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Hilarious Rival Names?

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a dangerous trainer
don juan :p


Pokemon master
I usually name my rival "Ass"

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
XD Wow...

I'm not creative/immature enough to name my rival whatever I wanted. I think my brother called Gary "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" or something. I just named my rival (in Silver) "Bart". *shrugs*

Though "???" has been used before.


Winning, Duh!
In Gold I named the Rival Knuckles (after the guy from sonic, he looked like him.)
In Heart Gold I named him AxlRose (no space) the real Axl Rose is a red-headed douche, and so is your rival, so it fit.


K-9 Brigade
Stuff like GOBCK2KTCHN.


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On my Diamond, I named Barry "bastard."

Then I practically pissed myself when his mom came into my house and said "Is my little bastard here?"

*Jean Grey*

Night Triumphant
In SoulSilver, I named my rival "Phallus". I had a long history of weird names (usually swear words) after I have seen people ingame say the rival's name. ;)


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I don't really do this. It seems...immature. I just go with normal names - Cody, Jacob, etc.

I named my rival on Platinum 'Pietro' after the Marvel character Quicksilver, if that counts.


i named him "gaytard" in platinum for the hell of it. i never lost to my rival except gen 3, when GF put them in the gayest spots ever. i wish the naming rivals wasnt taken out of gen 3.


Hollen i ven.
I called my trainer 'Knockknock' and my rival 'Whosthere' once. No idea why!


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Though it does not make any sense, on my first run of Platinum I called my rival Pickle... I don't know why I just did, it still makes me snicker. Also I named him the good old fashioned Fart so your rivals mother would say "My Fart took off like a rocket as usual today."

Ah toilet humor...

Shiny Mew2

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