!” The Shuppet was frantic now, staring at his pursuers with pleading yellow and blue eyes. He couldn’t fight the twenty-odd Beedrill and Vespiquen that were fast on his tail as he flew through the cool, dark forest. He was completely outnumbered.

    “But we refused.” The Beedrill’s stinger looked as sharp as ever. “You ignorant little puppet, you.”

    “Hey now – whoa!” For Shuppet had landed straight inside the orb that was Alexi’s portal – a portal to an unknown place.

    With a flash of light, the portal flashed once, and Shuppet disappeared with a scream. “Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaa…”

    In frustration at their loss, the bee Pokemon flew back to their hive, buzzing in discontent.

    Sierra wrung her hands in despair. “Alexi, what did you do?”

    Alexi was annoyed. “I didn’t do anything. It was that lousy Shuppet’s fault.”

    Sierra sighed. “I guess I’ll have to go get him, then.” She toyed with her locket uncertainly.

    Alexi grinned, indicating the golden chain that Sierra wore around her neck. “Why? Gonna miss a date with your oh so hot boyfriend?”

    “Hey!” Flushing bright red, Sierra defended herself as she flew towards the portal, her tiny wings fluttering. “So what if I am?”

    “Sceptile are soooo gross.” Alexi made a face. “Anyway, you can just go back in time. You’ll never miss a thing.”

    “You don’t understand.” Sierra sighed, ignoring Alexi’s first comment. “Portals are different. Right now, I am always gone for thirty minutes, no matter what I do or how long I really stay. It’s weird; I can’t really use my time travel powers when I go through one.”

    Alexi nodded, slightly confused.

    Sighing resolutely, Sierra entered into the portal. With a flash of white light, the blue orb wavered for a second. And then, like magic, the shiny pink Celebi vanished. The spherical portal, however, was still there. It simply floated there, eerily suspended in midair as it bounced slowly up and down.

    Alexi shuddered as she thought of the many horrible places Sierra could have been taken to. She only could hope that her friend would be all right. She fluttered back to her woodland home, taking one last backwards glance at the wavering portal.

    She was alone.

    Traveling through the woods around Ghost Park was scary for even the powerful Celebi, for she was still young. It was not only Ghost Pokemon that threatened innocent travelers here.

    There were real ghosts as well.

    Dead spirits of people and Pokemon that had avoided ascending to the world beyond. For there was a heaven. But there was also a hell. And those who stayed behind were trying to avoid their fate in the land of burning fire. They couldn’t stay forever. No. They could only put it off for maybe a hundred years. But it didn’t stop them from committing heinous crimes with the time they did have as they roamed the woods – and the whole rest of the region, too.

    There were many other reasons why the Rizen region was considered so dangerous for beginning trainers that started on their quest there. First off, the terrain was often rugged. Treacherous, even. And the weather could be unpredictable in places.

    And there were rumors, too. Rumors of great hidden riches and lost civilizations.

    And it was far from safe. The Rizen region, although beautiful with its varied terrain and landscapes of every kind, was indeed one steeped in legends both good and bad.

    How could a new trainer deal with such challenges? Many had done it before, starting their journeys at seventeen and making it out fine.

    But there were others who had perished.

    It was around midnight. A gray tendril of a dark cloud covered the bright yellow moon for a split second, enveloping the entire forest and town below in complete black. Soon, though, the fog lifted, and the clear night went on – relatively peacefully.

    A Murkrow cawed its miserable song to the dark green stands of trees and black mountains that were shrouded in shadows. A steady breeze picked up over the pond, creating small waves and causing nearby cattails to dance back and forth in time with the wind. The spring night wore on slowly. Time seemed to stand still at the onset of midnight. It was as if the world was resting one last time – taking one last deep breath before the impending evil took its toll on all of Rizen.


    Okay, there’s the prologue. 11 pages on Microsoft – gosh that took quite a while to write. :p

    Chapter 1 should be up in a week or so, maybe two. We meet my OT and get a window into his life in our world, and then see how he travels to the Pokemon world.

    So…please, please review this. I would really appreciate it. :)
    Tell me what I did wrong and if you didn’t understand something; I’ll be happy to edit. I hope what I wrote wasn’t too confusing… :/

    Okay, see you until then!
    -GastlyMan ;092;
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2011
  2. Manchee

    Manchee extra toasty

    I tried reading this despite how it's set up, but I can. It's too hard to read italicized and with an asterisk at every line break. You aren't supposed to have formatting that makes it hard to read or unreadable. If you just pressed enter twice between each paragraph/piece of dialogue and un-italicized it I'd be more than happy to read and review.
  3. PsychicChampion

    PsychicChampion Well-Known Member

    I agree BA but what I read it was actually quite catching and enchanting. Explain though your region though to cause I was thrown into a new region- which i did like- but due to the hardness to read it was hard to pick on its details idk if you included them or not. THOUGH love the whole chracter owns a Raikou VERY awesome.
  4. GastlyMan

    GastlyMan Ghost Type Trainer

    Got it!
    The asterisks were a total accident; no idea how that happened.
    I'll edit in a minute and undo the italics.

    Thanks very much Burrado Aipom and PsychicChampion!

    Those asterisks are annoying; you're right.

    Thanks! I somehow missed the enter 2 times thing when I was reading the rules, so I'm glad you pointed that out!

    Thanks! Yeah I suppose my formatting was pretty screwed up. Consider it fixed! :D

    Again, thanks to both of you!
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2010
  5. Dawn_Hero

    Dawn_Hero Written Insanity~

    Woohoo! Alright, my first review on a new fic in a while. :D I'd like to start off by saying I really enjoyed reading your work here, and it was definitely a refreshing new take on the Pokemon world. There were some errors and such, though. I dunno if you want each one pointed out, but here are the ones I noticed:

    Quick note before the story: You spelled Prologue wrong underneath 'Chapter List' and the Bolden tags were messed up for "Hidden Gems and Hollow Lies." It's not part of the story, but I figured I might as well point it out in case you didn't notice. :)

    This is a great sentence. The only problem of mine are the hoots. It just doesn't sound right in my mind. This is just nitpicking though, so don't pay too much attention. What if it were to be changed to something like...
    Like I said, just nitpicking. You don't have to pay attention to that. xD

    Another personal preference type of thing. It sounds strange in my head, but maybe I'm the only one. What if you played with it a little to where it was more along the lines of "...as if they were always watching, always waiting, for something to happen." Another instance where it's up to you on what sounds better, I was just pointing it out.

    ^ That one isn't necessary. I just thought it may sound better too. :<

    (possibly change it from "traveling through the woods" to "here" or something like that)

    ^ In this one, take out the comma that I boldened. It would be kinda hard to show you the correction if I just took out the comma, so yeah. xD

    Finally, I also noticed you spelled Vespiquen "Vesipquen" through-out the story. Just thought I'd point out its actual spelling. :)

    Anyways, I loved reading your story, so I wanted to try and help point out the errors so that way it would be even greater for other people that read through it. In all my quotes, if something's boldened that means it was changed (except for the last quote with the comma <.<) and if it's got a line through it that means to take it out. Those are all the problems I could see.

    Your story here's actually really good, I'm excited to read Chapter One. Raikou is probably my favorite Pokemon of all time, so you including him in the story made my day. ;3 His trainer... seems like a jerk though. I don't think I like him that much.

    Your region seems great, too. I'm so tired of regions being so goody-goody two shoes and everyone being so happy and nice in them (yeah, there are bad teams in them, but let's face it. None of them are that wonderful). A region that's a bit darker and more dangerous is a wonderful change of pace. :D The new Pokemon you've added are actually interesting, too. I'm not a huge lover of fan-made Pokemon, but I think you sold me with the Ursaring evolution. I love Ursaring, too, so I was excited to see a new evolution for it. Especially such a cool-sounding one. >: D

    I'm glad I stopped by to read this. You're a great writer. If you have a PM List or anything set up, please make sure to add me to it. I can't wait to read your next chapter. :D
  6. GastlyMan

    GastlyMan Ghost Type Trainer

    @Dawn_Hero: Thank you very much! I put in those corrections! It's awesome when you point them out!

    Thank you! :D I always wanted to use Raikou in a fic - Rai was in my plans from the start. Yeah, Victor's characterization was a bit tough, so hopefully when we see him again later I can add in more depth and gray areas to him. But yes, he is one of a host of antagonists that I am going to use, so it's ok if you don't like him :)

    And Ursaring...I always thought that amazing bear had so much more potential! Demursa is my most recent fakemon, and I'm glad you liked it.

    Thank you again! Rizen has quite the terrain as well as inhabitants, and my OT (who is coming in chapter 1!) will have some difficulty with it.
    And wait till you see the first gym leader. ;)

    As for a PM list! Great idea! Consider yourself added!
  7. GastlyMan

    GastlyMan Ghost Type Trainer

    Chapter 1!

    All right, here’s the first chapter! I’m a bit nervous because it’s somewhat slower than the prologue – but hopefully, you’ll still like it. If not, trust me, chapter 2 will be a lot more exciting.

    I am fervently hoping that those asterisks don’t appear again this time.

    And – Thanks to the wonderfully amazing reviewers! Please continue with your help and advice! :D

    Chapter 1: Rain Again

    Location: Our world, in a small suburban town.
    Time: Late afternoon to early evening. It is late fall here while the inhabitants of the Pokemon world are having their spring.

    BOOM! The first crash of thunder was the signal for the rain to begin. It started slowly at first, a lazy mist that meandered aimlessly towards the ground, coating everything in perfectly spherical water droplets and causing the heavy scent of incoming precipitation to fill the air. Yet soon the storm became a torrential downpour, the water pouring from the heavens in thick sheets, the constant sound of the falling liquid reverberating through the trees and houses. It was a sad sound indeed that emanated from the sky as the clouds gave up their tears to the city below.

    Occasionally, the brilliant white flash of lightning illuminated the whole town as if it was daytime, followed soon by the roar and crackle of thunder.

    Inside his old and run-down excuse for a house, seventeen-year-old Zev Palacios rested on his bed, leaning back onto his pillow as he played on his beaten-up, black Nintendo DS, unaware of the upcoming spectacular events that were about to change his life.

    He wasn’t really concentrating on the game. It was his Platinum version, and he had already logged countless hours into it.

    But it was a video game. That was it. Despite his love for his Pokemon, he knew that they were nothing more than a set of pixels on a crystal screen.

    And they always would be.

    Sighing, he let his mind wander. In his real life, Zev was a struggling student with a minimum-wage job at the local McDonald’s to help pay for his mother’s medical school fees and the family’s rent.

    But in his dreams, he was the ultimate Pokemon trainer. In his dreams, he hugged his adorable little Mawile and skied through icy snowfields, pristine in the winter sun, with his faithful Froslass.

    And he was completely unaware that his wishes were about to be granted in a most spectacular manner.

    When he felt the first icy drop splatter on his neatly combed black hair, he knew that something was wrong. Looking at the ceiling above him, he noticed a miniscule hole where another drop of water was slowly preparing for its descent to the floor – or rather, to his bed.

    Dang it, not another leak! Irritated, Zev set his game system down on his wooden nightstand, and stood up, yawning. I hate the rain…

    With a grunt of exertion, the boy stood behind his bed and pushed it with only moderate effort out of the way of the leak.

    And now, I need a bucket to catch the water. Again… Resignedly, Zev walked out of the room towards the living room, where his mother sat on the green checkered couch, looking intently at a biology textbook. “Hey, Mom, I need another bucket.”

    Emilia Palacios set down her book. “Is there another leak?”

    “Yeah. In my room.”

    Emilia looked around the small household. Buckets of all shapes and sizes were already placed nearly everywhere to accommodate the abode’s many leaks. She and Zev had spent half an hour finding every single leak and trapping the water. They were nearly out of buckets. The only place to get them would be…

    “…Outside.” Emilia sighed. “We have a few more buckets in the backyard. But I don’t want you to have to go outside in the rain…”

    Zev shrugged. “Whatever.” He headed in the direction of the back door to fetch the buckets. Pausing at the kitchen, he took the garbage bag and brought it with him as well. The garbage truck was coming tomorrow.

    His mom smiled. “Thanks for getting the trash. But the dumpster’s even farther out, and I don’t want you to go that far in this weather. You’ll get all chilled.”

    Zev scoffed at this. “To be honest, I really don’t care if I get chilled or not. In fact, it might be a good thing. I could avoid that insane asylum we call my high school for a couple of days.”

    Emilia looked at him in concern. Through her glasses, her brown eyes locked with his. “People get very sick from the cold, you know.”

    Zev didn’t answer as he opened the glass sliding door, which was covered in stains and fingerprints. The truth was, he didn’t really care about anything anymore, besides his mom. His family’s desperate situation coupled with his hidden insecurity had molded him into a bitter, almost apathetic pessimist, constantly filled with hate.

    A mighty blast of wind almost bowled Zev over as he stepped outside. Sudden anger filled him as he slammed the door behind him, screaming out his anger to the merciless gale and the pouring rain outside.

    “I hate you! I hate all of you! Stupid rain, stupid leaks, stupid wind, stupid freaking buckets!” With a howl of rage, he threw the trash bag in the air. Carried by the wind, it sailed towards the grove of juniper trees that were located near the rear of the property.

    Okay, that was a bad idea. Disgusted with himself, Zev jogged towards the fallen trash bag, quickly scooping up everything that had fallen out.


    The Shuppet flew out of the pulsating, bright blue travel portal uncontrollably, landing in the small grove of juniper trees at the back of Zev’s house, not too far away from the fallen trash bag.

    “Whoa!” The same gust of wind that had carried Zev’s garbage bag picked him up. He sailed over the house, unable to control his movements as another powerful gale sent him back in the direction he came from. Hitting the tree farthest away from the house in full force, he fell to the ground, unconscious, as the wind suddenly slowed.

    But while the wind slowed, the rain picked up in intensity, beating down even harder on the little town and on the unconscious Shuppet. He lay amidst the sodden pine needles, barely breathing. Normally, his ghost type powers would allow him to avoid bumping into solid objects. The only problem? It was a lot harder – although not impossible – to use his Pokemon powers in a world completely devoid of them. He would improve later – but as for now, he lay immobile on the ground, pelted by the occasional drop of rain that made it through the cover of the trees. Thankfully, no lightning struck those trees – as they weren’t that tall – or else he could have been seriously hurt.


    Sierra the Celebi was immediately drenched by the downpour as she left the portal, fluttering on her tiny pink wings. She was in a grove of junipers, in the backyard of a run-down, beaten-up house.

    So this is where the portal leads. Celebi knew that she had to find the Shuppet quickly, before the storm got any worse.

    BOOM! The second flash of lightning was followed by the loud cry of thunder immediately. The storm was just getting started. Small pellets of hail pelted Sierra like rocks as she attempted to find shelter under the trees.

    Correction… Celebi sighed, as she pondered her thoughts from before. I need to find him right now.

    Bracing herself against the onslaught of rain, she headed out into the cold and began her search in the surrounding neighborhood.


    As Zev placed the rest of the disgusting trash back in the bag and threw it in the dumpster with a sigh, he did not notice Sierra, who flew quickly past him, unaware that in her desperation she had passed right by Shuppet, leaving him unconscious on the ground.

    Zev headed back towards his house, ready to get back inside to the warmth and dryness within.

    He took one last look at the grove of junipers behind him, to make sure he hadn’t left any trash behind by mistake.

    And nearly jumped out of his skin with surprise.

    Is that…a Shuppet? Narrowing his eyes, Zev peered intently at the fallen purple form to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating. But Pokemon don’t exist…

    He walked slowly towards the trees, feeling as if he was going in slow motion as he focused on the fallen ghost in concern. The rain pelted his black hair, soaking it to the core. Thunder rumbled overhead. The wind was starting to pick up again, howling like some demon as it tossed leaves and debris everywhere.

    Zev noticed none of it. Every one of his senses – every fiber of his being – was fixated on observing the fallen being and figuring out exactly what it was.

    And the creature was indeed a Shuppet. It lay immobile on a layer of sodden pine needles, the juniper trees only partially protecting it from the falling rain and the roaring wind. Zev immediately realized that it was hurt.

    I need to help it! The ghost Pokemon proved to be quite easy to lift. Zev noticed that while it was only bleeding a little bit – could a ghost type even bleed? Maybe in this world… – it was still bruised and battered, and suffered from numerous small scrapes all over its body.

    With a whoosh, the wind picked up in speed and intensity yet again. Sheltering the Shuppet in his black jacket, Zev made a mad dash for his house. Bent over in the wind like a bedraggled beggar, his now-messy hair trailing behind him, he would have made a comical sight, if it weren’t for the severity of the situation.

    In one quick move, Zev swung open the door, took off his shoes, and ran inside. He was shivering, his body shaking uncontrollably from the wetness and the hail that had pelted him. In a normal situation, he would have complained.

    But this was not a normal situation.

    “You may want to dry off a little…” Emilia’s words fell upon deaf ears as Zev dashed into his room with a strange lump under his jacket. She was surprised, and yelled in the direction of her son’s room. “Zev, did you find something?”

    “Yeah, Mom…” Zev paused. “I’ll show you later!” The truth was, he had no idea if he should even show the Shuppet to his mother. Maybe he’d better avoid it for now.

    But first…There was an injured Shuppet to be attended to. Zev ran to the bathroom to pick up some bandages and then sat the injured Pokemon down on his bed.


    Location: Experimentation Office, Ghost Park City.
    Time: 11:00 AM. It is morning in the Pokemon world while our world has its nighttime.

    The office building was small, clean, and air-conditioned. It was near the edge of the woods, but it was easy to see by the way its patrons dressed that they were not going to the forest anytime soon.

    Godino wore a sleek black business suit, complete with matching tie. He was a muscular man, and looked it even under the classy outfit. The type of man that worked out often – and had the appearance to show it. He glared at the man who stood in front of him, fidgeting nervously. As the CEO of Compass Experimentation, the wealth-seeking manufacturer of Poke-Power injections and various other questionable products, Godino took his job seriously. Perhaps a little too seriously, in fact.

    “Victor! It is your turn. Release your Pokemon one by one, and I will try and guess which one you used the Poke-Power on. Then we will see its true potential.”

    Victor nodded, although he failed to meet his intimidating boss’ piercing gaze, which was unnerving enough to send the most courageous of men scurrying in fright. “I have eight in my party.”

    “Good, good.” Godino smiled. But it was not a benevolent smile. His glittering brown eyes were narrowing in intense curiosity as he pulled a Poke-Power syringe out of his desk drawer and fiddled with it absently.

    Gulping, Victor pulled out a bright green orb with the letter “W” engraved upon it – a Wood Ball, most efficient for capturing grass types. “All right, then, here’s the first one. My starter Pokemon. Let’s show him how we do things, Blade!”

    The Wood Ball soared high into the air of the cool office building. A white beam of light was ejected, revealing a tall squirrel-like creature. He was a light brown color with an image of a golden tree on his stomach. A ridge of green spikes ran partway down his back, and his tail ended in an axe blade.

    In its sharp claws, the Forblade gripped a long, spindly branch. At the end of the branch was a solid gray block of steel covered in spots. Blade spun the steel-tipped branch menacingly, tossing it deftly from paw to paw as he glared at Godino.

    Godino grinned at Victor. “A Forblade, eh? So you started with a Guimmble? I never was partial to those grass types myself.”

    Victor shrugged. “So, what do you think?”

    Godino shook his head. “Let’s see what he can do.”

    Blade looked at Victor curiously. “Should I try a simple Razor Leaf?”

    Victor grinned at his Pokemon. “Yes, let’s. Do it on that wastebasket.”

    The leaf that Blade produced out of his back shone bright green and screeched as it sliced the trash can cleanly in half. Yet Godino shook his head as he watched the attack.

    “You obviously didn’t use it on the Forblade. If our hypothesis was right, it would have destroyed both the wastebasket and that desk next to it, reducing it to smithereens. All you did was cut it in half. Boring.”

    Victor nodded, wiping sweat from off of his brow. Godino would be surprised to see how much power Rai had gained. But first, he had to attack with his other Pokemon – to show how their abilities paled in comparison to Rai’s newfound attack power. “Okay, then, I choose Sailwind!” From his bag, he pulled out a blue Dive Ball and threw it into the air, releasing a Sharpedo which viewed Godino contemptuously with his red eyes.

    Godino stood with his arms folded, eyeing the shark-like Pokemon in approval. “You have quite the team here, Victor. I want to see your Sharpedo use Crunch on that empty desk over there.”

    Sailwind the Sharpedo growled as he looked back at his trainer with pleading eyes. “I don’t like this guy, Victor. How about I instead do a nice Crunch attack on his fat butt?”

    Victor laughed nervously as Godino glared at him. He felt his heart grow cold with shock as he saw Godino reach into his back pocket, toying with what looked like a revolver.

    Godino grinned at his employee wickedly. “So, what was it your Sharpedo said about my butt?”

    Victor bit his lip. “Um, nothing.”

    “Good.” Godino placed the revolver back in his pocket. “Because you know what would have happened if he said something else…”

    Victor just nodded, shuddering. “Anyway, Sailwind – Crunch, on that empty desk over there.”

    “How disappointing.” The Sharpedo viewed the desk in distaste as he leapt onto it, sinking his razor sharp teeth into the wood, biting a whole chunk of the desk clean off as he spat it out onto the ground. “Yuck – so how’s that?”

    Victor was about to congratulate his Pokemon when Godino cut him off. “That attack was fine, but not influenced by our product. All right, Victor, I can’t wait anymore. Show me. Release the one that you have chosen – the most powerful Pokemon in your team; the one that you have utilized to test our injection.”

    Victor nodded as he recalled Sailwind and reached for his Timer Ball. “Let’s go, Rai!”

    The yellow saber-tooth Pokemon materialized in a flash of light, eyeing the office around him in surprise. “Victor, what’s this all about?”

    Victor only shook his head as he whispered to his Pokemon, out of Godino’s earshot. “Just trust me on this. Do what I say and you won’t regret it.”

    Rai rolled his gleaming yellow eyes as he pawed the ground restlessly. “Haven’t heard that one before.”

    “What are you two whispering about?” Irritated, Godino drummed his fingers on a nearby desk impatiently, unsuccessfully attempting to look bored. Yet his eyes widened in admiration as he watched the legendary in obvious awe. How did that puny little Victor catch that?

    Outwardly, though, Godino simply yawned. “Hurry up; I don’t have all day. Let’s see if our humble little experiment worked.”

    “I don’t need to show you anything this time.” Victor instead pulled up the leg of his slacks, revealing twin scars of puncture wounds that had bored deep inside his skin.

    Godino was shocked yet intrigued as he viewed the wounds. “Interesting, interesting…So you say your Raikou did this to you?”

    “Yes, he did,” Victor said softly, wincing in memory of the pain. “It was power I had never seen before.”

    “And it was all a lie.” Rai muttered under his breath.

    Unfortunately, Godino heard him. “What was all a lie?”

    The Raikou did not answer him. Instead, he turned his anger on Victor. “I couldn’t control myself! You said you tested it!”

    Victor sighed, irritated. “We already went through this, Rai, I-”

    Godino’s eyes were glimmering in greed as he spoke. “Ladies, ladies. If you two lovebirds will take a little break from your chat, I need to ask you a few questions.”

    Rai let out a soft growl. “Then fire away, buff boy. Unless Victor” – he spat out the name with a newfound distaste – “has something more to hide.”

    Godino ignored the Pokemon as he eyed Victor curiously. “So your Raikou said he couldn’t control himself?”

    Victor looked uncomfortable. As the chief chemist for the Poke-Power formula, he knew that admitting a failure would most likely cost him his job. He had a wife and kids to support; he couldn’t lose out on this opportunity. And the business was bound to make them a lot of money. And the only problem was…well, how was he going to explain the potential side effects of it to his customers?

    There was only one solution.

    He wouldn’t tell them at all.

    He shook his head, recalling Rai in an instant and placing the Timer Ball back into his bag. “No, Rai was talking about an argument we had earlier today…it was a little personal, you know? The solution works fine. We experienced no problems with it.”

    Inside the luxurious domain of his Timer Ball, Raikou lay on a pile of blankets as he seethed in agony at his trainer’s response. Lies…all lies…

    Godino nodded. “So what are the Pokemon you have on your team?” He pulled out eight identical syringes from his desk drawer.

    Victor fiddled with his bag. “Raikou, Sharpedo, Forblade, Sawloja, Dragonair, Magcargo, Homata, and Demursa.” Participants in the Rizen League were allowed a total of eight Pokemon, because the battles were so difficult and the terrain so harsh. It was vital for survival and protection.

    Godino nodded as he handed Victor the blood-red syringes. “Interesting…”

    But another issue had pervaded Victor’s mind; a concern that had kept him up late the night before chatting with his wife. Despite his lie, he was still uncomfortable with the idea. Maybe there was a way to stop it without risking his job.

    He took a deep breath. “The only thing is…wouldn’t using our type of product be sort of cheating? I know we could cover it up, but it just wouldn’t seem right.” Victor was beginning to feel somewhat guilty about his decision to enter the League with a drugged-up team, but he was getting the distinct impression that now it was too late to turn back.

    The next sentence Victor spoke came quickly; uneasily. “You know…maybe we should just call the whole thing off, huh?”

    Godino chuckled. His brown eyes stared deeply into Victor’s black ones. His laugh had turned cold as he reached again for the revolver in his back pocket and pulled it out, polishing it carefully on the end of his black suit jacket. His tone was cold yet calm, speaking to Victor in a fatherly, almost babying voice as he smiled cruelly. “You know, Victor…here at Compass Industries, we put great value in bringing wealth and joy to our people. We want good lives for ourselves and our families.”

    He smiled wickedly as he continued to polish his weapon with his left hand, pulling a Pokeball out of his right hand as he did so. “And when someone threatens our efforts here, Victor, sometimes we have to resort to more, well…" – he scanned the ceiling above him as if in search for a fitting word – “persuasive methods.”

    Setting the Pokeball down on the table beside him, he took aim with his weapon at a nearby security camera and fired, shattering the expensive lens into a million pieces as the broken glass fell towards the ground. “The security guard on duty right now…let’s just say we go waaaay back. He’s not gonna mind if I – how should I put this – oh yes, pause the security system for a little while, eh now, Victor?”

    Narrowing his eyes at his quivering employee, he lowered his revolver – ever so slightly. His voice was lowered to a complete whisper. “Now Victor…all it takes is just a shot just a little bit more to the left.” He positioned his weapon until it was pointed straight in the direction of Victor’s heart. “One more shot – Life is such a delicate, fragile thing, young Victor, and I would hate to see even a miserable one like yours be ended so quickly.”

    Victor gulped, nodding as Godino continued. “I know where your family lives, Victor. All it takes is one pull of the trigger – one simple, tiny movement of my finger – and life, that ever-cherished gift, is taken away sooooo very fast.”

    Placing the firearm back in his pocket, Godino grinned as he reached for his Pokeball. “Maybe you think you’re such a little hot shot because you caught a legendary. It’s time to face the truth. You’re not.” He threw the Pokeball into the air, and it seemed to move in slow motion as it released a creature in a flash of bright light. Godino laughed as Victor looked on in fear. “Victor, Victor, Victor. You’re just going to have to learn…that sometimes the most powerful Pokemon aren’t even legendaries at all.”

    The muscular boss grinned. “Behold, Leon my Lethiron!”

    The creature that stood before Victor looked like a lion, except for the fact that its golden mane was stained the reddish color of blood. When it opened its mouth, rows of sharp teeth like gleaming, perfectly-sharpened steak knives seemed to make its low growl even more sinister. Its triangular eyes were red – the same color as the blood stains on its mane.

    Victor gasped in shock as the creature disappeared almost completely, leaving nothing but the glaring red eyes. He could only hear its soft, growling laughter as it taunted him, speaking in a babying voice.

    “What’s the matter, wittle Wictor? Is big bad Godino being a meanie? Is winy wittle Wictor scared of the big bag Lethiron? What’re you gonna do about it? Cause you can’t see me! Ever felt what it’s like to be sliced by forty knives, Vicky? Because that can easily be arranged.” The voice seemed to be coming from the wall in front of Victor, although he couldn’t really be certain as to where the Pokemon was.

    “Right behind you!” The invisible paw that tapped Victor on the back seemed to come out of nowhere. “Or am I?” While the creature seemed to be right behind him, because he felt the paw, the voice seemed to be coming from somewhere near Godino, and two glowing red eyes flanked the opposite wall.

    Godino chuckled at his Pokemon’s threats. “Ever heard of the Blood type, Victor? No? You know why neither Rizen nor any other region has a Blood type gym? And why the type is one never talked about, never studied by any professor? The Pokemon are too dangerous. Not necessarily all-powerful, no – just rare and hard to find. And – generally speaking – brutal in nature; savage in action.” He laughed yet again. “The little professors are scared that they might get hurt. They never tell about it to new trainers because they don’t want them hurting themselves. Behold, Victor: Leon, my first Blood-type capture!”

    The now-invisible creature snickered at this. “Shall we, Godino?”

    “Yes, let’s.” Godino glared at Victor in utter contempt. “Leon, Whirlwind. Victor, I will see you at the same time tomorrow for manufacturing more Poke-Power. But for now – au revoir. Enjoy your trip.”

    Leon laughed. “You said it, dude.”

    The roar came as more of a soft hiss as the Lethiron attacked, yet the icy tone pierced Victor to the very bone. He – and his bag – sailed through the air as he smashed through the glass of the office building, shattering it as he fell to the ground below. Thankfully they were only on the second story, or else his injuries would have been fatal. Picking up his bag, he dusted himself off – sprinting for home, his bruised leg exploding with pain every time it made contact with the dusty road.


    Location: Our world.
    Time: Still late evening. The storm continues.

    The small Shuppet had bright blue and yellow eyes bordered by black. They shone with gratitude and curiosity as the injured ghost Pokemon watched Zev appear from out of the bathroom, with yet another armload of Band-Aids. Shuppet noticed, surprised, that Zev was dressed all in black – and, interestingly enough, had been the whole time.

    “Going to a funeral?” Shuppet winced as the seemingly millionth bandage was placed in areas he didn’t even know he had. He lay on Zev’s bed, feeling helpless.

    Zev laughed. “Nah.”


    Zev didn’t answer as he worked with the bandages, his tan hands un-sticking and re-sticking the adhesive material.

    “Ah – denial, huh?! So now the truth comes out!” Shuppet laughed as Zev placed a final bandage on the horn on his head. “Let me guess…I look like a mummy.”

    His rescuer grinned as he held up his mirror. “See for yourself.”

    “Mother Teresa…” Shuppet looked at his reflection in horror, aghast at his appearance. “How am I supposed to roll with the chicks looking like this?”

    The ghost Pokemon was definitely a sight to behold. Bandages – many of them unnecessary, as Zev was no medic like his mother – covered him everywhere, from the slim horn atop his head to the swirling cloak-like end of his body. They covered his many bruises from his unfortunate war with the tree branches. What the Pokemon didn’t know was that every minute of resting made his powers stronger in this strange world that he had been lost in – soon, he would be able to attack with the same powerful abilities he utilized in the Pokemon world. Sure, he was still young, and he hadn’t reached his full potential yet. But he would get there in time.

    Zev shrugged. “Welcome to my world. I never got any ‘chicks,’ and probably never will. Now we need to figure out how you got here and how to get you back!”

    “Well,” Shuppet mused, “there was this huge blue thing…”

    Ding-dong! The loud chime of the Palacios’ doorbell stopped Shuppet short.

    “Zev, son, could you get that, please? I’m trying to start on dinner!” Emilia’s voice floated out from the kitchen.

    Zev sighed. “All right, Mom. Stay here,” he added to Shuppet as he walked out of his room and to the front door.

    Shuppet rolled his eyes. “Uh-huh. Sure, Mother Zev.” Leaning back, he pulled out one of Zev’s books and began reading without much interest.

    Zev opened the door, letting in an icy blast of wind and rain as he stared into the eyes of a man that had been an object of his intense hatred for several years now – his landlord, who increased the rent every month. Apparently, he was saving up for a vacation to Tahiti or something.

    Zev spat out the name with obvious distaste. “Lawrence.”

    The brown-haired man’s blue eyes stared directly into Zev’s dark brown, almost black eyes as he spoke. “Zev. Insolent little Zev. Why don’t you go into your room and go play with your little Pokey-mons; your mother and I have some important matters to discuss.”

    Zev folded his arms, shutting the door behind Lawrence as he did so. “We can discuss them right here, you and me. How much do we owe you?”

    Lawrence spoke stiffly. “Six hundred bucks.”

    Zev interrupted him. “That’s far more than we have with us right now.”

    Emilia arose off the couch, biology textbook in hand, speaking softly and carefully. “We have four hundred. You know how hard it is for me to pass my nursing school classes, but once I do, we’ll be a lot better off. We’ll pay you then.”

    “I want my pay now! As Lawrence spoke angrily, his voice escalating in volume and power, the storm seemed to pick up in intensity and power, thunder cracking overhead. “I’ve been waiting for a month!”

    The anger welled up inside Zev once more. He couldn’t seem to contain himself as his voice escalated to a yell as he vented all his frustrations on the landlord, throwing caution to the wind. “Do you know what we’ve eaten for that past month? Cereal, microwaveable ravioli, and water! All that cheap crud that nobody cares about! Because we haven’t been able to afford anything else since Dad left us and was hit by that car!” He was almost crying now. “So why don’t you just leave?!”

    Lawrence stepped farther into the house, towards Emilia, shutting the door behind him. “It’s time to claim what’s mine. Give me my money.”

    Zev stepped between Lawrence and his mother. “Not on that puny excuse you have for a life. I told you already – we don’t have it! Now come back in a month when we do!

    Lawrence raised his fist, laughing. Outside, the rain was still pouring down as lightning lit up the house, causing the lights to dim for a split second and then turn back on. “Is that a threat, kid?! Whoa-” He staggered back, shocked, as Zev’s well-aimed punch hit him straight in the nose. “It’s bleeding, you stupid-” He stopped himself, unsure of what insult to come up with next.

    Zev glared at him icily as he readied himself for another blow. “You had better not finish that sentence, trash.”

    Lawrence finished it – with an extremely inappropriate word.

    Zev gasped, horrified. “Oh, you’ve done it now, moneybags.”

    This whole time, Emilia Palacios had simply watched the argument. There had once been a time where she would have tried to stop the fighting. But that was a long time ago. Now, she simply raised her massive textbook, aiming for her landlord’s head, ready to join in as Zev hit Lawrence again, receiving a sharp crack to the face in return.

    The loud, argumentative yelling had startled the Shuppet. Curious, he had ventured out into the hallway – hiding by making himself invisible – by the front door to see what was going on. He was shocked to see the three humans – mother, son, and landlord – fighting so intensely. At first, he had been pleased by all of the vengeance the trio felt towards each other – he could feed off of it. The anger and the feelings of hate absorbed themselves into his horn, and he grinned with the feeling of adrenaline it gave him. Yet – Zev was his friend, and he didn’t like watching him get hurt. Not to mention that this Lawrence person was hitting Emilia too. Only a true jerk would hit a girl.

    Gosh, if this is how humans battle…that must suck! They only do normal and fighting-type moves! I’ve never seen such a poor Doubleslap in my life, Shuppet added to himself as he watched Zev hit Lawrence in the face and kick him where it hurt the most at the same time. Although I suppose it was well-aimed.

    His eyes glowed red as a ghostly reflection of his head appeared behind him. He glared at Lawrence, focusing with all his might. The Night Shade attack caused Lawrence to stop in his fight suddenly, putting a hand to his head and immediately fleeing as an excruciating pain racked his cranium and left him unable to think. He opened the door and dashed through the pouring rain and mighty winds to his waiting car. Yet the intense headache did not leave.

    Emilia and Zev couldn’t see Shuppet from his invisible state – although Zev looked like he knew what had happened – or rather, who had helped them.

    Emilia, on the other hand, was quite confused. “What was that?”

    Zev only smiled. “A miracle, I suppose.” His expression turned to a frown as he looked into his mother’s bespectacled eyes, noting the cuts that covered her body from Lawrence’s sharp nails. “Mom, does anyone even care about us anymore?”

    Emilia sighed, looking exhausted as she rubbed her bruises. “Yes, Zev. God cares about us. He cares about everyone.”

    “But nobody besides him?” Zev’s eyes were brimming with tears. The warm liquid flowed down his face, almost burning him as he fought the intense desire to weep without end. Gosh, I am such a crybaby. “Because Dad didn’t care.”

    His mother looked at him straight in the eye, trying to hold back her own tears as she comforted her son. “Zev, in my family there is a saying we have in Spanish. La vida siempre se mejore. Do you know what that means? Life always gets better. I know it seems hard to say now, but one day you will look back and be glad that you had the experiences that you did.”

    Zev rolled his dark eyes. “Getting beaten up by a madman landlord will help me a lot. Sure, Mother.”

    Later that fateful evening, he lay in bed, the injured Shuppet on the pillow next to him. Zev rolled over to face the Pokemon. “So, Shuppet, do you have a name?”

    Shuppet shook his head. “Nicknames are sooo completely overrated.”

    Zev nodded slowly. Outside, the rain diminished somewhat – yet it was still falling, constantly soaring towards the ground. “We’ll have to think of one for you eventually. So…Can you do any attacks?”

    Shuppet grinned. “Night Shade, Shadow Sneak, Curse, and Spite. Self-taught.”

    “Your mother didn’t teach you?”

    “My mom was captured soon after I was born.”

    “Oh,” Zev rolled over, exhausted. “So…how exactly did you get here again?”

    Shuppet told him the story of his attempt to get honey from an angry swarm of bee Pokemon and how he had accidentally flew into the Celebi’s unknown portal.

    Zev’s head was spinning with all this information. So Pokemon are real…Celebi can make portals…Pokemon can talk…and there are new regions that I’ve never even heard of! This is awesome!

    The storm continued late into the night as Zev restlessly stared at his ceiling. Apparently Shuppet never slept; he instead was humming softly to himself. The song was vaguely familiar, although it was so quiet that Zev couldn’t be sure if he had heard it before.

    The sudden tapping noise at Zev’s window made him jump. His chest turned to ice in fear as he noticed the shadow that loomed like a wraith of the night on the surface of his tattered window curtains. It looked like a monster as the eerie shadow of its fist cast strange reflections everywhere, while that incessant tapping continued and would not stop.

    Shuppet, however, jumped up with excitement into the air. “Hey, it’s that Celebi!”

    Surprised, Zev switched on the light. “What?”

    “Come on in; come on in!” Before Zev could stop him, Shuppet had opened up the filthy window and let in a pink, alien-like creature with huge eyes and a smile that seemed to lighten the darkness caused by the lateness of the hour and the harsh, intense storm. It was, beyond doubt, a shiny Celebi.

    She was soaking wet and looked a mess, dripping water all over Zev’s moldy old carpet as she attempted to wipe the worst of the water off a golden locket she wore around her neck. “Ugh! I search for hours around this miserable town and I find you here, right back where I started?”

    Shuppet grinned sheepishly. “Sorry. I kinda didn’t see your portal thing. And I didn’t see you at all. So I hung with this kid for a while.” He indicated an embarrassed Zev with a nod of his head.

    The Celebi held out a hand. “I’m Sierra. Thanks for your help in taking care of this guy.”

    Zev nodded as he shook it, dumbfounded at actually meeting a Celebi in person. “I’m Zev. And you’re welcome.”

    Sierra glanced closer at Zev and the cuts and bruises that covered his body from the black hair on his head down to his tan lower half. “Oh no! You’re all cut up!”

    “I’m fine…” Zev tried to dismiss the matter with a wave of his hand, but Celebi shook her head. Glowing a bright green color, she enveloped the room in an aura of light as Zev watched his wounds disappear in awe. Shuppet experienced similar as his bandages disappeared, leaving both human and Pokemon completely healed.

    Shuppet stared at her in awe. “So how the heck did you as a Celebi learn Aromatherapy?”

    “My friend Meganium taught me.” Celebi grinned modestly. Her gaze turned serious, however, as she looked at Zev in concern. “Are there no Pokemon in this world? Because I haven’t seen so much as a lousy Caterpie since I first got here.”

    Zev shook his head, sadly. “No. But I would give up my life to live at least one day in the Pokemon world.”

    A huge grin spread on Sierra’s face. “Maybe, you won’t have to…”

    Zev’s heart almost leaped out of his chest as Sierra continued. “I’m getting a lot better at creating travel portals. So how would you, Zev, like to come to the Pokemon world with us, in the region of Rizen? Consider it thanks for keeping Shuppet safe! And because I feel bad for you, living in such a dull world…”

    Zev couldn’t believe his ears. Yet…there was one problem. “What about my mom? Won’t she notice I’m gone and miss me?”

    Celebi nodded slowly. “That’s the part I’m a little worried about. I can help you, though. Every three days in the Pokemon world, you will come back to your own world, and you will have only been gone for half an hour.” She frowned. “While I can adjust time easily in my own world, for some reason it’s quite difficult between worlds, so I can’t make it seem like you never left. But I would love to help you along your journey in Rizen if I can…and if you would want to. I could come and check on you every three days, to arrange your transportation. I actually could have some fun with it myself, now that I think about it!”

    From the exuberant expression on Zev’s face, it looked as if he had just won an all-expenses covered vacation to Hawaii. “Heck yes I’ll go!” He embraced Sierra in his joy. “Thank you, oh thank you so much!”

    Shuppet grinned as he watched Zev do a little dance of ecstasy, his mood greatly improved. “And I’m going with you. Sierra, when should we leave?”

    The pink creature smiled as she embraced Zev and dragged an uncomfortable Shuppet into their group hug. “Right at this very moment. It’s perfect, because when we get back in three days, you can get right back to sleep. No one would even notice you’d left!”


    The threesome made an odd trio – the diminutive purple ghost with a blunt horn on his head, the pink fairy-like Pokemon who fluttered on small translucent wings, and the black-clad, dark-skinned teenage boy. All three stood under the semi-shelter created by Zev’s juniper trees – thankfully, the lightning had finally passed. But the rain continued, slim icy droplets of pure liquid still penetrating through the thick cover of the trees as the wind roared overhead. It would be a long storm, a long night, and a long autumn.

    But where the Celebi, the human, and his first Pokemon were going, it would be daytime – in the spring. The blue opaque bubble hovered over them like a ghost would, wavering slightly in the wind but keeping its shape nonetheless.

    “Sooo…” Shuppet grinned cheekily at Sierra. “Who’s in the locket?”

    “Oh, nobody in particular…” Sierra’s cheeks, however, were tinged with red as Shuppet formed a pair of ghostly hands out of the air next to him and used the newfound appendages to open the golden, heart-shaped locket.

    Shuppet nodded as he examined it, his “hands” disappearing as he did so. “Ah, a Sceptile.”

    Sierra looked dreamy as she stared at the bright blue portal in front of them. “Samuel the Sceptile…a handsome knight if I ever met one.”

    Shuppet grinned at this. “Ooh, a relationship. Be sure to keep us informed. Zev and I – we’re all into that kind of stuff, right, Zevvy?”

    “Mmm-hmm.” Zev drew his skull-embroidered rain jacket around himself as he shivered. “Can we go now, please? I’m soaked to the bone!”

    “Follow me. I have a date to attend to!” Sierra fluttered up into the portal, followed by Shuppet, who reached out to Zev and pulled him into the orb with a ghostly purple hand, which immediately dematerialized into nothingness.

    Sierra grinned as Zev climbed aboard. “And time gets tricky to manipulate when you’re traveling between worlds! But trust me – now that I know where we are, I can easily create a new portal. In fact, I’ve adjusted this one now to take us to Swellleaf town, where all great trainers in Rizen start their journeys!”

    Her tone changed from one of excitement to one of warning as the rain-drenched scene around them disappeared into a swirl of color as the transportation began. “But let me warn you, Zev. The Rizen region is considered very dangerous for beginning trainers, because of the hazardous terrain and the many creepy people there.” She shuddered. “There have even been rumors of…people coming back from the dead. And there’s the casualty factor, too. Last year, we had thirty-five trainers turn seventeen and start their journeys. Ten were reported as either missing or killed in the wilderness, and all suffered injuries.”

    Zev shrugged, grinning. “I can take the danger. I’m sure that your world is better than the piece of crud place I’m suffering in.”

    Sierra nodded. “And it’ll be a great experience. While dangerous, Rizen is also noted as having wonderful natural beauty and a diverse population of Pokemon. It spans from the chilly northern tundra to the tropical rainforests and deserts of the south – and everything you can imagine in between.”

    Zev nodded, grinning. While he was still nervous inside, he couldn’t help but be excited. For the first time in years, he was looking on the bright side – this was Pokemon, for goodness’ sake!

    There might be creepy people in Rizen, sure, but wherever there were a lot of weirdos, there were quite a few nice people as well. He would just have to befriend the right people…and not do anything stupid.

    That, however, was easier said than done.

    The scene around them continued to swirl, gradually revealing a small, sunlit town on the edge of the forest; where the chirping of Starly resounded through the woods; where shadows of trees and Pokemon played across the still waters of a pond and dusty paths; and where the waters of a nearby brook rushed over rounded stones and soft sand…

    …a new region, where rumors of hidden riches had been passed down for centuries, sought by many. Where the dead arose from their graves, fearful of hell, and ready to haunt the cities in which they perished. Where more than just a simple Pokemon journey was about to take place for Zev, Shuppet, and the friends they would soon meet.

    Where all could not be trusted.

    Where danger lurked everywhere, like a hunter lurking in the bushes, on a mission to find and slaughter its helpless prey.

    Where all was not safe.


    All right, then! That was nearly 23 pages, in case any of you were wondering…sorry, yeah, it was long. :D

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