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Hilarious Typos


You know those times where you're typing fast and you just randomly make a funny typo.

follow sppf rules and please dont post anything not 'child friendly'.

So what are your funniest typos?


after i say bone i often hit keys when i slide across the keyboard so i say boner


It's been a while...
I once put "Umbeon" instead of "Umbreon".
I also sometimes put "Pokemn" or "Pokmeon" instead of "Pokemon".


오션 마스터
I was once reading my town's newsletter, and there was an article about pumpkins. However, they misspelled the word pumpkin, and typed "plumpkin". I was confused for a while afterwards, as I didn't know if they had cross-bred a pumpkin and and a plum, or if they just had plump pumpkins.


watch out!
My iPod spell checks for me, of else every word would be spelled wrong.

My iPod used to spell check until it thought some words that didnt need checking checked. it got annoying especially when i wanted to say a pokemon so I just turned it off.


Unova Trainer
I was texting my friend trying to make her guess what I got her for her birthday. After a hint, she replies, "Let me guess, you bought me a keg of toot beer?"

I'm still laughing about that today.