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Hidden Ones REDUX

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Killer_Squirtle, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Killer_Squirtle

    Killer_Squirtle Follow my lead!

    Owner is me; Killer_Squirtle ^_^
    Co-owner is Tokyo Oranges! *clap clap clap!*

    RULES! You break these, squirrels with devoir you soul!
    1: Serebii rules apply
    2: No bunnying!
    3: No power playing
    4: Don’t just do a one shot!
    5: This isn’t really a rule, but tell me if you have questions or concerns
    6. Punishment and enforcement of rules is solely up to me and TO


    In the beginning, there was nothing. Then an egg appeared. From that egg, Arceus was born, and from itself, it created Time (Dialga), Space (Palkia), Afterlife (Girantina), and spirit (Mesprit, Azelf and Uxie). And since then, Arceus created many others, all of them have a place in our myths and stories. We all know that story, but what if not all of Arceus' creations were discovered? What if there are still legendaries left to have their stories told? There are more legends, and they are amoung us.

    Arceus created 17 more eggs in secret and in the time of myths, they didn't hatch. But it was merely their presense that they had done more to our early world than they could have done hatched. What they did as just existing is, they created the elements themselves and gave the Pokemon more powers than they had before. The early world no one knew how to explain their powers, but it soon divided their world.

    Fire types, pleased with their power began to burn down forests in a frenzy of excitement, not truly wishing to do harm. Grass types became furious and attacked, only to have the Fire types retaliate with much stronger force. When Water types came to stop the violence, they had to show force and fight the Fire and Grass types. The same thing happened all over the world of Pokemon, Darks, Psychics and Fightings turned on one another to prove their power. Bugs and Poisons turned violent against each other. There was only one way to solve this was to divide the world. Water types took to the lakes, rivers and oceans, under Kyogre's protection. Fire types stayed near volcanoes, where Groudon kept guard over them. Grasses lived in the forest and meadows, where plant life prospered. Rocks remaned in mounains, Grounds in deserts, Ices near the polar ice caps etc. Soon the world was fully divided, each type had their own domain. But, where was Arceus during all of this?

    Arceus never left the unhatched 17. He waited and waited until his body was about to give out and he went into a deep sleep only to awaken when they hatch. Many other legendaries went the same way, their immense power was too much to stay in this world, they took to secret crevices and caves in the world to sleep until the time of legends began once more.


    It is 14 years in the past to this day, and evil is brewing. Humans are now the masters of this world. But just because they are the masters, does not make them right with everything. Many humans have taken the path of kindness, living with Pokemon in harmony or as partners in Pokemon battles, contests or merely in life. But there are some who wish to do wrong in this world, only to cause havoc and misery to all others. One such group would be one Team Chaos, their goal is simple, destroy nature and replace it with perfect machines. Their actions so far have made lakes dry up, Volcanoes burn out and forests demolished. The balance of nature is in turmoil and the Pokemon are the most affected, being made of types of nature. The balance of nature has been disturbed and the time is now for the 17 unhatched ones to come into play.

    Lavender Town Tower

    Not again! Violet bent over to pick up the books she dropped. She felt as though the books phazed right through her sleeved hands. She was trying her hardest to hide these... "abilities" of hers ever since they appeared. Her friends kept saying she should nurture them, or at least tell Mother Natalie about them. But she wasn't the type of person to show off. She'd prefere to stay hidden... at least until she made a cool discovery and got recognized for that. That would be cool.

    "Vi!" a familiar voice called to her. Violet turned and saw a young channeler apprentice and a Gobitto running towards her.

    "Ya Miko?" Violet responded as the hyper channeler and her Gobitto stopped dead in front of her. Miko panted for a second as she just ran up three flights of stairs.

    "Mo-Mother Natalie wants you on greeting duty right now. A WHOLE lotta people showed up together!" Miko responded. Her Gobitto rolled its eyes at how its partner was. It stomped off, leading its immature human to their lesson.

    Violet shoved her books into her black pack and quietly walked down to the first floor. Miko didn't lie, many people did come all together! They all wore the same black suits with what looked like circuit patterns all over. They weren't like any normal patrons Violet's seen. They weren't crying, or looking solem at all for that matter. They were taking measurements of the walls, some had check lists and others had... geigar counters?!

    "Uh, 'scuse me. Are you here to mourn?" Violet tried to say to one of the group. The man ignored her and went back to his device.

    "Be careful of these people Vi. I'm getting a bad feeling about this..."

    "I know, Grim. BUt if they're here to mourn I can't stop them." Violet whispered to over her shoulder.

    "Hmph, I sincerely doubt they're mourners! Some look like they're going to defile the graves."

    "I hope they stay away from mine! I used to be a really cute Smoochum!"

    "Excuse me, miss?" a voice called Vi away from her friends. Violet turned, embarrassed, to face a boy that looked the same age as she was. He looked well off though, he was in a suit like the others and he didn't look nearly as mean. His hair was jet black and well kept, albeit spiky on the left.

    "Y-yes?" Violet said after bowing for her empty headed-ness.

    "Where might we find Mother Natalie? I need to have a word with her." he said while smiling. A Banette floated onto his shoulder and waved to Violet.

    She couldn't help but smile at this cute gesture. She especially loved ghosts since she lived with them.

    "I'll call her down for you." Violet said while turning to the stairs.

    "That's not needed." a wise voice came. Just as Vi approached the stairs, Mother Natalie was coming down. Violet bowed to her adopted grandmother, as did the other priests and channelors around. She was dressed in her usual white and purple robe and had her grey hair tied back in a rediculously long pontytail. No one knew how old she was, but some believe she's over 100 years old. The old woman gave Vi a glance as she passed her by and went towards the boy. "What is it you require, young man?"

    "We require... your corpses." the boy's voice and face took on a sinister quality. His people all took out guns and pointed them at the priests and channelers. Mother Natalie and the other Tower staff were unimpressed.

    "You can't threaten people who spend their days amoungst the dead, young man." Mother Natalie retaliated verbally. She took an old and beat-up pokeball from her sleeve and tossed it into the air. "Spiritomb, from our souls!"

    The forbidden pokemon came our with a cryptic call. It hovered in front of its trusted partner and stared down the men aiming at them.

    "I'm not threatening you, I am clearly stating what we need." the boy remained calm in the face of the cursed spirit. "We need the corpses of the deceased pokemon. They'll make great bio-fuel."

    Mother Natalie's face when scarlet. She raised her sleeved hand and snapped her fingers. The other priests released their pokemon as a clear message of "GET OUT!" Mother Natalie demanded.

    "'Fraid not!" the boy nodded to his men as they fired tranquilizers at the staff, including Violet.

    Violet crossed her arms over her face and awaited the forced sleep like the others... but felt nothing. She opened her eyes and saw no dart in her hoody, but a dart had hit the person behind her.

    "...Huh?" Violet was as gobsmacked as the next. Another person fired three rounds at her and they all phazed through. It was the weirdest sensation. Violet was scared... but at the same time invigorated! Her blood began to boil as she raised her fist. Was this instinct? In a way, yes. But she knew what to do, but not how she knew it.

    "MY TURN!" Violet said with unheard confidence. Her first glowed dark purple as she thrust it out, a ball of shadows shot out from where her hand stopped. The boy dodged to the side, but those standing behind him were caught in the blast.

    "...Retreat." the boy called to his people. Those that could walk carried those that got hit with the attack or their own tranqs. As they walked out the door, the boy looked back for a second. He and Violet shared glanced of anger before they finally left.

    "Whew." Violet dropped to the ground after the rush ended. She rubbed her head with her sleeved hand and chuckled. "Lucky no one saw."

    "Are you so sure?" Violet started and looked over her shoulder. Mother Natalie hovered behind her. Her Spiritomb protected her from the tranquilizers and she saw everything.


    "I guess this is goodbye then." Violet said to everyone who came to say farewell. She was looking especially sheepish because Mother Natalie agreed to keep her secret. She also decided that Violet should leave on her journey right away to find answers to what was happening.

    Miko and the others crowded Vi, all saying good luck and farewell. Violet hated crowds and just hopped on her bike, her pack full of books and food.

    She pedalled away until she was on the edge of town. She stopped and looked over her shoulder to nothing. The sun had set and the street lights were on.

    "I said this was goodbye, guys!" Violet said aggressively.

    Witchy the Mismagius, Grim the Dusknoir and Rags the Shuppet appeared from thin air in the light of a street lamp.

    "We thought we'd give you one last going away present" Witchy giggled. She nudged Grim and he extended a sack to Violet. Violet put her kickstand up and opened the bag.

    "HOLY MILTANK THAT'S A LOT OF MONEY!" Violet shouted upon seeing the sac of coins. "You guys didn't steal this, did you?"

    "NO!" Rags huffed. "We took all the treasures we kept from ROck tunnel and sold em!"

    "We did it so you wouldn't have to worry about were your next meal came from." Grim said, releasing the bag into Violet's back pack.

    Vi teared up at the kind gesture. "Thank you!" she whiped her tears and waved goodbye to her only friends. She then pedalled off into the moonlight, next stop.... She didn't know.

    [OK guys, first post should be your character starting out on their journey probably due to an event caused by team Chaos!]
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2011
  2. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    (okaty, I have no idea how we should start, so I'ma start with Kuro getting into a fight.)

    Kuro At Hearthome City

    "Come on, you jerks. Give me your best shot." taunted Kuro, cracking his knuckles. There were students surrounding him and five boys of his age in front of him, who Kuro tried to reason with, but they did not stop hitting the kid. So they ran out of money, so what? Don't take from the sixth graders! I mean, all five wern't very strong-looking, but five basketball players against one sixth grader nerd? Not a fair fight!

    "Oy, you think you can take us? Don't take us lightly just because you're more popular than us! We're from poor families, so we faught many times before. What about you, who loves nature, peace, and music? Still, you got yourself a..." said the leader of the five, and Launched a fist at Kuro. "fight!"

    Kuro easily stopped it by grabbing it with his left hand, and grinned. "My turn, correct? Forgive me for being a peace lover."

    Quickly, he crouched, his right foot sticking forward. At the same time, he put his hand on the kid's back with his right hand, and kicked the kid's legs. As soon as the kid's legs went airborn, Kuro slammed him onto the ground using his right arm, yet twisting the kid's arm backwards with his left. "Give up? I want to end this ASAP."

    "NEVER! Guys, attack him! He has no arms to use right now!" yelled the kid, and Kuro frowned.

    "Have it your way." remarked Kuro, and grabbed the kid's arm with both hands now. Using his own torso to help with this, he flipped the delinquent over his sholders, hitting two of the followers. Kuro then jumped up, using the three-layer stack of delinquents as a stepping stone. He landed by grabbing the two leftover's heads, and slamming them down. It was carpeted floor, but it still hurt like heck. "Done yet?"

    Nobody answered. Kuro got up, with a blank expression. He apporached the kid who was being bullied. "Kid, a man has to protect himself, along with the things he loves. If he fails to protect himself, who CAN he protect?"

    Kuro continued to badmouth the kid, who was crying and trembling. Suddenly, the kid punched Kuro in the gut. However, when the kid looked up to see Kuro's sad face, he was smiling. Everyone was quiet, until Kuro patted the kid's head. "You got one nasty punch there, kid. See? You can do it too, if you try."

    Kuro pulled out the money the delinquents stole, and put it in the kid's pocket. "Don't let them push you around. Use that punch to defend yourself, even if you are scared, like just now."

    Everyone watched with open mouths as Kuro began to walk away from the crowd. They were looking at him with eyes of admiration, until Kuro whacked the same kid's books off his locker. "Everyone, split. If anyone asks, just some clumsy kids tripped over, hit their heads on a locker, and books fell on top of them, and some good simaritan moved their bodies over to a carpeted place, but was too stupid to tell anyone."

    Then the gazes of admiration returned, and everyone began to run away. Kuro, as he was walking to his last class, saw a girl looking at him. She looked like she had feelings for him, but everyone knew she was the shyest girl around. Kuro helped many people, so of course having one or two admirers is normal, but he walked right past her. However, when the girl began to feel discouraged, and looked down, Kuro opened his mouth. "Never give up, on anything you do that you think is good. that's one of my mottos... One that all should follow."

    The girl smiled, and began to walk away, and Kuro did not stop walking. He wasn't in a good mood at the time... so he was being cold to people, but he did feel bad for the girl. Should he had said something nicer? Well, there was always next time. This made Kuro a bit happy... until he was reminded of the last Valentine's day, when everyone who could not decide on anyone came to him. He hated Chocolate, but he could not refuse any since he respected those girls' feelings... Still, it made him queasy just thinking about it. Kuro hid his face and got to his next class. His bad mood returned.
  3. pokemon special

    pokemon special No Angel

    Emma looked out the window with a blank look on her face.

    God I hate trains... they are so noisy. My head is pounding. Still, I have to do this. And this train is the fastest way to travel between Johto and Kanto. They could of made the seats more comfortable, my back is killing me. Ryan is doing aright , I hope. Do they serve dinner on this train?

    Emma laid back in her chair. The train was very modern, which meant to her that she had to sit next to 40 smelly strangers.

    I'm not used to this at all She thought to herself I wonder how I'll pay for the return ticket? I barely have enough to pay for this.

    Suddenly, a relaxed female voice announced that they were about to stop. Emma picked up herbackpack and walked off towards one of the opening doors on the train.

    Stepping off onto the platform, which look uncannily like the one in saffron, Emma clasped her hands to her head. There was some kind of faint buzzing inside her head. It felt like someone was wispering bad things about her behind her back, and she could only catch snitches .

    Whatever it was, it was giving her a massive headache.

    I feel like a psyduck. Does this mean I'm going crazy? What the hell is that noise? Whatever, I have a place I need to get to.
  4. Mawile412

    Mawile412 Problem

    Dewford Town.

    Like most girls her age, Nicole loved to shop. There was nothing like getting an adorable new pair of shoes and a matching bag. Though she enjoyed things like this, Nicole was not afraid to get her hands a little dirty. Just this morning, she had helped her adopted father, Daniel, move a sleeping Golem in Granite Cave.

    Nicole strolled down the beach of Dewford, letting the sun shine brightly on her face. It was warm, as always in the Hoenn region, and Nickie didn't care one bit. A little pep was in her step and she had her own pocket full of sunshine. By sunshine, she meant money.

    "I hope I can get some good deals," she said to herself as she made her way into town. There weren't many inhabitants on this island. Most of them just talked about EXTREME BEAUTY of whatever the new "trendy" phrase was.

    A man ran up to Nicole and smiled. "Have you heard about DOCILE MONEY? Cool, huh?"

    Nicole just rolled her eyes and told the man, "Docile money? What next, Serious Guard? Those things aren't even cool." She laughed.

    The man was in shock. "SERIOUS GUARD?! I Must tell the others," he said, running off!

    "Oh dear Arceus.."

    Nicole made her way to the Dewford Mall, which was recently built almost specifically because of her Daniel. His mining company brought in a lot of prophit for the small island community. Thanks to him, everyone can now shop without having to cross the sea to Slateport.

    Nicole walked into the air conditioned Mall and smilied. She loved this place as if it were home. All of the beautiful stores, with all of the beautiful things, just waiting to be bought with beautiful money! She couldn't stand it anymore!

    Running to the nearest jewlery store, Nicole accidentally bumped into a strange looking woman with dark, red hair and dark eyes.

    "Oh.. I'm really sorry Miss. I didn't mean t-." Nicole looked up at the woman. A chill ran down her spine. The woman just stared back at her and walked away. Maybe she was a theif of some sort. Sure looked the type of a theif.

    The jewlery store was very clean and shined brightly with gold, silver, and platinum fit with jewels of each kind. No doubt most of these jewels came from the mine. This ammused Nicole, knowing that everything here had once been solid rock.

    While she began to gaze at the beautiful diamond watch, Nicole noticed something strange. The jewelry began to.. shake? Suddenly, the diamond watch jumped right up and stuck to Nickie's arm.

    "Hey you're not supposed to touch that," said the stern saleswoman. She was wearing a red dress and looked like a celebrity or a model.

    "I don't know what's going on!" But that was a lie.

    Things like this had happened before to Nicole. Metals would suddenly attach themselves to her body like a magnet. It's been happening for a few weeks now. She just wished it hadn't happened today, as it started wearing off in the past few days.

    A golden necklace and pearl earrings rose up and attached themselves to Nickie's back.

    "How did you do that?!" The Saleswoman looked at her, horrified. "I'm calling security!"

    "No! You can't, I'm really sorry, I don't k-" More and more pieces of jewelry were jumping out at Nicole.

    Just then, the red haired woman from before ran into the store and grabbed Nicole's hand. Together, they ran out of the jewelry store, leaving the screaming woman behind them.

    Running out of the mall, Nicole was terrified. "Where are we going?!"

    The woman looked back and smirked. "Well, first we have to get the hell off this island!"
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2011
  5. Serafina, somewhere in Viridian forest.

    Sera was curled up in a ball beneath an ancient oak tree, beams of sunlight filtering through its boughs casting her in a mottled patchwork of light and shadow. one beam caught her face and she stirred sleepily. Among the usual sounds of the forest she heard a deep, throbbing noise, purring.

    She blinked open a large brown eye and caught sight of a large pink ear, a skitty. She sat up, her legs still curled beneath her, though still somewhat drowsy.

    "Myuuuu!" The skitty cried in delight, leaping into Sera's lap where he promptly curled up again and purred even louder than before. To anyone it might seem as though he might have been the girl's pokemon, however this was not the case. This skitty as far as she knew was wild. though she was used to it, pokemon, especially normal types seemed to be profoundly attracted to her as though she was some sort of poke-magnet. Not that she minded, they usually made better company than humans. They didn't expect anything of you, nor did they judge you, at least not the way humans did. To most humans, she was just an odd sort of orphan child, with dirty, patched jeans, an old faded shirt and dirty bare feet. Except her papa, he was a decent man, kind to humans and pokemon alike. He didn't think that her eyes or hair color, or her ability to attract pokemon were strange at all, in fact he said she had a special gift, even though he knew nothing about her other ability.

    She absently scratched the skitty behind the ears as she looked up through the tree's limbs with these melancholy thoughts for company. Suddenly her stomach growled and at almost the same time, A furret came running up to her, in it's mouth was a bunch of Cheri berries. He set his bundle down and handed one to Sera.

    "Thank you." She said taking the spicy red berry.

    "Fuu rii." He said, taking a berry for himself and sitting next to Sera. The skitty sniffed at the remaining berries, but seemed to be reluctant to leave his spot on the girl's lap so Sera picked up one and handed it to him before eating her own.

    As the girl and her two pokemon companions ate, Sera could sense a tension rising in the forest, The other pokemon could feel it as well. Suddenly there was a loud crash somewhere in the distance and a cacophony of various pokemon cries. a Pidgeotto swooped down a harsh scream issuing from her beak, she seemed terrified, but was hovering in front of Sera, waiting for her to follow her.

    Sera sprang up, her heart racing. A wave of pokemon came, fleeing whatever terror was upon them, even her two recent companions had fled. However the Pidgeotto had flown in the opposite direction. Sera followed the bird Pokemon's red and yellow tail feathers through the chaos of the fleeing pokemon.

    Soon they got to what had scared the pokemon so badly. Several large machines were systematically cutting down trees, adding to the din monstrous snarling and screeching of saws slicing through trees. Near the machines were pokemon, wounded and unconscious, or worse. She pushed the latter from her mind as she ran at the machines screaming at the top of her lungs,
    Though the men in their machines with the logo of a certain villainous team emblazoned on to them did not stop. They just kept going, ignoring the small fair haired child, at least until the pidgeotto swooped into the cabin of one of them and began pecking and clawing the operator. He grabbed the bird pokemon by the wing and flung her from the cabin with a sickening crack.
    though an even louder crack came as the saw cut through the tree. and began to fall right on top of the pidgeotto.

    Time seemed to slow to a crawl as Sera watched in horror as it fell, Her body seemed to move of its own accord. She ran in front of the injured pokemon and put her hands up, her eyes shut tight, and felt an almost electric force pulse from her body and, almost expecting the tree to flatten her, however it did not. She chanced a glance and saw that the tree had been stopped by an iridescent, shimmering barrier. slowly the tree began to slide off the curve of it and fell with a thunderous crash beside her. She was somewhat surprised, She knew she could heal pokemon, but this was something totally new to her, but even as she thought that, she felt her strength being drained from her body. The barrier flickered and disappeared. She felt her legs give out as she fell to the ground, unconscious.

    One of the operators saw what had happened and contacted his boss, However, he was ordered to leave her be for the time being and continue with his current work.

    Sera awoke some time later, what had once been a patch of forest, was now a desolate wasteland, dotted with mournful looking stumps. In the distance she could see that a small part of the forest still stood. The pidgeotto was laying near her, still breathing, though it was ragged and uneven, as tired as she was, she held her hands over the bird pokemon, a whitish glow emanating from her hands and healing the pidgeotto. Her breathing grew even and her broken wing readjusted itself so it was back in place.

    She felt dizzy and even more tired, but she had to get herself and the pidgeotto to safety, and the cover of what little of the forest remained. She could hear the cries of the pokemon in the distance whose home had just been desecrated.

    ((Whew, That ended up being a lot longer than I expected it to be.))
  6. Aura Wolfe

    Aura Wolfe Well-Known Member

    Novella splashed water in her face, washing the ash and sweat of her face. She proceeded to wash the rest of her body in this fashion, before walking back into the forge. The bowl of water that the pan she’d just made lay in wasn’t steaming anymore. She quickly pulled it out of the water, and studied how the metal had been tempered. If she’d done it right, the metal would be able to stay solid in high temperatures. She examined her handiwork. It seemed that the steel had cooled how she’d wanted it to. Now, to complete it, next time they went down to the village at the bottom of the volcano, they would have to get some rubber to wrap around the handle, so that they didn’t burn themselves when they used it.

    Footsteps came from her right. She knew who it was. Don walked up beside her and studied her handwork. He nodded gruffly, then turned and left. It didn’t bother Nova. He rarely said anything.

    She left the forge, and was joined by Guy, the Infernape that had always watched over her since she’d be born. Don had given him the task of looking after her, and even though almost 14 years had passed since he’d been given that order, he’d never forgotten it.

    “Lady…” He murmured respectfully. “Are you heading up to see the Numel’s today?”

    Nova drew herself up regally. “Yes, we have decided that it would please us greatly to visit them after our work. We hope that they will be as pleased as we are to see them.”

    Guy nodded, and strode a step behind her, but it was Nova who led, heading up the track she knew so well to a flat part on the side of the volcano. That was where the herd of Numel’s and Camrupts normally grazed upon the tough grass that grew on the side of mountain. But as soon as she passed the two dead trees that hid the clearing from her sight, she froze. The herd lay on the ground, dead. Amongst them walked people in black suits, all walking with a strange deadly air to them. Rage flooded her, and before Guy to grab her to ensure her safety, she stepped out to where she would be visible.

    “We demand that you tell us why it is that you have seen it fit to kill our friends!” She cried out, pointing one finger accusingly at them. “We do not feel the need to shelter those who commit such crimes!”

    The people looked up, in shock at first, but then distain. A woman, with bright red hair, sneered. “Girl, you would be wise to not interfere with our business. If you actually had the common sense to remain hidden, maybe we would not have seen you and you would be able to return home. But, since you have kindly made your presence known, we shall have to take you with us. We cannot have the authorities having any idea of our plans.” She raised the gun she held in her hand, as did her companions.

    Nova reacted without thinking. Her rage fuelled her as she accessed something she held deep inside her, which she normally only used when she was forging an object. Fire burst into life, igniting the grass and forming a ring of fire around the people and the murdered herd. Behind her, Nova heard Guy exclaim in shock. She didn’t take any notice, concentrating on the flames. They quickly spread, capturing the humans and the bodies of the Numel’s within its inferno. The humans screamed, and choked, then fell silent as they ran out of oxygen, and the flames consumed them. Both Nova and Guy bowed their heads, not at the humans but at the slain Numels. It was custom for fire types to be returned to their element once they had died, and so this was their funeral.

    “Rest in peace our friends…” Nova murmured. “And let your souls find and send the ones who killed you to hell. We do not believe that murderers deserve mercy.”

    With that, she turned around to head back to her home, leaving the fire to burn as a sign to others of what had happened.


    Don stood before her, his eyes filled with conflict. “Will you not stay?” He pleaded to her.

    Nova shook her head. “We cannot let this go unpunished. Even though those who did the act are dead, those who came up with it are still alive. We are sure of it. We feel the need to help our brethren in our bones. And besides… Even if the herd hadn’t been killed… We have been wanting to leave for a while now. We do not wish to cause you pain, but it is the truth… we want to see if there is anyone else out there like us, able to do what we can do. It calls to us.” She shifted, aware of his eyes drilling a hole in her head.

    Don was silent for a long time. Then, “When do you leave?”

    There was a shocked silence. Nova had never expected him to accept her leaving.

    “I’ve been expecting this for a long time, and I knew it ever since I first saw you that you weren’t human. And, if I recall correctly, several days after, I went down to the village and they were talking about similar natural events occurring. Others like you must exist. You need to go out and find them.” He looked slightly self conscious about having said so much. Nova was slightly amused. This was the most she’d ever heard him say.

    He spun away, and gathered her black cloak and a small bag which clinked together. “Take these. I don’t want you to stave, and you look so much different from other humans that I’m sure that some out there will want to take advantage of you.”

    Nova accepted them without speaking; she didn’t trust herself to. She loved Don, and leaving him filled her with agony, but she had to. The world called to her. Don seemed to see the pain in her eyes, for he just nodded his head to her, saying ‘goodbye’ before disappearing out the door.

    She and Guy stood there in silence for a moment, then Nova walked to her bed and picked up the two sets of spare clothes she had, along with a Fire Stone Don had given her for her 14th birthday. The flames within the stone flared as she touched it. Guy shifted uneasily.

    “Lady… I cannot leave Don. He is my trainer and I owe my loyalty to him, and him alone. But… I have cared for you too long to just be able to leave you without any protection. So, when you reach the village could you go to the West Park? There’s a friend of mine there, and I’m sure he would be happy to help you out; He loves to go exploring, and he has sworn no allegiance to any human, so he is free to do as he wishes. His name is Gold.”

    “We hear and accept your request. Fare thee well.”

    “And to you too, Fire Empress.”

    With that, Nova spun around and put on her cloak, heading down to the village, known to others as the Survival Area.
  7. Yanmegamaster

    Yanmegamaster CreateDragon-BugType

    Lucio in Viridian City

    Lucio sat in an the principal's office of the Trainer school. A bright dash of sunlight entered the room before being taken away by the incoming shade of a cloud. The bell rang as children of all ages exited their classes in order to finally go home. A women then entered the room, she was a petite women who looked no more than 5’5 feet in height. Her hair, as dark as coal, was tied back in a ponytail that stretched over her shoulder and down to her chest. She wore formal attire with a with a white polo and long pants. As she closed the door she looked at Lucio who was sitting with his back arched, elbows on his legs, and his hands closed together. She then sighed a big sigh before walking over to the seat that was situated behind the desk. The women sat down and then took a look at the teenage boy before putting her fingers to the head of her nose indicated that she was under a lot of stress.

    “You aren’t going to stop this, are you Luciollo?” The women said with a tone of exhaustion

    “I told you Yula, I won’t stop until you agree with my plan” Lucio replied with his voice that seemed to buzz as he spoke.

    “But what about your education!?” Yula yelled back, looking as if at any moment she were to cry.

    “I can get by just fine in Sinnoh with the education that I already have! Besides face the facts, I am miserable here at school and you know the only time I feel at peace is at the forest!” Lucio shouted, obviously annoyed by the women’s persistence.

    Yula fell back in her chair looking as if she had just been struck. She fell silent for a few seconds before finally putting her hands to her face and carefully closing them together as a sign that she was trying to control herself. “Is it what you really want? Are you willing to leave me behind?” Yula asked with sadness striking every corner of her eyes.

    Lucio fell silent as well. He put his head down, trying to hide his face from the women. He carefully looked out the window at the Viridian Forest in the distance, a thing of pure beauty. Then he glanced at the women’s eyes, the same women who had taken care of him for the past 14 years of his life. A wave of guilt flowed through his body and he needed to get away. Quickly he picked up his bag and started to go for the door without a word. Before the boy could reach it however, Yula’s voice stopped him.

    “Are you going to go to the Viridian Forest?” She said with a certain calmness that could shock anyone but still with her eyes of sadness.

    It took Lucio a few moments before he finally was able to say, “Yes…”

    Yula looked down for a moment, seeming to be thinking to herself and then she looked up and asked, “Will you be back for dinner?”

    “….I’ll try….bye mom.” Then he left out the glass door and out of the Trainer school before heading to the Viridian Forest. The shadow of a Dragonfly appeared below him and he immediately knew who it was. The Yanmega that had continually protected him his whole life appeared beside him and followed him to the Forest.


    Kakuna and Metapod surrounded him from every direction. He sat cross legged on the forest floor as a few streaks of light bounced of his body from the cracks that were spread around the trees. His eyes closed, his hands resting on his legs, he meditated. All of a sudden though a loud thump woke him up followed by the sounds of several trees falling in unison. He quickly stood up to find the Yanmega swiftly coming to his side. It tried to pull on his clothes indicating for him to follow. Curious, he held on to the Yanmega as it slowly lifted him to the top of a tree where he saw a wall of machines. About 20 of them sawing at each tree and not slowing down at the slightest. He also saw a crowd of Pokemon fleeing the scene and some even trying to fight back.

    No this can’t be happening…. Lucio thought as he watched, shocked at everything he was witnessing. A beam of anger washed over his body. Suddenly, he buzzed as loudly as he could in order to contact all the Bug Pokemon to try to help him. Quickly there came about one swarm of beedril, a few pinsir, and a number of caterpie. He decided that this would he all the help he will get and indicated for the Yanmega to drop him down onto the floor. Once that was done, he initiated to run in the direction of the machines.

    He arrived to see that they were bigger than they actually appeared, evil emblems flashed every side of the machine and hooded men controlled them from a seat at the top of each one. Lucio did not feel scared however and instead used his anger as a form of bravery. As he order the Caterpie to web and slow down one machine, he started to climb on top of it. He stumbled but he regained his footing thanks to the Yanmega helping him up and he kept on climbing the tower of a machine. The man controlling then noticed him however and started to pull out his gun when a web grabbed it out of his hand. Lucio then blinded the man with the light from his palm and proceeded to throw him off the edge.

    “Now how are you supposed to turn this off!?” The controls for the machine was incredibly advanced, to advanced for Lucio. He then gave up trying to figure the machine out and instead tried smashing the which failed anyway. He then noticed that the hooded men controlling the machines on the side of him noticed him and put their guns out but they were soon attacked by a swarm of Beedril. The machines though kept on moving and destroying the trees one row after another.

    Starting to give up hope, Lucio started to climb the machine further and onto the roof where he had a good view of the surrounding situation. About 10 other machines behind his were left and he could see a group of hooded men in the middle. He believed these people to be the leaders of the devastation that was occurring. The swarm of Beedril then attacked each person, distracting them only enough that Lucio could escape onto the floor. As the bug pokemon took the guns away from the men, both he and the Yanmega charged at the men in the middle ready for a fight. As Yanmega used Air Slash on one man, Lucio charged for the other one who seemed about ready to throw a punch at him. For some reasons though, the punch seemed to appear a bit slower than it should have been going and he dodged it followed by punching the man once in the stomach and once in the face. As the hooded man dropped, Lucio was surprised at what he had done. Not only had he never done that before but he had no idea how he did it. The other men than started to charge for him all at once, 4 men in total. At that moment everything seemed to come easily to Lucio, his reaction time became quicker and the men's movements started to get a bit slower. As he ducked below one man's punch, he grabbed another man's incoming kick with one hand and with the other he punched another man in the gut. He couldn't do anything about the fourth man however and before he knew it, he was kicked straight in the face. The force of the kick made him fly back a bit and land back first on the ground. He then clutched his left eye and looked at the four men who were walking towards him when a swift air slash flew right above his head and to the ground in front of the men. All four jumped away in fear of getting hit from the attack. This allowed to regain his composure but only for a second as one of the men stood up and anger on his face, charged straight for the boy. His ability kicked in once again and he quickly stepped away, ducked, and put his leg in the way which caused the man to trip. Once he was down on the ground, Lucio picked up a gun conveniently placed near him and proceeded to smack the man's head with him which caused him to go unconscious.

    Lucio then lifted his head to see that most of the men were left fallen or unconscious by both the Swarms of Beedrill, his Yanmega, and the pair of Pinsirs he called who killed a few men in such a way that it would anyone nauseous. The Pokemon had also managed to smash the controls of every machine thereby disabling, all was done. As he stood up he clutched at his left eye and looked at the reflection of one of the machines to find that he had a black eye. Great he thought as he continued to rub it and see it from several angles. The Yanmega than floated right behind him, worry surrounding every part of its face.

    “It is ok Mega, don’t worry I’ll be fine. I really wonder where that came from,” Lucio said in his regular buzzing voice, referencing to how he was able to stop the men's attacks. “Come, we have to check what the damage is, help me Mega.” Lucio then grinned at the Pokemon and initiated to walk through the empty field of stumps that layed in the machines’ path, his partner right beside him. The sound of the cries of Pokemon echoed through the grass.

    Not 10 minutes after starting his walk, he noticed a girl, about his age, who seemed to be unconscious. She wore a really casual outfit which included a T-shirt and jeans and her hair looked like it was made out of fur. As he drew closer, the girl started to wake up. A Pidgeotto lay injured next to her and she then let out a hand which sparked a white glow that healed the Pokemon.

    Amazing he thought as he saw that the girl started to get up. Shyly he started to walk behind her, not knowing what to say. When he was just a few feet from her, he began to shyly say in his buzz-like voice, “Um..E-Excuse me. Are-Are you ok? Are you hurt? I saw what you did for that Pidgeotto…It was amazing.” Lucio just stood there waiting for the girl to respond, a sign of worry in his bug-like pupils.
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  8. Musical Mayhem

    Musical Mayhem ~Simple and Clean~

    ~Sunny, Ilex Forest~

    "C'mon Flutter. I need to know what you ate that's making you hide in that bush," Sunny chuckled, putting her hands on her hips as she stared at the rustling grass her companion was hiding in. Flutter made a tiny "mmmph" noise that indicated that she was not coming out. "Flutter!" Sunny grumbled, absolutely frustrated.

    She wasn't frustrated with Flutter of course. She could never be angry at her tiny companion... it was the grass Flutter was hiding in. It was annoyed about Flutter and it continued to tell Sunny so, over and over again. Its waves of determination to rid itself of the tiny pink Pokemon were smacking up against Sunny like waves against an ocean cliff. And she was getting quite tired of it.

    Suddenly, the grass sprung into movement, seemingly of its own accord. It rustled around and around until one of the longer bits appeared, the dark green end wrapped around Flutter's tiny pink ankle. She was yelping in dismay as the grass set her down gently.

    "Sorry darling, I had to get you out of there!" Sunny wrapped her Pokemon in a hug, and she felt her snuggle into the hug. But then she felt a stab of pain and she could hear cries of fear and anguish coming from somewhere deep in the forest, "Ouch!" Sunny squealed, wincing.

    An eerie orange glow was approaching from the darkest corner of Ilex forest, the one where Sunny was currently hiding out. She'd gone out there to find Flutter, who'd run off after eating a Pecha berry... she didn't understand that it hadn't actually done anything to her. Two pairs of eyes, one black, one rosy-pink, rose to meet each other. Flutter's were terrified and Sunny's were anguished. The plants... they were dying. A very fiery, painful death.

    The girl took off, sprinting through the forest towards her tiny cottage, "Mama Lily, Mama, the forest is on fire!" Sunny screamed. The foliage in the forest gracefully moved out of her way as she ran. "Hurry child, you're our only hope!" The trees whispered as she passed them.

    She burst through the door of the cottage, her eyes whirling as they searched for her adoptive parents, "Mama? Pop? Where are you?!" The girl was out of breath, panting desperately. She could almost feel the heat radiating out of the forest as the fire crackled menacingly towards her. A note was placed carefully on the kitchen table. Her mother's big curly writing covered the paper, and Sunny glanced towards it.

    My Sunshine,
    Your father and I have gone off to NewBark Town to try to find a new species of berry. Supposedly it only grows there? Sorry we didn't tell you, but we didn't want to interupt your schoolwork. Give us a call tonight darling, I believe the phone is working again, although you know how your father only SAYS that he's fixed things? We'll be home in a few days.

    -Mama LilyPad

    Sunny breathed a sigh of relief, "Thank Arceus they're not here! Flutter, we have to try to save the plants!" She turned back towards the doorway, where her companion had grown silent. A man was standing in her doorway, with a very angry face. He was holding Flutter's leaves in his pale fist and the tiny Hoppip was struggling uselessly against his grasp. The man smiled and waved at Sunny, "Why hello there darling. This yours?" He whipped the tiny Pokemon to the ground, and she bounced a few times before skidding to a stop at Sunny's bare feet.

    "Flutter? Why'd you do that sir? That's not very nice!" Sunny replied unhappily, glancing with dismay towards Flutter. When she'd looked back up at the man, he was reaching around his back for a big, metal gun. It was long and there was some kind of gas dripping out of the nozzle. He smiled and put his finger on the trigger. A burst of fire was released and it ripped through the room with a trail of heat. Sunny screamed, stuffing the note from her parents into her pocket. She then scooped up Flutter and made a run for the back door.

    She toppled out of her little burning cottage, landing on her face in the grass. She could hear the screams of the foliage, much louder now. The smoke was seeping through her consciousness as the heat radiated around her. Flutter squealed unhappily before pulling at her partner's clothes.

    "I'm coming sweetie." Sunny said. She pushed herself up and looked at the forest around her. It was crying for help. The man had arrived at the backdoor, his eyes menacing and his flamethrower ready. Sunny smiled at him, raising her hands aside her. She could feel the forest respond to her silent calls. It was ready. The man was standing by the berry house when Sunny flicked her wrist and the berries began to fly at him with a vengeance.

    "What are you a witch or something?" The flamethrower guy yelled unhappily as the berries pelted his black coat. It was covered in multicolored splotches. "You tele-kinesis or whatever?"

    "Telekinetic," Sunny sighed with a roll of her rosy eyes, "And no, I'm not throwing these at you... the plants are," The man cocked an eyebrow doubtfully. Just then, the tiny decorative tree that lived in their front yard wrapped its saggy branches around each of the man's ankles. "See?"

    "You're doing this!" He screamed, flailing around. The branches lifted him into the air desperately. He was too heavy for them, but they managed to shake him enough that he dropped his flamethrower. Sunny walked over to the weapon to examine it. An evil emblem was painted across the side. She would remember this symbol. Nobody messed with her forest.

    "Sunny!" The tiny willow whispered, "Darling, you must get out before it's too late. There are other men coming. Too many for us to fight. Go before they get you!"

    Sunny nodded her respects to the old tree. It was no longer strange to her that the plants spoke to her. Plants were quiet creatures... they only spoke when they had something important to say. And Sunny could hear them. In exchange for listening to them, she found that she could control them. They did as she said. That part... that was still weird. She then turned and ran, leaving the weapon behind. Flutter flapped her long green leaves as she flew behind her partner out of the burning forest. The two found themselves standing on the gravely pathway that lead to Goldenrod City. On their left was water which was full of surfing Pokemon and Fishermen. She could see the city ahead.

    "Flutter, we'll go to Goldenrod and get on the train. We can go to Kanto and see the forest. Viridian Forest. You can make friends there sweetie! And we can find a way to find Mama and Papa and make sure they don't go home." Sunny was talking slowly, trying to assure herself as well as her Pokemon. The evil symbol was practically burned against her eyelids. They'd burnt down her forest... the only place she truly felt at home. Perhaps if she went to Viridian Forest she could save it from the same fate.
  9. Ditto123

    Ditto123 ~Word~

    ~Chuck Norris, Mt. Silver

    "HI-YA!" A boulder exploded as Chuck punched it. This was one of his normal training sessions. Boulders were being destroyed everywhere as Chuck unleashed a flurrie of kickes and punches. The pokemon stood back in awe at his strength. Then, Chuck went into his next training session. He started climbing the waterfall. Seakings assisted him. The furthest Chuck has ever gotten was about 3/4 to the top. This was very impressive considering that the water was coming down at 100 miles per hour. At 3/4 of the way up, Chuck slipped. When you are that high up and fall on water, it's like falling on cement. but, Chuck felt nothing. He wasn't even out of breath. He looked at his watch (waterproof) and saw that it was that time of week again. Time to go into town and buy food and supplies. He picked up his backpack, which strangely seemed a little heavier. But it didn't matter. Chuck could carry a steelix. He headed into town and bought medicin and food in town. He started walking back when...


    That explosion swept Chuck off his feat (which is very hard to accomplish). Chuck stared open mouthed at Mt. Silver. It was in ashes. Someone destroyed his home and all of his friends. He was mad. All of his friends were gone. But Chuck didn't cry, he never cries. He sat on a rock when his backpack move. Wait...his BACKPACK moved? He took it off and opened it up.

    "Larvi!" A larvitar started at him happily. Chuck bonded with this pokemon especially. It was absolutely adorable and could hold it's own in battle.

    "Well, I guess you survived after all!" Chuck was relieved. Out of all of the pokemon in the mountain, he was happy that this pokemon survived.

    "Enjoying our handywork, huh? Yea, that dynamite works real well." Chuck turned around. There were two guys standing side by side grinning. "Hey. That's a rare pokemon you got there. Hand that over and you can leave unhurt."

    "Who do you think you are." Chuck was mad.

    "We are...Team Chaos!" they proclaimed. "We will take that pokemon from you." They obviously didn't know who they were dealing with. "Are you going to hand that over or no-ahhhhhhhh!" That was the moment that Chuck picked them up. "Let us down and we won't take it from you. PLEEEEEEEEASE!" Chuck threw them over the rubble. The flew out of sight.

    And I thought Team Rocket sucked. Chuck thought. He looked at Larvitar and they set off on a journey.
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  10. Sera turned her head to look at the boy, "Oh, I'm fine. But, there were some other pokemon around here, I hope that they're okay. They must have been fine if they were able to get away, I hope..." She trailed off, unable to finish the sentence. "Uh, anyway, it was the least I could do for this pidgeotto, she helped me, even though I ended up putting her in danger." She adjusted the unconscious bird pokemon in her arms so she wasn't in danger of slipping out. Even as her body seemed to be filled with lead and she'd like nothing more than to lay down and sleep. But she couldn't just give up, at least not until she got into the cover of the small patch of forest and made sure that the other pokemon were alright.

    "It's terrible, what they did here," She said, "But at least there's still a little patch of forest left. I hope that the pokemon managed to get there." She sighed and then looked back at him, Catching his features in the setting sun. There was something about him that had nothing to do with the patches on his arms, his insect-like eyes or even the slight buzzing she heard when he spoke. he seemed much like herself, they both had deep connections with pokemon and the natural world around them. "I'm Sera by the way." She said with a tired smile.
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  11. Killer_Squirtle

    Killer_Squirtle Follow my lead!

    [@Yanmegabro: That's a little godmoddy there buddy. Bug Buzz doesn't exactly say instant multiple human death and machine destruction.]

    Saffron City
    In a tree

    "Nothing.. Nothing... Nothing... !" Violet muttered as she leafed through her Cryptopedia and Mystery Almanac searching for anything related to what was going on! She came up with... "NOTHING!"

    She habitually began thonking her head against the tree trunk. The branch she was sitting on shook with the rythmn.

    "Although local authorities have denied us access, as you can see where I am standing, Viridian Forest is indeed being destroyed as we speak."

    Hm? Vi turned and saw the mainstreet Jumbo broadcasting the news. The screen flashed witness sketches of the ones responsible for the arson. Though crude, Vi recognized the circuit pattern suits and the C logo. Her blood began boiling at that moment and her hand was coated in the same shadowy energy covered her hand. The energy gouged a portion of the bark out. "Guess I know where I'm headed...


    Unfortunately, Violet was there too late. The forest had been saved, thankfully, but Vi was disappointed that she missed those weirdos in the suits. Bug and grass types were returning to the forest... or at least what was left of it. Broken branches and stumps were litting the ground. Vi had a sneaking suspiscion something was around the corner.

    "I'm Sera by the way."

    Vi ducked behind a pile of wood shavings. "Who are these kids? Friend or foe?... HOLY CRAP HUMANS SCARE ME, MAN! I wish Grim was here!"
  12. Mawile412

    Mawile412 Problem

    Dock of Dewford Town

    After jogging along the coast of the island with the strange woman, Nicole was beginning to feel exhausted. The woman had led Nicole to the pier, where many fishing boats were held. After all of the confusion back at the mall, Nicole was still confused about what was happening.

    "Whaa.. ," she panted, "Where.. are we.. going?" The woman turned around and stared straight into Nicole's silver eyes.

    "Well," she started, "I guess I really should explain myself. I'm Dr. Gibson and I study strange biological behaviors in Goldenrod, Johto."

    Nicole was suprised that Dr. Gibson was all the way from Johto. "But why are you in Hoenn? And why did you just.. kidnap me?" She wondered what her adoptive parents would say if they found out that she ran off with a stranger. Nicole decided she didn't care, as she could take care of herself.

    Dr. Gibson replied, "I wouldn't say I kidnapped you.. It's more like I'm borrowing you. You see, after years and years of conducting studies, I have yet to find anything special about anyone. That is, until I saw what happened back there," she smiled. "I knew something was strange when you bumped into me. Your skin is very.."

    "Yeah, it's stronger than a normal person's I guess... but I swear I'm healthy. I go to the doctors every few months for a check up and everything. So don't go thinking I'm some kind of freak!" Nicole had been called a freak a lot in her life and was not about to let herself be called one again.

    "I would never think that," said Dr. Gibson. "You're amazing."

    Nicole had never been called amazing before, besides from her adoptive parents and those perverts at school. "Thanks, my name's Nicole."

    They talked for a little longer. Dr. Gibson asked Nicole if she was willing to come to Johto for a few weeks to take part in biological studies. Nicole was tired of her small town life and never actually went to a city before. Her decision was easy.

    They decided that it was best to leave a note for her adoptive parents. Nicole had agreed to take part in scientific studies, while being paid to do so too! Plus, a free trip to Johto is always awesome.

    "If they have any questions, I'll give them my number. I know it seems terrible just taking you away but.. my research just can't wait I guess."

    "It's okay, my... father understands the values of science. Plus, I'll probably learn a thing or two from you," Nicole commented. "I Just hope we get there safely. How are we getting there exactly?

    "We're going by boat."

    Just then, a large yacht pulled up to the dock and Nicole could not believe her eyes.
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  13. pokemon special

    pokemon special No Angel

    Emma walked around the big city. The builds were all lit with logos of famous brands, and everything was… well, gold. It was starting to hurt Emma’s head even more than before. Her hair was in her eyes but she could see clearly anyway. She never questioned this, even though a lot of people have picked on it. She just knew she could see if her hair was in her eyes or not. It’s not like it mattered to her anyway. She hated it when people needed to know why everything happened in THAT way, or why why does that act in THAT way.

    Anyway, Emma saw that the Yellow-gold brick road that she was travelling on was ending and she was leaving town. So, this is it then. I’m going to see where I was born. I need to do this. I need to see where I was born. I wonder what my mother looked like? She thought as she entered route 34

    This is it. It’s… weird. I’m disappointed. Why am I disappointed? Nothing would be here. But.. Gya, this headahce is killing me! Whats that noise?

    All the leaves on all the trees were swaying violently, and suddenly all the pokemon in the area started screeching. … My headache is gone. Whatever, I’m going to set up camp in town until I have money to go back
    And on that note, she went back into goldenrod.
  14. lxdarknessxl

    lxdarknessxl Asian Epicness

    (Meh, I found a loophole in my char's personality!!!)

    Kuro Gladius Tsubasa

    "Had I known, how to save a life..." finished Kuro, finishing up the final song for the day. The audience clapped, he got up, bowed, and left the stage with his guitar. Well, he liked music, so he decided to get paid to sing one day... so, he got a job at this diner a few years ago. Once he got off the stage, he went to collect his pay, since this was only a part-time job. Once he got his pay, he, of course, went back home to practice, sitting on a rock. He began tuning his guitar, when he was interrupted by someone coming. Kuro, on the other hand, was too busy tuning his guitar to check. "Who is it?"

    "Me, Kuro." answered a cute, soft voice. Right away, Kuro looked up, to see a cute girl about his age, with a cute face, long black hair, and brown eyes. She was wearing a pair of blue jeans, white socks, and a white shirt with pink sleeves, which had a heart on the center of its front. Kuro immedeately put his guitar down, and ran over to the girl. The boy hugged the girl, and kissed her cheek.

    "So, how was school, sis?" asked Kuro, smiling. While he went to his average school and stayed for the average things, his sister was in many clubs, so she tended to come home much later. Of course, Kuro, the loving big brother, gets worried half to death when she's late for an hour or so, so he's really happy when she gets home on time.

    "Great, but do you have to do that every time? I mean, it's kind of strange, knowing that you aren't my birth brother..." said Kuro's sister, who was named Mary, shyly. When Kuro came, Sam and Sarah told her that Kuro was going to a school far away for a while, so, until just a year ago, Mary had no idea Kuro was adopted. "Anyway, I have great news! I'm now qualified to travel as a pokemon trainer!"

    "Whaaat?!" blurted out Kuro, and began giving her a lecture about how dangerous it is, and that she should stay home. After two hours, Mary got annoyed.

    "Why are you so against me going on the journey, anyway? I thought you would be happy for me!" blurted out Mary, when a familiar voice was heard.

    "I can tell you that." answered the voice, so Mary quickly looked back. Standing there, was Sarah. Mary was confused, so Sarah had to talk first. "You see, Kuro became able once he got to the age of 10, the age that is the lowest possible for a journey."

    "What? Then why didn't he leave then?" asked Mary, now even more confused.

    "Two major reasons. First is that the forest he lived was attacked by Pokemon trainers, who had no care whatsoever for the pokemon. He ended up hating pokemon trainers." answered Sarah, then took a deep breath. "I know this is going to be hard on you, but the second reason... is you."

    Mary was shocked. She always knew her brother cared for her, but she never knew he wouldn't leave for her! Suddenly, everyone saw the sly grin on Sarah's face, which made Kuro begin to feel uneasy. Sarah laughed. "Of course, that second reason is a loophole itself!"

    Kuro began to stutter, and was taken aback. "Y-you don't mean..."

    Sarah cut Kuro off, and patter Mary on her back. "Mary, you wanted to become a trainer for as long as you can remember, right?"

    "Umm... yes." answered Mary, and Sarah put her hands on Mary's shoulders, and turned her.

    "Now, would you be a good older brother, stopping his cute younger sister for his own selfish needs?"

    "N-no, but-"

    "And you wouldn't let her go on her own, now, would you?" finished Sarah, and her grin got wider.

    Kuro sighed, and facepalmed. He was silent for a bit, then spoke. "Pack your things, Mary."

    Mary began to cheer, and Kuro sighed once again. After discussing it with Mary, They began to start at Kanto. Kuro knew right away, that he wasn't going to sleep well tonight, and especially not on the train.
  15. Yanmegamaster

    Yanmegamaster CreateDragon-BugType

    (I edited my last post, I only realized how much of a god mod it was when you pointed it out sorry haha. Anyways I hope what I put is better.)

    "M-My name is Luciollo, r-referencing to firefly.." Lucio replied very shyly, "B-but you can call me Lucio if you wish" ended with a quickness that showed he was nervous. In reality though he was stunned at the fact that the girl looked at him with up most normality. He saw how she examined him even noticing his many abnormalities yet she looked at him with complete calmness and not fear or strangeness like most others would do. In fact they seemed to be one in the same. The way she talked about the forest and of the Pokemon showed that she had a connection with them similar to him. He was curious however.

    "Hey um.. Sera. How did you get here? Did you by any chance see a group of hooded men with strange emblems and saw cutting machines?" Lucio didn't really have to ask though, by the way that he found her, she had to have encountered those men. "If so," He continued and finally took his left hand away from his black eye, "don't worry we took care of him." Referencing to not only him but also the Yanmega that was perched now across his shoulders. "I'll admit though," the teenager said while putting one hand behind his back and grinning a wide grin, "I did have some help from a lot of bug pokemon."
  16. "Nice to meet you then, Lucio, and your friend." Sera said smiling at both the boy and his yanmega. "Oh, I've been wandering around for a while, I guess you could say my hometown is Goldenrod city, but I dunno where I'm from honestly, I didn't even have a name 'til I was eight. I just kinda wandered around for all my life, then I lived with papa in Goldenrod, Until..." She trailed off at that point, it wasn't like her to go around telling people her life's story. Usually she just kept away from other humans.

    "A-anyway, as for the men in cloaks and the cutting machines, yeah I saw them. I was there when they first arrived. I was sitting back a ways, they probably cut down the tree I was sleeping under, but I was sitting there with a skitty and sentret and we heard this crash, and a bunch of pokemon started stampeding towards us, they ran away too, I hope they're alright. But this Pidgeotto comes towards me, and motions me to follow her and so I do, and I see them cutting down the trees and I try yelling at them but that doesn't work. And then Pidgeotto flies into the cabin of one of them and pecks and scratches the hell out of one of the drivers but he tosses her out, breaking her wing in the process. But, the tree the guy was cutting falls and then, i dunno really what happens next, It's a little surreal, even for me to imagine, but I thrust my hands out and this barrier forms, and The tree just stops and kinda rolls off the side. Then I went unconscious, I'm surprised that me and pidgeotto weren't crushed by those things." She sighed, "And then I woke up and healed pidgeotto and then met you. And that's kind of it I guess."

    "I don't get it though. The people of Viridian city, how could they let this happen. I thought they cherished this forest! How could they just let them... let them destroy it like this!" She swallowed hard as to prevent the tears that were threatening to fall. then looked up sudenly, she thought she heard something behind a large pile of wood chips.

    "H-hello? She called to the wood chips, Is someone there?"
  17. Yanmegamaster

    Yanmegamaster CreateDragon-BugType


    Lucio couldn't believe that it was this easy to have a conversation with someone that wasn't his adoptive mother. Usually every other human in school would avoid him as soon as they saw the segments or were close enough to see his bug-like pupils. This girl however was already telling her life story as if it was nothing. Is that what you are supposed to do when you talk to girls? he thought as the girl hesitated while telling her story. maybe not.

    The girl than talked about her encounter with the hooded men he defeated. He listened intently as she spoke about how she was basically attacked while she was sleeping. He got a tint of anger when she spoke of how one of the men grabbed the Pidgeotto and snapped its wing. At that moment he wished that he could go back and have had only the Pinsir take care of things. But he knew that even though they were human, it would be wrong of him to have an eye for an eye, what he did was good enough. He then stared wide eyed as she talked about how she had brought her hands out and a barrier formed, protecting both of them until she went unconscious. Lucio really couldn't believe what he was hearing, but a growing suspicion started to fill his body.

    Right then he wanted to tell her all about his experience and how he handled the evil men until suddenly she continued talking once more, "I don't get it though. The people of Viridian city, how could they let this happen. I thought they cherished this forest! How could they just let them... let them destroy it like this!" and then he saw that she was just on the verge of crying. Strangely he felt the urge to hug her and tell her it will be alright but really he didn't even know why Viridian city would let this happened. He also felt betrayed because his own adoptive mother, who KNEW that he was in love with the forest, didn't even tell him about it. Then Lucio noticed that she looked up suddenly and looked at a pile of wood chips. That is when he too noticed the sound of rustling coming from that direction.He stood in a battle stance and his Yanmega was prepared to attack, they each thought that the rustle came from a hooded man trying to get revenge on him for thwarting their plan.
  18. Extreme Floatzel

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    Chris/Christopher, Castelia town

    Chris strolled past the many shops of Castelia on his way back home; he had just been grocery shopping for his adoptive Dad, despite his reluctance to do it.
    “’Oi! you better hand over that device!” Chris heard coming from an alley way to his left, he stopped and listened
    “I-I-I-I-I-I’m sorry, b-b-but I needed to feed my family a-“ Chris heard a scream and a rustle followed after the sentence, Chris dashed up the ally way to see a pair of black clothed men standing next to a black car, the bulkier of the two threw a wriggling sack into the car, with an evil chuckle.
    “Heh heh, get a load o’ Shorty ‘ere” One said as he nudged the second, the second turned around a grinned.
    “Get back in school kid!” he grunted. Chris stood just looking at him
    “What did you do with that man?” He said, confidently. The two men s******ed
    “None of your business.”
    “What did you do with him!?”
    “You know if I told you, I’d have to do the same to you...”
    “I’d like to see you try...” A pair of sharp long black claws extended out of Chris; hands. He cracked his knuckles and looked at the men...
    “What kind o’ freakish kid is this one!?” The bulky one yelled
    “I don’t know, but he ain’t gonna be around much longer unless he gets lost, go on, GET!” Chris remained silent, simply continuing to look at the men. The smaller one then bringing out a gun like device from his pocket, grinned evilly. The large on simply rolled up his sleeves and cracked his knuckles, both looked at Chris
    “I’m going to give you one more chance, punk, get out of our way, or face the consequences...”
    “I think I’ll face the consequences or at least watch you try to make me.” Chris said calmly.
    “Let’s go then!” The small one yelped, “Chunk, take care of him”
    Chunk punched his fists together and ran towards Chris, launching a fist at him, Chris rolled out of the way and turned around towards him running towards him and aiming a slash with his claws, he missed by no more than a centimetre and was soon elbowed on the back by ‘ Chunk’ he smashed down onto the paving, coughing up some blood, he turned around to Chunk, his eye’s glowing in anger. He leaped up towards him launching the claw into his stomach, it didn’t get more than an inch before Chunk punched his arm out of the way, Chris held his ground and turned towards Chunk, he extended the claws even further, making them all the more deadly.

    In the mean time, The shorter one was loading the net launcher as carefully as he could, in hopes he didn’t mess up like normal, but as quickly as he dared, in hopes that he would do it before Chris got away.

    He had finished the loading, he turned towards Chris and Chunk, and aimed carefully, peeking through the sight, and launched it, the net latched onto Chris and trapped him. But not very well...

    Inside the net Chris was gradually getting Angrier, his red eyes glowing, he took in a deep breath and then let out an almighty roar, slashing at the net with his claws breaking free more easily than the pair had thought, he turned his head towards the smaller one, and retracted his claws after escaping, he walked slowly towards him, the man searched desperately in his pockets, presumably for a weapon, Chris simply punched the man in the face, and he fell unconscious.

    Chris extended the claws and charged towards Chunk, dodged a head butt from him as he passed he launched his claws into Chunk’s waist, they went in at least two inches deep, Chunk clutched the wound in pain and yelled, he fell to the floor on his knees, and clenched his teeth, Chris noticed a phone fall out of his pocket, he grabbed it and dialled a number, Chunk looked at him in anger as he used his phone, but Chunk was practically helpless on the floor, Chris then tossed the phone to Chunk.
    “Ambulance is on the way,” he said as he walked towards the car, he heard screaming and yelling from inside the boot, he opened it up and untied the sack the man had been captured in, he then helped the man out of the car
    “You’re alright aren’t you?”
    “Y-Yes, thank you so much, the man brushed the dust off his suit,
    “What was it they wanted?”
    “They had forced me into creating a device for them, b-but I just didn’t have the funds for it a-and I just couldn’t do it”
    “Alright then,” Chris said “You better get out of here, before you get in more trouble”
    “Y-Yes I think I’ll do just that.” The man said, and he then left, Chris went in the opposite direction, and waved goodbye to the man, he passed Chunk as he was hauled into the ambulance, along with the second one...

    After the fight, Chris was incredibly hungry, he went into a local butcher’s
    “Hello can I help you?” Asked the friendly man behind the counter
    “Yes could I please have a pound of pork?” Chris asked, his hands in his pockets and his mouth watering as he saw the large amount of meat on offer”
    “You certainly can,” The man said as he measured out the meat, handing it to Chris in a plastic bag, “That’ll be 3 (insert pokémon currency here)”
    “Chris handed over the money, left, and began munching on the pork... raw, many people were staring at him as he ate the raw meat, but how could you not at such a strange thing?

    EDIT:The cencored word was meant to be another word, but it had a racist word inside of it if you know what I mean, you can see that fromt he fact that a few latters are still remaining, I assure you I did not swear, it's just the swear filter being stupid.
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    (for the sake of getting Kuro into the story, My last two posts will be the "past".)
    ((KS, if you check up "Totodile" on google pictures... the squirtle in your sig appears. o.0))

    Things were really hectic lately. At the beginning, Kuro tried to bring weapons along, but they were confiscated right away. Instead, Mary spent an hour trying to convince him to catch a pokemon and come with her. It didn't work, so she ended up catching a Murkrow, and giving him a lecture before he agreed to hold on to it until Kuro can get his weapons back, but the Murkrow was needed to stay out of its pokeball, which Kuro made sure of by hiding the pokeball in the basement of the house, and it would still be technecally "Wild", but other trainers coudl not catch it. This was only after a lecture starting from when they got the ticket to the train, until Mary fell asleep. Kuro only said yes after Mary started to lecture him again when she woke up. What does Mary do right when Mary chose Squirtle as her starter? Go shopping, and Kuro agreed to just go into Veridian Forest for the time being, since he hated shopping. When he got into a good place in the forest, Kuro tuned his guitar, when he saw some sort of machine, followed by a few people, which was now. Kuro put his guitar down, and walked up to the group. "Um... sirs? What exactly are you doing here?"

    One of the workers then noticed Kuro, and he began to yell at him. "Beat it, Kid, this place is dangerous! Some pokemon stopped us from cutting down the forest, and this machine will... put them to sleep."

    Kuro, hearing this, was angered. He wanted to break the machine, along with these foul people. However, he did not want to kill people, so he decided to break the machine. Luckily for him, the forest had only a bit of light, so he could use his power now. Quickly, with a swipe of his right hand which was now pitch-black, he sliced off the front of the machine, which was a drill. The workers staggered backwards, and Kuro punched the back of the machine, which then began to chip. "End the pokemon...? How about I end YOU?"

    "Calm down, everyone! Whatever he is, he can't handle all of us! Pull out your weapons!" yelled one of the workers, and everyone pulled out a gun. Kuro punched the ground to dodge the bullets, and hid behind the machine. He sliced an X into it, then punched it, causing a nice hole. Kuro hid inside, and sliced the other side as well. Then he got out, and went in front of the workers, as they got ready to shoot again. One man shot at Kuro, grazing his side. Seems that man wasn't the best aim in the group.

    "You dare shoot me?" said Kuro, with an evil grin on his face. He punched the machine, which was all sliced up inside, so it fell easily between the group and Kuro. Kuro jumped on top of it, and jumped once more, grabbing the man who shot him's head. He could not handle these people by himself, so he had to scare them first, by bluffing. "Leave now, or this man's head gets crushed!"

    Everyone hesitated, then began to walk away, as Kuro walked towards the rest. Once Kuro got close enough, he punched his hostage in the stomach, and then rushed forward. He punched and kicked many people, still keeping his evil grin. By scaring them, Kuro had made them slower, without them noticing it. It was a common military tactic for fighting an army that outnumbered them. The ones that were still concious raised their guns, only to be discouraged by an army of Murkrow behind Kuro. This was simply a Double Team, but to those who were fearful, and have been hit around a bit, they all looked real. Kuro's fake smile now became real. If these people had brought close-ranged weapons instead of guns that only work at long ranges, Kuro would have lost, or worse yet, dead. Also, it was good that these people were simple, or they would have seen through this facade. Another thing was that there were ten people left out of thirteen, Kuro was extremely tired and wounded, but they did not notice. What idiots! Kuro put on his most evil look, and glared at the ten. "Take those who have fallen and leave. Never try to cut down a forest again."

    "W-what are you?" asked the most scrawny person out of the 10.

    "I... am Darkness." answered Kuro, as he snapped. The Murkrow and the clones looked ready to attack, so the workers, who had already picked up their friends, began to run away. Once they were out of sight and unable to hear, Kuro sighed, and looked at his wound. Luckily, his shirt and overshirt flew up because he was coming down, so they did not have a hole in them. Kuro would still have to use bleach when they get to the hotel, though. He took a deep breath, and sat down on the fallen machine, now holding his guitar again. His power was now ended, so he could play it would causing trouble. Finally, he began to play his guitar, and sing the song “Down” by Jay Sean.

    (((Check the song up on youtube)))
  20. suicune lover

    suicune lover smugpig

    It was a typically cold and misty day in Snowpoint City, with a mild blizzard blowing though the air as Clarice and her Snorunt were setting off to the Snowpoint temple, like any other day. Snorunt was jumping playfully into piles of soft snow as she went, Clarice walking slightly behind, laughing at her pokemon as it occasionally tripped in the snow, seeing as the snow on this day was particularly thick and was even bigger than the small Snorunt.

    Gah! I wish I wasn't so small! Snorunt raged. It's so annoying!

    Clarrie laughed again. "Come on, I'll carry you, it'll be quicker. Don't worry; one day you'll be big, strong, and even more powerful! Well, that's what Candice said anyway. You just need to battle loads, that's what she said. How do you think all her pokemon got so strong, eh?"

    As they walked further through the snow, Clarrie noticed something funny. It seemed to get a lot warmer as they approached the temple, and the snow was much thinner than it was near the city. Just then, she noticed a group of men through the mist mumbling to themselves and laughing.

    "You hear that, Snorunt?" She whispered to her alarmed pokemon. "Doesn't look like they're up to any good. You stay here and I'll go have a look." With a reassuring smile to Snorunt, she edged her way nearer to the strange men, hiding herself within in the snow-covered trees.

    "Magby army A, use Sunny day! Magmar, use Ember!"

    The men laughed again. As Clarice peered through the trees, she saw a small group of shivering red pokemon and one bigger red one, surrounded by gruff looking men. They wore strange looking hoodies, distinguished by a grim looking gear symbol on the front, hiding their faces. The pokemon were frightened out of their wit, some looking slightly battered, with the bigger one towering over them. They were all attempting to do some sort of strange dance, that created a giant ball of fire in the sky, causing the surrounding snow to melt, while the bigger one shot balls of fire at the trees, engulfing them in flames. Clarice gasped in shock, but a little too loudly.

    "Wah wu dat?" One of them grunted.

    "Sounds like it came from over 'ere!" Said another, pointing to the tree concealing Clarrie.

    "Eh? Why 'aint that one melted yet? Magmar, use Ember!"

    A small ball of fire shot towards the tree concealing Clarrie, as she screamed and buried herself under the snow. To her surprise, there were no flames to be seen, and the tree was still covered in snow, despite the sun burning bright. A small whimpering sound came from the other side, and when Clarrie had a look, she saw a charred and battered Snorunt lying on the ground.

    "What did you do to my Snorunt?" Clarice said, a sudden burst of anger boiling within her.

    With a grunt, one of the hooded figures stepped towards her. "Whutta you gonna do 'bout it, eh?"

    Out of the corner of her eye, Clarrice saw some icicles hanging from a nearby tree. In one swift moment, she grabbed it from the tree and hurled it at the men. But to her surprise, as she did so, several more icicles appeared out of nowhere and flew themselves at the Magmar. The attack pierced the men in various areas, and one of them fell unconscious.

    "Wut the hell d'ya think your doin'? Another screeched. "C'mon guys, we'd better get back and report this t' boss. Retreat!"

    With that, they picked up the injured fellow and tossed him onto a hovercraft boat that was being driven by another guy in a hood, and disappeared back into the town. All the while, Clarrie was kneeling in the snow next to her pokemon, still in shock and disbelief at what happened.

    After heading back to the Pokemon Center to heal her Snorunt, Clarrice was still furious about the men she saw back at the Temple. After several discussions with people around the town, she found out that the boat had headed to the East of Sinnoh, which was apparently a place called Kanto, filled with many new places, and pokemon.

    Candice had agreed to let Clarrie go to Kanto by boat to chase down the strange men she saw.

    "After all, it's time you grow up and explore different places. After all, you have Snorunt to protect you, right?"

    Hearing it's name, Snorunt nodded in agreement, then jumped onto Claries shoulder and burried itself under her scarf silky.

    "Don't worry, we'll be fine! After all you packed us loads of supplies, right?" She pulled out a big midnight blue shoulder bag with a snowflake motif on it, that was decorated with sequins and ribbons of various shades of blue, that was full up with various items."I've got plenty of food with me, money, a blanket, plus every other thing you could want to take with you on an adventure!"

    "I guess so…" Candice replied. "Here, I have something else for you." She handed Clarrie a strange dusky purple stone, that radiated a strange power. "It's a Duck Stone, an evolutionary item for Snorunt. Use it when you are really in danger, okay?"

    "Wow, it's beautiful! Thanks so much. I'm really going to miss you…" Clarice said, hugging her half mother. "I really am."

    "Me too, but we're doing this for you, Clarice. Come back and visit us some time though, okay?"

    "I will, don't worry." She glanced at the clock nervously, and the pair broke of the hug. "Well, I had best go now, or I'll miss the boat. Don't worry about me, I'll be okay!"

    And with that, she ran out of the door and headed of to the port, wiping a tear from her eye. She took her place on the boat, as it sailed of into the dark, empty water.

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