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Historical Mystery Tour (608)


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Natu, Xatu...Mysterious Forest!

Still in Twinleaf for the Twinleaf Festival, Ash & Co. bump into Barry and Barry & Ash soon begin a battle. Not long after that however, they discover a Xatu whom leads them to a circus. When they get there, Ash, Dawn & Barry soon find themselves shrunk down to tiny sizes. Having to tackle with a bigger world and evading the various Pokémon, they face a massive tasks to work out how to be back to normal size. Will they be able to return?

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I loved the part when Ash was attacked by Spearow^^^ it was fun to watch it again after 607 episodes.


I liked the near end of ep where Kurotsugu (Palmer) showed up.

LoL. On back of his coat, there was "王" (King) mark. Probably homage to Kurotsugu's VA Nobuyuki Hiyama-san's nick name "勇者王" (King of Brave)

Jun calls him "Daddy" XD

Next episode looks awsome. I can't wait for it.
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I got to watch it today, so...

+ Carnival; Brock takes care of a stall for the fisherman, I think? So, yeah, he basically just sits there with his Pokemon doing nothing. TR's Goldeen catching stall had a lot of visitors.
+ Johanna said something like "Kurotsugu to mama tomodachi ne" or something like that, keyhole crapped out during that time, which means 'Palmer and mama are friends'...?
+ Very very short battle, which was Heracross vs Pikachu, but they got interrupted when Barry saw Xatu flying.
+ Ash, Barry & Dawn follow Xatu to a tent, where a man asks them to go in, and thus the weird illusions begin. At least, I think it was illusions.
+ Everyone got seperated from their Pokemon. Ash sees a 'gigantic' Nidoking, Nidoqueen and some bug Pokemon, and then his past experience with Spearow begin. Dawn sees a 'gigantic' Fearow, a Feebas & a Magikarp. Ariados appears. Both Pikachu & Piplup save their trainers respectively. Barry's past experience was shown as well. They reunite.
+ Natu glows and the 'illusion' ends, and the tent disappears. The Xatu flies overhead again.
+ Barry gets up and bumps into Palmer. Palmer is confirmed to be his dad as Barry says "Daddy??" after seeing him.
+ They return to Twinleaf Town.

And that's about it. In the preview, Empoleon is seen battling with Pikachu; Rhyperior vs Grotle.
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It's nice to see Palmer show up in this episode. And I'm glad the writers decided to have Palmer being Barry's father confirmed in the anime so soon.

Too bad Brock's role was basically doing nothing. But, hey, he was in the episode. People worried he wouldn't be all for nothing...


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This episode was pretty entertaining. I don't know why, but thought there would be a little bit more to it... but ah, well.
I liked that Palmer showed up and how Barry calls him Daddy. ^^ Team Rocket's bit in this episode was funny too. Now I know what all those Goldeen were for, and James relives yet another childhood memory.


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Palmer looks old. :p

And when do they leave Twinleaf Town?


-Any episode that starts off with Jun can only be a good episode.
-Why the hell is Jun's Heracross out of his Pokeb...ooooooohhhh, I KNOW! Everyone's going to have Pokemon out of their Pokeballs so that they can subtley advertise the "one of your Pokemon FOLLOWS YOU EVERYWHERE!" feature in HGSS!
-Jun apparently loves the circus. I'd comment on that further, but the ADHD Blonde Boys' Anti-Defemation League would sue me for it.
-OH GOD A CLOWN KILL IT. it refuses to walk like a normal human
-No, you fools! Don't go into the tent!
-Ash is tiny now. This is why you never trust a clown.
-I spy with my little eye...a coloring error on that Nidoqueen's chin!
-Where the hell are all these wild Pokemon when the gang's just wandering around the woods normally?
-A Natu. Hm.
-Dawn's tiny too! NEVER. TRUST. CLOWNS.
-Hey there's a Natu here too.
-Dawn's Pokeballs aren't working? Oh dear.
-Jun is too ADHD to care that he's tiny. And yes, there's a Natu near him too.
-Altaria-themed cotton candy? That...makes sense, actually.
-Hey, remember those random Twinleaf people we've all been not-caring about for the past few episodes? Yep, they're in this episode too!
-Note that Brock was not with Ash/Dawn/ADHD Lad earlier, and therefore Brock is not tiny.
-Brock's jacket with the Croagunk face on the back needs to become part of his regular outfit.
-TR's scheme of the day appears to involve a game where people are supposed to fish out Goldeen with a net...but the nets are really really flimsy. That fits right in with regular carnival games!
-Jun stands in front of a tree, and recalls that he got Heracross by slathering a tree with honey(while wearing a dapper straw hat!), and...there's a tub of honey right next to him! How incredibly convenient! Jun once again slathers a tree with honey, but let's be honest, without that straw hat, it's just not the same.
-Heracross flies to the tree, and...Jun finally notices that he's small! (not in that way, you pervert!)
-Natu wanders by again. HRM.
-Back in Ash's neck of the woods...GIANT SPEAROW! Luckly, Pikachu's there to zap it out of the sky before it catches Ash and devours him whole.
-Cue reinactment of When Ash Started Getting Along With Pikachu!
-Back to Dawn, which means...
-Cue reinactment of When Piplup Was Still A Pokemon Everyone Liked!
-Blah blah TR blah oh look James flashback to something blah
-Ash and Pikachu are doing stuff. Yawn.
-Dawn and Piplup are busy following a Natu. I'm sure everyone's Natu obsession will make perfect sense by the end of this episode, and clearly has nothing to do with the Xatu on top of the circus tent, which I failed to mention earlier.
-Ash and Pikachu are also chasing a Natu! I wonder what Jun and Heracross are doing?!
-Crashing into Ash and Dawn, that's what! Jun's first reaction is yelling at the things he just crashed into, before realizing that he crashed into Dawn and Ash.
-Oh yes, Natu's still there, jumping up and down, trying to get everyone's attention.
-Hey, it's the circus tent! How nice of Natu to give the gang a way ba...
-Natu(and the tent) vanish, only to be replaced by an angry Camerupt! Remember kids, don't trust clowns. Even if the clowns look like Natu!
-Brine and Generic Electric attack don't work, so Jun decides to...run!
-Now he's insisting that they all attack Camerupt from the side...Heracross hits Camerupt on the side, and one of its humps erupts.
-Piplup hits a different circle on Camerupt's side, and the other hump erupts...Ah, now I see where this is going.
-Pikachu hits the last ring, both humps erupt, and Natu wanders onto the scene and starts glowing very brightly...
-And everyone's back to normal size!
-A Xatu flies off. Definitely not connected to that glowing Natu in any way, nope nope.
-Jun runs after it, and bumps into a green jacket with blonde hair.
-It's PALMER! Ohgod if he's anything like he is in the games it's like having two Juns in one place this'll be so awesome.
-DADDY?! (yes, Jun says it in English, but with a Japanese accent)
-People say Cyrus is creepy, but I think Palmer's just as bad. Those eyes. The trenchcoat. That hair. Those eyes.
-I don't think I'll ever get over Jun calling Palmer DADDY. It was weird enough in the games, but hearing it in the anime makes it even weirder.
-Palmer gives a longass explanation of what the hell happened this episode. Blah blah who cares.

A funky episode. Not really one of my favorites(surprising, since it has JUN in it, for god's sake! The only way to screw that up is to not use him enough in the episode!), but it's not really bad. It's just...weird.


Thank you, SPPf! :)
Clowns, eh?
*insert Billy & Mandy GIF*

The mere fact that this episode was so bizarre instantly made it more interesting than the few episodes before it. I would like to have seen more of Natu and Xatu, seeing as how they're interesting Pokemon that received poor episodes in Johto, and I'm not sure how simulating a carnival game gets you out of an illusion, but this episode had other redeeming aspects, not the least of which being Barry & Palmer. The ending with Brock also made me laugh. It's almost as if the writers were poking fun at themselves for Brock being ignored.

Makes me wonder if this multi-episode TR Goldeen plot is gonna go any further. It's nice to see them take a backseat for this festival.


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I keep forgetting that this festival is still going on..........oh god i think i'm getting too old for this hahah lol

Anywho at first i thought this episode was going to be dreadful and didn't really like it at first but then i really got into it because it gave me a feel of how the old series used to be for some reason.......probably the spearow

Seeing Brock's pokemon is always a good thing and it was kind of funny watching just be entirely bored
The Team Rocket goldeen thing is getting interesting........i really liked how James was used in this episode with that other rival guy with the fishing net thingy lol
Palmer appearing was great and it was even greater to have Jun confirm it was his father so soon
Did anybody else think Palmer just looked a bit weird

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This was a very interesting episode. Figures that Brock would be left behind again. It was great to see Jun's flashback of how he got Heracross, and it redone again, he was pretty shocked that he was tiny though. I definitely liked the redone encounter with Ash and the Spearows, from good old episode 1 of the very first Pokemon season, the first Spearow was shocked the same way too!

Then next we have Dawn/Hikari's encounter, yeah, we have already seen a part of this encounter way back on the episode Piplup refused to evolve on, it is how we seen Dawn/Hikari interacted with Piplup, way back in the first D/P episode of how she decided on Piplup as a starter, regardless of whether it was already recently shown. Yeah, Palmer did look a bit old, but it was great to see him confirmed to be Jun's father, when he seen him and said "Daddy?!". Of course, Brock was left by the carnival stand that no one even bothered to look at. It was also a plus to see Team Rocket not involved with bothering Ash and co, and having their own carnival stand that was popular than Brock's carnival stand. All in all, this was a great episode.


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From the episode pictures, it seemed like a lot of pokemon that Ash had or used to have make short cameos. Seeing Barry with a Heracross is weird enough, but seeing that Aipom and the Tauros herd appear in two of the pictures . . . I don't know.


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From the episode pictures, the episode looks kinda good. It was good to see Barry again. Plus, it was funny seeing Ash riding on Pikachu while it's super-size. With the appearance of Palmer, I wonder if Ash will go through Sinnoh's Battle Frontier before or after the Sinnoh League.


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How old is Palmer he looks so old there but he's probaly not that old because cyrus looks even older and he is only 28. So I think Palmer is only a few year's older then cyrus.
This episode reminded me of two past episodes from the first series. I'll explain;
1) Ash being harmed by Spearows and Pikachu saving the day was a shocking moment dating back the very fist episode and did I mention that during the scene there were a flock of Spearows chasing Pikachu and Ash? Forgot to mention that it was also raining! Talk about a deja vu. Wait, I didn't see Ash and Pikachu reminiscence that event. Must have forgotten about that.

2) It's Island of the Giant Pokemon all over again, only this time, it's the real deal!

Now with that settled, I see James is a master of Goldeen catching whereas that one guy reminded me of another character from the series itself, but who? Seeing Barry's dad was a short heartwarming moment and he reminds me of another particular anime character from a sci fi show. I don't get what is so creepy about him. I sort of have eyes like that myself, but I don't wear a trench coat.
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this would be the 3rd time Ash gets attacked by spearow and also with dawn getting attacked by ariados.