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Hilarious Rival Names?

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Metallic Wonder
it is only funny in FR/LG when Prof. Oak forget the name of his own grandson.
"Oh yeah, I remember now. -insert funny name- 's his name!

I just go for the regulars, Gary, Barry, Silver etc.


I'm magical
I once named Barry Blondie because he was blonde :3


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Dick, or something heavily inappropriate.


THANKS, Hermione.
I don't know about hilarious, but I named my rival Chimney in Platinum.


Informed Casual
I named my rival jerkwad in leaf green.

Maybe I should name him dookie in white2

Edit: will prob name either him or my trainer cheese with a smiley face at the end in tribute to the foster's character :)
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Dragon Trainer X

I name my rival either accident, whoops, or Mr. Bean.

Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
I named my rival Douche in SoulSilver *crosses fingers that the swear filter doesn't censor it*

Wow, that's actually not censored? You're slipping Serebii.


gone gently
Profesco used Hi Bump Kick!
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