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Hilarious Rival Names?

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I was playing SoulSliver the other day, and I had this idea to give SIlver (G/S/C Rival) a funny name. I was thinking of naming him Gaylord, but I didn't
I was also watching some R/B walkthroughs where people have named Gary "Loser" and other names.

I was wondering, do you have hilarious rival name ideas, or could you point out some.

The DoritoNinja

The Last Dying Ninja
Tibbles or flufferly


Minuet of The Skies
Ah, immaturity, we love thee so, how bout Mr. Finkles?


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My friend, a long time ago, named his Rival "yousuck".


Back in Black....2
Lord of Losers. Crap. Poop. And I know someone will say mushoroark, so I will get it out of the weay: Mushoroark.

Silent Conversation

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I used to do the really cliche 's mom name, so the battle screen would say "Rival's mom would like to battle!"

In Soul Silver I named my rival Baaaaaarf! because it was the first original thing I could think of.

In my Platinum Scramble Challenge, I named my main character Scrambl (the e doesn't fit) so to go with it I named my rival Eggs


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in soulsilver, i named him mr.red, i wasn't thinking. other times it was moron, idiot, and yoshi.


How can you hate it?
I usually name my rivel in SS ginger, just cause i cant think of anything else. (i know its mean)
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