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Hilarious Rival Names?

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I usually don't, but I was in an interesting mood when I got to that point in SS so I named him Satan. Haha but the rival in SS is really mean so... yeah....
in platinum my rivals name was asstouch


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Douche is the only one I can think of.


No more massacres.
I've never tried to make any of my rival names funny, but the first time I played a Pokemon game (Gold version), I thought I had to name my rival ??? when the guard asked me what his name was, since that's what I saw in the first battle with my rival, so I did. :p

Lol me too!


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Fire Red rival Gary- Snofat


Cursed sun...
I nickname my people and rivals after Kingdom Hearts characters, and I just restarted soul silver, I used the anagram of Xemnas, yes I mean M*ns*x


Name the trainer: Pen*s
Name the pokemon: Sp*nk

"Pen*s sent out Sp*nk" xD


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Leafgreen: Blue (uncreative)
Soulsilver: Dim (I have no idea)

When the Crown Beasts were given out over Wifi, I would erase my Diamond version, get to the point where I could get the beast, trade it to SS and erase Diamond and repeat. I named my rival the c word and other funny things.


Perky Goth
Fire red - Pingas!!


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I always name my rival on Gold and Heart Gold "Big Red". I don't know why, it is just funny. I remember one time my brother named his rival on Silver "Dumbaxx" (spelt like that) so it was really funny when a NPC said "Some Dumbaxx kid" when referring to your rival.
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