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Hiddenlove rated pg 16 (AAML)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by Aalitichi, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. Aalitichi

    Aalitichi Guest

    Okay this is my first fanfic, I started writing it when I was 11 and I've decided to finish just a few months ago and post it on the internet.
    I hope you like it.
    The grammar is really bad in my opinion. I wanted to fix it, but I thought it would be better to post it the way I wrote a few years ago. Here it is.

    Hidden love
    Writers note: I don't own pokemon. ( I wish)

    Long story short: Ash and Misty have been apart for ten years.
    They now lead very
    different lives. Having won, many trophies ,Ash is now so close of achieving his dream ,
    he only needs one more trophy ( the Rolien region trophy) to become
    pokemon master. The competion is hosted by a woman, who wins the beauty patient for
    the most beautiful woman in the Rolien region. Ash meets Misty in this tournament and they slowly notice that after all these years they're in love with eachother.
    At first Ash and Misty try to stick to the tournament rules.The hostess is not aloud to
    interact with any competitor. But Ash and Misty find this really. To find out how things
    go read this hoplessly romantic fic.

    Ash: 19 Misty: 19 Catherina: 18 Brock: 21

    category: AAmrn

    Hidden love by Aalitichi
    Part one

    " Go Pikachu, use thunder bolt." The spiky haired young man had a huge grin on his handsome, boyish face as he watched his Pikachu leap into the air and send what looked like a huge lightning bolt towards the already badly hurt Onix. The Onix let out an ear- deafening roar as it collapsed in front of his trainer. " Onix is unable to battle, the victory
    goes to the visitor, Ash Ketchum." "Onix no" the gym leader cried out.
    The beautiful blond girl ran over to her Onix and hugged it. Ash's grin faded as he saw the terrified look on the girls face. Ash having noticed how incredibly flattering the girl looked, bent down next to her.
    "I'm sorry Pikachu was so harsh on your Onix, Catherina."
    She looked up at him and smiled. Ash felt his stomach doing flip flops. ' Wow she is so hot, maybe even hotter than Mi…. nah, maybe not that hot' The girl looked away twirling along
    strand of blond hair between her fingers. " I guess I owe you a badge. You have eight
    badges now. That gives you permission to enter the Alivon city tournament" she stated shyly as she extended her hand with the blue badge in it. " O, thanks. Will you be at the tournament too?" asked Ash
    " Yeah I'll be there, why do you ask?" Ash blushed and looked at the
    ground. " I don't know, I thought maybe I can meet you there and we could go out or something." There was a long silence, Ash gathered up his courage and looked at Catherina. He was quite surprise when he saw a smile on her face.
    " Sure, Ash".
    She extended her hand and messed up his already messy black hair. "You know what, you're so damn cute."
    Ash couldn't do anything but smile. " You got to hurry up and get to Alivon
    city the tournament will begin in two days and the pokemoncenter, is gonna get full"
    "You heard her Pikachu let's go buddy. If we hurry up we can make it there by sunset."
    "Bye Catherina." Catherina grabbed Ash by the collar and gave him a kiss on his cheek.
    "Good luck I'll be rooting for you, bye Pikachu."
    " Pika pika" ( Bye)
    Ash and Pikachu walked threw the Gym's exit and into Avilon forrest. They were on their way to Avilon city. " Wow, Pikachu she actually liked me!! I can't wait till I see her
    at the tournament. I don't know what's with the girls these days they keep flirting with me. I
    t's probably because they know I'm close to becoming the world's greatest
    pokemon master. I just need to win the Alivon region trophy "
    " Pika pikachu pi pikachu pika pi pikachu( And it's probably because you flirt with them every time you get the chance) " Pikachu I had to flirt with her. Didn't you see how hot she was, it would be
    impossible not to. " Pika pi pichu chu pikachu pi pikachu " (You think every girl is hot,
    you're turning into Brock) " No I 'm not" " Pikachu pika pi pi pika pi pikachu pika pikachupi" ( Yeah you are, yesterday I caught you touching yourself when we were talking about Misty)
    " What!! Pikachu you liar!!! I would never think of Misty in that
    way besides I don' t even know what Misty looks like right now it has been 5 years since we' ve seen eachother." " Pika pikapi" ( Whatever Ash) " Anyway talking about Misty do you think she'll be at the tournament, Pikachu. I mean she probably knows this is the trophy I need to become the greatest pokemon master." " Pika chu pikapi, pika pika chu pika pi" ( I don't know Ash there is a great
    chance she'll be there) " I hope so Pikachu, I really want her to be there"
    "Pikacu pi pikapi pikachu pi" ( I know Ash, I know)

    In Alivon city

    An extraordinary beautiful woman was looking at herself in the mirror. She brushed a long strand of hair out of her face, as she admired her angel like face.
    There was a knock on the door and a man came in.
    "Miss Waterflower it's time for your photo shoot." Misty followed the man out of the
    dressing room and into the studio. " There you are gorgeous" Her agent Carlos
    exclaimed. " Take of your robe and sit on that chair over there." This was the moment
    Misty dreaded. She took of her robe and revealed herself in a skimpy bikini bottom. Misty swore she heard the photographer gasp as she took a seat on the chair." Now drape your locks over your nipples, honey. We must leave something for
    the imagination" "I don't see why I have to be half naked for a tournament poster."
    "Everyone knows sex sells, sweet heart. Now sit up straight, chest out and don't smile. Give me a seductive look" Misty crossed her long legs and pushed her chest out. " That's
    it, that's perfect"

    After what seemed like hours Misty finally heard the words she was so desperately
    longing for. " Okay everyone, that's a wrap, great job Mist. Hurry up and get dressed. It's freezing in here"
    " Duh, yah think" Misty exclaimed exhaustedly as she quickly retrieved her robe and
    entered her dressing room to get dressed. She put on her low rider jeans and a white top.
    "Why did I let Brock talk me into this, I mean I'm not even from Alivon and here I am
    hosting it' s tournament?!" she asked herself as she put her long red hair in a messy bun.
    " It's because you didn't believe me when I told that you've become a beautiful woman and because you were in need of a job"
    Misty spun around quickly and looked at her squinty-eyed best friend, Brock Slate.
    " Brock, how long have you been standing there?"
    "I walked in just now. I didn't see you naked or anything"
    " I should
    really learn to lock that door" Misty said with a grin on her face.
    " Are you ready to go."
    "Yeah". Misty grabbed her bag and they walked out of her dressing room into the studio." By the way how did the photo shoot go"
    " It went…"
    Misty was interrupted by a
    loud squeal. Her agent was looking at the photo shoot results at a desk. " Misty, you have to come see these pictures, they're magnificent."
    Misty and Brock walked over to where Carlos was sitting and they looked at the pictures.
    " Wow, Misty you look hot" Brock said blushing.
    Even Misty had to admit she looked very pretty in the pictures. " Yeah, there great" she said with a hint of nervousness in her voice.

    Misty and Brock bid Carlos goodbye, walked out of the studio and into the parking lot. Brock looked over at Misty and could see a vacant expression on her face. " What's wrong, Misty" Brock asked worriedly. " Nothing…it's just that Ash is going to be in this competition. I mean what would he think of me when he sees these posters."
    " I don't think Ash will worry when he sees the posters, he probably won't even recognize you,
    Mist" "But he'll eventually find out it's me, when he sees I'm the tournament hostess,
    Brock. Then he'll think I'm one of those girls, that don't go after their dream and eventually use their body as source to get money" She burst out in to tears. "Misty you're blowing this way out of proportion. Ash only wants your support. He doesn't care about
    some stupid poster. Only thing that matters is that you're there rooting for him." " But I can't root for him Brock it's against the rules. The tournament hostess is not supposed to take sides. She is not even aloud to be seen in the company of a contestant other than in the stadium." Misty was crying hysterically now. " I'm sure they won't mind if you said a
    couple of words to him, anyway if you're not aloud to talk to Ash, I'll talk to him for you." He wiped away a tear on Misty's cheek and smiled at her. " You're probably right, as always" Misty said a little happier. They entered Brock's car,
    "Yeah, Misty" Thanks"

    At the otherside of Alivon.

    " Hurry up, Pikachu or there won't be any rooms left in the pokemoncenter." Ash and Pikachu were running pass masses of pokemontrainers. They were all there to either compete in the tournament or watch it.

    When Pikachu and Ash arrived at the
    pokemoncenter they could see a long line of trainers waiting to get a room. Ash and Pikachu went to stand at the back of the line.
    " I hope there are rooms left, Pikachu or we'll have to camp outside." " Pika pi chu" ( I hope so) After what seemed like hours Ash and Pikachu walked to Nurse Joy's desk

    "You're lucky young man, there is one room left.It's room 202. Here's your key and have a good stay."
    Ash took the key and walked into the center 's main hall only to see a big crowd in front of the notice board. He pushed himself threw the crowd to get a look at what the trainers were looking at. When he finally got at the front of the crowd he saw that there was a flyer on the notice board. It
    said:All competitors in the Alivon tournament must be in the Ohene stadium
    tomorrow night at seven 0' clock for the opening ceremonies. Each competitor must
    introduce him-/ herself to the tournament hostess. There will be a lot of festivities, icluding a little dance from the hostess herself. Ash could here a few male pokemon trainers hoot. " Man, the hostess is hot. She has an amazing ***." One said. " Yeah man, but have you seen her rack" another said. He let out a howling sound. The boys laughed.
    Ash was getting more interested in this so-called hostees by the minute. " I wonder if she's really as pretty as they say she is." " Pika!" Pikachu pointed at the clock on top of the notice board.
    " Ten o' clock already. Pikachu we got to get some sleep if we wanna
    get up early tomorrow to train." They used the elevator to get to there floor and entered
    the room. " Wow Pikachu this is really happening. I only need one more trophy to become pokemon master" Ash said while putting on his pajamas. " Will you be there every step of the way with me, Pikachu." " Pikapi, pika chu pika" ( Ash, you know, I will).
    They got into bed. " Goodnight Pikachu, sweet dreams"
    " Pikachu pikachu, Pikapi"
    ( Night, night Ash)

    Well first chapter. Don't worry it will get better. Remember I was only 11.
  2. Aalitichi

    Aalitichi Guest

    No one replied....It's okay here is the next chapter.

    Part two of Hidden love

    “ Common Pikachu, you can do better than that” an annoyed and sweaty Ash yelled. It was 8 0 ‘clock in the morning. Ash was already up training his pokemon in the pokemoncenter ‘s gym and he had taken his shirt of, cause of the heat.” Pika pi chu pika pikapi” (I could do a lot better if I get some sleep) Pikachu exclaimed angrily. “ Bayleef, give Pikachu your best razorleef” Ash said ignoring Pikachu. “ Bay.” Bayleef got set to fire razorleef. But before Bayleef could do it’s attack, Pikachu used iron tail and knocked it out. “ Pikachu you’re only supposed to use an attack when I tell you to!!”
    “Pikachu pi kapi chu pikachu, pikapi”( I don’t care, I’m tired, Ash) “ Fine take a break, but I’m going to be extra hard on you afterwards. Snorlax and Quilava you’re up!” Pikachu stuck his tongue out at Ash. “ Don’t think I didn’t see that, Pikachu. You’ ll be sorry that you stuck your tongue out at me when it’s your turn to train!!!”
    Ash heard giggling. He turned around and saw Catherina. She was leaning against the gym’s pillar. Ash thought she looked more radiant then back at her gym. He couldn’t stop staring at her body, which was more accentuated now that she had a tight top and jeans on.” Hey, Catherina.” Ash said with a lopsided smile “ I thought you’d be here, Ash.” She said smiling at him. “You really want to win this tournament, don’t you?” “ Yeah” Ash whispered, unaware that he was looking at her cleavage.
    “ You’re up early” Ash chuckled. “ Yeah, I wasn’t sleepy anymore so I thought why not come look for you. I had a feeling you’d be up early to train.” Ash looked at the ground a little bit embarrassed, cause he didn’t have a shirt on and he was sweaty. He could feel Catherina’ s eyes wander up and down his toned body. ‘ O god he has a nice body’ she thought. “ Uh, doyouwannagetsomebreakfast?” Ash flapped out. “ Pardon?” Ash took a deep breath and repeated his question:“ I mean, do you wanna get some breakfast?” “ Sure, Ash”Catherina replied excitedly. “ Let me just take a shower in the gym ‘s showering place. I’ll be done in ten minutes. Don’t go anyware” Ash said happy. “ I won’t” Catherina said smiling Ash turned around to walk to the shower.
    His pokemon had stopped training and they were all looking at him with grins on their faces. “Pikachu pi pi chu pikapi” ( I thought we had to train, Ash) Pikachu said with a mocking voice. “ O, be quiet “ Ash said embarrassed as he entered the showering place. He took of his clothes, stepped in the shower and turned on the water. He let the water run into his raven black hair and over his athletic build body. He turned of the water after five minutes, not wanting to keep Catherina waiting. He got out of the shower and got dressed in a black tank top that showed of his tattoo and toned arms. “ Thank god, I brought some clean clothes.” He muttered.
    Ash got his stuff and walked out of the showering place.
    “ Ready” Catherina asked excitedly. “ Yeah. Let me just call back my pokemon and bring them to nurse joy.”
    Ash exclaimed winking at her. She giggled and said: “ Ok”
    Ash called back his pokemon and put the pokeballs in his bag.
    They walked out of the gym and into the pokemoncenters main hall.
    “ Good morning nurse Joy” Ash said when he reached her counter. “ I brought my pokemon.” He took his pokeballs out of his bag handed them to her. Pikachu jumped on the counter “ Wow you’re up early young man. Training I expect” nurse Joy said happily “ Yeah” Ash replied
    “ I’m gonna get some breakfast and then I’ll be back to pick them up” “ Pikachu pi chu pika pikachu” ( I wanna come too) Pikachu whined unhappily. “ No, Pikachu. I want to be alone with her” Ash whispered in his ear. Pikachu sadly nodded his head. He then grinned and said “ Pikachu pi pika pi” ( Remember use a condom)
    “ Ha ha ha” Ash stated sarcastically. “ What did he say, Ash” Catherina asked. “ Just stuff” Ash said quickly. “ Let’s go.”
    ” So where do you wanna eat, Catherina?” Ash asked when they were walking threw the streets. “ There’s a great café at the corner of the street, they serve great bagels”she said smiling at him. “ Great” Ash replied. Catherina took hold of Ash’s hand. Ash looked at her and blushed. She swung her hair over her shoulder and winked at him. They walked like that for a while, just enjoying each other’ s presence.
    When they arrived Ash held the door open for Catherina and she walked in smiling uncontrollably.
    “ So Catherina where are you staying during the tournament” Ash asked as they sat down. “ At a hotel. I’ m taking a vacation. At least until the tournament is over.”
    “ How many times have you seen the tournament, actually?” Ash asked. “ At least a dozen times. I never miss it”she said looking at the table. “ I kinda keep hearing about this tournament hostess”he said
    “ Oh” Catherina stated codly. “It’s this really stupid tradition. The town chooses a girl to host the tournament. They think that the girl brings good luck. I think it’s a publicity stunt. The girl has to pose for posters and stuff and most of the time she’s half naked. No wonder most of the tournaments are won by girls. The guys are to busy looking at the hostess ‘s rack.” she said bitterly. “ I don’t think they’ll be looking at the hostess this time.” Ash said shyly. “Especially if there is a more beautiful girl there,”. It took a while for Catherina to take in the words. She giggled and looked at her fingers.
    “ May I take your order?” Ash and Catherina looked up and saw the waitress. “ Yeah, I’ll have a bagel and some orange juice.” Catherina said. “ I’ll have bacon and eggs and apple juice” Ash said. “ Bagel, orange juice for the lady and bacon and eggs and apple juice for the young man. Your order will be here in 5 minutes” the waitress said.
    After the waitress left there was a moment of silence. Ash was getting nervous. Then Ash did the unthinkable. He reached out and touched Carherina ‘s hand. He then took a hold of it. Catherina looked up and blushed. “ O god you’re so cute” she exclaimed. Ash chuckled and blushed She played with his fingers. Every time they looked at each other they smiled. Ash reached out and brushed away a long strand of hair from her face with his index finger.

    He was addicted.

    He couldn’t believe how much he wanted her. “ Man, what is happening to me? I haven’t felt this way about a girl since Misty” Ash thought.
    He ran his finger over her face and reached her lips and he stopped. He kept staring at her pink moist lips. He leaned in and pressed his lips on hers. He felt her kissing him back. He slowly slipped his tongue in her mouth. He could hear her softly moan. The kiss was electrifying Ash was so excited he bit her lip. She was moaning either from pleasure or pain.
    “ Uhum, excuse me your food is here.”a voice said. Ash pulled away quickly. “ Bagel and orange juice for the lady and eggs and bacon and apple juice for the gentleman, right” the waitress said suppressing a giggle. “ Yeah” Ash said with a high-pitched voice. His face was still red from the kiss “ Bon apetit” the waitress chuckled. Ash and Catherina ate their food quietly , occasionally throwing glances at each other. When they finished Ash paid and they left.
    They were walking besides eachother on the sidewalk in the direction of the pokemoncenter. “ Ah, Catherina what happened back there at the café…” Ash started. “Please, don’t tell me it was a mistake, Ash” Catherina interrupted him.
    She leaned in and gave him a peck on the lips. She said:” I want you, Ash.”
    Ash was shocked at first, but then he grinned.“ Wow, big surprise.” Ash stated sarcastically.
    “And what exactly do you mean by that?!”Catherina stated shocked at Ash’s reply “Look Catherina it was so obvious you wanted me by the way you kept flirting with me” Ash chuckled. “ O my god, I wasn’t flirting with you, you were flirting with me!” She said pushing him away. “ No I wasn’t” Ash said smiling. “ Yes you were, what was all that about being more beautiful than the hostess and stuff.” She said a little bit angry at his sudden change of personality. “ Hey, I didn’t specifically say it was you” Ash said playfully.
    “ Screw you” Catherina said ****** of and she changed direction. She was walking towards her hotel. “Catherina, please don’t walk away. I was just joking.” Ash said hurriedly. Catherina kept walking in the same pace. Ash ran up to her. He caught up with her and grabbed her hand. “ Catherina I was just joking. I didn’t mean anything by it. Look I did flirt with you and I did that because I like you a lot.” She looked up at him. “This is so ridiculous” she started. “We barely got together and we already had are first fight” she said matterofactely. Ash giggled and gave her a peck on the cheek. “ You’re so stupid” she exclaimed as she rolled her eyes. He stuck out his tongue and she giggled.. “May I walk you to your hotel room, miss?” he asked with a fake british accent. She smiled and said: “ Yes you may good sir..
    They started walking in the direction of the hotel. Ash let go of Catherina’s hand and grabbed her waist. She giggled hysterically. It may have been only a ten minute walk, but it looked like hours for Ash.
    “ Wow, have I actually moved on. Have I actually found someone who I really like, either than Misty?”He thought to himself

    They entered the hotel’s lobby. “ Ok, were here .” Ash said not wanting to leave her. “You can come up, if you like. We could hang out” she said and she winked. Ash smiled slyly and nodded. She moved closer to him and kissed him. She cupped his cheek with her hands. Ash slipped his tongue between her lips and pushed her against the elevator door. Catherina moaned and gasped, while she pressed the elevator’s button..
    The elevator door opened and they almost fell in. Ash started groping her breasts, silently thanking god that there was no one in the elevator at the time. Catherina moaned uncontrollably. “ Ash” she gasped. She pressed the button for her floor still kissing Ash. He pushed her against the elevator wall and pulled up her legs and pressed them against his body. He pulled down her shirt’s neckline and was surprised that she had no braw on. “ Woaw” he said pulling away as he looked at her plump breasts. “ No don’t stop. I want this” she almost sighed.
    Ash couldn’t refuse this offer and started kissing her left breast while caressing the right one.
    The elevator door opened and Catherina pulled up her neckline before anyone could see. They pulled away so that they could reach her room without tripping on eachother. Catherina unlocked the door and opened it. She beckoned Ash to get in. Ash followed her and closed the door. She almost jumped on him and they started kissing. She moaned and tugged at his shirt. Ash pulled away. “ What’s wrong” Catherina asked a little offended. “Was I to rough on you?” she asked with a grin on her face. “ No” Ash replied embarrassedly. “It’s just I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to take this big step. I mean we just had are first date. I think we have to take it slow” he said blushing a little. “ Fine” Catherina said unemotionally.
    “You’re not mad are you?” he asked worriedly. “ No” she said in the same tone. “ I completely understand Ash.” “ Thanks” Ash said looking at the ground. There was a akward moment of silence.
    “ I have to go, I gotta pick up Pikachu. He’s probably mad at me, cause I took so long. Will you be at the opening ceremonies tonight?” .Catherina nodded” Yeah I’ll be there” “That’s great. I’ll see you there?.” He asked softly “ Yeah” Catherina said a little happier.. She looked up at him and smiled. .He smiled back, leaned in and gave her a peck on the lips. “ Bye” she said sweetly. “ Bye” Ash mouthed and he walked out of the room.
    “ Guess, I’m not that ready”

    Back at the pokemoncenter

    “ Pika pikachu pi pikapi?” (How did it go, Ash) Pikachu asked excitedly as his trainer retrieved his pokeballs. “ Great, I guess. We had breakfast, I walked her to her hotel room and….” Ash began.
    “ Pika pi?” ( and what?).
    “ She wanted to have sex with me” Ash whispered as they walked away from nurse joy’s counter and into the main hall. “ Pi?” ( And?) Pikachu asked.
    “ I told her I wanted to take it slow” Ash said quietly.
    “Pika chu pi, pika” ( You’re kidding, right?) “
    Hey Pikachu look at that big crowd over there” Ash said trying to change the subject. He pointed in the direction of the center’s notice board. “ Pikachu pik pi pikachu pichu” (Don’t change the subject). Ash walked in the direction of the board once again ignoring Pikachu. “ Pik pi chu pikachu pik chupi, Pikapi” ( Don’t think that were done talking about this, Ash) Pikachu said catching up to Ash.
    They stood at the back of the crowd. “ What’s going on?” Ash asked the blond guy standing next to him. “ They’ re putting up the tournament poster right now. The hostess is on it!” the boy exclaimed excitedly. “We’re the first ones in whole Alivon who get to see the poster.”
    “Everyone move away from the board. “We’re trying to put the poster up” a huge man screamed over the crowd. “ Can we have some cooperation please”
    The trainers at the front started to pull back. Ash had to try his best not to trip.
    He was rather excited. He had heard a lot about this hostess and now he finally gets to see her.

    The large man at the front of the crowd climbed up a ladder with what looked like a big folded paper under his arm. “ Hey, Frank” He screamed. “ Can you give me a hand with this?”.
    An even larger man with a ladder worked his way to the front of the crowd. He climbed up the ladder to the same height as his coworker. Frank unfolded the paper and both men held up a corner. The poster couldn’t be seen yet, because of the huge bodies in front of it. The men used a stapler to get the poster on the notice board.
    “ Common, move” Ash muttered.
    The men slowly climbed of their ladders, when they were done putting up the poster.
    Loud gasps could be heard through out the main hall followed by loud hooting coming from a lot of male pokemontrainers as the poster was revealed. Ash couldn’t suppress a gasp either.
    She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She had long cascading red hair and piercing aqua blue eyes. But what he noticed the most about her was the fact that she wore only a bikini bottom. He felt a jolt of pleasure surge threw his body.
    “ Wow” Ash gasped looking at Pikachu. “ Pikachu pika pichu chu pika” ( She looks kinda familiar) Pikachu said confused. “Trust me, Pikachu. I would remember her if I knew her” Ash said staring at the poster. He felt butterflies in his stomach.
    “ Mercy, Lord all mighty forgive me for I want to sin” Ash heard the blond guy next to him mutter. “ She’s something isn’t she” the boy exclaimed looking at Ash.
    “ Yeah, she has the face of an angel” Ash replied. “ Man, forget her face look at her body. That rack, that ***!” the boy said while doing a slapping motion.
    “ Yeah” Ash said a little bit mad now at the guys still staring at the poster. He couldn’t understand it, but he wanted this girl all for himself.
    The excitement in the main hall slowly died down as many of the trainers left the main hall to go train their pokemon for the tournament. Ash was still staring at the poster. “Pikapi?”( Ash?) Ash snapped out of it. “ O, yeah, uhm. Common we have to train for the tournament, Pikachu” Ash said. “ It’s better if we train in the forest. The gym is probably full by now.” “Pika chu pika chupi” ( Don’t forget we can’t be late for opening ceremonies). Ash walked out of the center and on to the street. Many stores had put up the tournament poster now.
    The hostess could be seen every where. Every time Ash saw the poster he had the urge to rip it off of the wall, just to make sure no man or a boy was having inappropriate thoughts about the hostess.
    “ Pikachu, we got to get out of here quick. These posters are driving me insane!” Ash said looking at yet another poster. Ash started to run toward the forest with Pikachu on his heal.

    In Hotel Manky in Alivon city

    “ Less foundation “ an overworked Carlos shouted. “ And the keyword is…..!!!!”
    “We know, we know. Blend!!” the makeup crew exclaimed exhaustedly. “ Then why doesn’t the foundation look fair and natural??!” Carlos gasped nervously.
    “ I think it’s because it’s a tint to light” a member of the crew muttered. “ Well take of that, that disgusting base and go darker! God, do I have to do everything myself??” Carlos let out throwing his hands in the air.
    “ O, no. Do we have to start all over again??” Misty exclaimed exhaustedly. “ I think this foundation looks just fine.” “ O, yes it looks fine now, but wait till you’re on camera, honey. You’ll look hideous.” Carlos exclaimed. Brock was reading a magazine, not really paying attention to what he was reading. He was more interested in the conflict between Carlos and the makeup- crew.
    “Will this do?” a crewmember asked as he showed Carlos the slightly darker foundation. “ How should I know, aren’t you guys supposed to be the experts?” Carlos cried out. The man scowled and started putting the base on Misty’s face. Misty screwed up her face as the cold liquid touched her skin. The man started blending. “ That’s better” Carlos squealed. “ That’s a whole lot better!! Remember to use black eyeliner to make those blue eyes pop and some blush. “ Yes, sir” the makeup- crew growled.
    Misty turned her head slightly to look at Brock. “ How are you doing?” he mouthed. Misty shrugged and turned her head to the other side to catch a glimpse of her ceremony dress.
    It was a long white dress. The front of the dress looked more like the back of a dress. ( The front is open. You know like the green dress JLO wore when she was still with P. Diddy). Misty felt nervousness as she looked at the dress, thinking that yet again she was going to show a lot of cleavage.
    “ Should we let her hair down or pull it up in a bun?” the hairdresser asked Carlos. “ Let it down and put loose curls in it.” Carlos said.
    “ Carlos”Misty whispered. “ Yes honey, what is it?” Carlos replied. “ Do I have to wear that dress, can’t I wear something that shows less cleavage.” Misty muttered. “ Common, sweetie we had this talk before. Dior especially designed the dress for you. You know how much money their gonna ask from us if you don’ t wear that dress tonight?”
    Misty sighed frustrated.
    Her makeup was finally done and the hairdresser started on her hair. He loosened her bun and let her fiery red hair down. It almost reached her backside. He used an curling iron to curl her hair.
    “ Common, people it’s two ours till the event and she hasn’t even gotten dressed yet!!” Carlos cried out anxiously.
    Misty turned her head once again to look at Brock. He smiled at her and mouthed that she looked fine. She smiled back.
    “I hope so..” she thought.

    Back at the pokemoncenter in Ash’s room

    “ I can’t believe it, we’re going to be late for the opening ceremonies.” Ash cried out while running out of the shower.
    “ Pikachu, where are my dark blue jeans?” he asked exasperated. It was half past six and Ash still wasn’t dressed. “ Chupi pi pika” ( There on the chair) Pikachu said combing his bright yellow fur. Ash put on his jeans, a black shirt and black pants. “ Pikachu, grab my gel bottle.” Ash said. Pikachu handed Ash his gel bottle. He squirted a bit of gel in the palm of his hand and rubbed it in his thick black hair, messing it up. ( It’s shorter than when he was young)
    He put on some cologne.
    “ How do I look” Ash asked Pikachu. “ Pikachu pika, Pikapi” (You look beautiful, Ash) Pikachu said sarcastically as he jumped on to Ash’s shoulder. “ Do I look handsome, enough for the hostess?” Ash asked blushing madly at the thought of the hostess. “ Pika chup pik pikachu pichu pikachu” ( You’re not that handsome) Pikachu chuckled. Ash scowled at him. “ Pika chupi pichu” ( I’m just kidding) Pikachu cried out. “ Pikchupi pika pi” ( She’ll love you!)
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    Please put a space between paragraphs. it's easier to read that way.
  4. Aalitichi

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    Thank you for all those wonderfull replies (sarcastic tone)

    Writer’s note: I don’t own pokemon

    Ash: 19 Misty: 19 Brock: 21 Catherina: 18 Carlos: 20

    Part 3 Hidden love by Aalitichi

    The crowd broke out in loud cheering and applause.
    Loud hooting, cheering and whistles could be heard throughout the crowd of about 75000 people.

    The huge doors, that separated the competitors and the stadium swung open.
    Trainers of all ages could be seen walking into the stadium. Including a tall, handsome black- haired young man with a pikachu on his shoulder.
    “ Wow, Pikachu this is the biggest stadium I’ve ever been in” Ash exclaimed looking around. A very pretty blond girl in a very revealing pink gown caught his eye. It was Catherina. She smiled and waved at him. He gave her a lopsided smile and a wink.

    Pikachu rolled his eyes. Ash looked the other way to see if there were other familiar faces, especially if there was a certain redheaded girl in the crowd.
    The trainers walked around the stadium and then they formed a half circle in front of the stage on the right side of the stadium.The crowd was still applauding.

    Loud music could be heard coming from very large speakers as a plump man took the stage and started singing a song in, what sounded like, Greek.

    Ash looked behind him at where Catherina was sitting. She was playing with a long lock of golden- blond hair.

    She felt eyes watching her. She looked up and smiled when she saw that it was Ash watching her.
    Ash couldn’t help letting his eyes wander over her body.
    “ Woaw, why didn’t I take a piece of that when I had the chance!!” he thought mentally kicking himself for not going all the way with her.

    His eyes ran over the mass of people, but he couldn’t see Misty any ware. “ Where is she, I was sure she’d be here!!” Ash muttered under his breath to Pikachu. “ Pika?” ( who?) Pikachu asked.
    “ Misty” Ash answered. “ And I don’t see Brock either.”
    “ Pikachu pika chu pik pika. Chu pikachu pi pi chupi pika pikachu” ( Maybe you don’t recognize them. After all it’s been a long time since you’ve seen them)
    “ Yeah too long….”

    “ It’s kind of weird, huh?” Ash asked sadly.
    “ What’s weird?” Misty asked tossing her hair over her shoulder.
    “ Brock leaving us.”
    “ He’ s done it before” she replied.
    “ But not because he wanted to” Ash answered back looking at the fourteen year old girl.“ I guess he just got sick of us.”
    “ Now Ash you know that’s not true.” Misty said caressing his boyish face. “He just….he just needs to pursue his own dreams. It’s not like he doesn’t like us”
    She put her arm around his shoulder and rested her forehead against his cheek.
    “ He can pursue his dreams with us by his side, Misty”
    “ No, he can’t Ash. Do you really think he can open a breeding shop while traveling” she answered.
    Ash frowned and looked at the portraits in the pokemoncentre ‘s lounge area.
    “ O god you are making this really hard for me” Misty sighed.
    “ Why am I making this hard for you. It’s not your fault Brock left”
    “ I know, but… the thing is…… I’ m planning to leave too”

    She buried her face in the couch’s pillow not wanting to see the expression on Ash’s face.
    There was silence.

    Misty looked up and what she saw next broke her heart.
    Ash was crying. He wasn’t even trying to hold back tears.
    He wiped his eyes with the back of his hand and turned his face away from Misty.
    Misty touched his arm
    “ Don’t touch me!!!!” he cried out. “ Don’t you ever touch me, you *****……. you egoistic *****”
    “ Ash please” Misty said on the verge of tears. “ Please don’ t do this.”
    He let out a sob.
    “ Please, Ash you gotta understand. I have to do this. It’s not like I don’t want to travel with you. I’ve grown up and I have my own dreams to go after.” She said tears streaming over her face.

    He turned his face towards her. “ I can help you with it you don’t have to leave me!!”
    “No Ash. I’ll only get in the way of your dream” Misty said wiping a tear away. She cupped his face with her hands and rested her forehead against his. Ash calmed down a bit.
    “ When are you leaving?” he asked not removing his forehead from hers.
    My suitcase is over there. I’ll be taking the bus in a few minutes.
    “ O” Ash stated, sad that Misty was leaving so soon.
    “ Ash, I really have to go.” Misty said standing up. “ Will you say good bye to Pikachu for me??”
    Ash nodded.

    “ Can I walk you to the bus stand?” Ash asked hopefully.
    “ I think it’s better if you don’t. It will be too hard for me” Misty replied.
    Ash nodded.
    “ Bye” Misty whispered
    “ Bye” he mouthed back.
    Misty picked up her suitcase and made advancement towards the door.

    “ Misty wait!!!!!”
    Misty turned around and watched Ash run towards her.
    “ What is it …” she started. Ash pressed his lips on hers.
    They broke away after a few seconds.
    “ What was that for” Misty asked flabbergasted.

    She touched her lips.
    “Just a thank you” Ash said with a small smile on his face. His eyes were still puffy from all the crying.

    “ You know, for helping me all these years.”
    He leaned in and gave her another peck on the lips.
    Misty giggled and started to cry again.
    “ I’ll miss you so much” she said hugging him.
    “ Better hurry up, you don’t wanna miss the bus” he said hugging her back.
    “Best friends??” she asked
    He smiled and replied: “For life…”

    End flashback

    Pikachu pinched Ash.
    “ Ow, what!!!!” an irritated Ash yelled over the loud music, making the trainers around him look at him in annoyance.
    “ Pika chu, pikachu chu pika pikachu” ( Pay attention, the anthem is almost over)
    The massive man let out the last very high notes and bowed. The crowd cheered loudly as the man left the stage.

    A tall, slender girl in a very revealing white dress took the stage. Her red hair cascaded to her backside in loose curls. She looked very pretty indeed.
    Like a Greek goddess in Ash’s opinion. Ash’s jaw dropped in amazement.
    “ She’ s so beautiful.” He said in awe. “You’re right, though Pikachu she does look kinda familiar.”
    The hostess (Misty) smiled nervously and looked around in admiration at the very large crowd in front of her, well aware that all eyes were on her or better said on her cleavage.
    She held the mike under her mouth and yelled in a very cheery voice: “ How you doin’ , Alivon.”
    The crowd was so loud that her yell was barely heard. Whistles and loud smooches could be heard throughout the mass of people. Misty waited for the noise to die down a bit before continuing.
    “My name is Mistara Waterflower .I’m from Cerulean city and I’m going to be your hostess for this tournament.” She shouted excitedly.

    Ash’ s jaw dropped.
    “ Pikachu chu pi!!!” (I knew it!!) Pikachu exclaimed.

    “ It is such a honor to be hear!!!!” Misty hollered.
    Ash didn’t hear this, he was temporarily deaf.
    “I don’t remember Misty being this beautiful…….. O my gosh……… I’m falling in love again.”

    He thought to himself as he saw Misty grin radiantly.
    He couldn’t help but find every move she made, every feature on her flawless face invigorating.
    Pikachu pinched him again and he snapped out of it looking at Pikachu in frustration.
    “ Pika chupik pikachu chu pikachu chupi pik pikapi pi chu pikachu pikachu. Pikachu pika pi pika pi chupi pikachu pika pik chupi” (If you keep looking at her like that you’ll burn a whole in her face. Besides, she might say something important.) Pikachu stated.

    “ Each of the participating trainers will come on the stage and they will introduce themselves to me. You have to state the town or city where you are from and why you have joined this tournament. But each trainer has only 1 minutes to do this, so we can stay on schedule.” Misty let out smiling.

    “ O my god, Pikachu. I forgot about that……. How does my hair look, do I smell ok, I should have worn another jacket.” Ash muttered nervously.
    “ Pika chu pik chupi” ( You look fine) Pikachu chuckled. “ Pikachu pi pika, Pikachupi.” (Remember, it’s just Misty)
    “ Yeah, a very hot Misty.” Ash murmured.
    “ Alissa Agarata, please come on the stage” Misty let out in a very cheery voice.

    A black- haired girl no more than 12 took the stage. She walked over to where Misty was standing and shook her hand shyly. Misty handed her a mike.
    “ Hi, I’m Alissa and I’m from Celadon city, this is the second tournament I am competing in and I’ve joined, because my brother once competed in this tournament too”.
    “ That’s nice, thank you Alissa.” Misty said in a sweet voice smiling at the girl. The girl shook Misty’s hand again and left the stage.
    “I’ve got a long way to go” Misty thought to herself.
    “ Ok, next Adam Borter” Misty yelled into the mike. The blond guy Ash met earlier that day went on to the stage. He walked very conceitedly to where Misty was standing.
    He took hold of her hand and planted a kiss on it. Misty giggled nervously.
    Ash could feel his blood boil. He couldn’ t help but be really jealous, not only because the guy kissed Misty, but also because of the way Misty was looking at the rather good- looking young man.
    She smiled and blushed as Adam winked at her. “ Wow, he’s so hot” she thought.
    “ Hi, sweetheart. I’m Adam, I’m from Origia town and I’ m here, because I could sense my soul mate was in Alivon” he chuckled arrogantly and he winked yet again. ( Don’t you hate these kinda guys)
    Misty giggled. Ash rolled his eyes. “Misty was always a sucker for these kinda things” he muttered under his breath.

    “ Okay, thank you Adam” Misty giggled. Adam was still holding her hand.
    “ Let go you moron” Ash muttered looking at Adam furiously. Adam then leaned in and gave Misty a peck on the cheek and he left the stage grinning broadly.
    Misty blushed, Ash scowled.
    Right after that, the ceremony was abruptly interrupted by Carlos. He leapt on to the stage and whispered in Misty ear: “ Remember, you are not aloud to be affectionate with any competitor, Misty. Don’t forget.”

    The trainers, who went after Adam were less affectionate with Misty. But there were a lot of male trainers that were definitely in to her.
    A freckled boy of about 15 was so mitten with Misty he couldn’t remember the name of his own town. His mother had to run up the stage to tell him that he was from Voridion.

    Ash began to feel butterflies as his name drew closer.
    Misty looked at the trainers standing in front of the stage, remembering that a certain black- haired young man was competing in this tournament as well.
    Finally Tori Jillano left the stage.
    Misty looked down at her list. She went silent for a while and then she said barely above a whisper: “ …Ashton Ketchum…..”
    There wasn’t any movement in the circle of trainers. Some of the trainers stretched their necks to see if this so- called Ashton Ketchum was making any progress towards the stage. But nothing.
    “ Ashton Ketchum” Misty repeated loudly.
    It was as if the massive crowd could sense the tension in Misty’s voice, because the whole stadium went silent.

    “ Ashton Ketchum, please take the stage.” Misty repeated yet again.
    She then noticed some movement in the corner of her eye. She turned her head and saw a tall, athletic- build, spiky haired young man walking towards the stage. He was very handsome. He looked more like a model you would find in a Ralph Lauren add, then a trainer. He had a pikachu on his right shoulder.
    He walked on to the stage staring everywhere but at her.
    Finally when he was inches away from her he looked at her. He couldn’t help letting his eyes stroll over her body, taking in every inch of her, not noticing that she was doing the same thing. He observed her body in the very revealing white dress. He looked at her rather plump breast and her tight stomach and he grinned slyly. He then looked into her aqua blue eyes.
    “ Yep, same old Misty” he thought.
    “ O, wow” she whispered accidentally into the mike.
    The crowd broke out in laughter.

    “SORRY GUYS, I GUESS SHE LIKES THE TALL DARK AND HANDSOME TYPE!!!!” the loud voice bellowed. The crowd burst out laughing.
    Misty blushed embarrassedly and Ash chuckled nervously.
    The noise died down a bit, the crowd was wondering what would happen next.
    “ Hi” Ash said blushing furiously. He took a hold of Misty hand and shook it. “ I’m Ash, I’m from Pallet town and I’m here because I need this trophy to become a pokemon master.”
    The crowd clapped energetically as he said this. “ Wow, that’s great, Ash” she said blushing.
    “ Pikachupi!!” (Misty!!) Pikachu let out happily. He jumped in her arms. Misty giggled. “You have a very cute Pikachu” she said pretending she didn’t know Pikachu, nor Ash.
    Ash frowned at this.
    Misty let her mike “accidentally” fall and both she and Ash bent down to pick it up. She took this opportunity to whisper something to Ash.
    “ Please meet me at the back of the stage two ours after the ceremony. We need to talk,” she whispered. Ash nodded. They both got up.
    “ It was nice meeting you, Ash” she said a little to cheery in the mike. They shook hands again smiling at each other and Ash left the stage.
    “ Pika chu pi pikachu” (See that wasn’t so bad) Pikachu said happily. “ Pi pika pikachu chu pika chupi pikachu?” (But why did she act like she didn’t know us?)
    “ I don’t know Pikachu” Ash said a little mad at this. He walked back to where he stood just before the brief encounter with Misty.
    He could feel two eyes watching him and he was pretty sure whom it was. Catherina looked at him with a slightly disgusted look.
    “ Did she notice that I was checking Misty out???” Ash thought nervously.
    He waved at her, but she gave him the coldest look imaginable and she turned her head.
    “ Pi pika chu pikachu” (You really screwed things up) Pikachu said looking at the angry blond girl as Ash turned his back to her to watch what was happening on the stage.
    “ Pikachu, I’m a 19 year old boy, it would be wrong not to look.” Ash whispered feeling guiltiness welling up inside him.

    “Hello, I’m Rory Quince, I’m from Sorcerer city and I’m here because my mom pursued me to join this tournament.”
    Misty wasn’t paying attention to what the brown- haired boy in front of her was saying, she was to busy thinking about Ash and how good he looked in his black jacket. She sighed.
    “ Uh, miss.” The boy muttered.
    “Oh, yes, yes. Thank you Lory. Good luck in the tournament” Misty said snapping out of it. The crowd broke out in laughter again.
    “ It’s Rory, miss,” the boy said blushing. “ Right, Rory, thank you Rory, good luck in the tournament.”
    They shook hands and Rory left the stage.
    “ O my gosh I need to snap out of it” Misty inwardly told herself.
    She looked at Carlos who was standing behind her at the left side of the stage.
    “ Calm down, honey” he mouthed to her. Misty nodded and looked down at her list.
    Misty took a deep breath and called out the next name.
    Everything went flawless and smoothly after that, although Misty kept throwing glances at the circle of trainers just to get a glimpse of Ash.
    Finally the last trainer left the stage.
    “ I have enjoyed meeting all of you, I wish you guys good luck in the tournament” Misty shouted jolly and she left the stage.
    The trainers walked around the stadium one more time and then they took their seats. Ash took a seat as far away from Catherina as possible in the front row. He was trying not to look in her direction, but failed miserably as he often looked at were she was sitting and caught her eye.

    “GIVE A ROUND OF APPLAUSE FOR THE HOSTESS. DON’T WORRY SHE’LL BE BACK LATER !!!! “ The loud voice roared. The crowd clapped enthusiastically
    A hundred very pretty girls in matching, short, pink and black outfits took the stage.
    Ash went in girl- crazed mode.
    “ Pikachu pi chupi pika chu pi, pika chu” (This really is your day, isn’t it) pikachu acknowledged. Ash didn’t hear this he was to busy gawking at the pretty woman on the stage, who were shaking every part of their body.
    The girls walked of stage and started dancing in front of the crowd. One of them danced in front of Ash, making sexy faces and winking occasionally.
    She was even bold enough to give him a little lap- dance.
    The people around him started whooping. Ash just grinned and enjoyed the moment.
    The pretty brunette gave him a little peck on the cheek and then she got off of his lap. Ash turned his head still grinning broadly and he caught Catherina’ s eye. She gave him a murderous look. Ash shrugged and he gave her a guilty look. She looked away from him still furious.
    The cheerleaders ended their performance with summersaults.
    The crowd gave them a standing ovation. A lot of boys and men often threw smooches in their direction.

    “ Wow, you’ve had some luck with the ladies tonight haven’t you, Ash” a male voice behind him said. Ash recognized the voice behind him immediately.
    “ Brock” Ash said happily turning around.
    “ The one and only” he replied smiling.
    “How have you been?” Ash asked clapping him on the shoulder.
    “ I’m good” Brock replied changing seats and sitting next to Ash. Pikachu jumped on to his lap and licked his face affectionate.
    “ Hey buddy, long time no see” he said scratching Pikachu behind the ears. Pikachu purred.
    “ Wow, it’s been like five years man. I see you met Misty already.”
    Ash chuckled and blushed. “ You saw that ?.” He asked looking at his scuinty- eyed pal nervously.
    “Yep, so you still like her, huh???” he asked.
    “ What, no way. I’ve never liked her. What are you talking about?!” Ash said nervously looking at the ground.
    “ Whatever, dude??…… So who’s the blond girl you keep looking at??” Brock asked looking at his teenage friend.
    “ You don’t miss a thing do you” Ash replied angrily not answering his question and turning his attention to the stage.

    A man in his mid thirties took the stage. His long hair was tied in a bun and he had a tall magician’s hat on his head. He carried a bird’s cage, a wand and a colorful box on to the stage.
    Ash was quite interested in this. He always had a weak spot for magic tricks.
    He put his full attention on the stage, watching the man attempt to make his assistant disappear.
    His concentration was interrupted, though by a tap on his shoulder and he turned around to see whom it was.
    It was Catherina. The beautiful blond bombshell had an angry look on her face.
    “ Ash, we need to talk, now!!” she shouted not really caring that people were watching her.
    “ Can’t we wait till the show’s over, Catherina. I really want to watch.” Ash pleaded.
    Catherina gave him a deadly glare.
    Ash nodded, stood up and told Brock to hold on to Pikachu.
    He followed Catherina up the stairs and in to the empty lounge area.
    Catherina beckoned Ash to close the door behind him.
    Ash heard loud clapping coming from the crowd.
    He closed the door and looked at Catherina.

    “ What is wrong with you Ketchum? I mean to be unfaithful behind somebody’s back is bad enough, but to check out two girls in front of me that’s even worst.” She yelled.
    “ But Catherina I wasn’t being unfaithful. It’s just.. it’s just something men do. We can’t help are selves.” Ash replied in his defense.
    “ Well, you could at least try!!!!! I thought you were different” she said sadly. “ I thought you said that you wouldn’t be looking at the hostess. But you’re like every other guy!!!”
    “ No, Cathy. I know the hostess, that’s why. We used to travel together” Ash said exasperated.
    “ O” she whispered. “ But that still doesn’t explain the way you looked at her”
    “ What way??” Ash asked awkwardly.
    “ The way you looked at her, was the same way you look at me and I didn’t like it at all!!! She said turning her face away from Ash.
    “ Catherina, you are blowing this way out of proportion.” Ash said grabbing her hands.
    “ If you want a relationship with me, you have to trust me. I may have checked those girls out, but that is because they’re attractive.”
    Catherina scowled at him.
    “ I mean I think they’re beautiful and everything…”
    Catherina glared at him. “Don’t worry there’s a point to this” he said looking at her nervously.
    “ There better be” she muttered still glaring at him.
    “ I mean I think they are beautiful, but you are beautiful from the inside and the outside.
    Catherina smiled.
    “ You really mean that, Ash” she asked uncertain. “ What about that Misty girl.”
    “ No, she’s beautiful and everything, but she is a real *****!!!” Ash lied.
    “ O, Ash” she said as she hugged him. “ I’m so sorry, I should’ve trusted you” she cried out giving him butterfly kisses all over his face. ( Butterfly kisses are little pecks all over someone face.)
    Ash chuckled. “ O, Cathy. What am I going to do with you?” he asked chuckling.

    “ You can forgive me,” she said pouting her lips.
    “ On one condition.” he said grabbing her waist and pulling her into him.
    “ And what is that “ she said giggling. “If I get to give you the best Hollywood kiss.” He said. (People who watch Sex and the city know, what I mean)
    He dipped her and pressed his lips on hers. She put her arms around his neck.
    They broke away and Ash lifted her up not letting go of her waist.
    “ Just trust me. Okay??” he asked giving her another peck on the lips. She nodded.

    “ Do you want to sit next to me till the show’s over” Ash asked playing with a strand of her hair.
    “ No, I can’t gymleaders are supposed to sit in certain seats.” She replied. “I’m sorry. But we can meet after the ceremony” she asked hopefully.
    “ No, I can’t I’ve already made plans with a buddy of mine. Ash said. He didn’t want to tell her he was meeting Misty after the ceremony.
    “ O” she said sadly.
    “ But we’ll see each other tomorrow” Ash said in an attempt to cheer her up.
    She smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
    “You better go back out there, you don’t want to miss the rest of the ceremony,” she said looking deep into his chocolate- brown eyes.
    “ Who cares, by the sounds of it the magic show’s already over anyway” he said as he heard loud cheering coming from outside.
    “ Ash, we have to go outside, people might start to wonder, “ she said in a kinky voice.
    “ Besides the Rally boys are playing and I don’t want to miss it.”
    She took a hold of his hand and led him outside. They walked down the stairs.

    “ Bye” Ash said sweetly giving her a kiss on the cheek as they reached where they had to depart.
    “ Bye” she whispered.
    “Are we okay?” he asked
    She nodded and turned around to walk to her seat.
    The Rally boys were already playing, when Ash reached his seat. Pikachu was a sleep on Brock’s lap.
    “So, did she murder you??” Brock asked curiously.
    “ No, man I’m okay. I worked everything out” Ash said.
    “ You’ve always had a way with the girls” Brock said impressed.
    “ Not all girls” Ash said absentmindedly thinking about a pretty lady( and she wasn’t blond).
    “ You really like her don’t you??” Brock asked grinning at his younger pal.
    “ Who Catherina?” Ash asked looking at the band playing on the stage.
    “ No, Misty” Brock answered.
    Ash looked at Brock with an exasperated face, rolled his eyes and looked back at the band. Brock chuckled. “ You can’t keep denying it Ashy- boy.”
    “ Brock, for the last time I don’t like Misty. Besides I’m with Catherina now. So just quite it okay”
    “Whatever you say Ash” Brock replied.

    In the dressing- area

    “ Carlos, I can’t do this” Misty said holding on tight to her robe.
    “ Misty, honey please don’t whine, it’s quite unflattering and yes you have to do this.” Carlos said caressing Misty’s hair.
    “ But I look like a **** in this outfit.”
    “No you don’t!!!”
    “ I’m so nervous” Misty cried out.
    “Why?? It’s not because of that Ash- guy is it???” Carlos asked curiously.
    “ No….I mean yes” Misty said covering her face with her hands.
    “O, I would be nervous too, he’s quite a dish.”
    Misty scowled at him. “ Aren’t you supposed to be comforting me??”

    “ Miss Waterflower please be prepared you’re up next.” A man with a clipboard shouted.
    “ Common honey take of the robe” Carlos said tugging at the silk robe.

    “Girls please stand by”. The man with the clipboard was referring to a group of girls in white tops and shorts.
    Misty took of the robe, looked at herself in the mirror and sighed: “What have I gotten myself into??!!”

    Back in the stadium

    The rally- boys played the last notes of their upbeat song.
    The crowd roared. They clapped and cheered. Girls underwear was occasionally thrown on to the stage as the men bowed.

    “LADIES AND GENTELMAN THE RALLY BOYSSSS!!!!!!” the loud voice yelled. The crowd was still clapping
    The crowd roared.
    “We love you Misty!” could be heard throughout the crowd.

    About 50 girls in tops and shorts took the stage and started dancing in a very seductive matter.
    Brock gawked. Ash tried to resist, knowing that Catherina was probably watching his every move. But he couldn’t help taking a good look from time to time.

    The women stopped dancing and they were all pointing at the back of the stage.
    The curtains that covered a part of the stage opened and they revealed a young woman in a white g- string and a matching bikini- top. Her red hair was pulled up in a messy- bun.
    Misty walked very seductively on to the stage and went to stand in the center of the group of girls. It was heaven for Ash and all the guys in the stadium. Ash felt a weird stiffness in his crotch- area.
    Misty spread her legs and started moving her hips to the beat of the song.
    “ She looks like a hooker” he heard a woman behind him say. But Ash didn’t care, he liked it.
    He couldn’t help it, he wanted to jump on top of her and have his way with her.

    The music began to get faster as did her hip- movements.
    The group of girls danced around her in circles. She loosened her bun and shook her hair loose. Loud whooping and whistles could be heard throughout the crowd as well as loud hissing sounds. It was clear that a lot of the female audience didn’t approve of this at all. Some mothers were so disgusted and outraged they took their children home.
    Ash looked at Catherina. He was glad to see that she was looking at Misty rather than him. He looked beside him and saw a merely interested Brock with a sleeping Pikachu on his lap.
    “You are not at all turned on by this” Ash asked surprised.
    “ Please, I’ve seen this routine a million times” Brock said.
    “ O so you and Misty kept in touch with each other” Ash asked.
    “ Yep, cause that’s what normal friends do” Brock replied giving Ash a “ you should feel guilty” look.
    Ash didn’t reply to this and he looked at the stage at the dancing beauty.
    He blushed as he saw that Misty was moving her hips, while she was doing the split.
    Ash felt the stiffness in his crotch return.

    Ash looked at her long legs, her firm butch cheeks and her tight stomach.
    He than looked at her face and realized, that she didn’t look too comfortable.
    He had to admit she did leave almost nothing to the imagination and that it was not like her to do so. He assumed that she was forced to do this dance.
    He couldn’t lie he himself enjoyed it a lot.
    Misty wiggled her body and that made her *** wiggle too.
    “ O my god, how am I going to survive this tournament” Ash said covering his face with his hands.

    Brock clapped him on the shoulder sympathetically.
    Ash heard a splash and loud cheering. He looked up to see what had happened, only to see that Misty and the group of dancing girls were all wet.
    This made it even worst for Ash as Misty’s breasts and *** looked more accentuated now that she was wet.
    Her nipples poked out from under the bikini- top.
    Misty turned around and bent over.
    Ash put his hand on his chest in an attempt to stop his heart from beating faster.
    He looked at Catherina and saw that she was still looking at Misty with a look of total disgust.
    Fire works were fired when the song was nearing it’s end.
    Fire works of every color were shot as Misty’s hip- movements began to get more energetic.
    She whined her body downwards and ended the performance spread- eagled.
    The male- audience roared and whooped.
    While the female- audience hissed. Misty didn’t even bow. She was so disgusted with herself, she ran of stage.
    “ O common sweetheart, comeback” an old man yelled touching himself.

    “ You know, she never wanted to do this routine, she threw a fit when the choreographer showed her the moves, but they wouldn’t change them.” Brock stated admiring the fire works.
    “ Poor Misty” Ash muttered.

    Ash looked at the screen and saw that his first match was against Tori Jillano.
    A shorthaired girl with freckles.

    In the dressing area

    Misty ran into her dressing room crying. She slammed the door behind her.
    “Misty sweetie, please come out of there and talk to me” a worried Carlos said pressing his ear against the door.
    “ No, I will never show my face in public again” she shouted. “I have never felt so humiliated in my life. GO AWAY!!!”
    “Misty, everyone loved you”
    “ No, they didn’t!!!” she replied stamping her foot. “ They thought I was a ****ty”
    “ No they didn’t. Didn’t you hear how hard they clapped.”
    “ Yeah only the male- audience. Some people were so outraged they went home!!!!!” she replied. “ I can’t believe you made me do that. If I knew that being hostess meant looking like a prostitute I would have never signed up for it. Go away Carlos, leave me alone!!!!”
    “ Okay sweetie…….You want anything, a piña- colada or something”

    Misty took of her wet bathing suit and dried herself of with a towel.
    She put on underwear; a skirt and a tank- top. She combed her hair.
    “ I just got to do that interview with in touch magazine and than off to see Ash”
    She felt nervous at the thought of Ash. “ I’ll probably have to explain that performance to him”
    She put on light make- up to cover up her puffiness. She opened the door and was greeted with at least 30 camera’s.
    “ Misty, why did you do such a bold performance…”
    “ Misty, did you pick out the outfit yourself…..”
    “ Misty, are you still a virgin………”

    “ O god HELP………”

    Back at the stadium
    “The stadium slowly emptied. A few people stayed to watch the rest of the fire works.
    Catherina came to give Ash a good- night kiss and left as well
    “So, Ash wanna get a beer or something” Brock asked as they watched the last of the fire works.
    “ No I can’t…. I’m meeting Misty in two hours” Ash said.
    “ O… she’s probably going to explain everything to you” Brock stated petting a sleeping Pikachu.
    “ Explain what??” Ash asked curiously.
    “ The rules of the tournament”.
    “ What rules?” Ash asked.
    “She’ll tell you, don’t worry” Brock replied.

    “ If you want I can bring Pikachu to the pokemoncentre for you” Brock said looking at the sleeping Pikachu on his lap.
    “ Yeah that would be great. Just give him to nurse joy and tell her to check if Pikachu is okay for a battle.” Ash replied
    “Okay I will” Brock said in a very cheery voice at the thought of nurse Joy.
    “See ya tomorrow. Good luck in the tournament” he said quickly and he ran out of the stadium.
    Ash chuckled. “ Same old Brock”
    He looked around the almost empty stadium. There were only two couples, one of the couples was making out passionately.
    This reminded Ash of the kiss he sheared with Misty a couple of years ago before she left him. He had lied about the reason he kissed her. Telling her that it was a form of thank you.
    He touched his lips. Brock was right he did or better said does like her.
    Ash rested his head on the back of the seat. “ After 5 years I was sure I was over that crush……...guess not”
    He looked at his watch.
    “ Just a half an hour left”
    He closed his eyes and leaned back into his seat.

    He must off dozed off for a while, cause when he opened his eyes the lights in the stadium were already turned off.
    He stood up and looked at his watch. “ Damn it I’m late!!!”
    “ He ran through the stadium and towards the stage. He ran on to it and towards the back of the stage.
    He couldn’t see anything, it was too dark.

    “Misty!!!” Ash shouted hoping that she hadn’t left.
    “ Misty!!!!” he yelled again
    “ Shush”. He heard somebody whisper.
    “ Misty?’ he whispered.
    “ Yes it’s me” she whispered. “ Now, be quiet someone might hear you!!!”
    Misty took a hold of his hand and led him deeper into the darkness.
    She was fumbling with something.
    A dim light came on.
    Ash smiled as he was greeted with his redheaded friend.
    Misty looked like her old self now that she was dressed in proper clothes.
    Ash grinned. “ Hey you”
    She didn’t return the grin. “ Ash, we need to talk”
    She went to sit on a wooden bench and beckoned Ash to sit next to her.
    Ash took a seat next to her and smiled.
    “ What’s so funny Ash?” Misty asked nervously.
    “ You look really nice” he replied looking into her eyes.
    “Do you mean tonight during the performance?” she asked coldly
    “ No I mean, right now” he said scooting closer to her.
    He wanted so much to kiss her.
    “ O “ she replied. “ But I want you to know that…”
    “ You didn’t pick out the outfit nor did you pick the moves. I know, I know Brock told me,” Ash said scooting even closer to her.
    “ Good” Misty sighed a little relieved. “ So how have you been?”
    ” I’m good, you?” Ash asked.
    “ I’m okay. So you’re almost a pokemonmaster now, huh?”
    “ Yeah. It’s been 9 stressful years, but I…..” he started.
    “Why didn’t you call!!!?” she shouted.
    “What?” he asked freaked out at her sudden outburst.
    “God, you could have at least written, telegram me or something, god Ash I would have thought you were dead if your mom didn’t reassure me you were okay!!!” Misty replied. “Brock and I were so worried!!”
    “Well, why didn’t you guys call?!” Ash asked in his defense.
    “You were always traveling, we didn’t know where you were!!” she replied standing up. “ We called your mom so many times to ask of your whereabouts, but she almost never knew where you were or she’d tell us you already left home and that we just missed you!!” Misty said.
    “ Well, wasn’t it you who left me all alone, Misty!!!” Ash replied standing up too.

    “ I’ve already told you why we left!!!”
    “ Oh yeah, I still haven’t seen what dream you’ve pursued Unless if being a hooker was your dream, than you turned out quite well.” Ash replied sizing her up. He realized that he was a few inches taller than her.
    Misty went silent and turned her face away from Ash.
    “ Misty, I’m so sorry,” Ash said regretfully.
    “ No you’re not” she said tears welling up in her eyes. “ I know you are rooting for me to fail!!”
    “ That’s not true Misty” Ash said grabbing her arms. “ I didn’t mean it, really I didn’t”
    She shook her arms loose from him.
    “Thank you for making this a lot easier for me” Misty said angry wiping away a tear.

    “What?” Ash asked confused.
    “ The hostess is not aloud to come in contact with any competitor”
    ‘ You mean were not aloud to talk to each other during the competition” Ash asked frightfully. “ So that’s why you acted like you didn’t know me and Pikachu!!!”
    “ Very good Ash you got it in one try!!” she stated coldly glaring at Ash.
    She wiped away another tear with the back of her hand. “ It would be even better if we never talk to each other ever again!!!! Seeing that you can do that very well,” she cried out turning her back to Ash.
    “ Misty, please, I’m really sorry!!!”
    Misty walked to the door that led to the dressing- area. She gave Ash a last lethal glare, opened the door and left.
    “ Misty, please don’t, come back” Ash spat out.
    But she already left.

    God you are such an idiot” Ash said to himself putting his hands on her head.
    He rubbed his head and looked at the ceiling and in a last attempt to call her back, he yelled: “Misty!!!!!!!!!”
  5. Silver Dragonite

    Silver Dragonite <-I think he's angry

    oooo I love it

    this is one of those fics I'll enjoy reading to the end I'm sure of it

    update soon
  6. Aalitichi

    Aalitichi Guest

    Writer’s note: I don’t own pokemon

    Ash: 19 Misty: 19 Brock: 21 Catherina: 18 Carlos: 20

    Part 4 Hidden love by Aalitichi

    Early in the morning in the dressing area of the Alivon stadium.

    “ Carlos, it’s 5.00 AM in the morning, the tournament is not in another 4 hours” a tired Misty yawned as they entered her dressing room. She grabbed the hot cup of coffee that was placed on her desk.

    “ Sweety, you want to look perfect on camera don’t you?” Carlos replied standing in the door opening. Misty nodded.

    “ Besides” Carlos squealed. “ You get to choose your own dress.” Misty looked up at Carlos.

    “ Really?” she giggled happily. Carlos nodded excitedly.

    Misty giggled again. They’re over there in that closet. Misty whipped around and looked at the big variety of gowns hanging in the closet behind her.

    “ O thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” she giggled happily. She jumped up and gave Carlos a hug.

    “ I’ll leave you alone to try them on and pick out your favorite” Carlos replied happy at Misty’s reaction. Misty didn’t hear him she was already running threw the room in the direction of the closet. Carlos left and closed the door behind him.

    She grabbed a red dress in the right corner of the closet. She was happy to see that it was not at all like the dress she wore the previous night.

    It was a fiery red and it was strapless. She loved the design, but thought that it would be too much with her red hair.

    She was examining a green dress, when she saw something blue in the corner of her eye. She looked at the left corner of the closet and saw a light blue gown. She took it out of the closet and looked at it in awe.

    It had two laces at the corners that you had to tie behind your neck. It was backless and made of satin. It had a leg cut. She loved it and thought that it would go lovely with her red hair.

    She put it on her desk and looked at it happily. She than looked in the mirror at her reflection. She had to admit she looked pretty good for someone who had cried more than half of the night and had slept only two hours.

    Her eyes filled up with tears at the thought of the previous night.

    “ No you can’t do this. Just forget about him, he’s a jerk” she whispered to herself.

    She wiped away a tear and took a deep breath.

    “ I’m not going to let him ruin my stay here… from now on he means nothing to me!!!!!” She said aloud.

    “Who means nothing to you?”

    Misty turned around quickly and saw Brock standing in the doorway.

    “ O, nothing” Misty said quickly wiping away another tear.

    “Mist, are you crying?” Brock asked worriedly.

    “No” she sobbed tears streaming over her cheeks. Brock walked through the room to where Misty was standing.

    “ What did he do to you?” Brock asked furiously.

    “ I don’t know what you’re talking about” she replied innocently.

    “Misty, please” Brock pleaded. He took a hold of her hand and led her to the sofa to sit down.

    “ Nothing’s wrong Brock” Misty said looking in his eyes (well, eyes?). “ Really, I’m just tired that’s all”

    “Are you sure” Brock asked still worried. Misty nodded and gave him a smile.

    “ Come here” Brock said putting his arms around her in a tight (friendly!!!) embrace.

    “So, how did it go with Ash yesterday” Brock asked still suspicious, while letting go of her.

    Misty was silent for a moment.

    “It went well” She lied. “We talked for a little while, you know to catch up on things. It was fun.”

    “Did you tell him about the rules?”

    Misty nodded.

    There was a knock on the door. Carlos entered the room. “Misty have you picked out your dress yet?” he asked looking at the red- eyed girl.

    “ O honey you look awful have you been crying again. What, didn’t you like the gowns?”

    “No, I loved them. The one I picked out is on my desk.” She replied. “It’s nothing, really, I’m just stressed out that’s all.” She smiled at Carlos.

    “O, it must be hard for you to get up so early in the morning.” Carlos replied. “ I know you’re tired and all, but you really have to start getting ready now, dear.

    Misty nodded.

    Brock got off of the couch and walked towards the door. He looked at Misty, winked and left.

    Misty closed the door and locked it. She could never be too safe when you are a hostess.

    She went to the bathroom took her clothes of and stepped into the showering place. She looked at her feet as the warm water streamed over her body. She was too afraid to close her eyes, cause everytime she did she would see him…

    In the pokemoncenters lounge area.

    “Pika chupi!!” (You idiot!!) Pikachu replied after hearing about the events of the previous night.

    “ Pikachu, don’t make this harder for me!!” Ash said looking at his feet.

    “Pikachu pi chu, pikachu chupi pi pi” (Make this harder for you, you brought this upon yourself) he replied flabbergasted at Ash’s stupidity.

    “Look, Pikachu I was mad, okay. You know how I get when I’m mad” Ash replied feeling guiltiness well up inside of him.

    “ Pikachu pi chupi ka kapi, pi chu chupi pika pikachu kapi chupi pikachu” (I’m mad at you now, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to call you names).

    “Pikachu, I don’t want to talk about this an half an hour before my first match” Ash said not looking at Pikachu.

    “Pik kapi pikachu chupi ka kapi pi, pi pikachu pi pika pichu pikachu” (Well, we better talk about this now or I’m not competing) Pikachu responded.

    Ash looked at Pikachu frightfully.

    “Please tell me you’re kidding”

    Pikachu sighed and said: “Pik pikachu pi Pikachupi,pi” (Just apologize to Misty).

    “But …”

    Ash was interrupted by two slender arms wrapping themselves around him.

    “Hey sexy guy” a girl whispered kissing his neck.

    Ash couldn’t see who the girl was because the girl was standing behind him, but judging from the massive amount of golden blond hair he was pretty sure whom it was.

    “ Hey, Cathy” he replied sweetly.

    The girl walked around the chair and sat on Ash’s lap. Her long blond hair was flowing behind her back. She was wearing a very revealing red top and very short shorts. (Like Daisy Duke’s)

    “Hey, Pikachu” she giggled tickling Pikachu behind the ears. Pikachu didn’t coo this time. He wasn’t that fond of Catherina anymore, knowing that a certain redhead was back in town.

    Pikachu jumped off his chair and left the lounge.

    “ What’s wrong with Pikachu?” Catherina asked Ash curiously.

    “He’s just nervous” Ash replied absentmindedly. He was to busy looking at her long legs and plump breasts to care about Pikachu.

    “So, nervous?” she asked. She caught Ash in the act.

    “Omg, don’t look at me like that” she said covering up her breasts, although deep inside she was quite flattered.

    Ash gave her a sly smile. She smiled back at him and bent down. They locked lips. She broke the lip lock and started kissing his neck

    Ash groaned and pressed his hands on her butt. He felt a very pleasant stiffness in his crotch- area.

    Catherina sitting on his lap felt it and stopped.

    “That’s enough of that” she said getting off of his lap.

    “No, don’t go” he replied hoarsely, while grabbing her hand.

    He wanted more.

    “No, Ash. I want you to focus on your match today. We’ll meet after the match okay?”

    Ash nodded.

    “When is your match, actually?”.

    “At 9.00 AM” he replied feeling his excitement die down.

    “That’s like in 15 minutes, you better get going” Catherina said looking at the clock on top of nurse Joy’s counter.

    “Yeah!” Ash almost yelled. He looked at the clock

    “Pikachu, common let’s go” Ash yelled towards the door.

    Pikachu came running into the lounge area.

    “Common buddy, we’re gonna be late”

    Pikachu jumped on his shoulder.

    “How about a good luck kiss” she asked happily.

    “No time” Ash replied hastily.

    “But Ash……” she said surprised.

    “Bye” Ash said quickly and in a second he was gone.

    She ran a hand threw her thick blond hair and thought: “You wouldn’t believe that was the same guy that a minute a go, couldn’t take his hands off of my ***….”

    In Alivon’s stadium.



    Misty walked on to the stage in a very beautiful blue dress. Her hair had loose curls in it and it was tied up into a messy bun. Her face was flawless. You wouldn’t believe she had spent most of the night crying.

    “ Good morning Alivon!!!!” she yelled. The crowd screamed and cheered. There was loud hooting. Misty felt more comfortable now, than yesterday night.

    “Are you guys ready!!!!” she yelled excited. The crowd roared. She giggled at the loud response.

    “ Let’s welcome are first competitors shall we?!!!” she cried into the mike.

    The crowd yelled and clapped.

    “Here they are: TORI JILLANO AND ASHTON KETCHUM!!!!”

    The crowd roared.

    Ash walked from out of the trainer’s room and on to the field with Pikachu on his shoulder.

    Tori walked out from the trainer’s room at the other end of the stadium. The crowd clapped.

    “Pikapi, pik pi pikachu Pikachupi chupi, kapi” (Ash, look how pretty Misty looks today) Pikachu said in awe.

    Ash’s head turned to watch the pretty girl on the stage. He felt butterflies in his stomach.

    He noticed that she had on a less revealing dress and he had to admit he liked her better this way. He thought she looked cute. Misty was looking at Tori and into the crowd.

    “Is it just me, or is she avoiding eye contact with me” he thought still looking at Misty.

    He tore his eyes away from the stage to look at the teenage girl that he was competing against. She smiled at him and blushed. They shook hands and walked towards their box.


    “Torchick, go” Tori yelled. An yellow bird came out of a pokeball.

    “This is going to be an easy one” Ash muttered. “Cyndaquill, go!!!!!”

    The fire pokemon came out of it’s pokeball.

    “Torchick use peck!!!!”

    Torchick ran across the field to peck cyndaquill with his beak.

    “Cyndaquill use agility!!” Ash yelled.

    Cyndaquill was to fast for torchick’s attack. “Now cyndaquill use body slam”

    Cyndaquill slammed Torchick to the ground.

    “No, Torchick” Tori screamed

    “Cyndaquill finish it of with flame thrower!!”

    “Torchick use agility” Tori yelled panicky.

    Torchick escaped.

    “WOW, THAT WAS A CLOSE ONE” the announcer yelled.

    The crowd roared.

    “ Cyndaquill use tail whip!!!”

    “Torchick use agility again”

    But cyndaquill was to fast for it. Cyndaquill hit torchick hard with his tail. Torchick collapsed, but still tried to get up.

    “Cyndaquill finish it off with flame thrower” Ash yelled triumphantly.

    “Torchick, please try to get up!!!” Tori yelled desperately.

    But it was no good. Cyndaquill’s flamethrower left Torchick unconscious.

    “THE FIRST ROUND GOES TO ASHTON KETCHUM” the referee yelled.

    The crowd cheered. Ash was grinning from ear to ear. He saw Catherina jumping up and down, screaming and clapping.


    Ash turned his head towards the stage to see what Misty reaction was, but she was barely amused. It looked like she was examining her fingernails.

    Ash was very disappointed at this.

    “I’ll show her,” he thought.

    “Torchick return”

    “Nidoking, go” Tori yelled. Her voice was a little shaky.

    “Piece of cake” Ash whispered. “Cyndaquill return. Pikachu, go!”


    “Nidoking, body slam” Tori yelled a little more confident.

    “Pikachu stand your ground” Ash yelled even more confident. The massive pokemon jumped into the air and slammed Pikachu into the ground.

    The crowd gasped and went silent as Nidoking got off of Pikachu.


    The crowd screamed.

    Tori was flabbergasted. “No way” she whispered.

    Pikachu looked better than ever and had no scratch on him.


    “Pikachu use iron tail!!!” Ash yelled.

    Pikachu whipped Nidoking with his iron tail. Nidoking fell to the ground hurt.

    The crowd was very loud.

    “Nidoking, please get up!!” Tori pleaded.


    Nidoking got up.

    “Nidoking tackle Pikachu” Tori yelled.

    “Pikachu use agility” Ash yelled

    Nidoking’s attack missed.

    “Pikachu use iron tail again” Ash yelled.

    “Pika” (Okay)

    “Nidoking use agility” Tori yelled. Pikachu’s attack missed.

    Nidoking looked very tired after this attack.


    “Nidoking use tackle again” Tori yelled.

    ‘Pikachu use agility” Ash yelled. But this time Nidoking struck Pikachu. Pikachu fell down and was hurt.

    “Pikachu are you okay buddy” Ash asked worried.

    “Pika” (yeah) Pikachu nodded and he got up.

    “Hang in there. Pikachu” Ash yelled.

    “Nidoking use tackle again” Tori screamed. Nidoking hit his target again. Pikachu fell to the ground gasping for air.

    “Pikachu!”Ash screamed.

    Pikachu got up all battered and bruised.

    “Okay time to finish this match, Pikachu, use thunder storm!!!!!!!!” Ash yelled.

    Pikachu gathered all his energy. He fired a very gigantic electric bolt towards Nidoking.

    Nidoking was so confused that it didn’t know what to do.

    The bolt hit it against the chest. Nidoking roared and fell to the ground. It was unconscious.

    Everyone in the crowd got on their feet and clapped enthusiastically for Ash and his Pikachu. Ash grinned broadly and Pikachu, though tired, grinned too.

    “ASHTON KETCHUM IS THE WINNER OF THIS MATCH” the announcer yelled.


    Ash was still grinning. He looked at the stage to see Misty’s reaction. Misty was looking into the crowd. She was watching them cheer and clap. She herself looked unamused.

    Ash’s face turned sour.

    Why was she acting that way towards him. What he said yesterday wasn’t that bad… right?

    He turned his face towards the crowd and saw Catherina smile at him. He smiled back.

    Some of the trainers that Ash would have to compete with looked amazed and frightened at the same time.

    “KETCHUM WILL NOW GO ON TO THE STAGE AND FIND OUT FROM THE HOSTESS HERSELF WHO HE WILL BE COMPETING AGAINST NEXT” the announcer yelled. The crowd whooed. There were a lot of people who thought they made a very handsome couple indeed, judging by how they reacted towards one another during the opening ceremonies.

    Ash almost lost his breath after hearing this.

    Pikachu jumped on his shoulder. “Pik kapi pikachu, kapi” (This is your chance, apologize) Pikachu whispered. Ash nodded.

    He walked slowly towards the stage. He took the time to walk towards where Misty was standing. She was looking at the ground.

    He reached her and thought she looked radiant. He wanted very much to just touch her, to just kiss her, but knew he couldn’t.

    Misty looked up at Ash. “God, he’s handsome” she thought. “No, Misty remember what he did to you”

    There was silence for a moment. Than she spoke very coldly into the mike. “Ash Ketchum your next match will be tomorrow afternoon at 4.00 pm. It will be against Alissa Agarata or Margarita Flemming. Depends on who wins that match today, please stay informed at the local pokemoncenter.” She said looking away.

    “You may leave the stage” she stated.

    “Pikachu, pikachu” (Apologize, apologize) Pikachu muttered.

    “Aren’t you going to congratulate me for my match!” Ash asked a little mad. The crowd stopped cheering and whooping and paid attention to what was happening on the stage.

    “Pika, kapi chupi” (Watch your temper) Pikachu muttered.

    Misty looked up at Ash.

    She hesitated for a moment, than she gave him a hand. He pulled her a bit into him. A few people in the crowd were screaming kiss her, kiss her.

    “Misty, I’m sorry” he whispered as he covered the mike with his other hand. Misty looked away.

    “Can we meet each other after the matches here around 6.00PM….please” he whispered quickly. Misty looked at the ground for a moment and nodded.

    Ash let go of her hand and walked slowly off the stage and on to the field.

    “Pika pikachu pik, Pikapi” (that was great , Ash) Pikachu exclaimed.

    The cheering had died down a bit, people were getting out of their seats to buy refreshments before the other maches would start.

    Catherina ran up to Ash to give him a hug. “Congrats, that was awesome!” Catherina giggled. “Good job, Pikachu”

    Pikachu scowled.

    “He’s tired” Ash replied quickly to Catherina’s curious stares.

    Ash gave Pikachu a death glare

    Ash was glad that she hadn’t seen him whispering to Misty, she would have freaked.

    She stood on her toes and gave Ash a kiss.

    “Do you want to sit next to me during the matches” she asked.

    “But I thought those seats were only reserved for gymleaders” Ash asked.

    “Well yea, but I’m sure they would be flattered if you joined us, besides I want to show off my boyfriend” she replied.

    “No, it’s okay really. I don’t think I want to watch the matches anyway” Ash replied. He thought he’d probably be looking at Misty threw out the day, and with Catherina watching his every move that wouldn’t be such a good idea.

    “ You’d probably get nervous” she said as they left the field and stepped into the trainer room.

    “Yeah” Ash lied.

    “Well,we could get some food” Catherina offered.

    “No, thanks I think I’m just going back to the pokemoncenter. Pikachu’s tired.” Ash said. Catherina pouted. At the sight of that Ash put his arm around her shoulder and kissed her forehead gently.

    She smiled.

    Pikachu rolled its eyes.

    They left the trainer’s room and stood outside.

    “Can I see you after the matches” Catherina asked.

    “When are the matches over?” Ash asked remembering his “date” with Misty.

    “At four” she said putting her arms around Ash’s neck.

    Ash nodded and put his arms around her waist. He nudged her nose with his.

    “ My place or yours?”

    “Your place” Catherina replied. “We can watch TV or…… finish what we started in the lounge.”

    Ash chuckled. Catherina stood on her toes and gave Ash a passionate kiss. He slipped his tongue between her lips.

    She moaned softly.

    Pikachu jumped off Ash shoulder disgusted by the two lovebirds.

    Their kiss was interrupted by a bright flash. Ash broke away and looked at what had cause the flash.

    A big group of paparazzi was taking pictures of him and Catherina.





    Ash mouthed to Catherina to go back inside the stadium quickly.

    Catherina ran towards the trainer’s room’s door. A few people from the paparazzi followed her with camera’s and folded out notebooks.



    Catherina ignored them. She ran into the trainer’s room and closed the door behind her.

    Meanwhile the paparazzi were still following Ash. Ash was running at high pace, but the group of people wouldn’t leave him alone. Pikachu had jumped on to his shoulder again.

    “LEAVE ME ALONE!!” Ash yelled over the group of people. He stopped in front of the group.


    Ash looked at the great amount of people and he made a decision.


    A few people in the crowd nodded.



    “No” Ash answered short.


    “I train it a lot”


    “ I am not going to answer that, next question, please.”


    “ I don’t know what you’re talking about” he answered stiffly. “That’ s it then you had your four questions, now LEAVE ME ALONE!!!”


    But Ash was already running towards the pokemoncenter.

    The group followed him. They were still taking pictures.

    Ash turned around and yelled: “Pikachu use thunder shock”

    Pikachu jumped off of his shoulder and shocked the paparazzi.

    The group off people yelled and screamed, but Ash didn’t care.

    “Common, Pikachu make a run for it” Ash yelled.

    Ash ran towards the pokemoncenter with Pikachu on his heel. They heard footsteps behind them, as they entered the lounge area and closed the door behind them.

    The people of the paparazzi banged on the glass door.

    “What is going on?!” Nurse Joy asked frightened.

    The people in the lounge area had gotten out of their seats to make a run for it.

    “It’s the paparazzi, they’ve been following me.” Ash replied calming down.

    “Don’t worry I’ll call security” Nurse Joy exclaimed. “You, just get up to your room and I’ll handle everything. You can leave your pokemon here with me.”

    “Pikachu pi kapi ka chupi pi” (I want to stay with you) Pikachu stated looking at the large group of people banging on the door.

    “No, it’s okay Pikachu. You stay here with Nurse Joy, she’ll make sure your not to badly bruised, I’ll be okay” Ash said as he watched four big men remove people from in front of the glass door.

    “Pika” (Okay)

    Ash patted Pikachu on the head and headed to his room.

    Back in Ash’s room

    He closed the door behind him and let himself fall on the bed.

    “What a day, first Misty, than the paparazzi” Ash thought to himself.

    He got up from off of his bed and looked at his reflection in the mirror.

    “I’m sorry” he said aloud.

    “No that’s not going to work” he thought.

    “Misty, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean…. Nah to desperate” he said to his reflection.

    “Misty forgive me…please?” he said yet again.

    “Ugh, this isn’t going to work!!” he screamed at himself.

    He grabbed the pot of flowers on top of his desk and threw it at the wall. It hit the wall and broke.

    Ash fell on the bed and hit his pillow with his fists.

    It was all so confusing Misty being mad at him, his relationship with Catherina, his secret desire for Misty……. everything.

    He was trying to recall all the times that he had to apologize to Misty.

    She had always forgiven him. But then again he had never called her a hooker before. A ***** maybe, but not a hooker.

    Ash grimaced. He then recalled the worst fight he had ever had with her…. well until now.


    “Mist, what did I do?” a handsome 14- year old boy asked

    “You’re such an idiot” a crying girl exclaimed.

    “But why am I an idiot.” Ash asked exasperated. He never got girls and Misty was the most confusing one.

    “If you don’t know, than I’m not telling you” Misty said turning her back to him.

    “I give up” Ash said throwing his hands in the air.

    “It’s that stupid blond *****!!” Misty screamed.

    Their room was a mess from all the things Misty had thrown at Ash’s head.

    “Who, Tiffany?” Ash asked confused. “I thought she was very nice… She never did anything to hurt you, Misty!!”

    “You should have seen the way she looked at me. Like I was trash” she spat back at him. “And the way you kept complementing her on her perfect hair and body……. Just sickening.”

    “So I’m not aloud to complement people now” Ash screamed sizing her up.

    They were the same height.

    “She was secretly laughing at me and you brought me even lower than I already was by allowing her to flirt with you and flirting back!!!” Misty yelled flipping her red hair over her shoulder. (It was pass her shoulders)

    “So what!! Excuse me for looking at pretty girls every chance I get, but if I’m looking at a girl like you everyday no wonder I’m looking for beautiful girls to watch!!!” Ash screamed

    Misty went silent. She then put her hands in front of her eyes and turned around to walk towards the door.

    “Misty wait!!! Please, I didn’t mean it!!” Ash yelled feeling very guilty.

    Misty kept walking she was almost at the door.

    Ash ran up to her and hugged her from behind.

    That stopped Misty in her tracks. She turned around and started pushing Ash against his chest, while still sobbing.

    “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry..” he whispered trying to hug her. But Misty kept pushing him.

    “Mist, please…. Forgive me.” Ash muttered under his breath.

    Misty shook her head, still pushing Ash.

    He then kissed her. He gave her pecks on the lips, as she silently sobbed. He kept whispering “I’m sorry” between kisses.

    The door slowly opened.

    “Ah……have I missed something?” Brock asked flabbergasted.

    End flashback.

    Ash and Misty decided afterwards that it was just Ash’s way of showing Misty he was sorry, though Ash secretly knew that wasn’t all it was.

    He closed his eyes to remember how good Misty looked today at his match.

    He swore he could hear her giggling all the way from the stadium. The way she moved, the way she twirled a lock of her hair when she was nervous, the way she giggled, always made him weak in the knees.

    Ash had to chuckle at how cute she looked whenever she giggled.

    “Snap out off it Ash… you’re with Catherina now” he muttered.

    He grabbed the Alivon tournament manual on his night desk and flipped through it to keep his mind occupied. It was no use it reminded him more of Misty.

    He threw the manual back on the night desk.

    He was ready to jump off his bed to turn on the TV, but remembered that the pokemoncenter didn’t have cable and he would be stuck watching the matches.

    He wasn’t in the mood to get nervous about his match of tomorrow. Not when he had other things to worry about. He looked at the alarm clock on his night desk.

    2 o’ clock already!!

    Ash laid back on the bed and watched the ceiling, he closed his eyes………….

    He heard giggling.

    ‘Ash” a girl whispered

    Ash was in a strange room. It looked like a hotel room, he was on the bed.

    “Ash” the girl whispered again.

    He sat up on the bed and choked at the sight.

    A very beautiful girl with golden blond hair was staring back at him. She was wearing only a thong and her breasts were exposed.

    “You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this” she said

    She walked slowly towards the bed and beckoned Ash to lie back down.

    “Catherina?” Ash whispered.

    The girl didn’t respond. She went to sit on top of Ash and started kissing him intensively.

    “O, Ash” she gasped. She took a hold of Ash’s hands and put them on her breasts.

    She groaned softly.

    “Cathy?” Ash asked under his breath.

    He then examined the woman closely, as she kissed his neck. Her hair turned from golden blond to fiery red.

    “MISTY?” Ash yelled.

    The girl giggled and nodded.

    She bent down and gave Ash another kiss.

    “O, Ash” the girl moaned.

    Her red hair fell in his eyes. Ash ran his fingers through her hair and smiled.

    He started kissing her back, he wanted nothing more, but to be here in this moment with her, Misty, his Misty.

    “MMM” Ash moaned kissing her on her neck and groping her breast.

    “O Ash……Ash”


    Misty’s face turned into nurse Joy’s.


    Ash fell of his bed. Somehow he had fallen a sleep.

    “Sorry to wake you. Your bedroom door was open and I heard you moaning. Did you have a nightmare?” nurse Joy asked him worriedly.

    “Uhm… yeah” Ash lied covering up his crotch with his blanket.

    “Here are your pokeballs. I’ll have to let Pikachu spend the night with me. He’ll be fine by tomorrow morning.”

    Ash got off of the floor still clutching the blanket to his crotch.

    “Okay, thanks nurse Joy. You can put the pokeballs on that desk” Ash said with a pitchy voice.

    “Poor dear, you look absolutely frightened!! “ nurse Joy said with a tone of worry. “Are you gonna be okay?”

    Ash nodded hastily.

    “ Do you need anything” she asked.

    Ash shook his head and gulped. “Okay, you can pick up Pikachu tomorrow morning”

    And with that she left.

    Ash ran to the door and closed it.

    He looked at his reflection in the mirror. Nurse Joy was right he did look scared.

    He was all sweaty and wide- eyed.

    “I need a very cold shower”.

    He entered his bathroom and took off his black t- shirt, dark- blue jeans and underwear.

    He got under the douche and turned on the cold water.

    He let the water flow threw his jet black hair and over his olive colored, toned body.

    “Unbelievable” he thought.

    Though Misty had always been the cause of most of his…. you know what’s.

    “But did the dream mean anything?” Ash thought. “I mean first the girl had blond hair and looked like Catherina and then she had red hair and looked like Misty…Does this mean I like Catherina, but I like Misty even more?” Ash thought. “O, this is so confusing!”

    Ash has stood in the shower for quite a when he suddenly heard footsteps.

    He slowly turned off the water and listened intently. He heard footsteps in his bedroom.

    “O, **** I forgot to lock the door again!”.

    He mentally kicked himself. He walked out of the showering area as silent as he could. He grabbed his towel and tied it around his waist.

    He was looking around the bathroom in search of anything to hit the intruder with, but found nothing.

    Ash decided he had to use his fists.

    He thought it was best if he’d open the door quickly. He had a better chance of scaring away the burglar that way.

    “Okay, here I go one, two, three”

    He swung the door open. There was a loud squeal.

    Ash watched Catherina trip out of fear.

    “Catherina” Ash said surprised. “What are you doing here?”

    “I was supposed to come by after the matches, remember?” Catherina stated annoyed.

    Her frustration died down a bit as she saw in what state Ash was in.

    “My, my, my..Ashy boy” she said looking Ash up and down. She looked at his not too muscular arms and his six- pack.

    She walked over to him and tugged at his towel.

    “Woaw, what are you doing!!!” Ash screamed running away from her grasp. “I’m naked under this towel yah know!!”

    “That’s what I was hoping” Catherina brought out in a kinky tone.” Now come here I want to see!!”

    Ash ran away from Catherina and in to the bathroom. He was chuckling uncontrollably.

    “You’re not getting away from me that easily, mister,” she giggled. She ran in to the bathroom after him.

    “Come here lover boy” she yelled at the sight of Ash. But he was to fast for him. He ran pass her out of the bathroom.

    “O, no you don’t” she said following him.

    Ash was laughing hysterically. His hair was still wet and was sticking up in every direction. Catherina thought he looked very cute that way.

    Catherina walked up to him, slowly. When Ash had caught his breath and was ready to make a run for it, it was too late.

    Catherina had him surrounded. She put both her hands on either side of Ash and kissed him.

    Ash kissed her back and put his arms around her waist. She broke off suddenly and pulled at his towel.

    The towel came loose.

    “O…MR. KETCHUM!!!” Catherina squealed loudly.

    “Cathy no” Ash screamed, he was trying to cover his crotch and run at the same time and was failing miserably.

    “Don’t worry, you’re every bit the man I expected you to be!!” Catherina exclaimed excitedly.

    Ash ripped the bedspread from off of his bed and covered himself with it. He blushed and looked at the ground. Catherina walked up to him and looked him in the eyes.

    “We’re you taking a shower?” Catherina asked under her breath. Ash nodded still avoiding her eyes.

    Catherina scooted closer to him and whispered:

    “May I join you?…………………………………..”

    One and a half hour later in Alivon stadium.

    A dazed young man let himself fall in one of the many empty chairs in Alivon stadium. Ash laid his head on the back of his seat.

    He looked up at the darkening sky and recalled the events that had occurred just barely an hour before.

    Ash sighed. He had to admit he had fallen hard for the blond beauty.

    It was only an hour ago that Ash had explored every inch of her flawless body. But something had held him back, for he did not make love to her.

    Catherina, of course, was very upset. She had yelled and screamed and she had asked him if he felt nothing for her.

    Ash had said nothing and that made her even more furious.

    “Snap out of it you pussy” Ash muttered at himself.

    He looked at his watch. It was 5.28 PM.

    “Better get up” Ash thought nervously. “Don’t wanna be late for Misty”

    He walked between the seats and on to the field, towards the stage.

    It was almost dark and no lights were lit in the stadium. Ash walked around the stage to the back to see, that Misty was already there waiting for him. She had her back turned to him.

    Ash took a deep breath and softly called out her name.

    Misty turned around slowly and looked at Ash. Her eyes were red and puffy and she still had her blue gown on. She turned her back to him again and clicked on the light.

    “Mist….have you been crying” Ash asked worriedly.

    Misty shrugged slightly.

    “Have you been crying, because of…me?”

    Misty looked at Ash and then at the ground. There was a weird silence.

    Ash walked in her direction. She scooted away.

    “Hurry up and say what you need to say, Ash”

    She wasn’t crying anymore.

    “Look, Mist….I’m sorry” Ash pleaded.

    Misty rolled her eyes and looked away.

    “I know that doesn’t mean much to you, but please just try to forgive me”

    “I don’t have to try anything for you!!!”

    Ash looked hurt. “Mist, please”

    He walked over to her and hugged her. Misty pushed him away firmly.

    “Don’t you dare try to pull that off again, Ketchum!!!” she screamed.“It’s not going to work this time!!”

    “But Misty, you’re my friend”

    “Well, you sure didn’t think that when you said those things to me yesterday, you son of a *****!!” she spat back at him.

    “Misty, will you just listen to me….just hear what I have to say!!”

    “Okay talk already so I can move on with my life” Misty said. She let herself fall on a wooden box. Ash sat beside her.

    “Look Misty, I couldn’t sleep last night”

    Misty tutted and rolled her eyes.

    Ash cupped her face with his hands, it was like it set a trigger off, cause Misty started sobbing again.

    “I get mad and say the worst things imaginable, but nothing that I have ever said in my life can compare to how terrible those words were that I said last night. And to see you cry just breaks my heart, because I have sworn a long time ago that I wouldn’t ever make you cry like that again. And the worst thing of it is those words aren’t true. Look Misty yesterday I saw you for the first time in like an eternity and to have seen the beautiful girl…woman you have become just scared me a bit….. okay a lot. I mean guys watching you and vying for your attention. That’s why I got agitated, when you started screaming at me. I mean I was like isn’t it bad enough I’m not your #1 guy anymore, now you’re screaming at me!!”

    Misty giggled. Ash still had her face between his hands. He bent down and kissed her forehead.

    She had stopped sobbing and was laughing. Ash caressed her cheek.

    Misty giggled again.

    “You should have seen your face, when I pushed you away just then” she laughed. Ash chuckled. “Well, I’m not used being rejected by women”

    Misty looked at him with a sneer. Ash chuckled and put an arm around her shoulder.

    “And who ever said you were my #1 guy” Misty giggled sweetly.

    Ash acted hurt. He then grinned and started tickling Misty.

    “No, Ash..please”

    . Ash tickled her harder. She ran around the stage with Ash on her heels. Ash was chuckling. Misty ran on to the field laughing hysterically. She had taken of her high heels and was running barefoot on the grass. Ash gave her a head start, cause he knew he ran faster than her.

    Ash ran behind her. Misty tripped on her gown and fell on the grass. Her hair came loose and she was laughing.

    Ash laid himself next to her.

    Misty put her head on his chest and giggled lightly as she did so .


    “Mmm?”Ash replied caressing her long red hair.

    “What did you really think off me when you first saw me yesterday?” Ash went silent for a moment.

    “I thought… I saw heaven”.

    Ash immediately regretted this answer.

    Misty giggled. “You thought I looked like heaven?”

    “Okay, look I didn’t know it was you. I mean , I mean…..oh never mind” Ash replied.

    Misty giggled hysterically. “OMG….you think I’m gorgeous!!”

    “I don’t like you in that way, okay” Ash replied in his defense.

    “I never said you liked me, Ash. I just said you think I’m pretty.”

    “I don’t!!”

    Misty scowled at him.

    “Okay, maybe I do, but that doesn’t mean anything!!!”

    Misty giggled. “I know it doesn’t mean anything silly”

    Ash looked away.

    “And, and what about you??!! You obviously thought I was cute yesterday!!”

    “Yeah , so?” Misty replied.

    Ash had a surprise look on his face.

    “Really, you thought I was cute?”

    Misty nodded and giggled. “You’ve grown in to quite the young prince” she replied messing up his hair. She giggled again.

    “You know I really like your laugh, I think it’s cute” Ash said to Misty. He thought he might as well say that, seeing that they were being so honest with each other.

    “I like your laugh, too” Misty giggled looking up into his eyes.

    Ash smiled and Misty scooted upwards to Ash’s eye level.

    “God, I missed you”

    “I’ve missed you too, Mist”

    Ash leaned in to give Misty a kiss, but Misty scooted away.

    “What are you doing?” Misty asked.

    “Uhm, I was gonna give you a kiss. You know a friendly one” Ash lied covering up his mistake.


    Misty looked away blushing.

    “Aaah…young love” a voice behind them muttered.

    Ash and Misty looked up to see Brock standing a few feet away from where they were laying.

    “Brock” both of them screamed. “What are you doing here!”

    “I think the question is what are you guys doing here together……kissing. You know the rules.”

    “We weren’t kissing!!” Misty said.

    “ It’s nice to see you guys made up” Brock said ignoring Misty’s glares

    “I already told you nothing happened between me and Ash!!” Misty lied.

    “Yeah right…….everyone knows Ash’s the only person who can make you cry like you did” Brock let out coolly.

    Misty went quiet.

    “Anyway you better get back to the hotel, people started to wonder where you are. Besides the press is waiting.”

    Misty nodded and picked herself off of the floor. She picked up her shoes.

    “See yah dude” Brock said to Ash before turning around to walk to the parking lot.

    Misty looked at Ash and smiled. He smiled back and blushed. She beckoned him to come closer and he obeyed.

    “Still up for that kiss” she whispered sweetly in to his ear. Ash chuckled.

    He leaned in to kiss her, but she dodged his lips and planted a kiss on his cheek.

    “Bye” Misty mouthed.

    “And by the way you still are my #1 guy”

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    Be ready for lots of emotional scenes people I’ve just watched Lord of the rings: return of the king and I am an emotional wreck!!! That movie always chokes me up.

    Chapter 5

    “Charizard, flame thrower!!”
    The large dragonlike pokemon opened it’s jaws and aimed a jet of fire at the leaf pokemon in front of him.
    But tryco used agility and escaped it.
    So far Alissa Agarata was winning.
    She had already knocked out Ash’s snorlax with her blastoise.
    Ash thought she had had the advantage since they where battling on the water field.

    “ Tryco, razor leaf!!” the confident girl yelled.

    The obvious thing for Ash to do was to aim flame thrower at the leaves, but Ash was to busy taking glances at the stage to concentrate.
    The razor leaf hit Charizard head on.

    Charizard roared out of frustration at his trainer’s lack of concentration.
    The crowd had enough as well, they were all booing at Ash’s dumb mistakes.

    “Common, Ash” Misty muttered under her breath.

    Ash looked at the stage and caught Misty’s eye.
    Misty gave him a desperate look that did not go unnoticed by Carlos sitting in the corner of the stage.
    He took a deep breath.

    “Common, do it for Misty” he whispered to himself.

    “Ok, Charizard ready to give this battle all you got!!” Ash yelled.
    Charizard roared.

    “Okay tackle”

    Charizard flew at tryco and slammed himself against the pokemon”
    Tryco collapsed, but got up quickly afterwards.

    “Tryco use vine whip.” Alissa screamed.
    Tryco’s vines slapped themselves against charizard’s body, leaving him bruised.

    “Charizard grab a hold of them”
    Charizard took a hold of tryco’s vines in his paws and started slamming tryco on the ground.

    “Tryco try to break free of Charizard’s grip” Alissa yelled.
    Tryco struggled uncontrollably, as Charizard kept slamming it on the ground.
    Finally, Tryco broke free from Charizard’s grip.

    The crowd roared.

    Ash glanced at the stage again. Misty was looking worriedly at the battle.

    “Tryco, use razor leaf attack!!!!”

    “Charizard, flame thrower!!”

    The jet of fire burned the leaves and hit tryco.
    Tryco was badly burned, but was still up.

    “Charizard, finish it off with another flame thrower!!”

    “Tryco, dodge”

    The flamethrower missed tryco by a hair.

    “Tryco, razor leaf!!”

    “Charizard, flame thrower, again!!!”
    But charizard’s flamethrower was too late; the leaves hit it, before the jet of fire could burn them.

    “Tryco dodge charizard’s flame thrower!!”
    Tryco escaped again.

    “Now use, vine whip”
    Charizard tried to take a hold of tryco’s vines again, but was to slow this time.

    “Okay tryco, use solar beam”
    Tryco gathered up its energy and shot the gigantic beam rather quickly at Charizard.

    “Charizard, fly up”
    Tryco’s attack missed just barely.

    “Now Charizard sysmic toss!!!!!!!!”

    “Tryco dodge Charizards grip”
    But the solar beam had taken a lot out of Tryco and it was too slow.
    Charizard picked up the tiny pokemon and flew up with it.

    The crowd screamed and clapped.

    Everyone was looking at the sky. Charizard flew high above in a circle and than came flying down, crashing tryco in to the ground.
    Tryco went unconscious.

    “Tryco is unable to battle, the round goes to Ashton Ketchum”

    The crowd clapped and cheered at Ash’s comeback.

    “Good job, tryco” Alissa said to the pokemon, as she called it back.

    “Alright, Charizard” Ash said calling it back.

    The crowd was still clapping.
    Ash glanced at Misty.

    She nodded approvingly and smiled. Ash beamed at himself for making Misty proud.
    He was glad things between them were back to normal.

    Ash looked at the crowd. He saw Catherina.

    She wasn’t clapping like she had the day before.
    Probably still mad at him, he thought.

    She caught Ash’s eye and gave him a tiny smile. He returned it with a nervous grin.

    Alissa threw out a pokeball.

    “Go, staryu” Alissa yelled.

    “Go, Pikachu” Ash yelled confidently.


    “Ok, pikachu thunder shock”

    “Staryu, dodge”
    The attack missed.

    “Now water gun”

    “Pikachu dodge and use iron tail!!” Ash yelled quickly.
    Pikachu somersaulted and the jet of water missed.
    The crowd cheered enthusiastically, for the Pikachu

    Pikachu aimed his tail at the water pokemon, but staryu spinned himself out of pikachu’s reach.

    “Pikachu thunder bolt!!”

    “Staryu aim your watergun at pikachu’s thunder bolt!!”
    The jet of electricity and the water gun collided and exploded.
    That caused a massive amount of dirt to circulate.

    “Pikachu keep your eyes open for staryu”

    But Pikachu couldn’t see where staryu went.

    “Now staryu, use tackle”

    Staryu slammed Pikachu to the ground out of nowhere and Pikachu collapsed.

    “Pikachu are you okay?” Ash asked worriedly as the field cleared up.

    “Pika” (Yeah) Pikachu said getting up. He was barely hurt.

    “Pikachu thunderbolt”
    This time the attack hit staryu.

    “Staryu spin around”

    The water pokemon spun around and it was as if it was absorbing the electricity.

    The crowd gasped and Alissa chuckled triumphantly.

    Ash had seen this before and was mad at himself for not remembering.

    “Staryu use water gun”

    “Pikachu use agility and than tackle!!”
    Pikachu dodged the jet of water and slammed staryu in to the water that surrounded the field.

    “Staryu stay in the water and surprise pikachu with water gun.”

    Staryu dived in to the water.

    “Pikachu stay alert!!!” Ash yelled.

    Pikachu was looking at the water surrounding him.
    Suddenly a jet of water coming from the water splashed Pikachu hard in the stomach.
    Pikachu fell.

    “Pikachu get up” Ash yelled.
    Pikachu got up and looked panicky at the water.
    Another jet of water hit pikachu in the face.
    The crowd gasped.


    “Pikachu aim a thunder bolt in the water”

    Pikachu thunder bolted the water.

    “Staryu spin around”
    Staryu spun around to absorb the electricity. But the water increased the attack and staryu got shocked.
    The attack wasn’t as powerful as it could have been, though, because staryu absorbed most of the electricity.

    “Pikachu jump in to the water and swim to staryu!!!!”
    Pikachu dived in to the water and swam to where staryu was, at the bodem of the field.

    “WHAT’S THIS?! A PIKACHU THAT SWIMS!!!!! KETCHUM IS FULL OF SUPRISES!!!!” the announcer yelled hysterically.

    “Pikachu grab a hold of staryu”

    “Staryu swim away!!” Alissa yelled panicky.
    She was also taken aback by the swimming pikachu. Staryu swam away from pikachu’s grip.
    Pikachu came up for air.

    “Here’s your chance staryu tackle”

    “Pikachu, dive back under and dodge”
    Pikachu took a deep breath and dived back in the water. He dodged the attack.

    “Now, Pikachu grab Staryu in to a tight grip!!”

    This time it worked. Pikachu grabbed on to staryu.
    Staryu struggled to break free, but Pikachu held on tight.

    “Pikachu use your most powerful thunderbolt”.


    “Staryu try to spin!!!”Alissa screamed.
    Pikachu was holding on tight to staryu, not making it able to spin and absorb the electricity.

    “Staryu, no!!!!” Alissa yelled.

    Alissa covered her eyes as there was a bright flash.
    The whole stadium went quiet to see what had happened to staryu and pikachu.
    Pikachu and the water pokemon jumped out of the water.
    They were both breathing heavily. And then staryu collapsed.
    It went unconscious.

    “KETCHUM WINS!!!!!!”

    The crowd roared and clapped.
    Misty included clapped rather loudly and giggled. Carlos shook his head disapprovingly at her.
    Catherina wasn’t as cheery. It was obvious that she was still mad at Ash.


    Most of the people in the crowd stood up and started leaving. They were talking vividly to each other about the exciting match between Ash and Alissa.

    “ Ketchum, please take the stage to hear who your next opponent will be” the referee requested of Ash.

    Ash walked confidently on to the stage with Pikachu on his shoulder.
    He looked at where Misty was standing. He stopped dead in his tracks with his mouth ajar. Believe it or not he hadn’t taken a good look at Misty during his match.

    She was breathtaking .She was wearing a strapless, light pink gown. It had a very long bottom (You know like those wedding gowns with those long bottoms). She wore her hair straight and open and she wore silver earrings.

    She was smiling radiantly at Ash.
    He was awestruck.

    Pikachu jumped in to Misty’s arms.
    “Pikachupi” (Misty)

    Misty giggled and looked up at Ash.
    “Wow” Ash whispered loud enough for Misty to hear him.
    Misty giggled.

    “You look incredible” Ash muttered as he scooted closer to Misty.

    “Thanks” she whispered blushing furiously.
    She looked at him; her aqua green eyes were glimmering.

    “Wow” he said again looking into her eyes.
    Pikachu was happy to see that Misty and Ash had made up and was purring, as Misty rubbed his head.

    “Well?”Ash asked chuckling.

    “Well, what?” Misty asked.

    “Aren’t you going to congratulate me?” he asked blushing. He brought his face closer to her and gave her a lopsided smile.

    “No, she’s not” a voice snapped at him.
    Ash looked at the corner of the stage where a very angry man was sitting.

    “Who’s that?” Ash asked with a cocky tone to his voice.

    “I’m her agent” Carlos said standing up. He walked over to where Misty and Ash were standing. “I don’t want to see Misty lose her title, because of a good for nothing punk like you”

    Pikachu growled.

    “What did you say” Ash said with a threatening tone in his voice, walking up to Carlos.

    Misty stopped him with her arm.
    “Ash, don’t!!! You’ll be disqualified”

    “Tisk, tisk, tisk” Carlos said snapping his fingers. “Do you think, because you’re almost a pokemonmaster you can have every girl you want”

    Ash looked merciless, but Misty held him back. Pikachu jumped out of Misty’s arm and his cheeks where crackling dangerously.

    “Misty, dear tell him what he needs to hear and send him away” Carlos told Misty.

    Ash was glaring at Carlos very mad. His hands were made in to fists.
    “Ash, please” Misty pleaded
    He looked at Misty and his face expression changed. He calmed down a bit and looked at her sweetly.

    “Ash you’ll be competing against Keanu Taylor next. You’re match will be tomorrow at two o’clock in the afternoon.” Misty said blushing at the way Ash was looking at her.

    “Is there anyway I can see you today?” Ash asked Misty, looking over his shoulder at Carlos.

    “Ash, it’s best if we don’ t see that much of each other” Misty answered under her breath.
    “But I,I……I have to see you, Mist” he whispered emotionally.

    Misty looked at the ground. She just couldn’t resist his dark brown eyes.

    “Okay, meet me at Sailor Bay at 9.00PM, the beach is closed by then… make sure the guards don’t see you. You’d have a better chance of getting in by the second entrance” Misty whispered so only Ash and Pikachu could hear.

    Ash nodded.

    He smiled at her and wanted to say something, but judging by Carlos tapping foot, he was trying to hear their every word.

    Ash winked at Misty and caressed her hand gently with one finger.

    Misty giggled, but stopped herself, when she saw Carlos looking at them.

    Ash walked away and kept looking back at the beautiful girl.

    Pikachu jumped on his shoulder.

    “Pika pikachu pi chupi” (that went really well) Pikachu stated happily.

    Ash walked off the stage and on to the field only to see that Catherina was the only one still in the stadium.

    She looked great to Ash, as usual, wearing a white top and tight jeans.(Such a ****!) Her hair was pulled up into a messy bun.
    She stood up and walked slowly to Ash.
    Pikachu growled and rolled his eyes..

    “Be nice, Pikachu” Ash said warningly.

    “Hi” Ash muttered nervously as Catherina walked up to him.

    “Hi” she mouthed back to him

    “What was that back there?”

    “What?” Ash asked curiously.

    “That thing on the stage? Were you in a fight?”

    “Oh…you saw that” Ash asked wondering if she saw the flirt scene with Misty as well.

    “What was wrong?” Catherina asked.

    “Oh, the guy on the stage was just, was just…”Ash was looking for words. “A lunatic…yeah he was crazy”

    “O…you would think we have enough security to keep those freaks away” Catherina replied eying Ash.

    “Yeah” Ash replied.

    “So, what did you think of my match?” Ash asked Catherina, trying to change the subject.

    “It was okay” Catherina replied keeping distance from Ash.
    She looked away from him and they started walking towards the trainer’s room.

    Ash noticed, that she was trying not to look at him.

    They entered the dark room and were walking towards the exit, when Ash suddenly stopped and took a hold of Catherina’s arms.

    She looked at him curiously.

    “Cathy, look I’m sorry about last night” Ash said.

    “Pikapi, pi pikachu” (Ash not now) Pikachu whined tiredly.

    He wasn’t up for a dramatic scene between the two lovebirds.

    “Uhm, Pikachu do you think you can make it back to the pokemon center alone?” Ash asked Pikachu, who jumped off of his shoulder.

    Pikachu rolled his eyes and ran to the exit.

    “Pikachu becareful of the paparazzi!!”

    Pikachu nodded and left the room.

    Catherina was looking at Ash inquiringly.

    “Cathy, about what happened yesterday….in the bathroom” Ash began.

    “What about it” Catherina replied coldly, looking away.

    “Look, the thing is that I am so afraid” Ash started, looking emotionally in to Catherina ‘s blue eyes. “I am so afraid of ruining this relationship and so afraid of losing you”

    “Why?”she asked

    “I’m afraid that making love to you will ruin what we have together” Ash said surprised by his own words.

    “Ash, nothing can ruin what we have” Catherina replied on the verge of tears.

    “Ash I think…” Catherina started, looking at the ground. “I think I’m falling in lo…..”
    Ash covered her mouth with his fingers. “Don’t say it if it’s not true”
    Catherina went quiet and looked at the ground.

    “Look I like you a lot and I think it’s best if we wait, until we’re sure we’re ready” Ash whispered lifting Caterina’s chin up with his hand.

    Catherina nodded and looked deep into his eyes.
    Ash pressed his lips on hers. Ofcourse the words he just uttered were not true. She held the back of his head with her hands as he held on to her waist with his arms Ash just didn’t feel like having sex with Catherina, because it didn’t fell right. Especially now that his feelings for Misty were so strong.

    Infact the only reason he was still with Catherina, was because he wasn’t sure about Misty’s feelings towards him and wanted to have a second option incase Misty didn’t feel the same way he did....at leats that's what he thought the reason was.

    They savored each others lips for a while and broke away. Ash hugged her.
    “Oh, Cathy, I’m sorry”
    Catherina rested her head on his chest and sighed.
    “What are we gonna do about the paparazzi?…”

    Later, at Manky hotel.

    Misty was humming vividly as she lay on her bed in her hotel room. She had put on some comfortable clothes and had just finished being interviewed by the press.
    She was excited, because in two hours she would meet Ash on the beach.
    Misty had a strong feeling Ash liked her.

    “Kissing me for no reason and than telling me it’s just a friendly kiss, touching me for no particular reason…it’s got to be true” she thought smiling and hugging her pillow.

    She recalled the way he smiled and looked at her in awe.
    There was a knock on the door. Carlos entered with a grin on his face.

    “Hello, sweetheart”

    He walked in with what looked like the morning newspaper.

    “ So how are we doing?”

    “Fine” Misty replied.“Carlos… why were you such a jerk towards Ash today?”

    “No, I wasn’t” Carlos replied innocently.

    ”Yes you were… Ash is so kind and sweet. He’s such a doll.” Misty looked at the ceiling with a dreamy look on her face. “I just can’t believe you called him a punk”

    Carlos looked at the lovestruck girl with furious look on his face.

    “Okay, look Misty you’ve been working so hard and I just don’t want to see it go down the drain, because of a boy you like.”

    “I don’t like him, Carlos he’s just an old friend” Misty denied not wanting to get Ash and herself into trouble.

    “Honey, the eyes never lie!!” Carlos responded

    Misty rolled her eyes. “He’s just my friend, okay. I haven’t seen him in like 5 years, ofcourse I’m happy when I see him. ”

    “I don’t care what he is of you. You are not to see him till after the tournament, got that!! Misty, please promise me you’ll follow the rules!!”

    “Okay, okay” she lied.

    “Thank you so much” Carlos squealed. “By the way your little friend is in the paper smooching his girlfriend. Ugh just disgusting….”

    “Who….ASH?!”Misty asked surprised.
    “Yeah” Carlos responded not interested. He threw the paper at Misty.

    Misty sat up on her bed and opened the folded newspaper.
    She looked at the cover with her mouth ajar. Misty looked at how Ash was kissing some girl with long blond hair in a very revealing outfit.

    Misty gulped and felt anger rise up in to her.

    “How could he” she thought, her eyes filling up with tears. “Misty what are you thinking. He never said he liked you, you just jumped to conclusion to fast. Maybe the things he did were just his way of expressing how good a friend he thinks you are. He’s bound to have a girlfriend by now” Misty thought to herself holding back the tears.

    “Misty are you okay, sweety?” Carlos asked worriedly.

    He noticed Misty’s saddened face.

    “I’m sorry. It wasn’t right of me to show you that”

    Misty shook her head. “No, I’m fine” Misty replied.

    “Are sure?”

    Misty nodded and faked a smile.

    “Okay, sweety you know where my room is!!” Carlos said. He walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.

    Misty looked back down at the paper. She looked at how Ash had his hands on the girls butt and how the girl was pressing herself up against Ash’s body.

    “He had the nerve to call me a ****!!” Misty replied looking at how half the girl’s *** was hanging out of her shorts.
    Misty threw the paper in the corner of the room and looked at herself in the mirror.

    “Ash is just your friend….he likes that blond girl, not you, face it!!”

    9.00PM at Sailor Bay.

    Ash looked at his watch as he walked over the sand barefooted.

    “On time” he muttered.

    He had come threw the second entrance, because the first entrance was heavily guarded. The second one had only one guard and he had fallen a sleep.

    “Misty’ s not here yet” Ash muttered. He chuckled and was pleased with
    himself for arriving before Misty did.

    He had a black sleeveless shirt and white Bermuda shorts on. He had put on his earring for this special occasion. He knew Misty would just die when she saw it, as most girls did.

    He sat on a bench and watched the sand. Torches were lit and they gave the sand a yellow glow. Ash had brought some fruit, snacks and a bottle of white whine in a basket. Pikachu wanted to come so badly, but Ash had insisted he stay and get some rest.

    Actually he wanted to be alone with Misty. He was in love with her.

    Guiltiness filled him as he thought about the other girl in his life, Catherina.
    She had almost told him she was in love with him, though Ash knew she only did it just to get him to pay more attention to her.

    . He had to admit though every time he had kissed Catherina, there was a very weird feeling in his stomach. But he concluded that it was just hormones.
    Ash smiled as he watched his toes in the sand. He kept recalling how amazing Misty looked at his match.

    “Breathtaking” he muttered

    “What’s breathtaking?” he heard someone whisper.

    He looked up and was greeted by the most beautiful sight ever.

    Misty was wearing a short white skirt, which showed off her long, curvy and tanned legs and a black, backless top and white, flat sandals. Her hair was open and it cascaded in loose curls. Misty twirled a strand of her hair between her fingers and smiled at Ash.

    “So, what’s breathtaking?” she asked trying to break the awkward silence.
    Ash chuckled. “The sea”

    “Oh, yeah. It’s beautiful isn’t it” Misty replied watching dark waves crash in to a nearby rock, as she sat down beside him.

    “Yeah, …intoxicating” Ash replied not looking at the ocean, but at her.

    She stopped looking at the dark water and eyed the very handsome young man in front of her. “Snap out off it Misty, he has a girlfriend” she thought. She noticed something flicker nearby Ash’s ear.

    “OMG, you have an earring” Misty said looking at the handsome young man.

    “What, don’t you like it?”Ash asked uncertain.

    “No, no..I love it. You look really bad boyish” she giggled.

    “Oh…so you like bad boys ha??” Ash asked chuckling.

    “That’s not what I said” Misty giggled.

    “But… do you??”

    “I don’t know” Misty replied, taking off her sandals. “I haven’t really dated that much to know.”

    “Oh” Ash responded happy with her answer.

    “So how’s Brock. Haven’t seen him in the stadium during the matches”

    “He’s doing voluntary work at the pokemon hospital down town. You know lots of nurse joy’s” Misty replied.

    Ash nodded knowingly.

    They chuckled at their weird older friend

    Then there was an awkward silence.

    “Hey, I brought snacks” Ash said looking at Misty.

    “Oh no” Misty muttered.

    “What?” Ash asked curiously.

    “Uhm, I can’t eat things with lots of fat”

    “Don’t worry I brought fruit” Ash replied.

    “Oh really, you?… the burgers and fries freak”.

    “Oh, don’t worry I brought some things for myself. Cause a great man like me needs his manly food.” Ash said passing the basket to Misty.

    “Oh, please” Misty said rolling her eyes.

    Ash chuckled.

    “Did anyone ever tell you have the most cutest dimple on your cheek” Ash said, chuckling.

    “You’ve just noticed I have this dimple, didn’t you?” she asked knowingly.

    “Yeah” Ash lied.

    He had seen that dimple from the first time she smiled at him.

    Misty grabbed a banana from the basket and started pealing it.

    She then put it in her mouth and started chewing.

    Ash looked on and licked his lips. Misty saw this and looked at Ash with her mouth ajar.

    “This is turning you on, isn’t it” she asked flabbergasted.

    “What are you talking about?” Ash asked looking at Misty innocently.

    “O my gosh. Ash Ketchum you dirty, dirty pervert!!!”.
    Ash looked at the dark sea and smiled. She giggled and pushed him on the ground. He grabbed her hand and she went down with him. She fell on top of him in the white sand.

    She giggled and started tickling him.

    “No, Misty stop that I don’t like it” Ash said with a serious voice. He knew he always got “excited” when hot girls did that, especially now that Misty’s cleavage was inches away from his face and sure enough Misty felt a weird stiffness pressing against her stomach. She looked down and blushed

    “Ash…I’m so sorry I didn’t know!!!” Misty said crawling off of Ash.

    Ash just lay there, turning scarlet. He never felt more embarrassed in his life

    He mentally screamed at himself.

    “Ash are you okay?” Misty asked worriedly looking at the scarlet teenage boy.
    Ash just laid there for a while not looking at Misty.
    Misty looked at him with a pout.

    Ash jumped up suddenly, making Misty squeal and started walking .

    “Ash wait, please hear me out” Misty said getting up.

    Ash turned around and looked at Misty.
    His cheeks were still red.

    “You don’t have to be embarrassed, it’s just a thing that happens” Misty replied walking over to him.

    She looked up in to his big brown puppy dog eyes.

    “You don’t have to be embarrassed. It’s just me.” She said reassuring.

    What she didn’t know was that it was, because of her that Ash felt embarrassed.

    “Wanna walk on the beach?” Misty asked him.

    “Sure” he mouthed, looking at the ground

    Misty led him to the shore.

    They walked barefooted on the wet sand.

    Ash had forgotten about the incident and they were talking vividly to each other. Often giggling at each other. She told him all the crazy stuff Carlos made her do. And Ash told her what he had gone threw the past 5 years they were apart.

    “So… your sisters must be really jealous, that you have won the title of hostess,” Ash asked.

    “I don’t know, I haven’t seen them since I became hostess, I’ve only called them once and it was a very short conversation. But they’ll be flying out tomorrow.”

    “That’s nice” Ash replied, smiling at her.

    “If you say so” she responded sarcastically.

    Ash chuckled at the funny face she made.

    “Ah…..do you have a boyfriend?” he asked nervously not looking at her.


    “Mist, have you ever dated?” he asked curiously.

    “What do you mean have I ever dated?” She asked offended.

    “I mean a girl like you couldn’t have had many dates” he chuckled. But he stopped, when he saw the hurt look on Misty’s face.
    Misty bit her lip and looked at the sea.

    “Hey, hey…I didn’t mean it, Mist.” Ash responded quickly.

    Ash took a hold of her hand.

    “God, Mist… why do you get so bothered about everything I say these days”

    “I know you didn’t mean it, Ash” she answered covering up her emotional scene.

    “Yeah right” Ash muttered.

    “You always come up with these stupid jokes, don’t you think I know you by now” Misty said in her defense.

    Ash bent down and surprised her with a kiss on her nose. That was his way of shutting her up.

    “What was that for?” Misty asked sweetly.

    “Oh, just a friendly kiss”Ash replied letting go of her hand. This disappointed Misty.

    They walked on the shore, soaking their feet in the cool water.

    “So…you never told me you had a girlfriend” Misty stated. She had waited for the right moment to bring it up.

    Ash was quiet for a while.


    “Uhm, yeah… I have a girlfriend” Ash replied.

    “How did you find out?”

    “I saw it in today’s paper. You guys were practically eating each others faces.”Misty replied with a jealous tone in her voice.

    “Is she nice?” Misty asked coldly.
    “Yeah, she’s very nice, Mist.” Ash muttered looking at the jealous girl.

    “Duh, she’s blond, she has big boobs and a big ***, course she’s nice” Misty replied kicking the sand.

    “Mist…are you okay, you seem mad?” Ash asked curiously.

    “I’m not jealous, why would I be jealous” Misty screamed at him. She was walking at a very high pace and Ash had to run to keep up with her.
    Ash was taken aback by her sudden mood change.

    “Misty, I never said you were jealous”
    Misty was running now.

    “Mist, please!!!” Ash said grabbing her hand and turning her around.

    Misty looked furious and was breathing heavily.

    “What’s wrong with you?” Ash asked still holding her hand.

    “Nothing” Misty replied looking at the ground.

    “Common Misty, you just screamed at me for nothing” Ash replied. “Is it because I didn’t tell you sooner that I had a girlfriend?”

    “Yeah, that must be it” Misty replied sarcastically. She couldn’t believe Ash hadn’t got the picture yet. She was practically throwing herself at him and he hadn’t even noticed.

    Misty started walking at a high pace again; Ash was trying to keep up with her.

    Ash could sense that Misty was still mad. (Surprising isn’t it)

    “Misty, wait” Ash said running behind her and grabbing her hand.
    He pulled her into him.
    She looked up into his brown eyes that shimmered in the light of the torches.
    A strand of her hair was blowing in her face.

    Ash wiped it away with one finger. Misty felt a shiver run down her spine.

    “Ash” she whispered.

    Ash bent down. Misty closed her eyes and got ready for the kiss.
    Ash pressed his lips on her forehead and pulled her into a tight embrace.

    Misty felt more a life in this moment than she had ever felt in her life.

    “There, feel better” Ash asked caressing her slender arms with his hands.
    Misty nodded. “You like kissing, I see”

    “If you don’t want me to do it anymore just say so” Ash said, looking at her a little offended.
    “Oh no, I love it!!”. Misty said, mentally kicking herself for sounding so affectionate.

    Ash chuckled and hugged her tighter.

    “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Cathy” he muttered.

    “So her name’s Cathy?” Misty asked in a cold tone, resting her head on his chest.

    “Well, no her real name is Catherina, but I call her Cathy” Ash said letting Misty go and walking in the opposite direction to where their stuff were.

    Misty was disappointed by hearing that Ash had already given his girlfriend a nickname.

    It had taken him a lot longer to come up with “Mist”.

    Ash was looking at the dark sea and was smiling to himself.

    “What are you smiling about, Ash?” Misty asked curiously, walking up to him.
    “I was just thinking of…..taking a swim” Ash said looking at Misty with a lopsided smile.

    “Are you serious…. but we don’t have any bathing suits.” Misty replied.

    “We don’t need them, Mist” Ash responded.
    He took his shirt and shorts off to reveal a very toned and tanned body in boxers.

    Misty looked at him with her mouth ajar.

    Ash chuckled at her.

    “Coming?” he asked.

    “But Ash” Misty said blushing furiously. “I’m wearing a ……g-string”
    Ash looked at her with a dumbfounded look and then turned a bright shade of red.

    He looked at the ground, as if in deep thought.
    He looked back up at her with a lopsided grin and replied:
    “If I can resist Catherina in a g- string, than I can definitely resist a girl like you in one”

    Misty looked at him in rage. She couldn’t believe he said that, as a matter of fact she couldn’t believe he already saw Catherina in a g- string!!

    “You’re gonna wish you had Catherina here to save your ***, Ash Ketchum!!”
    Ash started running to the sea and dived in.
    Misty took off her sandals and blouse. It revealed her in a black lacy braw.
    She watched Ash come up for air. He looked at her and screwed up his face, as if to say she was an ugly sight. He knew that would piss her off.
    Misty took off her skirt in rage. She was revealed in a very skimpy and lacy g- string.
    Ash couldn’t look disgusted even if he tried.
    He was blushing and his mouth hanged open. Misty up to this moment was angry.

    But at seeing how Ash was gawking at her perfectly shaped body. She stopped and reconsidered what she was about to do. She felt very uncomfortable being so naked in front off a boy, especially if it was the boy she liked.

    Misty ran back to her clothes, cursing to herself, wishing her *** was more covered.

    “Oh no you don’t” Ash said snapping out off it.

    He started walking out of the water. Misty looked at him in fright and wished she had worn an easier skirt to put on.
    Ash chuckled as he got out of the water and ran towards her. Misty was still struggling with her skirt.
    Ash laughed as he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder. He had now a full view, close- up of her butt.

    “Ash no, let me go, please,” Misty pleaded. “I don’t feel comfortable being so exposed”. She started kicking Ash. Her long red locks fell in to her face.

    “Common, Mist this is how God intended it to be!!” Ash chuckled patting her on the behind.

    “Besides, you’re not as bad as I thought you would be, now that I see you up- close” Ash laughed. “You’re really round “ he said groping her behind.
    “Ugh” Misty uttered feeling disgusted
    Ash walked in to the water. When the water was on waist- length, he let Misty fall in to the water.

    Misty squealed.

    She came up for air and was swimming towards the shore.

    Ash grabbed her from behind and pulled her in to him.

    Misty struggled

    “Oh, no you don’t” he chuckled.

    Misty felt his hands go from her waist upwards and on to her breasts. She stopped struggling.

    “Ash, what are you doing?’she asked breathing heavily.

    “Nothing” Ash said innocently letting go of her breasts and putting his hands on to her waist.
    Misty sighed inwardly. Why did she ever ask him what he was doing. It felt so good to have him touch her like that.

    Ash picked her up again to break the silence. He chuckled as he threw her in to the water once more. Misty went under.

    Ash chuckled. He waited a while and started to get worried, when he didn’t see Misty come up.

    “Misty, come on it’s not funny” Ash chuckled nervously.
    Misty didn’t come up.

    “Misty, I know you couldn’t have drowned, the water is not so deep”

    There was silence.
    Ash felt something tug at his boxers and he screamed.
    His boxers came off.
    Misty giggled as she came out of the water with his boxers in her hand.
    “Misty, no give them back to me!!” Ash yelled going further in to the sea to make sure nothing was exposed.

    “But, Ash isn’t this how God intended it to be” she giggled

    “Ha, ha very funny…Seriously give them back!!!”

    “You’ll have to catch me first”

    Misty swam further into the sea giggling hysterically. Her red hair was slicked back and she was constantly throwing glances at the helpless boy behind her.

    Ash followed her, but couldn’t swim as fast as he wanted, because he didn’t want his behind to come out of the water, while he was doing so.

    “Misty, please give them back” Ash cried out.

    Misty giggled and looked at Ash. For a minute she thought he looked just like when he was ten.

    She grinned and stopped swimming as the hopeless boy swam up to her.
    His face was like one off a puppy dog. Misty held up his boxers and he grabbed them out of her hand blushing uncontrollably .

    “You’re so adorable you know that” Misty giggled watching Ash struggle to get his boxers on in the deep water.

    Ash finally got them on. Misty giggled and splashed him with water.

    He looked at Misty with a dramatic look and turned his face away.

    “Don’t be so dramatic Ash” Misty laughed.

    She grabbed his muscular arm and held on tight to it.

    “I can show you how dramatic, I can be!!’ Ash said grinning widely.

    He took a hold of Misty and brought her closer to him in to a very tight embrace.
    He smiled at the way Misty looked at his lips.
    He brought his face closer to hers.
    Ash hands shot out suddenly from her sides and on to her back. With one swift movement he unhooked her braw.
    He grabbed the sides and pulled it off of her.

    “It’s pay back time”

    To his surprise Misty didn’t scream. She looked at him and bit her lip.
    Ash was surprised at the seductive manner that Misty was looking at him.
    He didn’t move, when he saw her swim over to him slowly.
    She was barely a few inches from him now. She put her arms around his neck that made her show just enough breast, to make Ash’s mind explode.

    She pressed her upper body against his chest.

    Ash let out a gasp as Misty’ s hard nipples came in contact with his chest.

    “Oh, god” he muttered.

    Misty kept looking at him in the same seductive matter as she reached for her braw in Ash’s hand.

    He looked at her wide- eyed.

    She let go of him and beckoned him to turn around with her finger. Ash looked at her for a while with a blush and then turned around.

    Misty hooked on her braw. She couldn’t believe she had done that.

    “You can turn around now, Ash” Misty said.

    Ash turned around and looked at her with his mouth ajar.

    There was silence.

    “Are you okay?”

    Ash swam over to Misty; he took a hold of her hips and pressed his lips on hers.
    He groaned heavily, like he was waiting for this moment all his life.
    He rubbed his hands all over her body.

    Misty gave in and kissed Ash back.
    “Ash, this isn’t a friendly kiss” she said allowing him to kiss her neck.

    “I know” he muttered.
    “God, you’re so wonderful” Ash whispered kissing her neck.

    Misty moaned softly.
    She ran her hands threw his wet hair, making it stand up in all directions.
    The waves of the ocean made their body’s collide.

    Ash was groaning and moaning uncontrollably.

    He felt pleasure surge threw his body. This was where he wanted to be.
    Ash started tugging at Misty’s g-string, trying to take it off.
    He had no doubt about what he wanted to do with her.

    “No, Ash we can’t do this” Misty said breaking away.
    “Why not?” Ash asked still hot from the kiss.
    “We’ll regret it later…I don’t wanna ruin are friendship” Misty replied. “Besides you have a girlfriend. I mean it’s not like you like me or anything…right?”she asked hopefully.
    Ash shook his head. “Ofcourse not!!! It’s probably just the heat of the moment and…hormones that’s driving me” he replied.
    Misty didn’t completely agree with him, though. She was pretty sure it was more than hormones, that had driven her and up to that moment she had thought that was the same case with Ash.

    Ash couldn’t believe how stupid he had been.
    “Misty could have suspected I like her” he thought.
    He looked at the shore and then back at Misty

    “Wanna get out of the water and eat the rest of the food?” Ash asked. “I’ve got whine”
    Misty nodded.
    She didn’t feel too comfortable looking at the handsome teen, after their steamy make-out session. They swam towards the shore, often catching each other’s eye.
    They would either smile at each other, or turn their heads really quickly in the other direction. There were no words exchanged between the two.

    Misty and Ash got out of the water. Ash was trying not to admire Misty’s body, but failed miserably, as she caught him two times.

    “Ash could you, please not look at me. This is already awkward enough”

    “Sorry” Ash muttered blushing. “But I’m a guy..”

    “Well, can’t you keep your manly urges to yourself...I mean doesn’t Catherina satisfy you enough!!”
    Ash looked at her with a furious look on his face.

    “What’s that supposed to mean!!?”

    “You know damn well what it means” she screamed sizing him up. She flung her wet red hair over her shoulder.

    “Tonight all you do is touch me, kiss me, feel me up and then you tell me it’s no big deal!! That we’re just friends” she shouted on the verge of tears.
    She pushed him and walked to where their clothes lay. Ash looked on with his mouth hanging open as she struggled to put her skirt on and yelled:

    “Ash, I don’t know if you noticed, but that back there wasn’t a friendly kiss!! And I know for sure it wasn’t an accident either, at least I don’t think of it as an accident.”

    She put on her blouse and wiped away the hot tears streaming down her face.

    “I can’t do this, anymore, Ash. I can’t keep having these… these magical moments with you, but know that nothing can happen between us, because you only think of me as a friend and that the only reason these moments happen is because of your hormones!!”

    “Mist what are you saying?” Ash asked curiously. He was trying to put two and two together.
    She looked at him and was shaking her head, while crying. His thickness was unbelievable.

    “I’m going” she said still shaking her head in disbelief.
    Ash just looked on at how the pretty redheaded girl ran up to where the rest of there stuff was and grabbed her sandals; she didn’t even throw Ash a last glance.

    “Hey buddy you can’t be here!!” someone shouted from behind him.

    He turned around and looked one of the beach’s guards in the eye.

    “The beach is closed at this hour. You have violated the law!!”

    “Please sir, I’m a tourist, I.…I didn’t know” Ash lied, not wanting to go to the police station and end up in the morning newspapers.

    “Hey aren’t you that guy with the very powerful Pikachu” the guard asked.

    “Uh, yeah…that’s me” Ash replied.

    “Dude great match”


    “I guess I can let you go with a warning, but next time there will be serious consequences”

    “Oh, thank you so much” Ash said.
    The guard left him alone after that.
    Ash turned his attention to where he had seen Misty last.
    But she was gone.
    He repeated over and over again what she had said to him in his head.

    Slowly and surely it came to him.
    He grabbed his hair and pulled at it.

    “Ketchum you jackass!!!…” he muttered.

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